[VIDEO] Al Jazeera: 101 East – South Korea’s Pop Wave

101 East – South Korea’s Pop Wave

South Korean pop music known as ‘K-Pop’, is flourishing around the world, finding new fans across Asia, Europe and the US. This film reveals the dark side of the increasingly popular industry.

South Korean ‘K-Pop’ strives for global fame

South Korea’s pop industry is worth more than $3bn a year. It is driven largely by music known as “K-Pop”, which is popular across Asia and is even attracting attention in the US.

But Korean pop stars have been subjected to tough contracts and severe restrictions on their personal lives. A growing number of legal disputes over their agencies’ harsh treament has caused the government to issue standard contracts and establish a support centre for the artists.

Drew Ambrose reports from Seoul.

Credit: AlJazeeraEnglish
Shared by: TheJYJFiles

6 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Al Jazeera: 101 East – South Korea’s Pop Wave

  1. This is an excellent report and I recommend that everyone watch it. I am once again disappointed that even Al Jazeera needs to pussyfoot around mentioning SM’s wrongdoing here. Even the young singer in blackout was too afraid to name names. This speaks to SM’s frighteningly violent tactics and reprisals. This company appears to have SK by the balls. How such a thing could happen, by U.S. standards it is inconceivable. They are like the Mafia.

  2. @lilibaiyu
    Start from today, these will be my campaign:
    Let’s kill the rabid dogs. (Agreed with lilibaiyu’s pov )
    Let us as worldwide cursing SM and LSM.
    Let’s bring down SM because it’s a threat for the SK’s good image.
    Let make SM keeps its head down with the international fans forever if they keep blocking JYJ.

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