[NEWS] 120311 An in-depth report about sasaeng fans? The first but vain appearance of JYJ in entertainment program of terrestrial TV ‘Entertainment Relay’

[Article modified at 10:40 March 11]

The first TV appearance of the 3 men of JYJ was horrible. It was nothing new but an ‘exhumation’ in order to confirm the assault (T/N: originally부관참시, which literally means to dig up [a person’s] corpse and behead it). The entertainment program of Saturday, which has been coveting the ratings of 10% and boasting about the tradition of dozens of years, exposed the existence of ‘saseang fan’ but I wonder if we had to make do with its significance.

On the 10th, <Entertainment Relay> of KBS 2TV covered the JYJ – sasaeng fans controversy that has recently surfaced. On the 6th, a media unveiled the ‘JYJ assaulting fans’ audio file which was recorded in 2009. JYJ got involved in an ‘assault controversy’.

Among K-POP groups, JYJ is the first group ever to hold a South America tour. They have held an official press conference in Chile on the 8th (local time). They officially apologized and expressed their pain, “Because sasaeng fans are also fans, we thought that we should also endure such excessive love. But in such indescribable pain, our daily life collapsed. We just want to ask them to at least let us live a human life.

However, after informing that the audio file was edited, <Entertainment Relay> let us hear from the position of the sasaeng fan who was on the spot at that time instead of JYJ’s voice, reigniting the assault controversy. In addition, before the broadcast, <Entertainment Relay> was caught under fire for asking for tips about ‘the stars’ secret photos and videos’ through its official website and openly giving notice that tipping fee would be given.

The sasaeng fan that can’t realize the seriousness of the problem, “He only told me to come and I got only one tap.”

“It was recorded by a sister who was with me; I didn’t know that that sister has spread (the audio file). I got only one tap, I let out the ‘ah’ sound and the gasp sound is also mine. I didn’t get hit that much. He only told me to come and I got only one tap.”

In the voice of an anonymous sasaeng fan which <Entertainment Relay> interviewed, we couldn’t find the seriousness of the situation. We can see that the producers didn’t even question the psychology or think about the concrete situation regarding the acts of the ‘sasaengs’ who stalk the stars. They only briefly checked on the time and the situation before airing the program.  Continue reading

[NEWS] 120311 Sasaeng Fan Brutality, The Majority of Opinions Side with JYJ

On a survey about the JYJ sasaeng fan violence controversy taken from twitter, 99.56% of people held a negative opinion on sasaeng fans.

On March 7th an SNS analyzing firm took a social consensus on twitter by tweeting and asking people to mention them with who they believed was wrong in the sasaeng fan controversy. They received over 5,375 tweets and the public opinion was a vast majority with 99.56% saying that sasaengs were wrong and 0.44% saying it was JYJ.

The netizens also sent tweets criticizing sasaengs by saying “JYJ sasaeng fans show us a reality of how Korean celebrities basic human rights are being violated every day” and said that the emerging information [about sasaengs] made JYJ seem like the victims.

The sasaeng fan survey held on March 7th was  done by OMS (Opinion Mining System) which is known to use SNS for a hands-on approach to public analyzation.

Source: CBCi
Translation by: Yule for TheJYJfiles
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[NEWS] 120311 “Entertainment Relay” MCs Become Pathetic Jokes

T/N: Entertainment Relay‘s Shin Hyeon Joon made a jole saying his friend, entertainer Tak Jae Hoon, was his ‘sasaeng fan’. Many of the comments in the next paragraph are adressing that.

“Shin Hyeon Joon, are you a sasaeng fan?” “Since Tak Jae Hoon is not a sasaeng fan, he must be waiting outside the recording studio” “I think Tak Jae Hoon is giving [Shin Hyeon Joon] too much privacy, he must follow him around more”,  “MC Park EunYoung is very pretty, maybe I will become a Park EunYoung sasaeng now”, “How can you call sasaengs as fans?”

Entertainment Relay MCs are dealing with such questions from the fans and public after the report that they did on JYJ’s sasaengs. Because of quotes from the MCs, such as “sasaengs should be considered as fans”, many people have been flooding in comments about the nature of their broadcast, especially how they covered the serious nature of the sasaeng problem with jokes. In this type of situation, which can can cause people to mentally collapse from stress and anxiety, smiling jokes [from the MCs] were looked down upon.

There are many facts and data to be shown about JYJ’s sasaeng, and in the “official story” of JYJ (which Entertainment Relay reported directly on), those facts were overlooked. It had already been announced through many different media sites that the show would be releasing new recordings from the members, however instead there were direct voice recordings from the sasaeng fans, which was very different from what was reported. Maybe if the program has actually followed what the media had reported, reactions to it would be different. However, Entertainment Relay did not do that.  Continue reading

[TRANS] 120306 ‘Blue House’s destruction of evidence of an illegal investigation of civilians’ was buried under the report about JYJ assault controversy in yellow press!!

