[TRANS] 120306 ‘Blue House’s destruction of evidence of an illegal investigation of civilians’ was buried under the report about JYJ assault controversy in yellow press!!

T/N: The Blue House was suspected to be involved in an illegal investigation of civilians and orchestrate the efforts to destroy the evidence. More about this issue HERE

A ‘destruction of evidence of Blue House’s illegal investigation of civilians’* buried under the report about JYJ assault controversy in yellow press!!

Violating celebrities’ privacy and personal life covers an important political and social issue of all time..

On the 6th, at the press conference of the MB Corruption Committee of the Democratic United Party, the Prosecution Office revealed that the Blue House has destroyed the evidence of the illegal investigation of civilians of the Prime Minister’s Office of Public Service Ethics. Jang Jinsu, a senior official of the Prime Minister’s Office of Public Service Ethics claimed, “Actually, the Blue House has requested the destruction of evidence of the illegal investigation of civilians.” The related transcripts were also unveiled.

Especially, Choi Jongseok, who was an administrative official at the Blue House at that time, revealed that Jang Jinsu has been requested to give perjured evidence at the Appellate Court; they have promised to give him a Hyundai and a banking association in return.

However, this shocking news was completely buried. Like yesterday, today is full of articles by the yellow media (t/n: “yellow media” is a term used for tabloids. It has little or no legitimate news, is rarely well researched, and uses attention-grabbing headlines) that covers Celebrity – Entertainment issues. Especially, the audio file of group JYJ assaulting sasaeng fan was revealed, which attracted all public’s attention. 

In the mean time, JYJ have been suffering because of sasaeng fans and related assault controversy was dispersed on the Internet. But what the media hasn’t reported all that meantime was unveiled by a yellow media, which make JYJ fans and netizens argue pro and con of it. Above all, it has been saying that, swearing at sasaengs and assaulting, JYJ were reprehensible.

However, without even a cause-and-effect relationship, it seems that no one calls into question the yellow media’s report that has played up JYJ assault controversy. At least,  <<Voice of the People>> (aka VOP, a Korean online news) pointed out, “the quality of surrounding media coverage about JYJ assault controversy is somewhat far cry from a partisan coverage. No matter how partisan it is, media coverage must clearly convey a ‘cause-and-effect relationship’. But in the report related to JYJ assault controversy, the issue was unilaterally played up and it didn’t present a causal relationship.

The problem is that, such controversy keeps being dispersed on the Internet par that hyena-alike yellow media and via portal sites, which is deceiving and manipulating the public.

[Unrelated parts omitted]

Articles referenced in this article:
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Translation by: Hannah for TheJYJfiles
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10 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120306 ‘Blue House’s destruction of evidence of an illegal investigation of civilians’ was buried under the report about JYJ assault controversy in yellow press!!

  1. Disgusting is what these people really are. Poor JYJ, one again, have to bear the brunt of the sins of others. When will this end? T__T

  2. Oh my gosh, why am I not surprised? They’ve done this yellow media coverage many times before. The tablo case? Shinee Jonghyun?

    I knew from the beginning that something very fishy was happening and now JYJ is getting the hard end of the stick.

  3. I have to believe: Fear not. This is so bogus that it can not stand. In a way, more light has been shed on these saesangs than ever before and I think the tide of public opinion will turn in due course. Also, once the SK public get wind of this OTHER more important scandal that the false Jaejoong affair was created to cover up, they will not be pleased and will act accordingly, at the ballot box. This current president may go down because of this. If he does and the liberal candidate gets elected, my sis Butterfliesarefree tells me that a whole lot of things are going to CHANGE in SK.

    ~WHY~ don’t these people learn what we in America have known since President Nixon……. it’s not so much the crime itself that brings you down, it’s the cover-up. THAT shows knowledge and GUILT and a desire to evade justice by any means. THAT’S what gets you every time.

  4. Those people are absolutely Jerk ! If its me, i will never be able to bear with this.

    but, we will protect our JYJ as well.

  5. Be strong JYJ,your fans love you enough to look past all the lies that are told about you. Remember you are thick skinned now, God will take care of you. What goes around comes around. Please do not be discouraged,we need all of you

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