Yunho and Changmin Switch Their Stance on JYJ

Editor’s note: We deliberated on whether to post this article and our decision was not an easy one. The JYJ Files wanted to ignore “the other side” and felt there were many things best left sorted out in the courtroom. However, it was very disheartening that after the cosmetics business accusation against JYJ was proven invalid by the court, instead of just letting it go and leaving JYJ alone outside of the courtroom, there are still actions taken to publicly malign JYJ. As we all know, JYJ stand on disadvantageous grounds for they cannot even appear on television to defend themselves. We wish the other side would leave JYJ alone and instead, focus on building their new brand image. Instead, new accusations against JYJ’s characters were flung. With KDG, even though we were disappointed with Yunho’s answer, The JYJ Files have endured it for such a question from the host might be expected for that show. But with Changmin’s recent answers on Chosun Ilbo (the largest newspaper in South Korea), we realized that these defamation tactics will not cease and JYJ will not be left alone. As fans of JYJ, we are stepping up to the plate to present facts that showcase the situation as it stands. In doing so, we hope that people become aware of the reality of the situation and will accept the responsibility to guard against further slandering of JYJ’s names.

In the end, we presented the facts and our readers have a right to know the facts. We did not want to create controversy, but to refrain from posting what Changmin said in his interview with Korea’s largest newspaper and what Yunho said in one of the most popular programs in Korea, out of our desire to avoid controversy, would have been a disservice to our readers. These things are public and widely commented upon in Korea where people can read them on their doorsteps, but since the international fandom is once removed, we faced the temptation of censorship for the sake of peace. In the end, we stand by our decision to reveal the facts despite how uncomfortable they may be for some of our readers.

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Written by: Inklette of DNBN
Shared by: TheJYJFiles
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987 thoughts on “Yunho and Changmin Switch Their Stance on JYJ

  1. I wish they would never speak about JYJ again. JYJ have never spoken badly about them. They made their choice to stay with SM, they should let JYJ go. It’s not like they don’t have a choice. They do so they are not victims. I have had enough of them blabbering on and on about JYJ. JYJ have a life too. They can’t live and won’t live for SM or any other people but themselves and their family, maybe us fans are lucky to be part of it.
    JYJ have always treasured their friendship with Homin. Homin, if a part of you still remember the friendship you shared with JYJ, how about focus on your career and never speak of JYJ again if there’s nothing nice for you to say?

      • When I read this it sounds more like SM and less like HoMin. I don’t think these are words coming from their hearts and if it is that really splits cassies up and hurts our hearts.

      • @Tasha Yuuki-chan Cooper

        These are twenty-something men, they are not children, they are responsible for their own decisions and their own words, spoken in public. They understood what they were doing and they knew the implicit meaning of what they were saying. There is no conceivable way that they do not “really mean” what they say. They have made their choice, they have chosen to ally themselves with SM. So now, they are all about putting forth the SM Agenda, in all its evil machinations and low motives. Yes, it’s sad, it’s a shame but that is the reality.

      • That is so crude. Homin, I admit, said some… words about them, but they can talk about them, okay? They still treasure their friendship if you watch some other videos like TAXI. YOU should shut your mouth.

      • I dont understand what Homin did wrong.. Im a new fan and i have researched on all this but i dont find Homin saying anything bad about JYJ at all ! Must you be so harsh on them ?

      • Come on guys, be wise for every single news, everything Homin say or did is always wrong, JYJ and TVXQ (Homin) have their decisions just let it go…they will never come back again, so just close the book, and watch their drama, variety show, etc or just listen their music…Done..CASE CLOSED!!

    • you know what? this just makes me love JYJ even more! I mean, HoMin are saying these things..yet, JYJ never say anything bad about HoMin! Gosh…. They have such beautiful hearts….no matter how people try to bring JYJ down, JYJ will always win because they have good hearts….

      Plus, they have us, great JYJ fans, behind them! Ready to back them up anytime!

      JYJ fighting! JYJ fans fighting!

      • Please don’t separate and talk …the 5 of them will still treasure their friendship even if they can’t express it outwardly…all the cassies who knew them from the beginning can never take sides and will always wish for the 5 to come back together to where their happiness lie …because the 5 still will love and care about each other

      • I totally agree also. If you know anything about JYJ at all you know about their incredible sensitivity, gentleness and love for their fans. They have so much heart and they work so hard and give so much. What other way is there to respond in kind but to support them till the end?

    • MTE…
      They should just say, no comment or whatever along those lines if they still have some respect left for the three since JYJ has never said anything against them eversince.

    • @jyjdancetime
      Totally agreed and well said. Let bygone be bygone, all this sour grape will only highlight what kind of a “heart ” both of u have! Why cant u just laughed at the question like Junsu did when he was asked whether the 5 of u will be reunited? Isnt it better to be like that rather than saying things that will only show your true color? JYJ Files, thanks so much. We, as a fan deserve to know the truth about JYJ, be it good or bad. JYJ fighthing!

    • So JYJ have the right to speak about HOMIN (twitter, interviews) and they can cry at Tokyo Dome and sing about HOMIN but HOMIN can’t say anything? So unfair, JYJ families can say awful things about HOMIN and their families (6.25 meeting) but Changmin and Yunho can’t say what they think? IF JYJ HAD always treasured their friendship with Homin then why THEY DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING WHEN FANS (blinded by the rumors invented in that meeting) bashed HOMIN, because they were called traitors, liars, their families suffered. Where were they? Oh I know, making concerts, dramas, dvds, cds, and tweets, such good friends they were.

      • Dear HoMin Hugger,

        Well, again it’s happened. You’ve mistakenly stumbled onto the JYJFiles, thinking to convince someone here of something. So yet again, we must regretfully inform you that we’re not buying what you’re selling. Please go sell Crazy somewhere else.

        Best wishes consoling YH&CM. They need your every attention now.


      • In interviews, JYJ only spoke kindly of HoMin. The Twitter incident, I agree, was poorly executed.

        Please revsit the 625 meeting transcripts and note where HoMin were bashed because you won’t find it.

        And your last point could also be asked of HoMin: Why didn’t they stop Forever and the HoTel girls?

      • I agree, it would be unfair if HoMin can’t talk about JYJ..

        However, when JYJ gave interviews they wished these 2 a great success and lived up to TVXQ legend, what did these 2 say about JYJ, talking down, assassinating JYJ everytime they had a chance in national TV and newspaper, with all the goose, no-right-from-wrong, slapping JYJ’s heads statements.

        Junsu’s tweet was an emotional cry of disappointment, HoMin’s freinds’ tweets were downright bashing Junsu with HoMin taking a picture supporting their actions the next day, and saying sorry for those friends who got criticized by professors, journalists, fans.

        JYJ cried while singing ‘W-we will be together again…’ to HoMin and fans, HoMin sang ‘Keep Your Head Down’ while gesturing a suppressing act and a 3vs2 fingers.

        JYJ’s families asked fans to support both JYJ and HoMin in the 625 meeting, did HoMin’s families do the same on 623 or asked fans to spread rumours instead.

        If HoMin treasure their friendship with JYJ, why don’t they wish JYJ’s success in their activities and stop ‘Forever and HoTel girls’ to spread lies and rumours. Oh I know, they are busy filming dramas, modeling, shooting MVs, recording music for OSTs and their album, attending SM town and MBC concerts, appearing on music programs and variety shows, etc.

        Such good friends they were!

      • This is really biased to Jyj. Not planning on convincing anyone since this is apparently JYJ files.. Just stating my thoughts. I support DBSK as 5 and i love both groups. I still dont see how Homin is actually in the wrong about saying anything about JYJ. Their friends supported them during the tweet Junsu made because they knew what the two had gone through at that time.

      • Please don’t separate and talk …the 5 of them will still treasure their friendship even if they can’t express it outwardly…all the cassies who knew them from the beginning can never take sides and will always wish for the 5 to come back together to where their happiness lie …because the 5 still will love and care about each other

      • Yeah,I agree with you…Why JYJ didn’t mention anything about HoMin on variety shows instead of keep quiet??HoMin just expressing what they felt.They were shocked about the lawsuit news..HoMin really felt sad and just honest to their feelings.I am sure that both HoMin and JYJ wished for each other success.

    • @coffee craze:

      “However, when JYJ gave interviews they wished these 2 a great success and lived up to TVXQ legend”…
      For me, the actions speak louder than the words. Junsu’s father, JJ’s sister said “support 5 but please say things like “why HOMIN aren’t leaving SM with JYJ? It will look better for us”, …OH so they wanted to LOOK GOOD, that was important to them, LOOK GOOD, even if they have to use the others.

      “Junsu’s tweet was an emotional cry of disappointment”
      So you don’t think he is bashing HOMIN at all?Again, he seems to be like his father, doing bad actions and using POOR excuses. Poor Junsu.

      “JYJ cried while singing ‘W-we will be together again…’ to HoMin and fans, HoMin sang ‘Keep Your Head Down’ while gesturing a suppressing act and a 3vs2 fingers”.
      Maybe he felt regret because the 6.25 meeting, that’s why he cried, JJ also cried when they received the award. The finger thing it’s Sign language, do some research please but even if they did it (not the case but anyways) they are not lying. Another thing, JYJ didn’t write W, HOMIN didn’t do the dance for KYHD or the lyrics, but JYJ fans are saying that the song is describing JYJ, when they heard it, they thought it was for JYJ, (if the shoe fits, wear it). They didn’t say, “oh HOMIN is lying”, no, they said “they are singing about JYJ”. Poor fans.

      “JYJ’s families asked fans to support both JYJ and HoMin in the 625 meeting, did HoMin’s families do the same on 623 or asked fans to spread rumours instead.”

      Well like I said, I haven’t find it, if you find it, please show me that meeting, meanwhile you can’t say if they asked or not to spread rumors besides I barely read ugly things about JYJ, all the ugly things I read in english and spanish were for HOMIN. Remember, they said “Support 5” just for their own convenience, the objective of that meeting was to clean JYJ reputation (of course they used the same excuse that you said,the 6.23 meeting), they can’t said “just support the 3, No, it won’t help JYJ to look BETTER. Fans have to do it wisely. Did you remember it now?

      “If HoMin treasure their friendship with JYJ, why don’t they wish JYJ’s success in their activities and stop ‘Forever and HoTel girls’ to spread lies and rumours. Oh I know, they are busy filming dramas, modeling, shooting MVs, recording music for OSTs and their album, attending SM town and MBC concerts, appearing on music programs and variety shows, etc.”

      You copied me, it’s OK, like I said to Greenie, HOMIN didn’t hold a meeting or asked their parents to do that, and didn’t ask fans to spread rumors, about Forever, that post was after the 6.25 meeting, so they didn’t ask that, HOMIN can’t take responsability for others acts but theirs. JYJ and their families asked fans to spread “info” so they had the obligation to stop it when all the exagerations started. Until now those rumors still circulate today on internet.

      Hope you can see things better, If you can’t it’s ok, everybody has their own moral principles.
      Have a nice day and Thank you for your polite reply, you didn’t insult me like other people.
      PS: Sorry for my english.

      • Another thing, JYJ didn’t write W, HOMIN didn’t do the dance for KYHD or the lyrics….
        how about nine and fallen leveas, that the real JYJ fealing.
        and in every JYJ interview they never bashing homin if they asked about them , way homin always includin they self in situation SM and JYJ?
        For you to live your live.

      • @Sofly –
        Sofly, HOMIN doesn’t have to “hold a meeting.” They have every possible Korean media outlet at their disposal. They are snugly perched under the poisonous umbrella of SM and their S. Korean co-conspirators in the media. They are, as we say here in the US, PHAT with mass communications options. But here’s the difference: HOMIN and their parents are toeing the SM party line at all times. They are woefully transparent in this. I (and only I; it’s just amazing–I can speak for no one else here. Maybe I’m the only observant one! Yikes! It’s me against the World!)
        I … will continue to do my part to expose the propaganda campaign SM is waging via their salaried employees, the oh so (not) helpful HOMIN parents and the now in contempt of court media outlets to utterly silence and destroy the careers and futures of the members of JYJ. Their great crime? Wanting, no insisting on being paid what they rightfully and honestly had earned and, when that showed itself to be impossible after repeated attempts, wanting to end their association with SM.

      • Wow what bullshit is this? Junsu father asked them to consider both sides because SM had already spread malicious rumours about JYJ. He said, if you are questioning JYJ why nor Homin and I don’t see anything wrong in that. As opposed to the venom spewed by Homin in letters as given above as well as the disgusting attempt by Yunho’s father of Tohoshinki history or whatever bullshit was that. Personally, Yunho’s father should be spit upon because of his disgusting actions but Jaejoong is so forgiving that he actually talked with that psycho. Time is again proving that JYJ are the only nice people from all this spectacle.

    • @yhen13:

      “I’m gonna ask, why do you think majority of korean fans supports the trio?”

