[Summary + Op-ed] Kim YJ and JYJ, why do broadcasting stations refuse them?

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MBC and KBS are in the middle of dispute due to casting cancellation of (actress) Kim YJ and JYJ, respectively. Kim YJ and JYJ who seem to stand on different grounds are in fact related to the same issue of being cast out by broadcasting stations. Kim YJ who approached a societal problem directly and JYJ who requested the change of an unreasonable system through their own problem are a little different but the same case.

Kim YJ and JYJ, blow your high kicks off, together with supporters.

Media controlled by MB government is, as pointed out by many, are making it their business doing evil as an absolute slave of the power. They have given up being media by forfeiting even the least value of media but allowing themselves to be used as a means by a small number of the powerful.

Entertainers who were actively engaged in election campaign of MB (president) are able to proudly appear on broadcasts while Kim YJ who spoke out in support of the weak in society is banned from broadcast appearance.
Such an undisguised pro-MB act of MBC in this later stage of MB government is being confronted by many intellectuals who started refusing to be appear on MBC, thus showing signs of developing into a social movement.
KBS, which was facing an extreme crisis due to secret recording scandal, is now being swept up by the scandal of casting out. As much that nobody believes their excuses behind such a happening, it is a well acknowledged secret that SM is behind all this.
The behavior of SM is repeating precisely the behavior of other evil large (Chaebol) corporations that are damaging Korea. They form a systemic group of the same interest protecting themselves, exercising their power, and try to control even broadcast media through their extended power, just like Chaebols did. Their tactic of crushing those who escaped from their grip to make sure no-survival is also the same.
Just like Kim YJ is banned, JYJ is also banned for the reason of standing up to the unreasonable tyranny of management companies. Both are good examples of being banned from broadcast for the reason of fighting against social injustice, thus reveal vividly what kind of road our broadcast media has been taking nowadays.
Fortunately, some reporters standing up to MB-appointed CEOs of broadcast stations in order to restore the role of media started raising their voices.
After committing such a crime of secretly recording internal meeting of the opposition party and turning it over to the ruling party, which is enough of a scandal to close down KBS, Kim IK (KBS CEO) went to Tokyo in order to support Hallyu promoting efforts of KBS? What an absolute absurdity!
Should we admire the boldness ignoring such a scandal as secret recording but going to watch concert or taking unlawful profit by making concert goods even without the consent of participating singers? They who keep singing of Hallyu but throwing JYJ away after taking advantage of them in regards to SM are really acting to promote Hallyu?

Only way to change the world going crazy is not the silence complying to injustice but action of requesting to make the wrongs corrected for a change.

Source: Nate
Translation by: @LongLiveJYJ
Shared by: TheJYJFiles


6 thoughts on “[Summary + Op-ed] Kim YJ and JYJ, why do broadcasting stations refuse them?

  1. “…As much that nobody believes their excuses behind such a happening, it is a well acknowledged secret that SM is behind all this…”

    ^ makes me shake my head in disgust.

    I wasn’t aware that KBS was already under scrutiny for recording convo’s of the opposition and now they’re blocking JYJ and Ms. Kim. They are further burying themselves with all these scandals coming up. Do they think that no one is going to say something? Have they really become that comfortable in their position that they don’t even have the decency to try to even hide their behavior? I’m disgusted by them not thinking that they will be held accountable for their actions, that some big brother will help them out. Hopefully with all this support and interest we will be able to see changes made to the industry, so that future generations won’t have to deal with this type of dealing.

  2. Ugly ugly….. JYJ is just one of the many outstanding artists in the industry….why those corporate seniors doing such things…… that proved JYJ is truly super…superber….. and upper than them in many ways…….,.. …. we support and love you forever JYJ…..always keep the faith…….. just do yr best …… you never die……..!!!!!!

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