Official Statement of the International Consumers of Hallyu for Justice and the Rule of Law regarding the Official Statement of KBS

We—as international consumers of the Korean Wave, supporters of JYJ and citizens of the world that value justice and the rule of law—hereby condemn the official statement issued by Korean Broadcasting System (hereafter, “KBS”) on 18 May, 2011 regarding its reasons to prohibit JYJ from appearing on “Music Bank” and other such entertainment programs. We declare the statement to be factually incorrect, intentionally misleading and provoking of international disdain.

The Courts of Korea have already declared multiple times that the exclusive contract between JYJ and SM Entertainment has no effect during the duration of the lawsuit, that for reasons of social and civil security it cannot be allowed to stand, and that it shall not be invoked as a reason to hinder the careers of the members of JYJ. Since 2009, the Seoul Central District has continuously affirmed this stance, which renders KBS’ hastily modified claim that its own position has changed since February 2011 a case of obstinate blindness and self-mockery. Ultimately, any attempt by KBS to use the exclusive contract and the lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment as a justification for prohibiting JYJ’s media appearances run contrary to the explicit mandate of the Court and is a mischaracterization.

At the same time, we look forward to KBS honoring its commitment to broadcast JYJ on Music Bank when the group’s new album is released.

KBS also claims that, regardless of whether or not Korean law has vindicated JYJ, the mere fact of JYJ’s involvement in legal proceedings bars the group’s appearance on Music Bank, since allowing the group’s appearances could “unfairly influence the outcome of the ongoing lawsuit”. Since it necessarily takes two sides to make a lawsuit, this logic necessarily mandates that KBS bar all appearances by any affiliates of SM Entertainment, who is the other party to this lawsuit. We look forward to KBS showing the minimum of logical consistency and barring SM Entertainment to the same degree that it bars JYJ.

KBS’ claims also are carbon copies of those made by the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industry (KFPCAI) in October of 2010. KFPCAI, of which SM Entertainment is a prominent member, argued that to allow JYJ’s media appearances would negatively affect Korea’s cultural development and the Korean Wave. We express disappointment that KBS, a public broadcasting station, has chosen to prove itself to be complicit with KFPCAI. In doing so, KBS has demonstrated to the international public the degree of collusion in the Korean entertainment industry that is directly bringing harm to consumer protection, free and fair market competition, artists’ freedoms and Korea’s long-term cultural development.

Lastly, we urge the Government of the Republic of Korea to take action to show that its legal system has the bare minimum of force and significance. The rule of law is not simply a part of State sovereignty; the rule of law is State sovereignty. If the Government of the Republic of Korea does not take action against those who publicly and prominently violate its rule of law, any claim it makes to State sovereignty will ring hollow to the growing audience of the international public.

We continue to hope that our trust in the Government of the Republic of Korea is not misplaced.

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Shared by: TheJYJFiles

Note: Thanks to the concerned fans asking us to send this to the Korean press and government agencies. The emails have already been sent on the morning of the 20th, KST.


27 thoughts on “Official Statement of the International Consumers of Hallyu for Justice and the Rule of Law regarding the Official Statement of KBS

  1. That’s exactly the way; that’s exactly how we must talk. We can’t allow such abuses anymore. KBS, SME, KFPCAI and associates have to obey the court rulings. This is mandatory. They have to stop tricking and avoiding the laws.
    The International Fandom has talked. And in a very accurate and true way.
    ¡I feel proud of being JYJ’s international fan! ¡GREAT!

      • Yay for JYJ files! good to hear the news about cowardly dirtbag scum sucking filth are trying o screw JYJ more! Thanks JYJfiles, & shleilove

    • @shuheilove

      I totally agree, we’re tired of turning the other cheek!!

      thank U to JYJFiles, and all those that participated in drawing up this official statement!! it was sooo right on!! what happened to JYJ_US?

      they, the EVIL doers, better think twice before they post, cuz they’ll end up with their dirty shoes in their mouths!! i wanna see, when this is finally over, SM and Avex, and all the tv broadcasting stations choke on their words as they’re stuffed down their throat!! i think the judge shud make THEM the example for anyone else in South Korea, that gets treated this way (no human rights) by their agencies!!