      Please, do not ask me that, I don’t know if majority of korean fans supports the trio, but it is irrelevant, your question is out of place.

      it’s as if I asked you ¿why do you think majority of german population supported the WWII (in a pasive way or active way)?
      Even if that is the case that doesn’t mean they were right.
      That doesn’t prove anything, majority are not always right.

      I do not understand your point.

      Take care.

      • Well, the fact that they’re koreans, and that the meeting that you insists that ‘bash’ HM is not believed by most koreans to be what you believed and insisted to be.

        It’s so simple that why you had to include WWII, i don’t know, though i love history.

      • LOL!! Are you comparing Nazi era Germany to the JYJ/TVXQ lawsuit. You are ridiculous.

      • LOL! @Mia, totally agreeing with you. That was a terrible comparison on Softly’s side, but you know what? He/She has her/his own opinion, and if she/he sides with HoMin, then fine. Let it be. I guess we’ll see who comes out on top after justice is served, no matter how many years that will take. If it’s HoMin that was right, then fine. If it’s JYJ that was right, then fine. Let it be. Obviously they don’t want to be together anymore, so fine. Let them be. JYJ & HoMin are humans as well. They will never be on top again, neither of them, so let’s just let it go and support both of them as much as we can. I think we can all agree that HoMin or JYJ alone, will never make it as high as they were, ever again. So let’s cherish our memories of that peek. Call me delusional, but I don’t care. 🙂

      • @PaHoua Vang
        “They will never be on top again, neither of them, so let’s just let it go and support both of them as much as we can. I think we can all agree that HoMin or JYJ alone, will never make it as high as they were, ever again.

        I agree with you up to a point. But I say, we will never know what JYJ is truly capable of until SM and AVEX stop all the blocking of their activities in the media and in concert venues, etc etc etc. Perhaps you know some of what they have done to impede JYJ’s career progress over the last year but I bet you don’t know all of it. It’s pretty sickening. I wish I could direct you to the topic on JYJ3 where their year’s worth of underhanded activities was cataloged, but I didn’t save it. I’ll ask and re-post it below if I can find it.

        The point is that JYJ may very well eclipse their earlier efforts as DBSK — we’ll never know until they can compete fairly on an even playing field. The fact that SM and AVEX don’t want this to happen means they must “know something” about the talents and capabilities of Homin and that’s why they can not allow a fair competition.

        Personally I don’t have any reason whatsoever to “support Homin.” I disapprove of what they did, I think they’ve acted badly and I do not think much of their musical abilities. No one who “listens with their ears instead of their eyes” can possibly think that these two are worthy bearers of the DBSK legacy. They are riding on the last traces of the hypnotic trance that SM Entertainment has had the Cassie faithful in for the last 7 years in order to sell product and grow richer. SM doesn’t care about Homin – they care about continuing to exploit the name DBSK/TVXQ until they have squeezed the last won out of it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is indeed still asleep and dreaming.

    • Hope 5 of them remember what they have been through for past 7 years. Everytime i watvh thier video, not only thier perforamance or MV, i feel warm becasue 5 of them staying together. Nothing beautiful than a true friendship.

      • i think i went to the wrong site but im just uncomfortable leaving this site without commenting. im still supporting both even if theyre now separated. its a bit saddening that even fans are fighting over this. i hope u guys dont need to fight or bash jyj and homin. they chose their own path and we should just respect them. i dont get why we have to know whose on the right and wrong side. so what if u learned which one is wrong and right, are u gonna change and stop supporting who’s on the wrong side and ditch your idol group? youre no fan at all. you dont even love them. love is unconditional, if u think they chose the wrong path, if u really love them u’ll just support them and be with them until they learned the right path. please be mature enough. im sorry maybe this comment doesnt belong here. i respect your fandom though.

      • @tVxq DB5K TOHO5HINKI
        ” im still supporting both even if theyre now separated. its a bit saddening that even fans are fighting over this. i hope u guys dont need to fight or bash jyj and homin.”

        I enjoyed reading your comment; I agreed. The fanwars and fighting were never necessary and accomplished nothing but a lot of hurt feelings. I think they are largely over at this point. (If you’ll notice, most of the comments here on this thread are months and months old.) Beyond everything else, there’s just no REASON to continue to fight on about who said what and who was right or wrong, like you said. It’s not going to change anything. There are 2 groups now, they are committed to following their own paths and the past is the past. I guess if people still really want to argue and be unhappy they can, but why? What will it change??

        Anyway, everyone is completely free to like who they like, listen to whom the want to listen and hopefully we’ll all be back to a happier time soon.

    • “JYJ have never spoken badly about them”, um… I don’t think JYJ really has the opportunity to speak ill or well about them. They aren’t on shows, where people ask them hard questions and they have to answer. They can post whatever they want on their twitter accounts and etc, without people questioning them live on television.

      Homin was just answering the question and expressing their opinion.

      There is nothing negative about what they said, the post highlighted yunho’s “swept up in the atmosphere” referring to success at a young age then he says his heart hurts because of the situation. That is nothing unreasonable, TVXQ did have success at an early age, and the atmosphere created from success is nothing anyone of us can truly understand unless we ourselves were idol stars who were equally successful at a young age. So nothing was really conveyed in his statement other than his heart hurts from the situation, which is a pain everyone can understand. A group who has worked so many years together and are so close splitting is a situation that most people can relate to. Like a close group of friends splitting. Actually my own friendship circle is going through this situation, and it is very hard because people aren’t talking to each other and it is confusing and all I wished was for our group to stay together. But things sometimes don’t work out that way in life.

      Changmin also did not say anything negative, the post highlighted “I see it as needing the ability to discern right from wrong and the ability to make good judgement” and young idol singers “face many temptations”. The “JYJ” was not stated and simply speculated by a translator. If changmin did not indicate his statement was about JYJ then why should fans speculate that it is. The temptations of success is a broad of range judgement that is made about every single idol in the whole entire world, it is not harsh in any sense. Furthermore, this statement shows what was important to changmin, “needing the ability to discern right from wrong and the ability to make good judgment”. He is doing what he thinks is best for him and at the same time I’m sure the JYJ members are doing what is best for themselves as well.

      I don’t understand why fans have to go about reading in between the lines and analyzing each and every statement any of the members are making. They have been a group that has been providing excellent music and entertainment since 2003. Now that they have decided to split, shouldn’t we simply respect their decisions and support them and wish them success in every way? Although they are not together now, the years they have spent together is real, their friendship is real. Although, it is not publicized as before, there is countless evidence of their past friendship. I don’t think fans should forget this. I can’t speak for the members but I doubt they have forgotten their friendship either. They are not enemies and as fans we should not make them out to be enemies. We should do our best to support them in any way possible and try to always present a positive attitude towards them and to the people they love.

      • @tina
        “I don’t understand why fans have to go about reading in between the lines and analyzing each and every statement any of the members are making. They have been a group that has been providing excellent music and entertainment since 2003. Now that they have decided to split, shouldn’t we simply respect their decisions and support them and wish them success in every way? ”

        Hi Tina,

        This is such an old thread and it’s been so long since we all posted our thoughts here.
        I’ve evolved in my opinions and understanding of where to go from here as have others who posted comments here. I think the most important thing to do now is to end the fanwars. We’ve all seen that they are pointless and only lead to hard feelings and then of course retaliation in endless succession. Nobody ever changes anyone’s mind about anything. While my assessment of SM’s involvement in wrongdoing has remain unchanged, I feel that the reality of the 2 distinct group’s existence and their well-being and happiness is what is important now. I have come to believe that the members of neither group wish each other ill. So in every way that I can, I would like to lend my support to ending the fanwars now. Both groups of young men have talent and are great at what they do. Both of them actually have rather different musical directions now.

        My hope is that all fans can simply like who they like and support who they want to without needing to harm the other side. Thanks for reading this.

    • i feel sorry for jyj and homin..I think Homin’s intentions are good but i think ,,…everyone has different perspectives..Its just like looking at a glass half empty and looking at a glass half full.. Im a 5DBSK fan, but i dont think , any of us fans, HAVE the rights to question either party. It happened between 5 of them. not us, fans..Plus, because we all love dbsk, Its common to have things exaggerated, so what we hear may not be 100% true and vice versa..If there were a betrayer/traitor in this case, i would dare to say that the betrayers are you, me and the rest of the cassiopeians..You cant always blame and hate one party just because something big happened..Some of you( majority) support JYJ and whats left either hate kpop or stands firm for HoMIn or just supports BOTH! Now thats what i call, a real fan..Taking sides is so lame..rather than taking sides, just love both. U are not the Main Victims of the situation, so you don rlly know much,..( you refers to me , you and cassiopeians.)..The day will come when dbsk reunites and thats when we will either find out the truth or maybe, it shall stay hidden forever..Love is unconditional and remember the 2008MKMF award? They won right? Werent you just one of the billion fans around the screaming: DBSK! HERO JAE JOONG, U KNOW YUNHO, MICKY YUCHUN, CHOIKANG CHANGMIN and XIAH JUNSU!! SARANGHAE!!! Life isnt always smooth.. it has its ups and downs. We cant expect YUNHO?CHANGMIN?YUCHUN?JAEJOONG?JUNSU to be perfect! No one is perfect except for God. Fans are so stereotypical about their idols: Oo…they must be perfect, ah…They dont smoke…wa…they can do just anything^^, etc..BULLSHIT…Come on,..they are humans, not demi gods! Give them a break…I know, (Dont bash me yet,,im not finished..), Fans love their idols thus fans defend their idol in any way possible. But dont u guys think the way we are defending them is wrong? I’m sure JYJ nor HoMin would want us to exchange bashings.. Instead, i bet, they would love us, fans to reunite and form the stronghold of TVXQ= Cassiopeia..Because for stars, fans are most important. Yes, we give them the strengths to perform in this industry but we also have to play our role as well. All im trying to say is.. There is no use bashing each other or trying to investigate what happened. When the time comes, All 5 of them will step forward as a Group again( DBSK5), and ease our pain..for time being, i just hope you fans out there, wont destroy the plan of their reunification.Remember, we are only the audiences, they are the victims. They didnt ask us to speak in their places. They didnt ask us to bash each other. They asked us to ‘ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH’, remember? they told us to stay united and wait for 5 of them remember? thats what FAITH is about.. trusting that certain someone and believing that they will keep up to their words. Thank you…

      • AHAHAHAHA! I <3<3<3 your standpoint on this! That's how I feel! We didn't live their lives, we don't know what's missing from the picture, so who are we to judge them? Just b/c we're fans we think we have the right to condemn one? I don't agree! As fans our job is to support and that is all, not to spread negativity about any of them! But when fans, take sides, that just shows that there's blame. But it's just sometimes we can't help it, my gut tells me to trust JYJ, so that's just who I feel most comfortable with right now. But I still love all of them no matter what. 🙂

    • hohoho.. so now, anti-tvxq were happy to see we argue on this members split… well, court have give choice.. jyj have choosen… tvxq just accept… since here, how cold they not say anything if they asked ’bout this matter???? they could not blame anyone, ‘cuz they still luv each other, they say differ in some program to prevent they hurt each other, so that answer for any question is the best and positive… yorobun, they keep smiling in front of us… but, you don’t see they crying inside and show only their back when they hurt badly, no matter its jyj or tvxq… they are only human too like us… they choose their own path, so let them be… if you like, just follow, not turn down anyone… everyone hurt by your writing… please, be open-minded even little bit… judge something positively and negatively reason… not only one sided… luckily, both succes with their comeback… cassies!!!! show me your love…. support them for music industry….

    • @yoomin
      “Homin, I admit, said some… words about them, but they can talk about them, okay? They still treasure their friendship if you watch some other videos like TAXI. ”

      So you’re actually taking what you’ve seen in old DBSK videos as the truth of their feelings in 2012?? My goodness. There really are NO lengths to which deluded OT5s will not go to stay asleep.

      Oh, and just as a p.s. – JYJ Files is a list composed largely of educated adult people who do not use such language as “Shut your mouth” in lieu of making any sort of reasonable argument.

  2. >.>…that’s an even worse attack than it was before with the cosmetics business.
    Oh homin, you continue to disappoint me.
    this quote comes to mind: “Show me your friends and I show you who you are.”
    If JYJ have such “weak moral character”, then how does that make you look for having been so close to them for so long? See how stupid this whole thing looks?
    This is getting ridiculous, JYJ, having gone through all this crap have shown that they are STRONG mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
    This is so low homin, you should be ashamed.

    • “show me your friends and i show you who you are”

      i completely agree with this. let see…how many friends changmin has ? hmmm…i know that he prefer to drink alone, not much chance to make friends. and his friends were always be his dongsaeng, or his old school friends…so what can u tell about changmin ? hmmm….
      and yh, he’s practically the same. despite his status as a leader, he tens to spend time with old friends, not much have new friends.

      so let’s move to our social butterfly. he has so many friends and all of them are respectful persons. CEO, top artists, professional, etc…etc..and what they say about him ? the best personality they have ever known. what does he do now ? planning for jyj concert by himself. what are homin doing now ? become sm’s puppet, do whatever they are told to do.
      junsu and chunnie were also known to be humble and down to earth to every person who just met them.

      yeah, i know exactly who jyj are and i know exactly who homin are. i’m sorry, i may sound a bit rude, but those people are desperately trying their last effort to taint jyj’s image, especially homin which i found it humiliating, knowing that they’ve been friends for 8 years, yet still act like stranger who don’t know them at all.

      i prefer not to have them together again. what for ? i prefer jyj to have their own peace with their own way, even it has to get rid of homin and sm out of their life.

