[NEWS] 120311 Sasaeng Fan Brutality, The Majority of Opinions Side with JYJ

On a survey about the JYJ sasaeng fan violence controversy taken from twitter, 99.56% of people held a negative opinion on sasaeng fans.

On March 7th an SNS analyzing firm took a social consensus on twitter by tweeting and asking people to mention them with who they believed was wrong in the sasaeng fan controversy. They received over 5,375 tweets and the public opinion was a vast majority with 99.56% saying that sasaengs were wrong and 0.44% saying it was JYJ.

The netizens also sent tweets criticizing sasaengs by saying “JYJ sasaeng fans show us a reality of how Korean celebrities basic human rights are being violated every day” and said that the emerging information [about sasaengs] made JYJ seem like the victims.

The sasaeng fan survey held on March 7th was  done by OMS (Opinion Mining System) which is known to use SNS for a hands-on approach to public analyzation.

Source: CBCi
Translation by: Yule for TheJYJfiles
Please do not remove without full credits.

9 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120311 Sasaeng Fan Brutality, The Majority of Opinions Side with JYJ

  1. I tweeted this link to JYJ. They probably won’t get to see it (or understand it! Chunnie translate please!) But I want them to know that SANE people, fans or otherwise, know that it is the sasaeng’s who are the criminals & that Jae, Chunnie & Junsu have every right to protect & defend themselves against this persecution.

  2. It’s great that everybody seems to think that what the sasaengs do is wrong, but I’m not going to be cheered until something is done about it. As in most cases, actions will speak louder than words.

    What has been really disturbing me about this whole issue is the level of sexism in both the comments (“NEVER hit a girl”, “he only hit her because she was fat and ugly”) and in what seems to be the official stance of both Korean society and the legal system. It seems to me that women, especially young women, are considered so insignificant that they aren’t even worth arresting when they do something wrong. JYJ are being looked down upon for being afraid of them and reacting to them. And these girls are being considered examples of typical female behaviour.

    • i know what you mean. it’s crazy in so many ways and on so many levels. “it’s not ok to hit a girl ever, if you’re a guy”: ok so some crazy broad is attacking me with a knife and I (pretend i’m a guy for now) am supposed to just let her stab me to death? That’s just INSANE! what these people are doing is harassment, plain and simple. it’s mental AND physical assault, and they should be arrested for it and charged! they should AT LEAST be fined big mullah for it. even if they are rich, you get hit with a ton of $10000 fines, i’m sure you’ll rethink things soon… and if you don’t, the problem is solved anyway cause you won’t be able to pay the fine and you’ll be jail, and either way, you won’t be stalking/harassing/endangering people anymore!

      • I understand that in the campaign to eliminate sexual violence and domestic abuse, there needs to be strong messages like, “You never hit a women.” And I’m glad that message is getting through, because male-on-female violence is a big problem.

        However, the second part of the message is that this applies to ANY gender combination. This is taught in kindergarten: you don’t hit people, and you don’t touch people when it’s clear that they don’t want to be touched. If you do this first, what happens after is at least partially your fault. Again, we are talking about comparable, reasonable reactions here. What I saw was reasonable. If a guy puts his hand on your ass, it is reasonable for you to slap his face. I think perfectly acceptable for a guy to do the same thing if the roles are reversed. Just because they are men, doesn’t mean that they welcome every kind of contact. The assumption that they all like it is also a sexist attitude.

        The way that JYJ, and by extension other idols, are being treated with regard to this issue really shows how much disdain Korean society has for these entertainers. (Before you point me at the poll, remember how many people lived in the same building as the TVXQ boys and DIDN’T call the police on those trespassers.) It reminds me of the way prostitutes or strippers are treated, simply because of the way the earn their money, they are not considered worthy of the care and protection that society offers other human beings. They can be treated any way their customers see fit, and that’s what these sasaengs are — the customers.

      • “They can be treated any way their customers see fit, and that’s what these sasaengs are — the customers.”
        Exactly. that’s what makes me sick. I have just as much right to my “private space” as my husband does, and by extension, HE has just as much right to HIS “private space” as I do. It shouldn’t matter WHAT gender, occupation, race, religion, planet, whatever you come from, you should be able to exercise that right. And with a lot of celebrities, and it seems Korean celebs in particular, that right is not considered. I was talking to hubby about this the other day and he said that oh yeah this happens in the US too, just not on the same scale.

  3. Since this survey is on twitter, can we rely on this survey to understand the Korean society’s attitude to the issue? I meant since the news of JYJ hitting “fan girl” being widely spreaded out and KBS boardcast didn’t really address the serious and dangerous nature of sasaeng, is Korean society really aware of this dark side of the fandom?~ How are they react to Jaechun’s violant act? >___< I read an article yesterday which says Jaejoong didn't hit her that bad to be called assult~ *finger cross that it is true XD even though violent is bad T__T*

    Thank you for the translation ❤

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