[NEWS] 110720 JYJ fans’ outrage over KBS cancellation prompts provincial apology

Source: Jeju Weekly


8 thoughts on “[NEWS] 110720 JYJ fans’ outrage over KBS cancellation prompts provincial apology

  1. While the apology is nice, it still does nothing for the people who were disappointed and inconvenienced. It’s about time that SM is dealt with properly and that JYJ have the right to perform freely. This has been a black mark for Korea. We will continue to support JYJ not matter what!

  2. I believe the Jeju Gov. didn’t have a say in this. But… I’m sorry, I don’t really care. They can apologize all they want, it won’t give back the opportunity to be on tv to the boys… Maybe they are not at fault in this but that won’t change the result. The fans were cheated, JYJ was cheated, only SM got what it wanted.

  3. After all these things that they have done to JYJ, there apology sucks big time. How can they ever make up for the fact that fans came to watch JYJ not SSNSD and F(X). “We will positively support JYJ in the future.” With what JEJU and KBS has done, what makes you think that JYJ would even honor your with there presence anymore. And even if JYJ does agree, fans will still remember how there names were used to attract fans and how their schedule was canceled 4 days prior.

    • Yes, this has been a public relations disaster of major proportions for Jeju. And that meager “apology” is not going to cut it with the majority of fans. It’s unfortunate, but all of the frustrations of earlier double-crosses and affronts orchestrated by SM and KBS have accumulated in fan’s minds and this really was the final straw.

      But since Jeju has gotten the great benefit of JYJ’s participation for their promotion of themselves for several months, and they were specifically asked by C-JeS if the members of JYJ would be guaranteed a TV appearance and THEY SAID OH YES, NO PROBLEM, I believe they have a bit more to do to atone than say “sorry, we’ll let them perform next time” ! What a colossal nerve they have in thinking for one second that there’s going to BE a next time!!

      Who do they think they are dealing with here??

      • Exactly! It just pisses poeple off that KBS and JeJu have been pushing the blame around each other, making CJES walk in circles to find out who exactly canceled on them four days prior. Plus KBS has still yet to come out with a public apology. I mean seriously, even though Jeju did apologize, that does not change the fact that JYJ were promised to be aired on TV before they agreed to become ambassadors for this whole event and yet four days before the even they were canceled after they had been promoting for JeJu months ahead. Jaejoong even continued to show support by changing his twitter picture to JeJu island. An apology and a promise of future performances does not cut it. Who knows they might cancel in the future also. There apology doesn’t change the fact that fans spent money to see JYJ, it doesn’t change the fact that JYJ promoted JeJu for months, it doesn’t change the fact that JYJ were replaced by SM artists who suddenly got a clearing in their schedules, and it certainly doesn’t change the fact how JYJ had to apologize to their fans for another let down that they couldn’t control.

        Clearly they think they are dealing with a band of no significant importance. I hope they like the petition that JYJ fans have sent them.

  4. “The public is also interested in whether JYJ will be able to appear on KBS’s “Music Bank” after the release of their Korean album. This is because last May, in response to the controversy over JYJ being on the banned list for “Music Bank,” KBS reps had replied that “when they release a new album, they can of course appear according to the producer’s discretion.”

    We are watching you KBS, this better come true when JYJ releases there next album or else, I don’t need a physic to tell me what will happen. There will be fans throwing tomatoes at KBS building.

  5. Ok, you’ve apologized. As my VE Sister Lilibaiyu said…”What makes you sure there will be a next time? A promise made is a promise to be kept. Somehow, you didn’t learn that. The damage to the reputation of Jeju Island has already been done. There is an adage…actions have consequences. What is so hard for you people to get this? The Universe is going to pay you back in return. So be it. One question for those in charge of Jeju Island…have you ever heard of the Golden Rule? Look yourselves in the mirror and ask…would I want to be treated like this? If you can answer yes, I pity you. If you said no, then why did you do this to someone else?

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