[NEWS] 120306 JYJ Violence Controversy, The Attack of Anti Media…Isn’t It Too Strange?

Recently JYJ has found themselves in the midst of a violence controversy. However, that JYJ has sasaengs that abuse them and seriously infringe on their privacy is a well known fact. Because of this, if one carefully looks at the situation it is easy to figure out that the attacks were a form of defense. However because the original media did not report about the relationship that exists between JYJ and sasaeng fans, JYJ were singled out for specific instances in which they retaliated [against sasaengs]. This face has been a main point of complaint by fans.

The JYJ violence controversy stems from the problem of saesangs, which are a specific group of fans who in order to fill their own needs of seeing and interacting with their idols up close, seriously infringe on the idol’s privacy using extreme actions. Sasaeng fan culture is very different from the general pop fan culture and has been receiving much attention as of late.

For general fan clubs, the purpose of them is to create a relationship between the idol and the public, however sasaeng fans only want to create individual relationships between the idols and themselves and do so by using actions that are usually damaging to the idols

News of the violence controversy at first were unilateral assault allegations that were made against JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun in which edited media were the only source of information that was given as proof. However, after the initial hysteria surrounding the violence controversy ebbed, netizens started to search for the crimes of sasaengs and made judgements of their own [instead of relying on media].

Which of course, leads us to wonder why such “yellow media” was used in the initial reports of this JYJ controversy. While the initial reports about this controversy grabbed attention, by only reporting one side, the media made a large mistake. It seems as though because of outside reasons, certain media outlets were reporting only one-side of the violence issue in hopes of turning public antipathy towards the JYJ members. However by only reporting one side of the issue, it forced netizens to go and discover more about the issue on their own. It also made people wonder why such news was reported in an obviously unilateral fashion and if there were any other motives behind this attack on JYJ.

It is right for media to report on controversy such as this one surrounding JYJ, however the obvious use of “yellow media” caused facts to become distorted and many readers have complained about the media’s coverage of this. Even objective sources are finding the “yellow media” in this case to be suspicious.

Netizens have commented on this JYJ controversy by saying “the media did not present more than one side of this case so it is hard for us to judge”, “reports such as these seem to be revealed with only the purpose of trying to kill JYJ”, and “No proper judgements can be made from reporting like this”

Source: VOP
Translation by: Yule for TheJYJfiles
Please do not remove without full credits.

7 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120306 JYJ Violence Controversy, The Attack of Anti Media…Isn’t It Too Strange?

  1. I hope the Korean public can discern beyond what they read and see the big picture. People are quick to judge without thinking of the repercussions, especially for honest people only wanting to live a good life that we all deserve. Mostly, I hope CJes also address this issue at the proper time. JYJ deserve a good name.

  2. I’ve posted my comments about this non-starter elsewhere, on JYJ3, but I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart that I miss and LOVE the JYJFiles and really hope to see more posts originating from here, especially as Butterfliesarefree has practically promised me that the lawsuit will be settled right around the one year anniversary of the beginnings of court mandated mediation. (Personally, I think she’s in actuality a junior partner at Sejong but as yet I have no actual proof of that…) So – JYJFiles, fighting! JYJ, Fighting! Sejong, Fighting!

    All the best!

  3. sorry I still confuse..can someone have simple explain what going on for the boys..I am so scare ,,the boys dont have any power to back up but enemies are everywhere T___T

    • @Anva girl,

      The unprecedented number of sensational articles about JYJ’s violence against sasaeng fans are only meant to cover up for another bigger piece of news: the destruction of evidence against illegal investigations done by a powerful office on civilians. The yellow media (paid press) used JYJ as the scapegoat so the general public will not be outraged 😦

      I hope I am right in this interpretation…

  4. In another video it shows the fan touching him, i think he got annoyed cuz she was fat and ugly.. he moved / shurgged her off before actually hitting her right after.. it was really scary. Anywyas doesnt matter if she bugged him first, never use voilence against voilence… doesnt matter how out of line a fan is, you can be mad, u can swear… but dont ever HIT A GIRL. It’s not right! I dont believe they are bad ppl, i had a ex gf who is a wonder person and yes he laid his hands on me.. but it’s not right! Ppl lose it sometimes. Don’t be in denial, dont make excuses, dont support it!

    • @LIsa
      I don’t have time to chitchat bcuz my PSAT is coming soon.
      So I’m going to replace you as him, and the fan is a male fan
      Hope you will enjoy your own reading
      In another video it shows the male fan touching LIsa, I think LIsa got annoyed cuz the male fan was fat and ugly,
      LIsa moved/shrugged the male fan off before actually hitting the male fan right after… it was really scary. Anyway as it doesn’t matter if the male fan bugged LIsa first, never use violence against violence…
      Doesn’t matter how .. out of the line a male fan is, LIsa can be mad, LIsa can swear… but don’t ever HIT A GUY. It’s not right! I don’t believe they are bad ppl, I had a exgf who is a wonder person and yes he laid his hands on me( it’s the part where I don’t get what you are trying to make a sample) but it’s not right! Ppl lose it sometime. Don’t be in denial ( if the male fans touches LIsa ‘s butt, it’s ok , don’t hit the guy), don’t make excuses ( like this is only LIsa’s butt, so, it’s ok then), don’t support it! (does it mean LIsa butt or the male fan’s hand? which part that you don’t support– the hand or the butt)
      I’m just having fun here, don’t be mad and write all the nasty words. It’s only show off the fun. no intention for hurting feeling ^^

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