      • je suis d’accord , j’avoue être vraiment déçus par leur comportement on peut très bien être amis sans pour autant être du même avis sur certaine chose, on ne me fera pas croire qu’ils n’ on jamais discuter en eux du problème de la SM , je ne comprend pas que l’on puisse jeter aux oubliette une si grande amitié ou alors c’est qu’elle était factice pour certains, ou le niveau social n’était peut être pas assez élever aussi aller savoir.Après tous ses toujours quand tes dans les problèmes que tu voie tes vrai amis. JYJ a eu le courage de révéler tous haut ce qui devait ce dire tous bas, ce n’est pas seulement pour eux mais aussi pour les futurs chanteur qui arrive. Comment ce fait t-il que parce qu’ils ont le courage de leur opinions et de se battre contre une immense société on les rejettes comme si de rien n’était, de la télévision et de la radio sans que cela ne choc les personnes travaillant pour le show biz ? parce qu’ils se battent pour une injustice, on les à bernés il est normal qu’ils demandent réparation pour le préjudice en quoi est-ce mal? quoi! parce que c’est là SM ? et alors! parce que c’est la plus grande boite a faire de chanteurs en Corée ? et alors! c’est pas parce qu’on est grand et tout puissant qu’on est Parfait. cela montre combien le monde de la télé et de la radio coréenne est hypocrite elles aussi . si tu te fait avoir par la SM sans rien dire tu passe à la télé si tu en parle tu disparait des ondes radio téléviser . et bien je leur tire mon chapeau a JYJ pour leur courage et leur volonté de ce battre pour ce qui leur est juste. ils veulent chanter et faire plaisir à leur fans autant qu’ils le peuvent.Qu’on les laisses en paix et faire ce qu’ils font extrêmement bien chanter et avec un peu de chance à la télé

      • @cecile je leur tire mon chapeau a JYJ pour leur courage et leur volonté de ce battre pour ce qui leur est juste.
        Moi aussi. (Je comprendes francais, mais je ne parle pas bien. ^^)

    • I dont know the details. I’m a new fan. but i love Homin alot. I dont see why you guys are so against them.. I like Homin but i dont hate Jyj. Why cant you guys see that Homin were also sad about the breakup? why cant you think from their point of view instead of just Jyj’s ? Maybe someone can explain to me why Homin is getting bashed so badly. Cos i dont see why even after reading all this. Jyj arent the only ones that are mentally strong and all. Homin went through alot too. they used to be 5, we used to be cassiopeias who supported all 5 of them. Why is this happening now ? I find this way too harsh on homin..

  3. Don’t know why, Just have the feeling that SM now is using HoMin against JYJ, they are now playing some kinds of conspiracy to distort “JYJ’s Image” when not having solid evidence to win ……!!!! What a “low… plot ……”””””…….JYJ fighting ………. the justice exits in this planet……!!!

    • If this is their strategic, I doubt the impact, it turns out more fans are pushed away by Homin’s own words. To me, they are now more ugly than ever

      • But @JLYM is right. That’s exactly what HoMin are: SME’s weapon. That doesn’t excuse what they are doing, but to ignore SME’s part in this is also foolish. HoMin’s statements show us SME’s strategy.

      • yes, because they are the men that why they should know their words like that will hurt JYJ, their old close friend for long in a hard time , but they keep doing that more wose then the kids…

    • @JYLM

      This saddens me, but it does not surprise me.

      What I think all of us should keep in mind…EVERYTIME JYJ prepares to have something significant happen in their career, SME slides something out to distract from it. It happened when they were ready to launch the new album, the injunction. It happened just before the Seoul Concert, the announcement about the new AVEX arrangement. And now…the Thailand concert, the start of the next successful phase in their career. Not to mention the shenanigans whenever there is a scheduled court hearing.

      This is another attempt to keep public attention off of the good positive things happening in JYJ’s career. Let’s also not forget Yoochun’s beginning work on his new drama, while Yunho’s is on hold…maybe to never see the light of day?

      If Yunho and Changmin don’t mind having their careers flush down the toilet, why should we? This is a very pitiful way to conduct their own careers when it is obvious to everyone else, JYJ has never engaged in this kind of personal character assassination. They are grown men, and to allow themselves to be used in this manner, only shows just how weak their own characters are.

      Far from demeaning the character of JYJ, they are raising it. By the mere fact that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are going on with their lives, and conducting them in a manner that garners praise and support from those who come in contact with them; JYJ is engaging in the process of growing up and being successful. This is a far cry from behaving like bratty little kids who are throwing temper tantrums. The contrast is STRIKING!

      So, to Yunho and Changmin I say this…if this is the best you can do to conduct your own careers, I feel sorry for you. I can’t hate you, just pity you. How sad you don’t see what you are doing to yourselves. Letting SME send you in this direction, is a sign you are not in complete control of your own careers.

      The more negative you become, the less likely you are to succeed. The reason good things are happening to your former friends, is because they have a focus in life. They are taking responsibility as grown men for their own actions and behaviors. You should both try this sometime and see how much better your lives will turn out.

      • @ButterfliesAre Free
        Agree on your comment…!! You”re awsome….:)
        I think I’m in process of becoming your new fan…..Seriously..!! Hope you don’t mind..:)
        @ Everyone who call themselves cassie but hated JYJ so much….please do not enter this site if only just to make a commotion. We’re JYJ Big Family…just love and adore peace in here. The choices are…either Be a good educated and polite guest in here…or just go to your own site…..PLEASEEEE !!!

      • My basic problem with giving YH&CM “equal time” is I just don’t see a real, lasting career happening for them. Honestly, I don’t see how it’s going to work. Will they get new members? Will they “play the old hits” in concert?? How will they do that without the ultra-distinctive voices of JJ, YC and JS singing the vast majority of the lead vocals? Those three defined the signature sound of TVXQ. About all YH&CM can do is continue starring in these lavish video productions and pretty much disappearing into the middle of over-produced recordings. Neither of them have a vocal quality that is unique or readily identifiable or ever-expanding songwriting skills, as each one of the members of JYJ does. This is why their decision to stay and pretend to be TVXQ is dumbfounding to me. The 2 of them should have handcuffed themselves to JYJ and done anything they had to do to stay with them! From a purely artistic standpoint, I just don’t see them as having a hope of lasting long on their own.

      • @Butteerfliesarefree

        “EVERYTIME JYJ prepares to have something significant happen in their career, SME slides something out to distract from it.”

        This to me is the key point to understanding what is going on here. Once you get this, you know many things. A journalist has also posted in this forum that this is a well-known tactic in P.R. So let’s be clear: this latest stunt by YH&CM is just a further cynical, orchestrated move by SM, in the last desperate hours of their crumbling dynasty.

        You CANNOT win, SM, with these transparent attempts at misdirection. We are out to catch you at it every time.

      • @Lilibaiyu

        To your first reply…this is one of the reasons I strongly believe HoMin is being used as a diversionary tactic by SME. No way can they embody the original sound of TVXQ, even with ‘subs’. It’s already been shown in the few attempts they’ve made, that has been an epic failure. And if SME tries to recompose the group with new members (although legally, that will be a very risky move), whatever truly caring TVXQ5 Cassies are left will probably knock each other over trying to get out the door.

        Giving them a ‘new’ sound? Well, so far, it makes them look and sound like they are angry at the world. No soul in their music. I would love to have been a fly on the wall to listen to how SME described the direction they were going to take them in.

        But again, their CHOICE, and choices have consequences. Sadly, they just don’t seem to get – working on your own career is more important than trying to trash those of your former friends. So, by agreeing to becoming ‘company spokesmen’, they are sealing their own fates.

      • @ButterfliesAreFree –

        “this is one of the reasons I strongly believe HoMin is being used as a diversionary tactic by SME.”

        Now, ~there’s~ a truly scary thought…. What if SM has only been using The 2 all of this time as one of the several weapons in their armory with no intentions of helping them continue to launch their own careers afterwards? [Please, people, don’t mistake me: this is merely a THEORY, not proveable fact! ] That kind of makes my blood run cold. Well, we shall see, I guess. The reason it makes sense to me though, is because of the somewhat limited musical abilities of ‘The 2’ going forward.
        THIS makes sense to me now.

        And also…. I hope I’m wrong. What a crushing blow the realization of that would be for YH&CM – that they were used to win a lawsuit.

    • I support both Homin and JYJ.. I love Dbsk as 5 so i dont see why you must all be so against Homin. Changmin can sing really well in my opinion :/ JYJ arent the only ones with talent ! Im not against JYJ. I am just trying to help Homin cos i think that this is as too harsh on them.

  4. Makes me suspect that they are all SoMEone’s mouthpiece & SoMEone’s pawn. If this is true… how sad to be controlled by SoMEone… even the parents are being dictated to. How sad.

  5. Huh? Weak moral characters???? If JYJ do have weakness in their moral characters, why they got acclamations and praises from many people who used to work with them.. Yo~ HM, does your heart full of jealousy??? Is that because of none of your drama is considered successful as them??? Is that because none of your fan did the massive ads to support you??? Tell me who’s the real loser here!!! I used to respect both you, but now fuck off!!!

    • why are you so harsh ? Do you know Homin ? have you ever spoken to them ? Have you ever heard them say I am jealous of JYJ ? Have you ? Stop assuming !

  6. Sigh~~~fancy seeing you here HoMin. Well what ever….Changmin’s comment on how Junsu is inhuman for his tweet and Yunho being busted lying about so many things pretty much makes me being ignorance towards them. They already a history in my life. They already gone in my heart. What ever comes from their mouth since then doesn’t matter anymore to me. They just another idol in everyday Kpop. Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. Once one accusation gets debunked, another one pops up. They’re putting down their former bandmates on public television. Please, they are not one to talk about other people’s “weak moral characters.”

  8. Hope jyj never read about SM anymore..*hurt.. Company could make useless reason to attack jyj.. N make their artist do what they want

    • If you read carefully, you’ll see that everything presented are the facts. Nothing is made up. If you disagree, please write your reasons.

    • What’s ‘low’ about it? I think it’s good to keep track of what Yunho and Changmin say because they keep changing their statements and contradicting themselves in the process.

      Also, these are statements they’ve given to the public (through interviews and press releases). It’s not like the translator took their words out of context.

    • lol. you should watch the sub version of that vid and see for yourself, and tell me who’s “low” in saying that.

      and if you’re following the case, you should now that those statements of HM and HM’s father were real. SME released it.

      • T_______T I cried when I saw the subbed video. T______T HoMin totally broke my heart through that interview. T_____T

    • @babyredocean But everything that was written there’s is true, and has its proof, the original sheet even have the signature of HM, I don’t like you trying to dictate jyjfiles. This was release by DNBN. Now, international n japan fans, please open your eyes.
      I guess, unlike Hotel, we didn’t need to spread some ugly rumor, HM did it by themselves

    • what has made thejyjfiles low then? Why did you expect from this site? Care to enlighten me? Show us just how “high” you are.

      These pieces of information are related to JYJ, so I think at least we as JYJ’s fans should know. We brace ourselves with facts so that we can defend JYJ when someone throws some baseless accusations at them. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    • HoMin are the biggest weapons SME has against JYJ. Their statements are the primary indicator of the direction of SME’s attacks. It’s good to keep track of the trends and see which way this is likely going to go.

      From the sound of it they are going from the boys are bad and just plain greedy, to them being misled and not knowing right from wrong. It’s a little softer in some ways, but it makes seem like JYJ don’t know what they are doing. Given the success the boys have been having lately, it makes me wonder what SME’s PR department has been smoking.

      • I agree with Eliza. SM is using HoMin for their attack against JYJ. Such a weak moral character. And if HoMin feel they have a value, HoMin should stance as neutral. HoMin should focus on their job, not SM’s.

      • @Puti Ramli Unfortunately, there is no neutral with SME. If you don’t actively work for the company, support all of their endeavours, then the company isn’t going to work for you. By staying with SME, HoMin knew they’d committed themselves to the company and it wouldn’t make sense for them to go halfway now. Supporting SME is their job.

      • Well said. I wonder how bad the terms can be when (young) celebrities signed contracts with management companies. We need fair treatment, fair business. Hope no companies earn money through exploitation.

    • @alljyjfamily just ignore babyredocean.. i’ve seen some of her comments at syc(a few times at jyj site) and i can tell that she doesn’t like jyj. so just ignore her
      *sorry for my bad english

      • T_____T I just can’t imagine having a single soul hate JYJ. T_____T They have beautiful hearts and beautiful talent!!!

