Letter of (Almost) Resignation: Final Confessions, Part I

Editor’s Note: When I first approached Jimmie to join TheJYJFiles at the end of 2010, she was already preparing to embark on an exciting career relocation and had warned me that her availability for partaking in this project would be limited. Fortuitously, she was with us for over three months and within that time, we accomplished many goals thanks to her leadership and tenacity. As her work commitments will render Jimmie to become less active in fandom, she has written a letter of (almost) parting, detailing her thoughts and confessions about how she joined this fandom, why she became an active member, and what compelled her to take up the role that she did in fandom over the past months. Readers, please don’t feel sad for this isn’t a definite goodbye; Jimmie will always be part of JYJ fandom and continue to help out. I’m sure I speak for all TheJYJFiles staffers and readers that we heartily appreciate Jimmie for her hard work and uplifting energy.

Letter of (Almost) Resignation: Final Confessions, Part I

Dear Readers,

Many of you found out for the first time via the article written by the Chosun Ilbo covering the international fans’ petition that in real life I am an international civil servant and, as such, was bound to leave for Geneva, Switzerland in the middle of March. Consequently, by the time you read this, I will have already left Korea and most likely fully settled in on the other side of the globe. Since I was never formally “hired” by The JYJ Files, I don’t consider myself formally resigning either, but it is true that my official duties henceforth will prevent me from being as active as I used to be as a writer, and so for all practical purposes I might as well be resigning. Although this is in no way an official letter of resignation and I don’t plan to disappear entirely from view, this is, in a concrete way, a goodbye. I would thus like to take this opportunity to say all that I wanted but didn’t quite have time to. Most importantly, seeing the amount of “chaos” I caused (some would say unnecessarily) I feel I need to justify why and how I got involved in the way and to the extent that I did in this fandom for the past 3-4 months.

Since, if I wrote down everything as one continuous piece, the entire thing would be at least 10 pages long, I have decided to divide it into 3 parts in the interests of preserving the health of my readers. Nonetheless, I would like my readers to keep in mind that these are not three independent pieces to be interpreted in isolation of each other but rather one unified letter that just happens to be divided into three.

As a lot of you know already, I came to you as a brand new JYJ fan. I was never a follower of Dong Bang Shin Ki, and so I stumbled on to their story not as a fan of an idol group per se, but more as a clueless third party who happened, out of pure boredom, to see a couple of scenes from a little televised series called Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I was thoroughly impressed by the main lead, whom I had never seen before and so was most likely a newbie actor, but who portrayed his role and controlled his presence on screen like someone who had at least a couple of works under his belt. Park Yoochun’s character in the drama was not my favourite (that would be Song Joongki’s Yeorim/Gu Yonghwa), but in my estimation, of the four main actors, Park Yoochun gave the most impressive performance. And in the estimation of almost everyone else that matters, he gave a performance above and beyond expectations for a first dramatic piece.

I am a huge lover of the Arts. I am especially fond of the performing arts: everything from film to theatre to dance…even the circus (no matter what anyone else says, I consider Cirque du Soleil to be art). There really is a reason why the philosophical greats, from the Classical Greek tragedians to Postmodern icons like Jean-Paul Sartre, were fascinated with the theatre…there is a way in which the performing arts both imitate and transcend life itself (but this is another topic for a different time). Park Yoochun and his performance in Sungkyunkwan Scandal reminded me why I value artists. There’s something indescribably marvellous about watching the career birth of a promising stage or screen actor, especially if the piece in which he conveys is craft is as commendable as his performance. And with Park Yoochun, it was.

By the final episode of the drama, I was convinced that Park Yoochun had the potential to become the George Clooney of Korea and a more than capable replacement on the small screen for the likes of Jang Dong Gun and Won Bin, the first generation pioneers of the Korean Wave who have now either moved on to film festivals or Hollywood. Actors like Park Yoochun are the answer to how to make a sustainable Korean Wave. As accomplished actors move to bigger stages and inevitably overseas, the Korean Wave will need a steady supply of equally promising new talents given improving opportunities to shine and expand their artistic capabilities. This applies not only to the film and television aspects of Hallyu but also to the music.

