[Summary + Op-ed] Kim YJ and JYJ, why do broadcasting stations refuse them?

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MBC and KBS are in the middle of dispute due to casting cancellation of (actress) Kim YJ and JYJ, respectively. Kim YJ and JYJ who seem to stand on different grounds are in fact related to the same issue of being cast out by broadcasting stations. Kim YJ who approached a societal problem directly and JYJ who requested the change of an unreasonable system through their own problem are a little different but the same case.

Kim YJ and JYJ, blow your high kicks off, together with supporters.

Media controlled by MB government is, as pointed out by many, are making it their business doing evil as an absolute slave of the power. They have given up being media by forfeiting even the least value of media but allowing themselves to be used as a means by a small number of the powerful.
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[NEWS] 110721 Grab Girls’ Generation, Lose JYJ… ‘G.G.G No JYJ’ Special on ‘KBS Cancellation’ Brings Explosive Response

Newsface21@gmail.com, Reporter Lee Ki Ho. 11.07.21

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the sudden cancellation by KBS of JYJ’s scheduled appearance at the special broadcast event for the promotion of the New 7 Wonders of the Natural World, Radio21’s broadcast, ‘Lee Ki Ho’s Free Scope’ attracted attention via his piercing analysis of the situation.

The day’s programme started off with an interview of Kim Ki Tae, a reporter who has closely followed and covered the JYJ case, wherein reporter Kim noted, “JYJ has sung the theme song for the New 7 Wonders and participated in the filming of short broadcasts in order to encourage both domestic and foreign fans to vote; they didn’t hold back and were completely sincere in the promotional project,” and “not even a day after these clips were put up on blogs or on Twitter, they had garnered an impressive number of views.”

He continued, “Since Jeju Island is not as well known as its competitors on the international stage, the votes from foreigners were very low,” so “through JYJ’s promotional activities Jeju Island gained more momentum in a very short amount of time in Korea, and thanks to JYJ’s influence even foreign fans cast their votes in droves for Jeju, helping its rise in status.

Reporter Kim then said, “Fans argue that the organisers used JYJ’s popularity in order to amass votes for the New 7 Wonders, only to dump them at the last minute before the scheduled concert appearance,” before proceeding to introduce the movement among fans to boycott KBS and refuse to pay the broadcast tax, saying, “It’s not only KBS but the entire media structure of Korea that has become an international laughing stock in the blink of an eye,” as a brief criticism.

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