      • I dont hate JYJ either, in fact im a new fan of DBSK.. But i dont see why you guys are so against HOmin.. I love homin so much.. and a lot of you guys say they have no talent and are nothing without JYJ but i think they are pretty aweome.. Of course DBSK as 5 would obviously be better but we were all cassiopeias… why must this happen ? I dont see how Yunho and changmins words in the show were in any way, insulting to JYJ … they were just saying what they felt at that time and what they thought wwas happening..

    • @babydorean, how low can it be when they are all facts? Did u also wrote the same thing when those two said such thing? After all its the crazy two who are destroying the image. I for one feel JYJ File is doing the right things for us, i-fans

      • omo lots of responses, but here is mine for all of them: i guess if you need a whole pasted together article to point things out instead of just reading plain translations or even just watching kdg yourself to draw conclusions, then yeah this might be useful for you. basic reading and listening skills are the requirements if you would rather think for yourself instead of being fed.

      • Sorry, but this is a response to babyredocean’s reply down below (March 27 2011 at 6:07 am)

        -Your reply is stupid.
        I suggest you to look at the WHOLE picture, at ALL the FACTS that were presented and only from there should you THINK and draw a conclusion. Looking at one piece of the puzzle and drawing the conclusion like you said = DUMB.

      • cont @ babyredocean:
        And that typical comeback of yours, “oh basic reading listening skills yadiyadiya are required in order to understand”, is so old and I assure you it will not offend anyone here.
        Instead, take that sarcasm and that rotten mouth of yours out of here.

      • @babyredocean

        just “plain translations” of KNG and for all the other instances have already be out and accessible for a while. Are you saying those “plain translations” are wrong? If so then correct them instead of merely insinuating the translations are inaccurate. But I personally have read multiple versions of KNG, parent’s letter, etc. that all confirm the negative substance and tone of HM’s words toward JYJ. This post just compiles different instances all together.

        Regardless, all of them reveal that Homin are publicly endorsing SM’s stance/attack on JYJ. So honestly, I don’t care whether they “truly” in their hearts of hearts “mean” or “believe” it. That’s irrelevant. Their actions demonstrate they actively and publicly support/fight for SM Ent NOT JYJ in the SM-JYJ battle. So of course JYJ fans want to track how SM’s stance toward JYJ changes through Homin–they are the most effective medium through which SM can slander JYJ in the court of public opinion. HM have made their choice of who to fight for and how, we’re making an observation they have done so.

        And your “response” is completely non-responsive and laughable. You have nothing to say in refutation so you string tgh random words to the gist of “you are all incapable of thought and are sheep but I can’t explain why I think any of you are wrong so I’ll just resort to /ad homs/ as red herring

        It’s fine if you don’t want to be confronted with (for you, uncomfortable) actual words from Homin you’d prefer not to hear. But if you’re not interested in reality and want to retain the delusion that HM have not taken sides then don’t go looking for contradictory info and don’t go provoking people armed with info that you want to ignore. Stay in the comfy cocoon of Homin and “peace” prioritizing OT5 sites where you’re only fed confirmatory info that’s not non-threatening to your preferences and stop wasting everyone’s time here on JYJ Files.

    • @babyredocean,
      Not as LOW as u n Precious..but well, no one expect anything from u low as we are, we know the truth. As low as u are, u are just like to eat shit-load of lies after lies by sme and the gang, just like yuhno and changmin eat their lies in all their interviews!!

  9. In my opinion, HoMin’s reasons do not contradict each other. It’s simply a different perspective. The first one is from a business and professional viewpoint, while the one expressed in KDG is just a more general explanation. If you think about it, the reasons can go together. JYJ could’ve gotten caught up in their success (like Yunho’s suggestion in KDG), hence they believed they could do things on their own without their company, hence the cosmetics business. Fits to me.

    • The post never said HoMin contradicted themselves: just that their official answer to why TVXQ separated has switched. First, they, their fathers, and SM Entertainment blamed everything on Crebeau. Once the cosmetics issue was dismissed by the court, HoMin and SM switched their stories about why the group–for all intents and purposes–disbanded. Since they can’t pin it on JYJ being involved with the cosmetics business, they decided to smear JYJ’s characters instead and implied on national television that JYJ lack morals.

      • Watch KDG again. It’s clear Yunho had no malicious or hostile intent when he made his suggestion as to why he thinks turned out the way they did. Getting caught up in your success is common and Yunho never put them down for it. You guys are just overly paranoid or looking for a way to turn more people against HoMin when this was really unnecessary and low.

        Oh, and maybe it seems like they’re “switched”, but like I told you they can be the same thing but just expressed according to the situation. In their official statements, it’s a little too vague and informal to say they think it is because JYJ got caught up in it all. In KDG, being so specific with the cosmetics business would’ve surely caused controversy and tension, so Yunho explained it in a more general way.

        theJYJfiles, whatever happened to being the better fandom? To just ignoring the other side and focusing on only supporting JYJ. This doesn’t look like any form of support to me. It looks like your trying to cause more trouble and turn people against HoMin even more. Well, it’s working so I hope you’re happy.

      • I’ll give JYJfiles admins credit for not deleting your comment. In some other sites that I shall not mention, I had good counter arguments but they were deleted or never allowed through.

        It is your opinion that Yunho never put them down for it. Perhaps your bias clouds your judgement just as our bias clouds ours. There is a case to be made for both interpretations. However, the article above makes no judgment on HoMin: it merely states the fact that they switched their stance–their official answer–as to why JYJ sued SM. It’s interesting that out of all the good reasons HoMin could have mentioned for why JYJ left, the answers HoMin gave were all either possibly ambiguous and misleading or cast JYJ in a negative light.

      • To Allison87:

        I am trying to see how your logic works, please enlighten me…

        “Getting caught up in your success is common and Yunho never put them down for it.”

        How is saying JYJ filed the lawsuit because they got “caught up in their success” not putting JYJ down. One doesn’t have to swear or say really nasty words in order to put another down.

        And if according to you, Homin’s stance has not switched, then aren’t you saying that Homin are still standing by their accusation that JYJ left out of greed/because of the cosmetic business?? Is that what you are saying? If Homin are standing by their earlier, DEBUNKED accusation, then please explain to me how the hell are they not being malicious, hostile and putting down JYJ?

      • @Allison87
        It’s clear Yunho had no malicious or hostile intent when he made his suggestion as to why he thinks turned out the way they did.
        So why did he make those statements in the first place? Since he’s incognizant of the lawsuit, what he has to say are mere speculations.

    • Many celebs make investments using their own money which really has nothing to do with believing they could do things on their own without their company. It is what it is, an investment.

      • Precisely. Anyway, the logic of believing that they could do things on their own is being caught up with your own success at a young age doesn’t convince me. Why can’t they do things on their own? It’s just a management company, would they have to consult the company regarding their own private matters no matter how trivial? On the other hand, they have proved that they are capable to doing things on their own.

    • hence they believed they could do things on their own without their company, hence the cosmetics business
      This is not the case with JYJ though. The cosmetics business was an investment on JYJ’s part and such investments are not uncommon among Korean celebrities. It’s not because they thought they could do things on their own.

    • lol…some people just wanna try to find attention. you don’t even know the difference between “caught up in their success” and “exploring what they can do more”. if you’re an employee, and you know your capability, yet your boss didn’t give u chance to grow, he even takes advantage of everything you did, what would you do ? sitting on your cubicle, waiting for some miracle that would struck your boss so he can finally be fair and give you more opportunity to prove yourself ? if you want to know there are other things you can do, why not try to do it ? but your lovely leader, his goose expert and sm insist that it’s greedy and drunk of success that make them do it. think carefully.

    • ‘Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.’
      I hpe this enlightens you a bit.

    • Allison 87; each person has the right to have his/her own opinion. If you don’t like the comments posted in JYJ Files, ¿What are you doing here? We are serious people who know the facts. We aren’t crazy mindless fans, we are thinking persons. We don’t like gossip nor lies. And we certainly don’t like morally weak characters.

    • Either way, I don’t understand why JYJ would be caught up in “weak morals” when HoMin “are not”. They lived the same way, were paid the same way, were successful at around the same age(changmin even being the youngest) so how could the reason for JYJ leaving the company be justified as having weak morals because of success at an early age? They were all in the same boat. If they are considered to have “weak morals”, then HoMin have “weak morals”, too.

  10. when i see that in youtube its my turning point to stop support them,
    i feel they like a child who blame everything on JYJ,
    please grow up boys what kind of brothers are you ?
    when jyj win the law suit *it will we just have ti wait till the time comes*
    i wonder what will homin say ? or will they still can say anything because being an idol its not about sell album, dance and act, its about become role model for your fans.
    and thats the different between TVXQ and JYJ, JYJ its not just an idol to me JYJ its my role model and i want to be like them, have the courage to chase dream eventhough must suffer and break the comfort zone.

    • At youtube, some of people’s comments were: “Homin were almost crying; they looked very touched, they’re telling the truth”. Of course they were almost crying. They were telling lies about JYJ on purpose to make SME look good. Their consciences betrayed them.

      • Lol did they say that ? Please give me evidence that they were telling lies ^^ Unless of course you were just assuming 🙂

  11. i agree with almost every comment on this page, this is low even for Homin, after reading such prideful comments about JYJ their great work ethic and happy-go-lucky personalities from Shane Yoon and just about anybody else (that speaks english cuz i can only read that 🙂 ) that worked with them on their recent English album i cannot accept that they have “weak moral character.” Maybe Homin and SM is mistaking the idea of ‘living life to its fullest with no regrets’ as simply giving up. Maybe SM should have gotten to know their artists more. And i think after all those years together Homin would have a better idea and impression of JYJ’s action than this interpretation. It makes me infer that this may not be Homin’s full own personal thoughts.

  12. this is not helping anyone or any side, what’s the point of doing this?

    to me thejyjfiles is loosing credits.

    this is going to be as nasty as those pro Homin sites, nothing but full of biased opinion and a place to bash whatever seems like going against your bias.

    i’m disappointed.


  13. wht is this means? are now homin don’t support JYJ? 😡 can anybody tell me what is this means and give me a reason not to hate those two?

  14. @ Zoe92

    Do we really want to go there? To who have been the ones giving ambiguous statements and implying things to make the other side look back throughout this whole lawsuit?

    And yes it merely states the facts but you are either naive or ignorant to think that theJYJfiles did not know how their readers would respond and look upon HoMin after this.

    You guys are truly the better fandom. I only wish I could be saintly fans like all of you.

    • To who have been the ones giving ambiguous statements and implying things to make the other side look back throughout this whole lawsuit?

      If you’re trying to imply JYJ fans then you’re sorely mistaken. There are “bad” fans on both sides so please don’t cast aspersions on only one side for you lose all semblance of being logically biased.

      And yes it merely states the facts

      You said it. If you don’t like how the facts add up, that is your problem. It’s rather convenient of you to only believe facts when they present your own viewpoint and to tell people to cover up and not reveal facts when the consequences don’t align with your wishes.

      • Most blogs I go to I don’t keep reading new comments but I do here because of intelligent comments like this one. Finally a place within fandom where you are impressed with clear, logical thinking and most importantly without W0RdS LiKe tHIs (God, help me I don’t know how they type like this).

    • “you are either naive or ignorant to think that [HoMin] did not know how their [fans/general public] would respond and look upon JYJ after this. ”

      The same can be said to those defending Homin’s statements, tbh. What they said painted JYJ in a bad light, fans would obviously react.

    • And how HoMin fans will react after hear their idols? Maybe the answer will surprise you… BASHING JYJ!

      Maybe the naives and/or ignorants are Homin? ^__^

    • as a reader I feel offended by your statement. Are you implying that we’re not able to think and just take whatever thrown at us accordingly to admin’s opinions? These are facts, and they’re available all over the place. When we read the interviews and those statements, and watched the show, we’d already formed our own opinions and reactions. If there’re more fans who turn their back toward HM, it’s HM who did it to themselves based on what came from their mouths. Here, the admins just gather those facts, and state that we should be aware of the situation. I don’t see their opinions about the matter. Believing it or not, supporting the idea or not, is all up to each and every one of us, just like how your opinions are so different from ours.

      Thank you for recognizing us as a better fandom (I don’t give a damn if it’s sarcasm or not). At the very least, we have facts here, and we don’t bash on others unless it’s very necessary. I can see JYJ fans are usually careful with their choice of words. Not like at those “nasty HoMin sites” that you mentioned where there’s a lot of bashing but very little proof to back up what they claim.

    • We are not saints. We know the facts. We wish HOMIN could be honest to speak their true hearts instead of SME’s lies.

  15. I think that I will never ever care about anything coming from Homin again, in order to ease my mind. they are just driving me nuts.

    • You should care for one reason — everything that comes out of their mouths is SME approved. It gives us an idea of what strategy the SME camp is using.

      I think they’ve stopped trying to make JYJ seem like they are greedy and unreasonable, because the court keeps slapping that idea down. Now they are leaning toward weak and misled, trying to make them appear that they don’t know what they are doing. That they have been lured away from the righteous path….blah,blah,blah. You can’t argue against that because it is highly subjective. However, it would much more impressive if JYJ weren’t kicking-ass at everything they do.