Given the merit of the piece and its main lead, I thought I could walk away from Sungkyunkwan Scandal with the reassurance that the future of Korean culture would be bright and that nothing more would be required of me thereafter except to enthusiastically follow Park Yoochun’s next works and critique his performance from time to time through reviews or whatnot. Until the discovery of JYJ, this was what being a “fan” consisted of in my world. I couldn’t fathom the fanatical habits of idol group followers….The totality of a painting’s beauty can only be appreciated from at least a stride away. Likewise, an artist’s admirer knows to keep a certain distance. So, all that this fandom has accomplished—the petitions, the bus ads, the attempt at the first ever fan-run Internet TV Station, etc.—would have struck me as abnormal; in a way, it still does…as proud as I am of it all.

Ignorance would have indeed been bliss, but then, I found out about the lawsuit…

And about the flagrant corruption and illicit dealings in the Korean music industry, which were denying Korea promising cultural ambassadors and denying Koreans (and others) the enjoyment of their craft. (Since the Korean government is looking to make the Korean Wave a viable economic export, the ugly mess that is rearing its head against JYJ is also denying Korea a stable economic future as well, but more on that later.)

Uncharacteristically, I became incredibly irritated at this state of affairs.

At that point, I realised that my definition of “fan” had to change and that I had to approach (and broach) the JYJ fandom—including the international fandom—not just as someone who ardently admired Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, but in all my human capacities: as a proud Korean, a citizen of a modern democracy with a vibrant free market economy, an international civil servant, a Government employee and representative, and lover of the Arts.

It’s difficult to put into words how proud I am of my country’s cultural awakening that is both the driving force and the core of the Korean Wave. I am certainly not the only Korean who feels this way. However, the JYJ v. SM Entertainment saga has demonstrated clearly for all to see that this pride rests on extraordinarily precarious foundations. I have already covered elsewhere the threat that “slave contracts”, such as the one SM Entertainment regularly uses to compel their artists into abusive labour relations and compensations thereof, poses to Korea’s image, Korea’s international commitments and to the sustainability of the Korean Wave. I will not repeat the reasons here. In any case, what horrified me even more was that the understanding of Art and regard toward artists that companies like SM base their business model on have in fact not advanced beyond the Joseon Dynasty (1300s-1910).

Under the Joseon Dynasty, Art was considered a baseless pastime—unimportant, a sinful symptom of laziness—in comparison to the scholarly pursuits edicted by Confucius. Artists, especially performing artists, were likewise considered to be the basest manifestations of human beings, undeserving of any social status or respect. As a matter of fact, performing artists were placed in the same social class as slaves[i]. Since they were innately undeserving, it was commonly accepted that artists could, would and even should be used by the higher classes and should not complain but rather be grateful for every use the higher-ups made of them. I recommend readers to watch the Korean film The King and the Clown (왕의 남자 in Korean) to get an idea of how this attitude toward the Arts and artists manifested itself in the Joseon Dynasty. You will then come to understand that SM Entertainment’s business practices and contracts are merely homages to an outdated and dangerous attitude.

From the same Chosun Ilbo article, many of you now know that I went to graduate school in Paris, at the prestigious École normale supérieure (ENS)…prestigious for its unparalleled excellence in two fields: the Humanities (of which literature, philosophy and theatre studies are included) and the Natural Sciences[ii]. Neither one field is regarded as more important than the other, and writers, philosophers and artists issued from this school have won just as many and just as prestigious honours as the mathematicians and scientists (almost all of France’s Nobel Prize winners in both the sciences and the arts have some connection to ENS). On the same street and clear in view is the famed Panthéon, in which France’s most highly regarded writers, philosophers and dramatists are buried and enshrined[iii]. I remember walking past that imposing Greek-style temple almost on a daily basis and thinking how different was the French understanding of the Arts and artists from the Korean. In Korea, artists were regarded as slaves; in France, they’re worshipped as gods.