  2. KBS,SME,KFCAI & others who block /interfere with JYJ are lower than snake shit in a wagon rut! cowardly conspiring shits.They really need a god bitch slapping!Dirtbags!What sort of world image are they presenting?Trying to Shame all of South Korea for their selfish Head up the ass attitude?!

  3. That’s right, baby!!! **wild cheering going on here**

    Long Live The JYJ Files! What a magnificent piece of writing the above statement is!!

  4. I’m so agree to that statement about KBS, I think that the Korean goverment should take serious this matter, is so ridiculous that JYJ can’t perfom and KBS are such bad excuses. Go Girls I suppor this!
    From MEXICO

  5. wow!!! great!!!(*standing n clapping till my hands hurt)
    can we make this public so SK people and government esp Seoul Central District Court can see it? maybe we can chip in to put it in the newspaper just like Chinese fans did? so they know we are serious.

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  7. This is great work, girls! Thank you for this letter. We should post this on KBS’ site in Korean then everybody would know about this… I soooo wish I could speak the language to help.

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  9. Love this statement soooooo much! Thank you to everyone who participated in writing it up & to sending emails of it to the relevant bodies! *happily sitting back waiting to see the sh*t hit the fan*

  10. Thank you JYJ family for taking actions. Even us International fans knows the JYJ issue from before however KBS seems to not know the whole issue and made some baseless statements. They are tainting JYJ’s reputations and starts to mislead the public. It’s very rude of them to do something like that. I hope that KBS won’t take back their words about JYJ’s appearance in MuBank after the group released their official album.

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  13. I support this official statement ^^
    Waiting and wanting to see JYJ on all the TV broadcasting stations in SK 😉
    It will happen, wishes and dreams with actions do come true.
    Be confident
    Henry David Thoreau quotes:
    What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.

    • @cat95

      Great post with a really inspirational quote from Thoreau. Words to live by.
      I think the members of JYJ have this sentiment hard-wired into their very beings already. They already seem to be living every day this way.

  14. Stupid how KBS cancels on JYJ just four days prior to the event with the stupid excuse becasue JYJ is in a legal battle with SM. Last time I checked, JYJ sued two years ago, not four days before the event.
    Stupid reasons, just come up front and say that there was back door pressure instead of having us fans crack through your lies, it just makes you look worse.

  15. @onemissionthreedreams
    “Stupid how KBS cancels on JYJ just four days prior to the event with the stupid excuse becasue JYJ is in a legal battle with SM. Last time I checked, JYJ sued two years ago, not four days before the event.”

    It’s ridiculous. KBS has shown itself time after time that they are not responsible broadcasters.
    At this point as far as I’m concerned they are just as guilty of illegal acts as SM. There should be NOBODY more forthright, more honest and ethical than a TV station entrusted with the job of delivering the news to the people of S.Korea. KBS has become little better than a rogue broadcaster, totally ethically compromised, operating at the whims of perpetrators there in positions of authority.

    • Exactly, and yet what does their actions show us? That they are unethical little liars, there is no difference between KBS and SM in my eyes. There okay with broadcasting the members along and yet they won’t broadcast the whole entire group? That’s just crap and using the individual members to gain popularity.
      This is JEJU’s apology to JYJ. Despite the fact that they had apologized and done nothing else, just pisses me off. Jaejoong still wanted everyone to support JEJU even though their event was cancelled and replaced by SM artists. Grow a effing dick and conscious JEJU. Fans from around the world brought tickets to see this, even if it was KBS’s decision to cancel JYJ’s appearance, you should have fucking done something.

      Also I read somewhere that before CJES agreed to the event they hinted to KBS that the station might get back door pressure, because CJES was tired of getting canceled at the last minute so they wanted to make sure before they confirm an event. And KBS said somehting along the lines of that “back door pressure won’t effect the appearance of JYJ at the JEJU event” Bull crap. I hope JYJ sues the crap out of KBS for their actiosn so they can finance another suing for discrimination.

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