      Oh. I just noticed something. SME tends to try and reflect the accusations being aimed at themselves onto JYJ. When the news of the terms of the contract came out it was “greed”, now that their questionable practices are coming to light it is “weak morals”. Hmmmmm.

      • LMAO AT THE LAST PART !!! so true so true 🙂 🙂

        What I wrote was when I was most angry, when I first started reading the whole thing and felt as if the anger clouded my head. Now that I’ve calmed down, you’re right. I should still pay attention to the new strategies of SM, and from there protect JYJ. Can’t believe HM fans said “I”m so glad that things have started to look good for HM, and that JYJ have moved on and let HM go…..” Excuse me! The one who can’t let the other party go is HM. !!!! They just never miss any opportunity to drag JYJ’s name in all the chances they have. !!1

  16. wow oh god, is this really necessary?

    JYJFiles, do you really have to become truetrvxq? I mean what in the actual fuck you guys are fucking disappointing. I thought this site had at least SOME sane fans.

    Can’t we just let it go? I mean really? Can’t we just move on and stop thinking about Yunho and CHangmin if that’s what you guys want and just support JYJ and not look like idiotic cry babies while doing so.

    This whole finger pointing is ridiculous and i’m just embarrassed I have to relate to people like this in the fandom, having the need to put down the other side instead of focusing in JYJ.

    This is lame and ridiculous and just put JYJ fans in a bad light. You guys are doing a great job sabotaging what we have done. Standing ovation for all of you who support crap like this.

    • But news are news! Why JYJFiles should hide this? Yes, It´s hard to manage, maybe some of us (fans) get angry but that´s life! Accept it!
      No more silent!

      • lol are u for fucking real? Girl get real, even if this are news, leave it for news sites, not a site that tries to bring credibility in an unbiased manner for the masses.

        That’s life? How old are you for god’s sake? I’m extremely dissapointed on the author of this site who claims to be all level-headed, allowing his persona and site get involved in childish finger pointing, I expected a lot more from someone who claims to bring the unbiased truth in a manner who will not hurt JYJ’s credibility. And that includes their fans.

        What makes you any different from those crazy hotels fans who take every chance to attack JYJ and bring them up and down? Think about it and then get back at me with something other than ‘that’s life!’

      • hotel girls make up crap and spread rumors.
        This is what was really said and done IN CONTEXT.
        You need to go somewhere Lili cause you seem to think that we need to censor ourselves just for the sake of people like you.
        The article is straight to the point, no opinion of the poster involved in it.

      • @LILI
        Girl get real, even if this are news, leave it for news sites, not a site that tries to bring credibility in an unbiased manner for the masses.
        What does this even mean? News is supposed to be unbiased/objective and from credible sources.

    • bye lili.
      What was put here was for a “FYI” PURPOSE.
      How people react is not up to this fansite.
      People like you will continue to put your head in the sand and expect us to pretend these things aren’t being said and that they’re not affecting JYJ negatively.
      Go back into your lala land while the rest of us deal with the reality of the situation.

      • lmfao what reality of the situation?

        This article takes out the little (or much) credibility JYJ Files and their authors had. You should take your head out of the sand and see how the things fans do and say affect JYJ, but i’m not talking about Hotels or Homin fans, i’m talking about our own ‘kind’, JYJ fans are becoming Hotels 3.0

        Now sit down and see all the backlash this will get, and you stay in lala land pretending everyone loves JYJ when things their own fans do and say affect the public’s opinion the same way hotel fans and homin fans have affected Yunho and Changmin.

      • LILI, You are talking down to the WRONG ONE.
        I’m gonna tell you that right now.
        Everytime you come here you’re whining and moaning and groaning about how this site isn’t saying and doing what you want them to do.
        What, should we not look at and react to what is being used against JYJ? Should we pretend it’s not happening? Ridiculous.
        If you don’t like it,guess what? Go press that little red “X” in the top right hand corner since you’ve got a problem with people trying to stay informed.
        We don’t need “your kind” around here.
        Get out of here.

      • @ Lili

        While I see where you are coming from, IMO you are not helping the situation by insisting on lumping this site with the hotels- even if you see no good reason in posting this entry, it’s still uncalled for to label an article that tells no lies as equivalent to people who create and spread malicious rumours.
        Can you not criticize this particular action without such crude exaggeration and unfair accusation, which will only sidetrack your real point, and worsen the conflict. Don’t you think?

      • @LILI Please read the editor note before ranted…
        unlike those blog whom most its context are little fact and a lot of psychological n author opinion.
        In this article there’s only a cut of real fact, without any manipulation .
        The sheet are signed by HM, the video are in YT, u couls watch it by yourself, n the most recent one, the one with CM had its source. So, if you want to blame someone, please blame the one who printed those newspaper

    • they are just keeping track of what being said by Homin and SM until now. They aren’t altering any fact here. What’s your problem?
      Anything JYJ related, especially the comments that would give false image on JYJ should be addressed and JYJfiles is doing exactly that.

      Since you believe there’s no one here sane enough to accommodate you. I suggest you take yourself somewhere else for some intelligent reads.

      • JYJ files are not addressing them, its DNBN. If this was written by the JYJ FIles author, I’d be more disappointed since I expect The JYJ Files to address these matters in a smart manner. However is fucking low to repost this which is clearly biased and just brings more hurt to JYJ FANS than benefit. You can stay in your delusional circle of friends and blogs, but the rest of the people out there are starting to think not very high if JYJ Fans and if you don’t know it yet, this affects the artiste in question.

      • Oh don’t even try to pull that tone argument shit. That is grade school nonsense.

      • @ LILI

        “You can stay in your delusional circle of friends and blogs, but the rest of the people out there are starting to think not very high if JYJ Fans and if you don’t know it yet, this affects the artiste in question.”

        QUITE the contrary. JYJ’s talent, credibility and motives to purely and unrestrictedly do what they do best are positively mushrooming in popularity. See–this is why few trust your opinions here: you make statements like the above as if they were undisputed fact and they are in fact just flat out wrong.
        It makes us question your motives for coming here and being so rude and divisive. So maybe this is no longer the blog for you.
        I don’t know, it’s up to you I guess, but as far as expressing each individual’s opinion, the genie is out of the bottle here and as another writer said earlier, neutrality benefits the oppressor, never the oppressed. SM has had all the clout and has thus far put a stranglehold on the Korean entertainment media to silence JYJ. I think it’s unlikely that on your say-so the fans here are going to sit back and remain silent anymore, EVER on these issues.

    • Defending comes with supporting, just so you didn’t know. HoMin can clearly make statements that put down JYJ, and we shouldn’t defend? is that what you are saying?

      JYJ to us is family, JYJ fans to us is family, if anyone puts them down, we won’t keep quiet. Period.

      theJYJfiles is not like truetvxq. Go read there blog again, they mostly talk about how fans bashed HoMin.

      P.S. – Are you seriously blind? Why must we ignore what these boys said to put down our boys? WHY? WHY? WHY?

      • I think I understand Lili’s viewpoint. Given the present situation, we have to be extremely careful not to get portrayed in a manner that could be potentially advantageous for someone who has the intent to twist facts around.
        Lili, the post does seem to pose some potential problems but I think the admin had thought about it. As someone esle said, they can’t control how fans respond to the facts presented. Please have faith in most of us though. Although we feel hurt by the words, most of us have expressed our opinions in a restrained manner, we do not bash them without facts and there are no nasty rumours.
        I also understand the admin when they explained that they have thought hard about whether to post this or not. I agree with their decision as I want to be informed of what has been said about JYJ, good or bad.

    • There are many fans who don’t read any lawsuit related news at all, that’s fine. But this fan site is dedicated to providing information regarding the JYJ-SM lawsuit which include the official stance of SM which Yunho and Changmin is repeating through multiple media channels including national TV. This also involve attempts to unfairly cast JYJ in a negative light through false rumours and insidious insinuations such as those made on Knee Drop Guru.

      There is nothing “embarrassing” or “disappointing” about JYJ fans fighting against these attempts to damage JYJ’s reputation nor is there anything wrong with pointing out the change in the official SM stance or official Homin stance.

      There is no finger pointing in this release from DNBN just an FYI.

      And personally there’s only so much of turning the other cheek one can do before realizing that to remain silent and do nothing as one party intentionally inflicts harm on another is to be complicit in that violence upon their reputations.

      • Do you really think this was just a DNBN FYI? like all of you are saying. This is clearly putting the reflectors on Yunho and Changmin?

        I don’t need a translation to understand what they said in that interview, so I know what they said. Do I agree with that? No I don’t. But is it really OK to push someone over the edge just because they are already in the verge of falling? No it doesn’t make it right.

        Do you really think this whole ‘they said this blah blah blah bawwww!!’ is not tainting JYJ’s reputation? At this point this is just UNNCESARY. JYJ and TVXQ will never be one again, they are separete identities and if people can’t let it go they won’t be able to move in, JYJ will be forever stuck on the bad shadow of TVXQ and this will bring a lot more hurting than helping in the future.

        Saying this is just FYI from DNBN its like saying the articles posted by hotels about the Cosmetic company per say is just an FYI for people following the lawsuit.

        We refuse to believe we do the same as those we hate because we think we are helping. This is getting ridiculous its almost two years and fans can’t move on.

      • ^^ why blame JYJfiles/dnbn when it waas CHANGMIN who said it?
        methinks you just cant handle him being painted in a egative light even if it is just the truth!

      • @Lili

        A lot of JYJ fans have little desire to see a TVXQ reunion unless it happens on terms JYJ is happy with. JYJ is lucky in that they created new individual and group identities for themselves by acting, composing, directing, pretty much doing all professional activities under their own names. They have practically no visible legacy to speak of. The general public and new JYJ fans only know them as JYJ who is fighting a legal battle with SM and could care less about the other members of the old TVXQ. But Homin don’t have that advantage, as long as they perform under “TVXQ” they will always be working and living under their old shadow.

        I think the fans who can’t let go are people such as yourself who react so violently and with such vitriol to any mention of the other side. Personally, I don’t really feel much of anything whenever Homin is brought up other than a morbid curiosity as to what on earth is SM’s PR dept thinking/smoking?!

        And the difference btw HoTels and DNBN is that HoTels falsify what they post whereas DNBN is merely transcribing and translating what Homin themselves and their families have said. It’s not pushing someone off the cliff … they’ve already flung themselves off a long time ago. It’s bring fleeting sadness for me to watch when people people remind me of it but it doesn’t bring out as strong emotions for me as it apparently does for you. You can only feel so strongly about something you care about. For JYJ fans who never knew HM or have long let them go, it’s almost impossible for us to muster that level of emotion towards them.

    • Sanity has nothing to do with it.

      Also, this is a pro-JYJ site the last time I checked. I, for one, am glad that sites like this and DC TVXQ Gallery exist to clarify information and spread the truth. Supporting JYJ doesn’t mean letting other people spread lies about them and defame their character.

      • Supporting JYJ doesn’t mean putting others down, especially when that people was part of the group we all came to love. It’s stupid to think JYJ did everything right and the rest did everything wrong, that’s not how things work in real life.

      • Supporting JYJ doesn’t mean putting others down, especially when that people was part of the group we all came to love. It’s stupid to think JYJ did everything right and the rest did everything wrong, that’s not how things work in real life.
        Where are you getting all these?

        If you are saying that through this article, JYJ fans are putting HoMin down, you are mistaken. This article merely tracks the statements that HoMin themselves have said in the past. If the article makes it seem as if they “JYJ did everything right and the rest did everything wrong”, to use your words, then it’s not JYJ’s nor JYJ fans’ fault. Surely, HoMin are responsible for what they say in interviews and press releases?

    • hahahaha Ok
      And how old are you that you are so sour?
      Please, be people! where are your manners?
      I was thinking that you were a JYJ or TVXQ educated fan… Shame!

      • “Please, be people!” What is that supposed to mean?

        What? am I supposed to forget about the guys I’ve been following since 2004 just because they split? Oh please excuse me if I sound bitter about fans creating more trouble than helping.

      • Please it´s up to you keep your love for 2 or 3 or 5
        But… It´s bad for your health come here a JYJ site or go to Homin sites…
        Just saying! ^__^
        *Age doesn´t matter*

      • LOL, I’m sure you get nothing out of your comment here. You rile up more “hate” on people you love.
        I wonder how you can be so sure JYJ will be put in bad light because of this when they are the one under attack from the other party.
        Whatever suits yourself I guess.
        Take a chill pill and exit this site for good if you think you’re too knowledgeable and more informed than this site.

        Everyone has a choice, HM has a choice to leave and sure you do too.

