[Timeline 2011] Avex repeatedly obstructing JYJ’s efforts to hold 2 charity concerts in Japan for earthquake relief

This timeline is translated from Toshiro Ono’s blog. Toshiro Ono is a freelance nonfiction writer who writes mostly about the mafia and crime.

The JYJ Concert, timeline

I made this to sort things out. It is based on court records and investigation records. I believe there are no errors..

2011.3.14 Cjes and Zak formally conclude/signed a concert contract. Cjes and Zak agree to split the balance 50/50 after expenses are subtracted from the concert proceeds as their profit. [Cjes is to donate their portion of the profits to charity.]

2011.3.23 Attorney for Avex sends Zak content-certified mail* protesting and warning against holding the concert

2011.3.28 Avex sends Yokohama Arena a notice

2011.3.30 Zak receives notice in Yokohama Arena’s president’s name that they cannot grant permission [for JYJ] to use the Arena

2011.4.1 Attorney for Yokohama Arena sends a content-certified mail to Zak

2011.4.5 Presale of tickets (soldout)

2011.4.5 Attorney for Avex sends Zak content-certified mail concerning the concert to be held in Saitama Arena

2011.4.11 Saitama Arena notifies Zak that they cannot grant permission for the concert

2011.4.14 A notice appears on the Saitama Arena homepage stating “We were initially preparing to give permission for the use of our facilities. However we decided that it was not appropriate to give permission when the artist has contractual problems.”

2011.4.21 Zak submits a request for the use of Ryogoku Kokugikan. 

2011.4  Zak mobilizes right-wing organization

2011.5.2.~5.6. Planned sales of additional tickets are postponed due to server problems

2011.5.10.~5.12. Additional ticket sales

2011.5.10 Attorney for Avex sends Japan Sumo Association (JSA) content-certified mail demanding cancellation

2011.5.11 Attorney for Zak sends JSA content-certified mail

2011.5.12 Attorney for Zak sends JSA content-certified mail stating “At this time when Japan is in a dark mood and many foreign artists are avoiding performing in Japan, JYJ has offered to hold a concert in Japan; moreover a charity concert for the victims in earthquake and tsunami. In face of this goodwill from JYJ, we believe that it is the mission of the companies managing concert venues to cooperate in holding JYJ’s concert without giving in to pressure from Avex.”

2011.5.18 Zak signs a pledge to JSA stating “We promise to solve the problem between C-JeS Entertainment Co.,LTD and Avex Group Holdings concerning JYJ’s exclusive contract entirely by Cjes and Zak without involving the Japan Sumo Association in anyway, so please allow us to use Kokugikan on June 7th.”

2011.6.2. Avex sends content-certified mail to the Chairman of the JSA demanding cancellation again

2011.6.3 JSA makes inquires to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime 3rd Department as to whether Zak has ties to organized crime and receives the answer that there are no ties. They also make inquiries to the National Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan database and come up with no ties.

2011.6.5~ Sale of cancelled tickets

2011.6.7 Concert held

2011.6.20 Avex sues three companies including JSA

2011.7.7 Avex sends notice to Northroad Music Inc. **

2011.8.2. Cjes sues Avex for 1.4 billion yen

2011.8.30 Avex sends notice to the management office of Hitachinaka-kaihin Park

2011.9.8 Attorney for Avex sends JTB content certified mail stating “Therefore through this document we (Avex) demand that you (JTB) cancel the event mentioned above and also refrain from being involved in events that JJY participate in without our mediation.”

2011.10.5 Attorney for JTB sends Avex content certified mail “We have received your warning and have decided to resign from the executive committee of the event stated above. Our resignation from the executive committee has been formally accepted in the meeting of the committee on Sept. 30 and we have notified all the parties involved.  <omitted>  In your notification to us you stated that we were the company in charge of organizing the event mentioned above. However our position in the executive committee was administrative office so we believe that your statement that we were the organizing company is incorrect.”

2011.10.15. 16. JYJ holds concert in Hitachinaka Ibaraki

Looking this over, it’s pretty relentless. If there is anything that needs to be added please contact me. (but I do not need anymore groundless rumors.)


* In Japan, sending content-certified mail is considered a pretty threatening gesture.
** Northroad Music Inc. is a small concert and event promotion company with offices in northeast Japan (which is the region that was heavily damaged by the earthquake and tsunami).

Translation by: TheJYJFiles
Please keep credits intact if re-posting, thanks!