For years now, the Korean public and media has agitated over when a Korean would win an arts-related Nobel Prize or a Grammy. Considering the intense rivalry the country has with Japan, whose nationals have won several Nobel Prizes in literature, this question gathers frenetic attention every time a Japanese is nominated.

Well… perhaps if we Koreans didn’t let our writers or indie musicians starve to death[iv], perhaps if we threw away our Joseon Dynasty prejudices that artists should be grateful for their mistreatment, perhaps if we actually gave our artists time and freedom to fully develop and unleash their potential instead of killing them off in five-year cycles or actively constraining them in poverty for 13 years, maybe then we can start talking about our chances. We don’t have to treat our artists as gods, but if we could just grasp the concept that they’re human beings and act on that…Is that a Grammy I see in the distance?


61 thoughts on “Letter of (Almost) Resignation: Final Confessions, Part I

  1. Thank you for all you have done for the international JYJ fandom, Jimmie!

    It was great having you as a ‘representative’ of this fandom. We can’t thank you enough for starting the petition.

    Best of luck!

  2. Ohh~~~ good luck then Jimmie.
    Though you may not actively participate anymore, hope you’ll not leave the fandom and stop supporting JYJ.

  3. i just hope she have time to help jyj fandom sometimes!! Jimmie i wish you all the success in the world, and as a jyj fan i wanna say, thanks!!!

  4. Aww that is so kind of you to leave us all a note like this. Will look forward to the other two parts 🙂 You have done so much for the JYJ fandom in behalf of all their fans. So I am sure I am not the only one to be sad of this news.

    However, I wish you good luck with your new career!

  5. editor’s note said not to be sad, but how could I?
    your breathtaking writing, your thoughtful argument and all the knowledge and every single thing you do for fandom.. thanks a heap jimmie 🙂

    I do understand how hectic your day for being an employee in UN, but promise me to keep your faith on our Boys, ok? love them still and in case there is something going wrong again, would you mind to help us?like what you did on petition..

    best luck for you unnie 🙂

  6. Its sad to see you leave but am sure when your work permits that you’ll drop by once in a while.

    I am extremely thankful for the work you have done for the JYJ fandom. I remember you came at a time when the fandom was in complete disarray and we didn’t know what exactly was happening in Korea as TVXQ5 sites weren’t willing to share some of the more controversial articles which I understand. You brought a sense of understanding and bridged the gap between international and korean fans. Also allowed us to understand the legal aspect of the lawsuit and the its enormity.

    Thankful to you and JYJfiles for providing an arena for discussion on legal, cultural, philosophical aspect of the lawsuit, the kpop industry, fandom culture etc.

    Good luck with your job and have a wonderful time in Geneva.

  7. You’ve done so much for this fandom Jimmie and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone that feels incredibly grateful for all your hard work and dedication. Best wishes in everything you do!!

  8. It is indeed a sad thing to see you leave but I hope you will still be a part of our JYJ family and not leave us completely. Thank you so much for all that you have done for this fandom. Eventhough I am not a Korean, I can identify with everything you’ve said.
    I myself have never belong to any fandom before til I come across DBSK and now have moved on to support only JYJ. Because of them I am trying to learn Korean. 저는 미국 에서살아요. Best of luck to you Jimmie. Hope to see you drop by here once in a while. Again 감사합니다! ^__^

  9. Jimmie,

    Thank you for all the time, thought, & effort you’ve put into the fandom the past few months! Bonne chance & enjoy quiet Geneva! I’m sure you’ll pursue your professional goals with the same (if not more) dedication & ardor that you show in other aspects of your life including being an incredible JYJ fan. Hope to see some of your op-eds & articles once in a while in the future :).