      • I really don’t know how posting this will put HoMin down. These are not what the admins here or folks in DNBN said, they came directly from HoMin themselves okay? Whatever bad it may bring, HoMin should have been aware before they spat out those words. I can’t comprehend all your reasonings about how we keep up with the situation and anything lawsuit related will put JYJ under the bad light. So yeah, we will sit back, relax, and see what is the backlash that you mentioned. But in the while, we JYJ fans everywhere will keep defending JYJ against false accusations, and launch out more projects to support JYJ. Let’s see how it turns out alright? Now, LILI, if you’re not happy with the way things are here, why don’t you just leave and never come back? 🙂

      • agree with you…the interviewer didnt even ask abt the past, he asked the story abt AFTER the three members left, and Changmin somehow still wanted to bring things up this way…why cant he stop his hating and move on?!

      • @LILI
        If u said why putting others down, no one else other than Homin themselves, those words came from them. They have to be responsible for their own actions.

      • @ LILI: All I can say is that tone down your vulgarity and stop being a tool. And oh yeah, please don’t come back.

    • Wow did someone just woke up from the wrong side of the bed? Using profanity words to get your comments across sure make you satisfied right? Girl you need to take a chill pill ! This article is HoMin stance agianst JYJ so the cry babies would be HoMin and sorry to burst your bubbles but this stance that HoMin gave have already put HoMin in a bad light. Now go in the corner and cry your heart out because obviously THEJYJFILES and THE JYJ FAMILIES is here to stay and to protect JYJ forever.

      • protect jyj? what about protect everything the 5 of them did before in the past? Is that not as precious or not more precious than jyj/hm itself?

      • @dbsklove
        Tell that to HM. They’re the one ruining what’s the 5 of them has done.

      • dbsklove: I do think both the past and the present is precious. This is precisely the reason why some of us are upset with what HoMin have been saying. The way they have accused JYJ, first of being greedy then now of being unable to tell right form wrong. The way they have presented themselves in public, it is an insult to those who hold the past dear.
        Before HoMin made their comeback and gave all these interviews I had the hope that they could work together again, no matter how far in the future that would be. Now? Not at all. Why? Would you want to in these circumstances? Where your friends have said these things about your and your character?

    • @LILI
      Your vulgarity makes you look ugly. And what you say lacks credibility cause you’re shouting and swearing.

      Thanks jyjfiles for informing us non-Koreans of what’s being circulated in JYJ’s birth country. If not for your translations and analyses, we’ll never know the oppression the boys have to live with. Us international fans need as much info as possible in order to solidify our own opinions. We’re not ignorant fans who follow a herd instinct.

      I don’t understand what the anti-JYJ are so frightened about. This is just an update and compilation of the news on Homin vs JYJ. Are they so insecure about their own idols?

      • I’ll add my thanks to An’s. I am so appreciative of this site, I can’t tell you. As an American who doesn’t read or speak Korean, I’ve also found myself shut out of a large chunk of the story and the debate surrounding this lawsuit. Not being able to do basic things like read liner notes, find out who wrote specific songs, who produced what–it’s been hard and frustrating. At least here we
        i-fans can finally get up to speed, grow to understand and finally weigh in with our opinions.

    • Can you stop swearing please. You disgust me because of your vulgarity as well as your annoying attitude.

      You and search the original articles yourself, what thejyjfiles posted is all legitimate. And it’s not as if we JYJ fans like to hear or update anything about those two. It’s only because the other side keep bringing up this issue at such an irritating manner, that’s why we can’t help but have to notice their actions.



    • It’s different when fans put homin or jyj down than when HOMIN puts jyj down. We are just fans…in their private life we are nothing…but homin means a lot to jyj.

    • @LILI

      I am going to do something unkind and rude… Are you ready? Here goes.

      “Find an egg and go suck it up your A**! I don’t give a rodent’s patootie if you don’t like what’s being said and how it’s being said. Gee that felt good!”

      This site belongs to the admins, they started it to support JYJ. They have a right to post whatever they want to on THEIR site. The admins here do a superb job of keeping the fandom informed. Every fan of JYJ who comes here for that information is quite capable of reading, discerning, and absorbing the information.

      Having said that, it’s obvious this site doesn’t quite meet your standards. Well, I think it’s pretty good bet the regulars who come here will not be offended in the least if you choose not to come back.

      You see, for those of us who are going to protect JYJ’s back, we simply are not going to let those who wish to demean their character, do so without impunity. Those days are long gone. Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have work to do. They have a career to build and maintain. Something HoMin seem to be too distressed to do. That is not our problem.

      So, since you find this site so beneath you, there is a very logical solution. You may leave and never return. How much you wanna bet no one is even going to miss you being gone?

      • And don’t let the door hitcha on the way out.

        Trolls! What is up with them?? People’s masochistic
        tendencies always make me feel kind of sad.

      • My friend, if they didn’t do this, what else would they do? It’s obvious they don’t have any lives. Yeah, I’ve never understood that masochistic thing either. It is pretty sad. But if they want to rumble, I’m not going to back down.

  17. 1st…let me LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!
    damn it man!! lol….how stupid..i say..

    How can “Weak moral characters” people like
    Kim Jaejoong-who is now advance to become ‘Stage Director’,
    Kim Junsu-being prise for his musical work..
    and Park Yoochun-with his drama,

    If ‘previously’, they are in a pattern growing up one level at a time each year,
    See!! NO BIG COMPANY!! Just Ordinary peoples around them ENOUGH brought some MIRICAL towards their ways…

    Now my question go back to both HoMin…could you ‘STAND’ the way they are now???

    Enough talk rubbish…and just PROVE IT!! *sigh*

  18. I dont know what they’re thinking now….bu for me, JYJ or Homin are also TVXQ in my mind….no matter what I believe in HOmin….JYJ too..I love them so I can’t blame someone that they’re a person who break TVXQ ….!!!!
    If u’r cassiopeia, U should know what Yunho & changmin are…..!!
    u’ll believe a document that given by SM ???
    Did anyone notice Yunho’s sign in those document ???
    It seem He signs in a Fanmeeting …In a docu official like this, He can put a Star below a sigh ???? haha………how funny…….!!!!
    SM can do everything that we couldn’t know…..please keep ur heart look at Homin not look in Documents…..!!!!!!!
    If we’re the one…..SM can’t let JYJ down…..please keep our faith eternally…..our five stars never gone ,……They’re always in our heart until a last breath ….!!!!
    P.s : please watch Homin sing ” Balloon ” live show with Shinee….fancame is better…U’ll see a real thing in Homin…..^^

    • uhm…what? like they are being forced by SM?
      They have the option to leave SM and they didn’t leave. The truth is they love SM that’s why they stay. It’s ok. They need to stop badmouthing JYJ and act like they are victims when they are not. God knows they are making the decision to stay in SM for their own benefit. Why act like victims when JYJ are trying their best to survive now?

      JYJ can’t even go on national television, I’m sure everyone knows especially people from SM, including Homin of course. They take advantage of it and make JYJ look like liars to the viewers.

      We need to clarify that JYJ are not liars and what people think of HM is none of my business.

    • Ok, I get it! I like fans who have their believes and respect others. ^__^
      I only want you to understand no everyone here was cassiopeia and no everyone can get over when someone hurt the ones we love!
      Don´t take words too personal.

    • @5onlytvxq Errr… are you really OT5 fan? How could u love balloon that was sing by other people except the true original TVXQ?
      Don’t you think u’re contradictory?
      I’m teary every time, TVXQ5 song was sang by HM and another people, esp in national TV.
      Errr, n you said “If u’r cassiopeia, U should know what Yunho & changmin are…..!!” Ano, then you should know right? That CM n YH are the people who very dislike lying.
      So, I have to trust my heart, CM n YH never lie, right? That’s way their word must be come from their heart, no matter how misguided it seems

    • I love the old TVXQ, they’ll forever hold a special place in my heart. I’m addicted to their songs, but now I’m with JYJ, not 2TVXQ. What you’re trying to say just makes HoMin look like SM’s puppets. How can they be compared to the mature independent JYJ who make decisions for themselves and advance so much in their careers despite being blocked from national television?

      Don’t you dare recommend the “Balloon” performance with SHINee?! I can’t see what you saw, but a TVXQ song has to be sung by TVXQ, not by HoMin and someone else.

    • errr….i’m not following you…what the hell “document given by sm” got anything to do with “homin said on interview and tv show” ? we’re not talking about document here now. those words came out of homin’s mouth. you are what you say.

    • I can’t understand why some OT5 (i made myself clear that only some) refused to accept that Homin are grown up & adults to make their choice, they have chosen to say it, no one can force them if they don’t want to. this is just stated all the facts they have been contradicting themselves.

      • Yes, they are adults, I wish people would start respecting HoMin as grown men. I don’t not begrudge thier choice, they wanted to stay in SM, that’s their choice. Who’s to say whether they were right or wrong? It’s their own choice, it affects themselves the most. We should respect their decision.
        What irks me is what they have said in interviews recently? You maded your decision, fine. Don’t point fingers and keep trying to convince me that you are RIGHT and they are WRONG. It was a choice, an important, life altering one, no doubt but it was not a battle of GOOD and EVIL and someone chose the dark side like Darth Vader (excuse me for my pop culture reference but I’m a Star Wars loving dork).

    • I have to clarify what 5onlytvxq said. The fancam of Balloon shows Yunho’s true feelings when singing with SHINee. The official one does not show his expressions. If you are once a OT5 fan, you will know what 5onlytvxq means…

      Reality hurts but I will just keep trying to support everyone of them in their music.

  19. This is appalling…

    When the 3 of them are working so hard and even missing the 2 of them.. Here they are saying things that could hurt each other..

    Friendship or even brotherhood in TVXQ’s case.. Is it such a fragile thing to so easily break?

    I’m not siding anyone here but just really hope that no one would say hurtful things about each other at all..

  20. i wonder what will happen if it was Yunho an Changmin who said something first.. will JYJ turn out to be the enemies here? hmmm.. you believe Junsu’s dad when he said that HoMin wanted to leave with JYJ. but you guys dont believe Yunho and changmin’s dad? hehe.. funny.. i wonder why.. oh yeah.. because your JYJ biased.. and of course in your mind SM brainwashed them in doing those things…^^

    honestly.. the site truetvxq has the same amount of evidences as this site.. should we believe that too?

    i know what you guys will says. we shouldnt because that site is HoMin biased..

    how predictable biased fans brains work… hehe

    • What is this? Did the peanut gallery decide to pop in and talk s*** about us today?
      EVERYTHING that yunho and Changmin’s dad said in their statements has turned out to be a LIE which was proven by the courts.
      HOMIN’S fmr official statement was proven to be a LIE which was proven by the courts?
      WTF else do you need?
      Why would we believe their parents statements when they have been proven to be full of LIES?
      You make no sense.

    • But there is proof, from members’ comments before the lawsuit to reliable sources quoted in printed articles, that all 5 members wanted to sue.

    • There is evidence and then there’s “evidence”. How can you even compare the statements that HoMin themselves gave to the fabrications that anti-JYJ sites publish?

      • nope… truetvxq is not worth defending, it’s the translation is more an opinion of a person that is SM/HM bias.

        if you want the truth, and ready for the truth, read both sides, read the news and interviews then you’ll know who’s lying and who’s not.

  21. I have so much I want to say to all these comments but I won’t. I will sum it up highly simple for all you people.

    Cassiopeia is 5 stars. If you are Cassiopeia, you support all 5 stars, no matter where they are or what they do. If you can’t handle that – support 5 men’s dreams. It’s the very LEAST you can do.

    • some of us never claim to be Cassiopeia. The name Cassie shouldn’t exist if the fans can’t even clear up rumors and bad comments on JYJ. Love them no matter what? Unconditional love doesn’t exist to me. I support people who I can admire and learn from.

      No one can define what the “real” Cassie would be like. Everyone can call herself a Cassie.

    • No, Thank you, I only support JYJ because they are doing what they should be doing. People who have opinions in life is what I favor the most.

      If your Cassiopeia, you will continue to support all 5 no matter what right? even if one side does wrong? Your not supporting then, your just a fan. So why even comment?

    • I dropped the name “cassiopeia” . I DON’T want the name Cassiopeia and I feel much freer and happier not being associated with it.
      You can KEEP IT.

    • If you are Cassiopeia, you support all 5 stars, no matter where they are or what they do.
      How do you propose fans, err, Cassiopeia, support all five members when two are speaking negatively about the other three?

      Also, why assume that all JYJ fans are Cassiopeia?

    • JYJ (and Homin) have LOTS of NEW fans who (in JYJ’s case) have no idea what the hell “Cassiopeia” is nor would they really care if they did. To many JYJ fans, Homin are just members of the old group JYJ used to be part of … why on earth do they need to be a “Cassie” or support all 5?

      And even if someone is a “Cassie” doesn’t mean they should blindly support all 5 no matter what. Real people have values and convictions and when those are violated why should we have blind faith in people who show their words cannot be trusted?

    • You know cassiopeia was one of the best things that happened to me because I was happy but why should I strongly continue without doubt supporting the people that make me cry.
      I will gladly support homin because I loved them so much but attacking JYJ? It breaks my heart and my inner cassiopeia.
      I really can’t do it anymore, jyj are the only ones that makes me smile and I will do anything to defend them.

