[TRANS] 111012 Newspaper Refuses to Carry Advertisement for JYJ Concert! The Opaque Reasons

The JYJ concert “2011 JYJ UNFORGETTABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN” will be held this weekend at the National Hitachi-kaihin Park in Hitashinaka, Ibaraki. But behind the scenes the activities of Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun, the three who left Tohoshinki, were met with more trouble.

As a result of the break up and contract troubles, Changmin and Yunho have activities. Their management company Avex formerly managed the three members of JYJ and the three had concerts. However Avex unilaterally announced the suspension of the activities of JYJ in Japan citing JYJ’s Korean management company’s ties to the mafia.  JYJ protested this decision claiming that Avex knew about this when signing the contract. (T/N: This article misreports in that C-JeS never had mafia ties but its CEO, Mr. Baek, did have a prison record of which Avex was well aware from the very beginning.) The three resumed activities with the support of another company. However the two companies are still in dispute over the contract.

“A fan pleaded to the CEO of Avex, Masato Matsuura on twitter to stop obstructing JYJ’s activities. He replied ‘This is not obstruction. It’s a contractual problem. In other words a promise,’ revealing his intent to keep fighting. Avex requested sports newspapers and other media outlets to stop reporting on JYJ and as a result the name JYJ has practically disappeared from most media.” (Reporter for a sports newspaper)

Although it has been ignored for the most part by the media, both sides have been battling fiercely. There was a case when JYJ tried to hold a charity concert sponsored by the new company, but the arena canceled under pressure from Avex.

This time another incident has caused shock waves among fans.

“JYJ fans, worried that the media was ignoring JYJ, gathered donations to place an advertisement for JYJ’s concert in the Ibaraki Newspaper. The Ibaraki Newspaper was also positively considering publishing the advertisement. However, suddenly, just before submitting the manuscript, the fans received a call from the newspaper informing them that the advertisement had been canceled.” (Reporter for a weekly magazine)

The cancellation happened after the advertisement’s size, price, and wording had all been confirmed. The reason given was “JYJ is in the midst of a lawsuit” “Their concert has been canceled before”, and “The venue has received a call protesting against the concert” and as a result it was decided that the JYJ advertisement did not meet the newspaper’s requirements.

Enraged fans responded angrily “They knew about the lawsuit from the beginning” “Is this harassment from Avex?”

We asked people at the Ibaraki Newspaper about details of the cancellation of the advertisement.

“We have been sued in the past because of what we published, so the fact that they were in the midst of a lawsuit was the biggest problem for us. But although this decision was made after much discussion, personally I feel troubled by this cancellation. This was a very unique and good opportunity where ordinary people were supporting the artist but …”

The newspaper has denied that they were pressured by Avex. However the weekly magazine reporter points out that the result is that Avex wins.

“If the reason that the advertisement was cancelled was because of the lawsuit, that means that Avex’s negative campaign worked. The credibility of the artist is notably damaged and they are very limited in their activities just because they are in the midst of a legal dispute.”

How long will this situation of not being able to support JYJ even from the shadows continue? The fans who initiated the advertisement say that the money gathered for the advertisement will be pooled and used for another JYJ support project in the future. How will this fight end?

Source: Cyzo Woman
Translation by: rieco77 for TheJYJFiles

11 thoughts on “[TRANS] 111012 Newspaper Refuses to Carry Advertisement for JYJ Concert! The Opaque Reasons

  1. JYJ.. everytime it first starts with a lot of troubles BUT hey! because of fans’ support, it always ends up with SUCCEED ^____~
    Ps. Masato Matsuura you low & dirty man.There’s no place for you in this world !!!!

  2. I want this to make sense to me, but somehow it doesn’t. “They are in the midst of a lawsuit.” Ok, and…. I’m from the West. I simply don’t get it. I understand most countries use a hybrid from of democracy. So, the laws they place in their governing documents may not read the same as they do in the United States. No such thing like this can happen here. The guys were in the midst of their lawsuit when they came over here and put on 3 out 4 concerts in NA. Nobody said a darn thing about not being able to use the facilities. No press cons were cancelled. Ticket agencies posted their concerts and that was that.

    When you get played, just stiffen up your backbone and admit it. You are afraid of your own shadow. This kind of nonsense could never happen here. I understand Korea is their native land, and Japan is like a second home to them. But they damn sure would not be treated like this in the United States.

    • @Butterfliesarefree

      Here’s what I keep wondering: all the time LSM was being prosecuted for stock fraud –was ~his~ business unilaterally kept from functioning?? I don’t think so. No, it’s really only JYJ.

      Why is this? Because SM Entertainment has pervasive and insidious ties to the larger SK and Japanese (through their confederates, AVEX) entertainment media, news and print media and concert venues with the implicit threat of withholding all of SM and AVEX’s acts from same unless they toe the line and dance to LSM’s tune.

      JYJ is merely trying to have a career that they can call their own and be proud of, where they work hard and are allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labors. This is standard operating procedure here in the West, it’s even been called “The American Dream” — but in Asia, apparently, it is an action punishable by the most unrelenting punitive measures.


  3. Hhmm . . . JYJ’s company CEO has ties with the mafia. Sometimes legit companies can do worst than the mafia because they are under the guise that it is “legal, right, and moral”.

    • @nan
      “Hhmm . . . JYJ’s company CEO has ties with the mafia.”

      I’d very much like for this bit of urban legend to die here, of natural causes.

      Several years ago, Mr Baek was tried and convicted of a crime. He served his sentence and was paroled. AVEX knew perfectly well of his past when they hired him to work with JYJ and introduced him to JYJ as their new handlers under their then-agreement with AVEX. Mr Baek’s situation is not unlike President Lee Soo Man’s situation in S. Korea, the only difference being that he was tried and convicted for financial fraud but he did NOT serve his sentence, because he *somehow or other* got the President of SK to pardon him.

      Mr Baek has paid his debt to society and has become a good tax-paying citizen who has done good work, faultlessly, against formidable odds, for 2 years now in service to JYJ. President LSM has been up to his usual illegal, under-handed tricks for that time. You do the math, but let’s end the “ties to the mafia” nonsense here.

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