    I too am for the first time of my life a “fan” with all that might entail. I was a casual listener to some Tohoshinki songs but didn’t really follow any of the THSK/JYJ boys beyond listening to their music and watching a couple variety show clips that showed up as a related link on youtube. It was only when I came across SKK by accident, caught up on the THSK/JYJ split and learned about the entire dramatic backstory that I too was drawn into this fandom. As an economics student, this made for a very interesting case of industry structure & organization.

    Thanks to Jimmie, JYJ Files, & JYJ Family for making my first dip into fandom so educational and exciting! /now back to some shameless shallow fangirling which I’ve come to really enjoy!!

  10. Thanks Jimmie for the many insights to the issues in Korea’s entertainment industry. You have made the JYJ fandom a more informative and intelligent one. I believe many of JYJ’s fans are teens — and hopefully those who read your articles in explaning the situation helps put things into perspective.

    I also believe that all JYJ fans are frustrated, but they are making themselves heard through actions taken to support the 3. Whenever this scene dies down, [I don’t know for how long, but SM is indeed taking all actions to stomp the 3 boys in their advancement — and it is these antics that are tiring some of the fans], I really hope JYJ’s fans will stay steadfast in supporting them.

    All the best Jimmie in your future endeavors — I look forward to little experts from you in future.

  11. OOOO Jimmie, I had just sent U an email and now I heard about this. I’m sorry, but I’m feeling very sorry for us, but also very happy for U. Has it only been 3 months since U joined us? Why does it seem sooo much longer? Maybe cuz we have accomplished alot since u’ve joined us!! U came rite when we needed U the most!! We will miss U very much, not only for ur vast knowledge, but, also cuz U would always calm us down if we got into heated discussions (thank U).

    Thank U for taking the time to write and explain to us why ur leaving. We wish success and all good things for U. Please continue to support our beloved JYJ, they need all the love and support we can give them. I’m glad U will come and visit us when U can.

    Thank U for all U have done for our fandom, U R the best and we love U!! Please stay healthy and safe. Again, good luck on ur new job ^_~ ♥


  12. is there continuation of this? OMG I think this is the best I ever read from Jimmie. I wont say this is a goodbye and I refuse to get a goodbye from you Jimmie. I believe you will pop here and there in this fandom time to time, if not often once in a while. A person like you wont leave things hanging. I will take this as Jimmie on hiatus ^^

    Actually, I notice you start taking interest in this “JYJ saga” in SYC blog comment section. I enjoyed every thoughts you have everytime you comment there. The comments section there ultimately become a field of war between fans, arguing almost about every thing at the time where DBSK crisis at its peak. Given to nature of SYC blog and I understand the effort SYC admins try to put up peace in the blog, they do the “filtering” and “deleting” comments. Even as far as blocking the potential intruders. Jimmie then disappear from there. (I’m not sure whether she’s been block or not). Me too disappear and I believe a lot did as well.
    Then JYJ3 and TheJYJfiles were born.
    I was happy to find out that Jimmie still rocking doing what she did best. This time to an extend of materializing the support and voices from the international fans. Jimmie you had given a very good input and a lot of knowledge to me at the area that Im not well verse of. Thank you so much for your effort. I value you for your willingness to disperse the knowledge you had in this “chaotic” fandom. I find it amusing because you seems so out of place in a fangirl world but JYJ fandom had far past that realm already ^^ because of you guys.
    As I said earlier I refuse your goodbye because I believe you will be back. I rather say see you later than saying good bye to you.
    Do have a good life and continue to lead a bright future. May god bless you and may you live with happiness. I pray for everyone happiness in this fandom.
    Jimmie, best of luck!

    • True. I used to see her there too. It was actually the first place I was able to go NOD-NOD to a person’s ideas. I am happy JYJ Fans have found our school (The JYJ Files) and home (JYJ3) and yes, as linda above said, it seems that it has been more than 3-4 months since we’ve known each other!