    • yeah, do you know there is a new aplication for cassiopeia?
      I mean, SM open for fans to join official cassiopeia
      for yunho and changmin

      as tvxq used to be name for a 5 boy band and now is a name for a 2 member boy band

      same happen to cassiopeia

      And I believe many of us are not cassiopeia any longer

    • Anyway, who the heck is cassiopeia ? The one who support the 5 of them, no matter what? See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil! (does this describe them perfectly?) Well, i have never been one, my only interests in Kmusic is JYJ, so u have to excuse me for not understanding you. But still, by supporting the 5, u mean its ok if 2 of them to say hurtfull things about JYJ and it doesnt hurt u people at all? What a beautiful blind love. Dont give a hoot what those 2 are saying. They can even say the are the best, the most matured, the one who knows the right from wrong or… whatever, as long as they leave JYJs name from their lips, i am fine with them. If they dont start all these, then all JYJ fans also have nothing to say about them. So cassiopeia, you just stay in your world and we stay here with JYJ

  22. lol at the haters hating jyjfiles~ ^^ thank you for your hard work jyjfiles admin unnies =D you’ve always done a lot of contribution to this fandom =) your hard work and dedication is amazing~ hwaiting! and about this matter not much to say anyway what said is said. but ppl should keep in mind this is what hotel girls and fans will do to hurt JYJ reputation more. don’t bash HOMIN, this is a reminder for us fans to know their stans what will they be doing on their next step. be a better fandom~ always remember~ hwaiting my jyj and jyj fandom family ^^

  23. Honestly, sometimes this kind of article does more damage than actual good for JYJ and their fans. If we want to be taken seriously do we really need to resort to this type of articles and supposedly ‘FYI’? I just rather have JYJ and 2VXQ as separate groups and stop this craziness. We have to stop contributing to the massive hysteria, its up to us, fans to stop this and allow JYJ to move on with their careers and lives, this is just holding them back to the past.

    • I agree with you however this madness will never stop if the other side would not let go of JYJ. SM need to let go of JYJ first and then HM probably do the same too. If the lawsuit has ended earlier, nothing like this would happen right?

    • It WOULD stop if homin would stop talking abt JYJ so negatively.
      Takes both sides to end an argument.
      One can say “enough!” but if the other one wants to keep going, its never gonna end.

    • Maybe you have a point here… BUT the last interview (Ch) was released on March 22, so… What past? It´s only natural that now It´s news.

    • the problem is SME and HoMin will never let JYJ go . If they stop, we will gladly stop doing all this. Honestly I dont wanna associate myself with knowing and reading about SME and their family coz they not worth my time at all. Hatred? No. Ignorance? Yes.

    • To be taken seriously, demonstrate that you have power. As a fandom we’ve done that on several occasions. Worrying about our collective reputation in a fragmented multilingual pop fandom beyond that? Not worth the effort. And IMO we as a group do not gain from refusing to confront issues such as this.

    • Letting go is easy – if no one badmouths another. If they just act with dignity and refrain from commenting on the case or their former members, no one would have anything to say.

      Jyjfiles is doing a great job filling us in on their badmouthing and also how skewed their comments have become.

    • I agree with you

      I would like so much a site with NO information no mention 0 homin

      I know is hard when HoMin keep talking about JYJ (and the other way around…)

      but I really wish for a site like that

      • I used to think like that. Now I realized when I turn away and not acknowledge that they are doing this I’m in a way condoning this behaviour.

    • @Mariland
      “If we want to be taken seriously do we really need to resort to this type of articles and supposedly ‘FYI’? ”

      Yup, we do. As many others in this forum have said, JYJ’s fans are playing an incredibly crucial role in keeping their plight before the public, creating a valuable fan base worth courting via their purchasing power and in turning over each slimy rock SM hides under, exposing a bright, cleansing light on their dishonest tactics.
      We refuse to allow SM to operate as they have been used to doing ever again with impunity. We are watching and we will duly report what we find.

  24. To all those who are trying to criticize JYJ Flies.
    come on.
    Homin goes to all kinds of tv show and media and say things that hurt JYJ’s reputation, while JYJ can’t even be on a single whatever not well-known cable tv show. If Homin had kept quiet and left JYJ alone, I would never care about Homin in any way, but since they’re lying and hurting JYJ, I can’t just pretend I didn’t hear anything. They are lying and literally cussing about JYJ on the Korean major tv show, and JYJ can’t even defend themselves. Don’t you think is so not fair?
    That’s why we need this kind of article/post. There are no rumors, and it’s just stating the clear fact and what homin said.

    If homin didn’t bash JYJ in front of the public in the first place, I wouldn’t be pissed like this. You don’t know how I felt when someone came and told me how JYJ was so awful to leave the team like that (whatever homin said on the golden fish show).
    just compare jyj and homin’s attitude on their interviews. So clear that one side had never bash another side.

  25. Since JYJfiles is the first sharer of this article, I would like to request whether the Chosun Ilbo article on 22nd of March, has been translated in whole? I am curious to read what Changmin said and how the referenced question fits in the whole interview.

  26. Singing …

    When it rains, i will be your umbrella.

    When wind blows, i will be your wall.

    Tomorrow will surely come, even at the darkest night
    (asu wa kuru kara).

    true jyj fans + true homin fans = THE TRUE CASSIOPEA.

  27. i hope TheJYJfiles didnt do censorship just for the sake of keeping peace. This site had been my ground coz its boldness and go all bare with every controversial issues it might bring. I hate to be hurt but I hate to be keep in the dark above anything else. What TheJYJfiles and JYJ3 did these past few months contribute a lot to me. I hope freedom of speech and the right to know every news, no matter how bad it is will lives on in both these two sites. Please continue doing what you did and never change. Keep up the good work.

    • Brava! Yes, I count on this site for news of what’s going on and summaries like this are exactly what I need to know.

  28. The more homin talk; The more they’ll lose.
    Just a personal comment.

    Now, for homin fans, and OT5ers,
    homin are not a victim.

    By law, sm = the culprit and jyj= the victim, and the judge dismissed the fact that regarding the cosmetics issue.
    Where is homin, an innocent bystander.
    JYJ did not leave DBSK, they left SM.

    In america, freedom of speech exists. Homin can say what they want,
    do not say their life has been destroyed.
    this is a joke.
    1. new album, 2. repackaged album. 3. mvs. 4. sm concerts. 5. dramas. 6. modeling.
    7. reality tv shows. 8. performances on shows like music bank.
    If this is what you call a ruined and destroyed life, then please sign me up, because their life is alot better than most peoples.

    I believe homin and fans who are against jyj are making matters worse for SM, and are making even more people side with JYJ. <- the irony.

    Who says DBSK can't be 5?
    If you want to hate, hate on SM.
    DBSK5 will return, when SM is out of the picture.

    I'm not getting apart of this fanwar, I'm just saying.
    SM <- root of all evil and misfortune.
    Is the source and cause of all of this sorrow and pain.

    JYJ left the devil, if you ask for JYJ to return to being slaves to the devil, then you are no better than SM.
    Why don't you wish for homin to gather the courage to leave SM, all problems solve.
    Well, Sm was going to crumble anyways. Evil never wins.

  29. I can’t hold this in any longer.
    You guys who keep saying JYJ did nothing towards HoMin, why are you never bringing up Junsu’s tweets? Just so convenient for you to leave out in your case?
    Twitter is a huge form of media so if you say he never brought it to the media – he brought it DIRECTLY to the world in a second.

    Don’t be Cassies, but at least bring some sanity to the table and not bashing & slandering every second you have. Both sides have said things. Get over it.

    & how’s this for size – if you can sit & stalk this thread, responding to every post that’s not pro-JYJ, why not do something USEFUL like say maybe…donate to Japan. Yeah. Go do that.

    • Personally I don’t object to anyone involved speaking up. What I object to are specifics of what they say.

      Junsu’s tweets made my week LOL. He finally got it.

      • My heart broke when i saw the tweet and realized that he trusted them for so long time, even after seeing all those interviews, documents they signed, etc.

        His tweet was only thing he said after all bashing he got. So if you can’t even let junsu to say that…hmm.

    • “& how’s this for size – if you can sit & stalk this thread, responding to every post that’s not pro-JYJ, why not do something USEFUL like say maybe…donate to Japan. Yeah. Go do that.”

      Aren’t you doing the same? You might not responding to every post but you’re still sitting in front of that computer screen reading or ‘stalking’ this post as well.

    • If you are declaring homin are mentally hurt by a honest tweet by Junsu, then they should not be celebrities.
      Everyone gets hurt, it’s LIFE. But I read junsu’s tweet. He never mentioned homin. Hmm…

      You accuse me of slandering <- Have I lied?
      You accuse me of bashing <- did I ever say anything to hurt homin?
      It's called freedom of Speech.

      Now here are some FACTs, I know,
      JYJ = 1 mv
      Homin = 2 really long and expensive mvs. and yunho starred in a mv
      JYJ = no reality shows, (the skk award show does not count.)
      Homin = get on whatever show they please.
      JYJ = 1 complete drama
      Homin = Changmin and yunho both have dramas
      JYJ = music essay, and teh beginning (w does not count because avex has suspended all jyj activites in japan <- WOW that has never happened to homin), and SKK drama soundtrack (note: Sm tried to prevent these songs from being release as with the beginning <- FACT, court ordered SM to pay 20,000 fine for each)
      Homin = athena sound track, paradise ranch sound track, (please note, these were recorded during 2010 which means Yunho's claim that JYJ caused them to be inactive was a indeed a LIE) Oh can't forget the 2011 album AND repackaged album.
      JYJ = 2010 showcases, and a few concerts
      homin = sm town concert <- another lie, how is this unactive. *tisk tisk*
      JYJ = 2011 – maybe 1 or 2 live perofrmances
      Homin = tons of live performances, they do whateva they want.
      JYJ -= lots f modeling (haha..SM has no jurisdiction HERE<- :P) and jaejoongs ELLE
      homin = lots of modeling
      (okay fair on modeling)
      JYJ -= lost a LOT of money from the lawsuit for paying for lawyers
      Homin = no loss, have no lawsuit.

      I believe homin are doing just fine. I worry for them though. SM makes their artists pay for everything even SNACKS. O.O . SM acts like a parasite, who lives off of people like DBSK. I sure hope Homin's getting paid what they deserve.

      Did you know

      Miss. or Mr. Thegreenman.
      I can not hold this in Any longer.

      I am terribly sorry about Japan's situation, especially since i have friends over there. however, I am a struggling college student who does not have a job or even a car, and uses loans. I apologize if I can't donote to Japan, I was not born with money. I'm happy for those who have money to help support Japan in this horrible time.

      however, I am doing something useful.
      I am the CEO of the future JYJ radio station. I really can NOT wait, to go on air live to every single JYJ fan around the world, and share the truth. And the best is, we have translators for almost 9 different language and hosts who will have shows in other languages.
      Oh, and my daddy works for an american law firm. and you know what they say about american lawyers <- *0* isn't that awesome. we are safe from ALL anti jyj

      JYJ radio will bring joy and happiness to everyone. *0* .
      I'm sorry if I seem rude, but I just do not understand how some people can be so cruel to JYJ? Are you jealous of JYJ and jyj fans? WOW, and we aren't even that old.
      JYJ fans are Amazing.

      I only come on here, because thejyjfiles have supported me, and I love reading their posts.
      I won't respond to your rude post to this because It's not USEFUl,

      • *RESPECT*
        “I am the CEO of the future JYJ radio station. I really can NOT wait, to go on air live to every single JYJ fan around the world, and share the truth. And the best is, we have translators for almost 9 different language and hosts who will have shows in other languages.”
        and the rest of it too. ❤

      • @JYJradio2011
        wow you’re spearheading the new jyj radio??

        goodluck! so looking forward to it..

        thanks kumapta arigatou gozaimasu gracie merci

    • Junsu never directly said Yunho or Changmins name. All he said by the way, was that he was disappointed in them two for siding with SM/thanking them. HOW IS THAT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO THE SEVERITY OF WHAT CHANGMIN HAS STATED ABOUT JYJ IN THE DOVE ANALOGY AND HIS RECENT STATEMENT, CALLING JYJ STUPID AND UNABLE TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR THEMSELVES?

      -_- you make me SMH. By the way Japan has nothing to do with this so please dont bring up unnecessary shit. I’ve already decided to donate and will with a caring heart, but in any case i dont need YOU to tell me what to do with MY money, so please, gtfo

    • @TheGreenMan – junsu is my bias and i have nothing against people speaking out their feelings but yea, i would MUCH prefer he never tweeted that. celebrities should’ve known better that posting a passive-aggressive tweets about a sensitive situation is NOT a good move 😦

      some people are being hypocrites here imo 😦

      • Junsu expressing his disappointment and honest feelings is passive-aggressive?

        some people are being hypocrites here imo

      • no i agree that the first time i read his tweets, i thought he sounded really sad, more than anything 😦 i also think that he was only expressing his honest feelings, i didn’t/never think that he had any ill intention (and he certainly doesn’t deserve all the shits being thrown at him by those SM Towners who are irrelevant in the situation, omg my blood boils every time i think about it) BUT his tweets is still passive-aggressive, and twitter is still a PUBLIC forum, and it was still a sensitive and PERSONAL topic

    • why are you here??

      lol got nothing to do?? being hm fan must be boring for these trolls to always go over the fence..

      ahhh i will never go to any hm site and waste my time on them and other worthless things..