T/N: The Blue House was suspected to be involved in an illegal investigation of civilians and orchestrate the efforts to destroy the evidence. More about this issue HERE

A ‘destruction of evidence of Blue House’s illegal investigation of civilians’* buried under the report about JYJ assault controversy in yellow press!!

Violating celebrities’ privacy and personal life covers an important political and social issue of all time..

On the 6th, at the press conference of the MB Corruption Committee of the Democratic United Party, the Prosecution Office revealed that the Blue House has destroyed the evidence of the illegal investigation of civilians of the Prime Minister’s Office of Public Service Ethics. Jang Jinsu, a senior official of the Prime Minister’s Office of Public Service Ethics claimed, “Actually, the Blue House has requested the destruction of evidence of the illegal investigation of civilians.” The related transcripts were also unveiled.

Especially, Choi Jongseok, who was an administrative official at the Blue House at that time, revealed that Jang Jinsu has been requested to give perjured evidence at the Appellate Court; they have promised to give him a Hyundai and a banking association in return.

However, this shocking news was completely buried. Like yesterday, today is full of articles by the yellow media (t/n: “yellow media” is a term used for tabloids. It has little or no legitimate news, is rarely well researched, and uses attention-grabbing headlines) that covers Celebrity – Entertainment issues. Especially, the audio file of group JYJ assaulting sasaeng fan was revealed, which attracted all public’s attention.  Continue reading

[NEWS] 120306 JYJ Violence Controversy, The Attack of Anti Media…Isn’t It Too Strange?

Recently JYJ has found themselves in the midst of a violence controversy. However, that JYJ has sasaengs that abuse them and seriously infringe on their privacy is a well known fact. Because of this, if one carefully looks at the situation it is easy to figure out that the attacks were a form of defense. However because the original media did not report about the relationship that exists between JYJ and sasaeng fans, JYJ were singled out for specific instances in which they retaliated [against sasaengs]. This face has been a main point of complaint by fans.

The JYJ violence controversy stems from the problem of saesangs, which are a specific group of fans who in order to fill their own needs of seeing and interacting with their idols up close, seriously infringe on the idol’s privacy using extreme actions. Sasaeng fan culture is very different from the general pop fan culture and has been receiving much attention as of late.

For general fan clubs, the purpose of them is to create a relationship between the idol and the public, however sasaeng fans only want to create individual relationships between the idols and themselves and do so by using actions that are usually damaging to the idolsContinue reading

[VIDEO] Al Jazeera: 101 East – South Korea’s Pop Wave

101 East – South Korea’s Pop Wave

South Korean pop music known as ‘K-Pop’, is flourishing around the world, finding new fans across Asia, Europe and the US. This film reveals the dark side of the increasingly popular industry.

South Korean ‘K-Pop’ strives for global fame

South Korea’s pop industry is worth more than $3bn a year. It is driven largely by music known as “K-Pop”, which is popular across Asia and is even attracting attention in the US.

But Korean pop stars have been subjected to tough contracts and severe restrictions on their personal lives. A growing number of legal disputes over their agencies’ harsh treament has caused the government to issue standard contracts and establish a support centre for the artists.

Drew Ambrose reports from Seoul.

Credit: AlJazeeraEnglish
Shared by: TheJYJFiles

[Timeline 2011] Avex repeatedly obstructing JYJ’s efforts to hold 2 charity concerts in Japan for earthquake relief

This timeline is translated from Toshiro Ono’s blog. Toshiro Ono is a freelance nonfiction writer who writes mostly about the mafia and crime.

The JYJ Concert, timeline

I made this to sort things out. It is based on court records and investigation records. I believe there are no errors..

2011.3.14 Cjes and Zak formally conclude/signed a concert contract. Cjes and Zak agree to split the balance 50/50 after expenses are subtracted from the concert proceeds as their profit. [Cjes is to donate their portion of the profits to charity.]

2011.3.23 Attorney for Avex sends Zak content-certified mail* protesting and warning against holding the concert

2011.3.28 Avex sends Yokohama Arena a notice

2011.3.30 Zak receives notice in Yokohama Arena’s president’s name that they cannot grant permission [for JYJ] to use the Arena

2011.4.1 Attorney for Yokohama Arena sends a content-certified mail to Zak

2011.4.5 Presale of tickets (soldout)

2011.4.5 Attorney for Avex sends Zak content-certified mail concerning the concert to be held in Saitama Arena

2011.4.11 Saitama Arena notifies Zak that they cannot grant permission for the concert

2011.4.14 A notice appears on the Saitama Arena homepage stating “We were initially preparing to give permission for the use of our facilities. However we decided that it was not appropriate to give permission when the artist has contractual problems.”

2011.4.21 Zak submits a request for the use of Ryogoku Kokugikan.  Continue reading