      We wish you well, Jimmie-yah. We can never thank you enough for everything that you have done. I am sure you will succeed in everything that you will do. JYJ fans will always be here for you! *virtual hugs from the Family*

  13. Thank you Jimmie, for all your contributions to the JYJ fandom. ^_^ I won’t consider this a goodbye, because it isn’t.

    Good luck with your work. ^_^

  14. Thank you, Jimmie, for your efforts to educate us, the JYJ fandom. You have always shed real, useful light on the complexities of the Korean legal system and history (this recent comment on the Joseon Dynasty and “The King and the Clown” was like a giant lightbulb going on for me), and, even better, you write like an angel. I can only imagine that you will do great things in Geneva. Don’t be a stranger – after all, the worldwide web was invented (or at least HTML was) in Switzerland, so you are not really going “away”. If you are employed by the Korean government, they are incredibly lucky to have you, and I hope they prize your intelligence, wit, articulateness and commitment to justice. Bonne chance and je veux pour vous une vie bien merveilleuse!

  15. Thank you so much Jimmie! I still remember the first time you came to the ifandom through sharing yoochun, alot of people were doubting you before but you have done so much for us since then. Even though you were criticized by many people you still stood by us and helped the ifans know what they can do to help the boys. Ill miss you and goodluck with your career ^^

  16. Oh! What a letter!
    Thanks for your hard work… Please don´t forget us, don´t forget JYJ!
    Best wishes!
    And… it´s not a good bye… it´s a See you later!

  17. Jimmie, my dear:

    What you’ve done, no one could’ve done it as you did. You’re an amazing human being and, of course, an eminent professional. Thanks to you, I’ve learnt about law and rights, and I’ve learnt about JYJ’s current legal situation. And through JYJ Files pages, full of your excellent, true, didactical and inspiring articles, I’ve learnt to love and support JYJ unconditionally. You say you weren’t a fan and you didn’t know how to act like one; but the truth is that through your inspired actions you’ve become the best fan of JYJ, and you’ve taught us how to be good and useful fans, even living overseas.

    And for what I’ve written above, The only thing I can say for now is: THANK YOU JIMMIE KIM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I feel happy for you and I wish you the best for your life. I’m sure you’ll make the difference in Geneve, as you’ve made it for JYJ and for us both foreign and domestic fans in South Korea.

    And, as always, I have to say: ¡Excellent article, Jimmie! I’m looking forward for part two and three.

  18. There is many things to say, but all that is coming to my mind is Thank you, Jimmie.
    Good Luck!! And hopefully, we’ll still see you around these sites.

    Ps: When JYJ wins this lawsuit, hopefully we hear from you!! 🙂

  19. Much of what I wanted to say has been said but I still wanna to thank you for sharing your insights for us JYJ foreign fans.Good luck in your “new” lifestyle and still hope to hear from you.

  20. I had to take a moment to de-lurk and comment on this letter. lol

    Firstly, thank you for all that you’ve done Jimmie. When I first found this site, it was refreshing to see the legal aspect of this case being dissected and discussed in such a thorough manner. I truly appreciate all that you’ve done and I enjoyed all that you’ve written. Everytime I’ve read your work, it has always made me sit back and reflect. It made me truly realize what’s happening and what this lawsuits really means.

    Very inspirational. Thank you! I wish you the very best and good luck! Don’t be a stranger now!

  21. Thank you, Jimmie, for all of your intelligence, your insights and your fearless inquiry into the dark inner workings of the Korean entertainment business and into JYJ’s plight with their lawsuit in particular. I am so sorry that I came to this blog only very recently and have had so little chance to know you, but what I do know of you I value and respect to the highest degree.

    Good luck and best wishes to you in your new endeavor. Please come back to share your richly observed perspective at every opportunity you can find. We will sorely miss you and we will be holding fast in our support of JYJ for as long as it takes, no matter what it takes, in your honor.

  22. You came into the intl. fandom at such an important time and had so much influence in maintaining the support for JYJ. You were part of the incredible wind of fortune which has supported JYJ in the face of unbelievable odds against them. I hope you will continue to put your comments in when necessary.

