The JYJ Files is an opinion and editorial blog about the JYJ fandom. We, the bloggers, are fans seeking a corner of the internet to share our views about anything related to JYJ: our thoughts on JYJ’s music and their fans, as well as our take on past and current issues regarding JYJ.

I started this blog because I felt that amidst all the news sites serving the TVXQ and JYJ fandom, there existed a void for a site that provides and catalyzes discourse about the meaty matters within fandom. While there are personal opinion blogs devoted to the JYJ fandom, most of them are informal, updated irregularly, and reflect only one person’s viewpoint. As the adage goes, “two heads are better than one” and I thought to myself: why not have a whole team of thoughtful writers with different frames of references come together in one blog? I suckered invited the writers listed below to join me in this haphazard plan and they graciously accepted my invitation, having no idea exactly what they were in for. Thus, The JYJ Files was created.

In addition to writing op-eds, we will write some factual pieces when the need arises. Most of these articles will revolve around our best attempts at clearing misinformation floating around in fandom. It is hard to have all the facts but we will do our best to research thoroughly in order to elucidate new fans that are curious about the past issues surrounding JYJ. Furthermore, these articles will strive to dig deeper into rumors and hearsay so that fans are better equipped to weed out the fiction from facts. Our objective is to provide our readers with the truth to the best of our abilities but sometimes what we write cannot be guaranteed as 100% truth because that is heavily dependent on our sources. We will seek to use the most trustworthy sources but on occasion, even the most trustworthy ones could turn out to be quite the opposite. As such, please read with an open and critical mind and don’t be afraid to speak up. This is, after all, a place created to encourage the exchange of ideas.

Thank you for visiting our blog. We’re still in our infancy and learning as we go along so please excuse our flaws. We hope our posts will generate more dialogue, friendship, and understanding among fans of Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong.


Ceci, blog founder, editor and writer

Jimmie, writer and translator

Reallaerreal, Vivien, and Starfield, writers

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  1. i seriously like this blog! I need a pure JYJ blog like this. I need to read more whether its good or bad surrounding issues involving JYJ fiasco. Thank you so much for your effort!

  2. Would really appreciate if you could visit this site [omitted] and comment on DBSK existing contract terms as interpreted. As an extremely interested fan of korean entertainment, I want to see all relevant and true situation of both JYJ and Homin/SM parties as there are too many for/against opinions going around in cyberworld. Thanks so very much if all DBSK fans are able to see the actual situation instead of taking sides based on the current mud-slinging which is getting urglier by the days. AKTF!!!

  3. This site is fantastic. I love reading about DBSK/TVSQ/JYJ/HoMIN. I can be put into the category of Auntie, and want the boys to win the court case. I appreciate all the information and updates. Great work.

  4. I so so so love this blog! Although some of the articles made me re-reading since I just have this limited brain cells of mine and need some more time just to understand what they say and mean *grin*
    Thanks a lot for this… coz (all) the articles I have read here really enrich my mind and give better understanding about what’s happened to the boys *hugs you all the writers*

  5. Hey guys, can you please write an article which explains the whole issue with Crebeau and the link between JYJ and this beauty company ? Because I got confused by some comments and links on allkpop and I would like to know if this is true or not. Here is what I read :

    “Many readers are aware that Wishop Plus filed a couple of lawsuits (criminal and civil) against SM for defamation and interfering with its business. There are many articles about that lawsuit, and many of them just report that the lawsuit was dropped.

    Here is the link to the Allkpop article, and other articles around the net are pretty much the same.

    Compared to the article about the lawsuit in China, this article is pretty bare. There’s not much detail about the lawsuit, no analyzing, just a couple of lines that states the case was dropped. Then the article emphasizes about the lawsuit between SM and CJS, and says SM is preparing legal actions against Wishop Plus. What happened to the “neutral” journalism?

    What all of those articles fail to mention is the reason why the lawsuit was dropped.

    Here’s the Korean article explaining why the lawsuit against SM was dropped. (June 17, 2010)

    If you search “SM 무혐의 위샵플러스” (SM not charged Wishop Plus) in any Korean search sites, you’ll find many articles about it.

    Here’s the translation of the part from the article that explains the reason for dropping the case.

    “According to the investigation by the Korean DA, it was found that the 3 members and their families own 62.5% share of the cosmetics company, and they were involved in the business, so the DA determined that the Cosmetics Business was one of the important cause for the contract dispute.”