18 thoughts on “[Timeline 2011] Avex repeatedly obstructing JYJ’s efforts to hold 2 charity concerts in Japan for earthquake relief

    • Hey sis, what was it someone said at our usual hangout? “Acting like an spoiled ex-boyfriend”? uh-huh, yup, seems like it, just can’t let go of things.

  1. The fact that a large organisation like JTB just backed down like this, I’m appalled. The arrogance of Avex is also deplorable. I’m glad that JSA at least took the trouble to verify rumours and did not back down from threats from Avex.

  2. Supreme Arrogance. Greed. And the Horror of finding out that JYJ was not going to knuckle under and sign any further disadvantageous contracts, ever. Then Anger and plans for Revenge. Then Strong-Arming and Bullying of anyone who dares to cross them.

    My, my. What a delightful company. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with THESE Heroes??

  3. Appalled by a company once fans were so thankful for…but it all comes down to ‘nothing personal, it’s business as usual’. That’s how they do business in entertainment industry in Japan or any other parts of the world. Once you go out of the norm, you are an outcast, nobody wants to work with ‘cos of the peer pressure.

    Watching old vids, I miss JYJ in Japan. Looking at these timeline, I don’t know how long it would take for them to be there performing, living again.

  4. I ‘m copy and paste my comment from the JYJ3 site here, becoz I need to do my homework, heheee…

    To whom I want to show my appreciation,

    Thanks for this research report^^

    Dear Avex,
    Bad Ceo, Avex stops doing bad things to JYJ.
    In everyone’s heart, you do realize JYJ; they are good people. Right ^^

    If you are comparing LSM and JYJ in the charitable events, you will know JYJ have a big heart 🙂

    Yet they are only in their twenty-something, they are grateful for the Japanese fans’ supporting them.
    They are giving back to Japanese that needed help after the 311 earthquake.

    While the LSM in his late fifty or sixty is trying to squeeze money out of the Japanese fans,
    how much did his donate for the 311 earthquake that truly come out of his pockets?
    How much did he try to profits after the natural disaster strike?

    And here you are trying to block JYJ’s charity concerts that go to aid your own people,
    bad, so bad CEO Avex. Where is your principle? Can you sleep peacefully at night?

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  7. This is amazing (in the worst way possible). Mind me asking, where do you get *all* this stuff from? Isn’t something that should be happening behind closed doors? How is it possible that the information is available like this?

    • @guardianoftime
      “This timeline is translated from Toshiro Ono’s blog. Toshiro Ono is a freelance nonfiction writer who writes mostly about the mafia and crime.”

      Hi – Just as it says above this info was taken from a freelance writer’s blog.

      Here’s the thing, this is why I get so worked up about people posting this VERY common statement (I think they all learn it in SM’s Korean Fan School and Indoctrination Tank) “We don’t really know ANYTHING yet so until we do, until the members tell us themselves, we must withhold judgement.”

      Well- yes we DO know ALL KINDS of things; they are out there waiting to be known in various places and from various people. Or maybe I should just speak for myself – Yes, I DO know all kinds of things about this case. Why? How? Because I have made it my business to find out, to do the research, to get the facts and to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4. ALL kinds of information is there to be discovered and really a whole lot of it is right here in various topic pages on the JYJFiles. So really, you’ve come upon the motherlode of information about the case if you are just willing to do the reading. Of course, many fans aren’t. They want to remain in the dark so they will not have to make “hard choices” about whom to support. But here’s a hint for them: Homin are never, ever going to “say anything” because they now realize that it will only get them into big trouble if they lie to the fans. The truth of the situation as regards their choices and behavior is not a pretty one, not admirable, not particularly defensible unless you are the type of person who pities someone who acts badly out of fear and insecurity. I am far more interested in following the members of JYJ who acted with courage and with a profound belief in their own abilities.

      As far as the members of JYJ “saying anything” they certainly have in the past and have been roundly criticized for it by fans who have an agenda in supporting the actions of SM. I can’t imagine what these people are thinking but the upshot of it was that it made the members less willing to put their side of the story before the public. In his recent solo press conferences, Junsu has once again opened up about the TV appearance banning they are still fighting against.

      Anyway, good luck and happy reading. The answers and the facts or at least most of them, are here on JYJFiles.

  8. Hi! I just found your webpage: [Timeline 2011] Avex repeatedly obstructing JYJs efforts to hold 2 charity concerts in Japan for earthquake relief | The JYJ Files when
    I was searching digg.com. It looks as though someone loved your website so much they decided to bookmark it.
    I’ll undoubtedly be returning here more often.

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