    I think that JYJ has great significance beyond their role as artists. They are binding people’s hearts together all over the world and creating a bond between cultures which only they can bring. For example, after seeing the way Thai fans treated them, I feel so close to Thai people.

    My husband is Japanese, but I never felt so close to Japanese people as I have from JYJ’s activities in Japan. I have many close friends in Japan now. These are just examples of how this fandom is bringing people into one world.

    In that sense, I think your work for JYJ was as important as anything the UN does and will have an impact on the future. I really thank you for that and for providing an avenue for me to help them as well.

  23. Congratulations on your new job and all the best, Jimmie..

    I must confessed that because of you, I have a way better understanding of the situation. Thank you so very much. Please don’t stop it here, the international fandom still need your support and yes, your influence was the strongest in laying the truth about the case and conflict, especially about SME and the ugly truth within the Korean entertainment industry.

    You will be miss by us…so very much…

  24. Just wanna say thank you so much for all that you have done. I really enjoy read your articles and trully admired you. Good Luck and Wish you all the best

    When JYJ wins the lawsuit i hope we, JYJ family can meet up and have a big celebrations XD

  25. Dear Jimmie
    Thank you for those articles you had written and the help you have rendered. It was through your work that I had a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding JYJ and the entertainment industry. I have come to realise that you are a God-send! You will surely be missed. Please don’t leave this site for too long, okay? Please do come back whenever you can. Take good care of yourself and may God bless the work of your hands wherever you go.

  26. Jimmie, from every little thing you wrote, i can tell that you’re a smart and wonderful woman, and i’m so proud to have you as one of us, people who love JYJ and will continue to fight for them and support them in smart way.
    thank you for every little thing you did to this fandom, and i sincerely hope that you will continue to support JYJ. there’s no word that could express my gratitude to you and your big contribution to help JYJ. thank you sooo much…!!! and have fun with your new job in a new country !

  27. O, Jimmie, I have just stumbled across this blog a few days ago and thoroughly enjoy the learning I get from your writings and this has to happen. sob….sob….

    Like you, I became a JYJ fan only because I was mesmerised by the excellent acting of an “unknown” actor in SKKS and had to google him to find out who he is. There, our similarities end. You are the smart , tenacious one that make things happen. I had always admired and respected the person instrumental in drafting out the Petition and I didn’t know it was you till now. LOL!

    You are the best thing that has happened to JYY during this period of uncertainty as they face the unknown.

    We will sorely miss your constant presence here. I wish you success and happiness in your endeavours. Bless you.

  28. Jinmy thank you very much
    like you I’m a fan of recent JYJ
    his work has been wonderful and I know
    continue to support JYJ
    Jinmy I wish him well in life
    a big hug from Canary Islands

  29. Olá!

    Well, I really love this first part of your letter and I feel very thankfull for your hard work and dedication to the fandom.

    What you said about the way the Joseon Dynasty thought about and dealt with the artists in their time means a lot.
    I always love history because always explains a lot about what happens to us (a country, people, society) nowadays. It’s very interesting to know about this facts, to understand how SM and other companies think and how korean people (some) think. It’s a cultural matter and it’s hard to change this, but I think that, you korean and us international fans are in the right way to do so.

    JYJ are making history trough their actions, for fighting for their rights they are building a better future to the new generation of artists in Korea. Some day in the future, they will all be gratefull for what our boys are doing now.

    Thank you!

    Love from Brazil

    • Yes, this is the right note for Jimmie.
      Many will sense there is a part of sadness in our heart and yet there is also a big ‘thank you’ in our heart too. Glad to know that you come along with all your contributions over these months and will be visiting JYJ fandom site too.
      Jimmie, having you on the same globe make a great difference .Best wishes to you on your post in Geneva.