    Well, there it is. The Korean DA’s investigation found the 3 members and their family owns 62.5% of the company. For those who doesn’t know what that means, the majority shareholder has total control of the company, so they’re basically the owner of the company. In comparison, Lee Sooman, the founder of SM, owns about 29% of SM shares.

    I mentioned in my previous post about the China Court ruling that they shot themselves in the foot with this lawsuit. Before this, the public didn’t have a clear idea how much CJS were involved in the cosmetics business, but as a result of DA’s investigation from this lawsuit, everyone found out exactly how much.

    After this ruling, SM has counter sued Wishop Plus for defamation and interruption of business because SM’s reputation took a hit from the cosmetics company’s wrongful lawsuit, and that lawsuit is pending.

    CJS and the cosmetics company really shot themselves in the foot. Now it is confirmed by the Korean DA that they are heavily involved in the business. This was a major reason that I personally realized that CJS side is lying because they have testified in the court that they are just minor investors in the company which was found to be lies. This is about the time when the public opinion regarding the contract dispute, which was initially one sided favoring CJS, started to turn against CJS.

    Have you international fans ever seen this fact in any of the articles out there? ”

    Is it true that JYJ own 62.5% of Crebeau with their families ? Is it legal ? Because SM says it’s not. Please, can you clarify all these points, I really need to know. I got really confused when I read this because I though JYJ only invested a minor amount of money in Crebeau but some people are telling that JYJ lied and tried to hide the truth to the court. I’m a JYJ’s fan so I really want to know the truth, please help me ! I trust you. Sorry for the long comment, but please answer me ^^” (I commented here because I didn’t know where else to :S)

    • I’m unclear on the actual percentage of ownership but even if it does look large on paper, the actual amount of investment was rather small (~$100K). People made a huge hoopla about Crebeau when the real focus should be on the unfair contracts.

      • Even if ever they do have 62.5 %, we have to bare in mind that there is 3 of them not one. In other words 3 different entity. When it comes to business/investment we have to separate 3 individuals not just as JYJ as the band. It will give misconception to readers that they are the major shareholders but in fact not. And being a shareholder it is not necessary for you to be active in running the business but become a silent investor.

  6. Oh and can you please translate what this man yelled in korean in this video :

    It starts around 1:18 and the chinese reporters say that it’s TVXQ’s manager who was yelling/scolding them but I can’t understand what he is saying. Is he really scolding them or is it a misunderstanding from chinese journalists ? Because the boys don’t seem very concerned with him so I’m curious ^^”

    And what about this other video ? People say that Yunho’s hairdresser was mistreating him at 1:49, behind Changmin : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8KX1KiBgys Do you know if it’s true ? Thanks.

  7. Hi ! I just found these articles while browsing the internet and it is so interesting and clear out a lot of points. It made understand a lot of things better and now I support JYJ even more. It would be nice if you could also post it here and maybe Jimmy (or anyone else who is fluent in korean too) could check the facts and the original korean sources just to be sure (cuz unfortunately my korean is still too weak for me to understand the original korean version). I’m gonna post the links here cuz I don’t how to share it with you otherwise. Please read this (maybe you already did but then it would be nice to post it on thejyjfiles too ^^).





    I also read on some comments on AllKPop that Yunho’s father was the one who first talked about filling a lawsuit. Do you know if it’s true ? If yes can you write about it too ? Thanks ^^ (and please can you answer my previous comments ? I see that they are still awaiting moderation D:)

    JYJ fighting !!

  8. JYJ Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TVXQ forever 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    东方神起 加油!!!!!永远爱你们!!!!!

  9. I am a fan of TVXQ ,and come from China,after this period of painful days,I have no other requirements,only hope that they can open happy heart .I will wait five personals stage forever!

  10. first time on this site!!
    soo cool finally i dont mind the wbsites that mention the cool and amazing things the guys are doing but i wanted things to be more informative so i can keep up with what exactly ig going on with their situation. thank you admins!! you guys are amazing!!

  11. first time on this site.
    I was you guys touched. Like someone said, they have only fan. So for us, we can do is serious to cheer them. No matter where they are. Only his will be happy we will just be happy. thank you admins!! Go for it!!!

