Court’s Rejection of SM’s Claim of So-Called “Dual-Contracting”

Note: On its statement, KBS argued that JYJ is engaging in “dual-contracting” among others. This is factually incorrect, because the JYJ-C-JeS contract is not an exclusive contract and also because the JYJ-SM contract is now null and void.

The below is a translation of the court decision that dismissed SM’s petition for the court to strike down the business relationship of JYJ and C-JeS as dual contracting. The Korean original is posted at DNBN, found here.

Notice the brevity of the court’s opinion. This petition was so without merit that it barely warranted a page to refute it in multiple ways.

Source: Seoul District Court document via DNBN
Translation credit: Inklette@DNBN
Shared by: TheJYJFiles


10 thoughts on “Court’s Rejection of SM’s Claim of So-Called “Dual-Contracting”

  1. Stupid KBS been living under a rock, thats why they could still make that kind of statement while documents such as this and the knowledge of court decisions are out there =_= At least educate themselves before trying to act smart
    #boycottKBS for pathetically failed as a public broadcast station
    They have no prob using Yoochun to boost up their drama, but once its done they also have no problem tossing him and JYJ aside now that money has rolled into their pocket

  2. I think a double chorus of “Nyah Nyah Na Na Nyah” is in order…

    SM’s whole corrupt house of card is coming tumbling down. These are the Last Days, kids. We should all remember where we were, when the evil empire that was SME came crashing to the ground and everyone in Korea saw their monumental labyrinthine deceit for what it was.

  3. Yay haha the know KBS & SM are fecal matter just hope they bitch slap all these bastards for trying to screw the boys more than they have already been! fricken dirtbags! Thanks JYJ files for making my day better 🙂 hehe.YAY JYJ!!! my heroes!

  4. …the current Petition is without merit. We decide to dismiss it and find as in Order.

    I especially like that part. SM you are without Merit – but we knew that already.

    Thanks Jimme ❤

  5. What kind of inept idiots are running that station anyway. Jeez even a high school kid can understand this very simple and concise ruling :/

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