  30. AWW T.T
    Jimmie You will be missed.
    I hope you do pop in from time to time.
    You have contributed so much to this fandom.
    Thank You very much.
    You are undoubtedly one of the best things that has happened to this fandom
    Love You Jimmie and we’ll miss you.

  31. Merci beaucoup Jimmie pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour JYJ, vos articles étaient toujours très instructifs, pertinents, bien écrits et incitant à la réflexion. Je vous souhaite le meilleur dans votre vie professionnelle et personnelle, profitez de Genève !
    Vous allez nous manquer mais, heureusement, ce n’est qu’un aurevoir et pas un adieu.. ^^

  32. I knew this day would come after reading about your future (well, now current 🙂 ) work in Switzerland.

    Don’t want to sound too somber, but your absence will not pass unnoticed and many fans will miss you. I’ve always enjoyed your posts back from the SYC days and I remember the excitement I felt when learning you would be helping out at The JYJ Files.

    Thank you so much for your time and efforts at keeping us, intl’ fans, informed on what’s going on in S.Korea, as well as sharing very insightful articles of your own and other people concerning JYJ’s difficult situation.
    I’m sincerely grateful for your priceless input and hope to see you around^^

    Wishing you all the best!

  33. Dear Jimmie

    I cant lie and say i wont miss you coz i will surely miss you a lot. Like you, i stumble into JYJ after watching SKKS and very mad at Viki for the license problem, as i thought that will be the last of SKKS for me. But then it turn out to be blessing in disguised . I learn about soompii and from there i jump into all the blog that has JYJ in it

    And thanks very much to you, i learnt a lot about JYJ-SM. I must say that as non speaking English citizen, i struggle a lot to understand the law suit, but thanks to you, i think my knowledge really improved.

    Please dont forget about us, JYJ fans. No matter how busy you are, i hope we will always be there in the little corner of your heart. Pen us a few line when ever you are free, ok. Good luck with your new life and may God bless you always

  34. First of all Congrats Jimmie!

    Like so many others,it is through your intelligent post in SYC I came to know thejyjfiles. It is refreshing to read your writing from the point of view of a professional. Detached from emotional fandom galore and have the facts and laws to back it up. You as a new fan, has done what any of longtime fans could ever wish for. Help the boys on national level.

    Thank you for educating us ifans, thank you for giving us ifans a voice, thank you for all your hardwork at thejyjfiles and thank you for enormous help for JYJ.

    I hope you have a great new life in Geneva and do come visit us in thejyjfiles and jyj3! Best of luck!

  35. @Jimmie
    I never really got to know you. I’m new here but I see that many of the others who come here respect you a lot and that you have been an immeasurable help in understanding the JYJ-SM lawsuit. I hope you the best in this new chapter in your life and to always keep JYJ in your heart, especially in the face of dumb naysayers.

    “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.” I hope you the best on the road to your own truth, your new beginning.

  36. Very thank you to you Jimmie for all thing you have done for JYJ’s fan. Wish you have a good time in your life and your job. Pls don’t leave it for long we will wait to hear from you when you want to rest…Good luck ^^

  37. Hi Jimmie,
    I’m really gonna miss you (read: your articles). But I’m sure you’re going to drop by whenever you can ^^
    Thank you for all you have done to us, ifans, and I pray that God will look after you in Geneva. Good luck on your new endeavor.

  38. Jimmie – We can never think you enough for what you have done for JYJ and for this fandom. Whether you know it or not, but I really do think you took us to a whole new level. Thank you^_____________^

    I hope you will not completely disappear from us! I’ll be looking forward to see you from here and there! Wishing you the best of luck on whatever you take on life!

  39. Jimmie,,thank you very much…..i have known you firstly at SYC,
    i think you are a wonderful writer and thinker…
    we grateful a lot to your efforts in JYJ fandom.
    please,,don`t forget us..
    good luck in Geneva ^^

  40. I’m seriously going to miss your writings Jimmie. Good luck in all your endeavours and Thank You for all your efforts within the fandom.