  12. 请不要放弃!!为了自己的梦想家有走下去吧!!(虽然还是比较希望你们五个人在一起)不过,只要你们开心我们也无所谓啦!!!总之。。仙后永远支持你们。。。。。。。。

  13. I love TVXQ! I love JYJ!
    You guys are so talented in so many different ways.
    You’ve touched my heart with your songs, your words your voice, your hearts!
    I feel your passion for music! I truly believe that JYJ can succed and become a model for other celebrities in Korea who probably have similar problems.

    Love you guys so much! Hope to see you more often on TV! It’s so hard to see you guys these days!!

    Come to Toronto for your concert!!! 🙂


  14. 동생이 셋, 어떤 경우에는 포기하지 마세요 …..
    때, 그 장소에서, 문제가 발생, 모든 것을 두려워하지 말고 우리가 가진
    형제 자매 여러분, 나는 항상 정말 (내가이 세계에 살고있어, 난 항상 당신을 사랑 한), 당신을 사랑합니다
    JYJ fighting !! Forever TVXQ

  15. 看见这么多亲帮JYJ写请愿书

  16. 真的很感谢大家,也真的很开心,我们总有一天会重新在一起的对吧,我会一直一直的鉴定下去。。

  17. jyj我爱你们!我想告诉你们不管你们今后的路多么艰难,我都会一直支持你们的。my u-know,my max,my xian,my hero and micky!it is only!foroever the one !

  18. Micky·Hero and Xiah,don’t disappointed.Whatever we will do on your side, “forever” is not hollow devote, refuels! Everything will be ok, we believe that, also want to believe in yourself, they love you… They must also be compelled, some even mouth are not believe. Always better.i love jyj forever……

  19. Oh~NO~My God!I don’t know what you say~I must study English harder~Could you please use a little Chinese some time? I will always love you~~Every one of JYJ is the best!!!Hero~take good care of yourself~your happiness is our happiness ,too~

  20. JYJ加油,在中、有天、俊秀,你们一定要坚持下去,追寻自己的梦想,就像五个人当初说好的一样,不管是东方神起还是JYJ,仙后会一直在你们身边守护你们,爱你们。我们一起描绘“W”. –By cassiopeia

  21. 我相信jyj只不过是一个暂时的名字。东方神起永远属于你们五个人~~~在中、有天、俊秀,现在的你们一定很累了吧,看着这样的你们,自己却什么都不能为你们去做,自己绝得自己好没用啊。现在能为你们做的就是一如既往的支持你们!!!JYJ fighting! TVXQ fighting!

  22. I would like to say THANK U to thejyjfiles admin for actualizing what other fans can only dream of. It must have taken a great amount of time and hardwork for you to build and sustain this site. As there will be many anti/doubters/trolls that will undermine your effort,please keep in mind that us fans are so thankful. I seriously hope that the boys will get to know your effort, I hope they give you a big hug! *I’ll swallow my jealousy this once* But for now…let me give you the BIG HUG and THANK YOU!


  23. 哥、你们一定会成功的,因为在心中一直都是五个人一起的舞台,那一天会在到来的。

  24. Always keep the faith!Hope to the end!
    No matter what difficulties,cassiopeia in the end you are pretty!
    I firmly believe that you will win.
    We have been waiting for you five of the same stage!

  25. 我永远爱着东方神起 你是我们唯一的信仰 所以也请JYJ加油 我们永远在一起
    I forever love TVXQ you’re our only belief so please also JYJ refueling we are together forever
    전 영원히 동방 신기 사랑 하는 당신 은 우리 의 유일한 신앙 도 JYJ 우리 는 영원히 함께 응원 했 다

  26. Always keep the faith,hope to the end!
    I will waithing for you,love you and trust you forever!
    we did not and do not afraid at S.M. Entertainment,just believe in you!
    I hpoe the day when you come back—–TVXQ/TOHOSHINKI/东方神起 !

  27. 看到你们开心,我们做为仙后的也开心,所以宝贝们,一定要开心哦

  28. Chinese Cassiopeia forever love the TVXQ ,JEJUNG ,YUCHUN ,JUNSU ,CHANGMIN ,YUNHO!!!

  29. Chinese Cassiopeia forever love tvxq!!!And we believe you forever !!!jyj,fighting fighting fighting!!!!

  30. 不管怎么样,请微笑着走下去。我会在你们身后支持着你们。。Always keep the faith , hope to the end !I love you forever!

  31. I seriously Love this blog! I Someone that tell the truth about the hole TVXQ\JYJ\ SM Fiasco that is going. i love that this blog puts the real thing when other site just show one sided point of view.