  41. Jimmy, I recalled that my 1st read of your command in SYC was very impressive to me…my response was..like…wow what an intelligent response and I guess at the time you were not that extent in this fandom but your wise word/thought were shared and I start looking for your words and I enjoyed reading them. For sure, your enlightened participation is one of reasons keeping me up in the JYJ fandom.
    Congratulation to your new exciting career in Switzerland and thanks to all your hard works done for JYJ and JYJ fans in this past three months and please dont’ forget us and drop by sometimes with your analytical words and constructive advice whenever you can. Take care and good luck on your new beginning.

  42. Jimmie, congratulations on your expanding career, I know you’ll get wherever it is you are going in life with the same grace, intelligence, strength & dedication you brought to thejyjfiles. Thank you so much for everything you have done, & for everything you have taught us all – your work is more appreciated than I could possibly say. I won’t say goodbye, after all, you’ve already visited us at jyj3 – & I especially enjoyed your comments on Chunnie! 😉 I hope to see you there again often. Enjoy Switzerland, & the chocolates!, be happy & be well. I love you.

  43. Dear Jimmie,

    Thanks for your wonderful articles and the initiative you took in helping people like me make sense of the chaotic legal battle and its implications for Korean artists. More than that, for being so pro-active with all the campaigns and petitions you led in such a short span of time. Best of luck with your life and career and hope you come back in the future. Waiting with mixed feelings for part 2 😦 Part 1 was just brilliant!

  44. Hi Jimmie,

    Thank you for being a JYJ fan. Having a fan with your caliber only shows what kind of individuals, as persons and as an artists , Jae / Chun / Su are, because they got you!
    Since from SYC time, so many of us are looking forward for your comments/updates. Just like JYJ, you had gained new fans but unfortunately you had also a share of antis, and I’m sure both your fans and your antis (mostly lunatics) will be missing you.

    I won’t say goodbye (it’s a sad word), please keep in touch if opportunity permits.

  45. Salut Jimmie,
    Je suis française et j’ai eu par rapport à JYJ exactement le même parcours que toi : ep.01 de SKKS > WOW mais qui est Park Yoochun? (même si moi, je préférais le personnage de Yoo Ah In, Moon Jae Shin, ahah, j’en suis pourtant arrivée à la même conclusion que toi: Park Yoochun est un excellent acteur) > JYJ > découverte de tout l’historique/procès ect.. Tout ça m’a profondément choquée (comment peut-on traiter ses artistes de cette façon?) et en même temps, bouleversée à cause du gigantesque mouvement de solidarité mondial qui a émergé pour soutenir 3 artistes dans leur combat contre un géant.
    Je souhaite sincèrement pour eux, les fans et SURTOUT pour la Corée toute entière qu’ils gagnent ce procès.
    C’est pourquoi je tenais à te remercier du fond du coeur de ton engagement.
    Vraiment, merci pour tout !
    Bonne chance Jimmie et à bientôt si tu le peux ^^

  46. Dear Jimmie,
    We will miss you a lot and never forget you and everything you’ve done for our fandom.
    I wish you best luck and success in your job and hope that we will see you active again in this fandom soon…

    Love you… ♥

    • After writing this comment, I suddenly miss you so much, to the point that I have to cry… Did you know besides JYJ, we also love you so much… Please comeback to us – to our family when it’s the right time for you…

  47. Wow I totally understand now. Basically the mentality has been brought down from generation to generation…wow what a beautiful read. Man I will miss you Jimmie. Thank you for the movie recommendation. I’m about to watch it now, to understand the mindset.

  48. Jimmie,

    I have realised I come to read this post rather late, so my apologies.
    But you are a person with incredible credentials and seems to me, well on her way to be a global leader. It is very impressive how you took interest in and lead this fandom… it is very bittersweet that you now are working in Geneva, but imo, the world needs people like you to help solve its problems, therefore I am very glad for you and that the new workplace has you.

    That said, I will still look forward to (if you have time) visits and writings you give to this fandom 🙂

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