    Always keep the faith

    Canadian Cassie

  32. 不管以后怎样 我都会支持你们的!!!
    jyj 东方神起 记住我会一直守护你们的 只有你们放弃我 我一辈子都会抓住你们的!!I love you forever!
    forever ~~~^ ^ GOGO

    Always keep the faith , hope to the end !

  33. Always keep the faith.Hope to the end.待君再临天下!期待五个人的舞台~~不管你们选择了什么,请记住,仙后永远是你们坚强的后盾!I love you forever!东方神起,Fighting!

  34. I’ve been reading and commenting this blog articles for a few days (since I discovered the site), and what I found are exceptional articles and fresh news about our talented and beloved JYJ. Always with quality and trying to stick to the true events that happened and are happening in and around our dear boys’ lifes. I want to thank Ceci, Jimmie, and all the writers from the bottom of my heart for letting me, as a foreign fan (I’m from Colombia, literally at the other side of the world), know and learn more about JYJ, and why not, for inspiring me to support them even more from now on.

  35. we all know faith is the most important things in the holl world. i must say my favourite word in the world is what jaejoong hav ever said : as u do so , our faith will be stronger. i think just keep what u guys thinked now. we can see the great future. all the funs will push u guys to go on . remember Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. we love jyj

  36. Thanks so much! I got annoyed with all the rumors and invalid information from other people. 🙂 I can tell you guys are true fans, thanks! Keep up the great work, honestly. ♥ I hope JYJ can see what you’re doing 😉

  37. Dear Jimmie and team members from The JYJ Files,
    With you guys leading this site is really a blessing for all fans including myself. Indirectly, you taught the younger generations the rule to live a respectable life and a justiflied one with pride. I love you for all your ‘actions’ that you have unknowingly inspired, the thoughts and drive for the younger ones. I can already see hope in S Korea entertainment Industry.You really make your family(kinship) proud.

  38. Dearest admin, could u do a writing about SM and the other big 5 entertainment companies uniting under 1 roof and what it meant for our JYJ? How this will affect the boys, how the fans and public are reacting? how the entertainment industry are reacting? I know this has caused worries to many of us JYJ fans, and I trust ur perspective.
    Thank U!

    • Hmmm…could you provide me with more information please?

      This might be a case that will need to be examined by the Korean FTC. But I won’t know until I have more info.


      • This is BAD….not bad for JYJ per se but definitely bad for the Korean entertainment industry, for artists’ rights, for free market competition…even for consumer protection.

        In the current situation where the interests of artists and entertainers are inadequately represented and Korean antitrust and intellectual property law is weak at best, this entire arrangement spells labour and cultural development policy DISASTER.

        I have already advised Korean fans to bring this to the attention of the Korean Fair Trade Commission.

      • thanks apri…

        just reading it, it scares the hell out of me… MONOPOLY is coming back to Korea… It’s been proven in history, monopoly is bad when it comes to business, it will rule the market… who ever is on top will have the upper hand of the bargaining. it’s gonna be MY RULE or your out. No competition makes the industry unhealthy for the consumers and the workers- the artists.

        To those who doesn’t understand the situation will feel ecstatic for their idols without thinking of a long term result of the monopoly in the Korean entertainment industry. Reading comments from allkpop, I can’t understand people being happy about this collaboration of the companies to become one. People don’t see the bigger picture of the situation. They only see the pretty package that this UAM will bring. But I fear for the artist’s well being.

        the small company will the over powered. the young artists will not have a better bargaining tool for better contracts. and those artists who decides to break free from their old agencies can kiss their fame goodbye.

        And as Jimmie’s saying

        “this entire arrangement spells labour and cultural development policy DISASTER. “

  39. This blog is a glimpse of hope for every thoughtful cassie, yearning to learn about this complicated case.
    So thank you for enlighting us, I hope that even the most stubborn person can see what’s wrong about the korean pop industry and, eventually, try to help changing it, because, even if the JYJ case appears as a minor injustice to many people, well, … someone has to stand for them, right ?
    because THIS IS NOT FAIR !
    For defending those wonderful singers, merci infiniement.
    Hope that one day, yunho and changmin will break out their chains too .
    From a french cassie.

  40. you guys are severely deluded. just saying. bash me all you want, that doesn’t change the fact that you guys are severely deluded. COME ON BITCHEZ BASH ME WHY DON’T YOU

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