    • His tweets were his own opinion and he did not say that the hyung he was referring to had success come to his head, he did not say that the hyung cannot tell right from wrong, he also did not say that hyung was inhuman, he did not hint that hyung had lied in any manner.
      In fact, he expressed his own disappoint and that hyung must have been been in a difficult situation for some time.
      I questioned his decision to tweet those words because I knew this sort of backlash against him was coming. What I never questioned was his genuine feelings of being hurt.

  30. “Both sides have said things. Get over it.”

    Yeah but I never heard the JYJ side say something bad about HM from the interviews I read. Never blaming others for the misfortunes. They could have played the victim card but ironically it’s your dear HM that have been doing it.

    Your post, dripping in sarcasm, makes it seem that you are the one doing the sitting and stalking here. Please don’t insult the readers of the JYJfiles. Insulting us by implying that we cannot even think of other things like the plight of Japan? You really are a newbie here because you don’t know how intelligent the readers of this site are. We don’t sink that low. Last time I checked all the vitriol was over at allkpop or some other juvenile site.

    • @Jan –
      “Last time I checked all the vitriol was over at allkpop or some other juvenile site.”

      That’s kind of the point really. For me anyway. Those commenting on The JYJFiles are usually intelligent, well spoken and insightful interested parties.
      We can spot a troll from the screamer sites a mile away. I get the feeling people here are interested in this lawsuit that had to be brought by JYJ in order to get any type of justice from SM. Nobody here that I’ve noticed seem to have much interest in how cute Yun Ho’s hair looks.

      My 2 cents is that Yun Ho’s and Changmin’s latest comments appear to indicate several points, none of which are particularly unexpected, I might add.
      They are toeing the party line and dancing to SM’s tune. SM is growing ever more desperate as time goes by and they are seeing the writing on the wall. SM is grasping at straws and I fully expect them to leave no slimy stone unturned to try to mis-direct, demoralize and further harm the careers of JYJ.
      Here they have enlisted Yun Ho and Changmin for a bit of jolly character assassination, set to a catchy disco beat on some k-pop TV show. How sad.
      These two are, in my opinion, the talent dregs of the TVXQ 5 and they seem to know it. All of their actions point to how terribly insecure they are about their abilities to have a career of their own. So all they can do now is cling to SM, who spend millions trying to fluff them up, pad their vocals and make them look good.
      These poor guys will be lucky to ever see a dime after all the bills are paid, and the shocking thing, to me anyway, is that THAT WAS OK WITH THEM.
      Well, it’s their decision and their lives of course.

      A final point about all the finger-pointing so many of our esteemed guests, The Trolls have been indulging in today. It’s dumb. Nobody should expect perfect conduct from another living human being. You may have once idolized Junsu’s way with a throaty trill in various TVXQ classics, but don’t expect him to be freakin’ Buddah. I in turn will promise not dwell on Yun Ho and Changmin’s unfortunate remarks to the k-pop peanut gallery.

      • A slight post-script to this is **please** do not confuse me with Lili.
        We’re about as mutually unique and disparate as 2 could ever be.

      • @Lilibaiyu

        I will never make a mistake and confuse you with ‘you know who’. 😉 There is a huge amount of distance between how the thought patterns flow. One of you makes a great deal of sense, the other one, well………I was going to say something rude and unkind, but I’ve already done that in another comment. 🙂

      • @ButterfliesAreFree –

        Good, because when I saw her name and assorted diatribes today I about lost my lunch! lol I can’t quite make out where these Trolls originate from. A more thankless task, on this site, would be hard to find. What’s in it for them? The word “kamikaze” comes to mind…

  31. Before I watched KDG, I was half suspicious about other JYJ fans comments about what YH said on the show… I do consider myself a very calm JYJ fan. I liked TVXQ as 5, even they parted and I chose to support JYJ, I wished HoMin well.

    After I watched the show… yes, some might say YH didn’t mean to bad mouth JYJ but his comment sure was “suggestive” enough to make anyone who watched the show to think that “JYJ lost their mind coz they tasted fame at a young age”!

    It might be “different opinions” that had caused their separation, it was how they would act after the separation would define them! It was all because of SM pressure??? Then I’m glad and thankful that JYJ chose to leave.

    Now that I’ve learnt more about what HoMin had said about JYJ (not from JYJfiles) during other interviews… it gives me this sick feeling whenever i watch those old concert DVDs… I’m trully disappointed by HoMin’s actions. If they had simply said it was due to different opinions… at least I’d respect that!

    • “It might be “different opinions” that had caused their separation, it was how they would act after the separation would define them! ”

      You have put it across perfectly for me

  32. BTW, where can I get a translation of the last trial in detail? I am sure u guys know there are SM versions of the last trial circulating which are very damaging to JYJ which claim to be minute by minute accounts of the proceedings. Hope JYJfiles is working on giving us a true picture of all that happened at the trial. I know you guys have your busy lives to lead and other constraints as well, but I feel that the SM version of the trial is more damaging than the comments Homin are making. Thank you for all your hard work.

      • There is one on truetvxq which claims to be a detailed one n brings in lots of other stuff as well, all very damaging n which ‘sound’ logical. They say the JYJ side is not giving a detailed account bcoz the last trial was more damaging to JYJ than to SM. I know we should not be even talking about rumours n stuff, but this is one I feel that requires to be combated with proper analysis from experts as JYJfiles have been doing all along. So, if it’s not too much to ask, I hope JYJfiles is working on giving us a detailed summary of the proceedings.

        Btw, I do not want to start another fanwar and believe in being a ‘better fandom’. But since the court case is at the heart of it all, I think we would much appreciate it if we get to know how things are proceeding in detail.

      • about the last trial. I’ve read all three fan accounts,
        go to withjyj, there’s a fan account much better than the truetvxq, it’s not biased. she tried to write down as much as she could. She wrote all questions asked and answers. While truetvxq have written it well but have intentionally kept other information that would lead readers to question SM stans.

      • @samvill

        call me crazy but I tried to read the whole blog… the more I read, the more speechless I become. If you don’t have any clue of what’s going on and how reality works, you’ll prettily be deceived.

    • I’ve been wondering about that too. I’m an auntie fan and I really can’t find it in me to get angry at Homin because they are much younger than I am. I remember being immature and saying and doing things that I regretted later at their age. On the other hand I feel this hard cold fury at SM because they obviously made this cold hard business decision to cruelly manipulate and defraud these naive talented kids. And now they are hiding behind Homin and making them do their dirty work. How absolutely evil can a company be? I really really need to see them publicly flogged by the law.

  33. I am certain that HoMin/Hotel girls wish it were 2010 again and that JYJ fans would keep quiet. It was so much easier for them to spread their negativity.
    Well, JYJ fans are not keeping quite anymore. We will talk about what needs to be talked about and no longer keep silent.
    It still baffles me how I keep seeing so many HoMin only fans leaving comments on a JYJ FANSITE!. Seriously, this is called the JYJ FILES. Not TVXQ5.
    Thank you for this brilliant article JYJ FILES, these are facts that need to be heard by us all.
    And remember HoMin fans, these are FACTS not OPINIONS. Big difference.

  34. I am also going to add that I am sick and tired of reading comments like “let’s be the better fandom” by not talking about these things that HoMin have said on TV and in interviews.
    So are these people saying that to be the “better fandom” we have to shut up and stay silent and I am sorry to use this very obvious and tacky pun, but to “keep our heads down?”.
    To be the “better fandom” JYJ fans present FACTS not OPINIONS. Not stay silent when people are judging and making negative comments on JYJ.

  35. While I do not need this type of article to support JYJ, I do understand why this is necessary to be posted and needed to be known for other fans.

    For a while, SME through their artist (and this including HoMin unfortunately) has been trying to smear JYJ names by calling them ‘ungrateful’, and make a statement that make them a liar and greedy/money hunger people.
    Cosmetic company reason has been dismissed by the court. It was proven to be a simple investment (although HoTel girls keep insisting that they know from ‘insider’ that JYJ invest more than 62% money on it). To show how ‘healthy’ and ‘fair’ SME is, they start calling JYJ ungrateful and greedy and the problem lied on JYJ, not SME or their systems.

    I never need a cosmetic company, parents, or company to tell me who to support. JYJ or not, if the artists tied with that kind of contract, they had my fully support.
    Everybody need money. Before SME justified their action with business reason, people should understand that JYJ also need to sustain their live after the idol era is over.

    • What I hate about this whole thing is the emotional manipulation that SME is doing. As if it is a sin to protect your interests by going to court. From a legal stand point they barely have a leg to stand on so they move to character assassination. If only they’ve addressed the situation as it was, a contract dispute, some fans would still be supporting Homin and therefore SME.

      • I completely agree..
        And the brainwashed that this company did toward their artists. It’s like everything is good inside the company. I remember old article who compare SME with mafia, where if you are inside of the ‘family’, you are loved, protected, and groom but once you are outside, you are an enemy.

        I am just glad that despite this character assassination that SME do to JYJ, the boys themselves got praised for their working attitude and their humbleness. Worker in the industry are shocked with how humble they are and how optimistic they are toward the future. Nothing but good will come

  36. hwaiting JYJfiles! We JYJ fam got your back ^_~ whoever hurt JYJ hurt us fans whoever hurt our JYJ fandom family hurt us fans too ^^ hwaiting JYJFILES!

  37. well, idk about you guys but i’m staying neutral 😐
    (btw it’s sad that we’re referring to Homin as “the other side” now … just saying)

    • Since HoMin is staying with SM, and bashed JYJ publically, and JYJ is suing SM, in court they are on the opposite side, would u call them as on the same side?

      • ^ is it so wrong for a person to not choose a side? Besides, it is sad that HoMin are now “the other side”.

      • In Dante’s “The Divine Comedy”, one of the first 5 circles of Hell is intended for “ignavi”.
        I don’t know what’s the English word for that, but it means those who commit the sin of never act in either good or bad, without ever daring to have a mind of its own, but merely to adjust the time.
        Then yes, always keep it neutral is a sin.

      • @Ellis… It’s been years since I’ve read that book…

        I hate to burst other people’s bubbles.

        but yeah, ignavi in english is sloth…

        and if you’ll think about it… it is also 1 of the seven deadly sin.
        to be exact…
        in latin it’s called Acedia
        “Acedia (Latin, acedia) (from Greek ακηδία) is the neglect to take care of something that one should do. It is translated to apathetic listlessness; depression without joy. It is similar to melancholy, although acedia describes the behaviour, while melancholy suggests the emotion producing it. In early Christian thought, the lack of joy was regarded as a willful refusal to enjoy the goodness of God and the world God created; by contrast, apathy was considered a refusal to help others in time of need.”

      • @masi
        “apathy was considered a refusal to help others in time of need.”

        Then, we aren’t committing any sin, because we CHOOSE to help someone and this someone are JYJ!

        P.S. Thank you for improving my English

    • @farayas nope nothing is wrong in NOT choosing side at all but it also means by not choosing side it implies you either do not care or does not want to be in the thick of things. So why bother coming here and commenting at all? While people choose side coz they have the same belief as that side and will defend that side from hell and back. I believe in what JYJ stand for and their plight is worth fighting for because they are fighting for their rights and their principles. Now can you say the same thing because you choose to stay on NO SIDE?

    • Here’s a quote from Elie Wiesel, a part of which is quoted by DC TVXQ Gallery in its blog, “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

      • @riff –

        ~That’s~ the one. What a powerful and wise statement. The sentiments there are why we must never “be polite” and remain silent and ever-respectful when SM, through their employees, are freely being outrageous, under-handed and evil.

        Thanks, RIFF for pulling that up for us.

      • @riff

        I too, wish to thank you for posting that quote, because it CLEARLY defines what happens when you stay quiet. The oppressor stays emboldened to continue doing what he does best – oppress.

        If the world had stayed silent, does anyone believe that Nelson Mandela would have EVER been released from prison? If the world had stayed silent, does anyone believe the power structure in South Africa would have let go of apartheid?

        The world DID NOT stay silent. Nelson Mandela was freed, and South Africa became a FREE COUNTRY! That is how it works when good people speak out about injustice.

        All it took were letter writing campaigns, petitions, non-violent protests, boycotting, and disinvestment. The oppressor was brought down.

        The courts have given every indication they view SME as an ‘oppressor’. Therefore, it is up to JYJ fans to continue to stay vigilant and confront the ‘oppressor’ whenever, and wherever he appears, no matter what the form.

        The ‘oppressor’ has shown that it is the poster child for George Santanyana’s quote:

        “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

        JYJ fans will not let the ‘oppressor’ continue to oppress without a response.

      • @ButterfliesAreFree –

        “I too, wish to thank you for posting that quote, because it CLEARLY defines what happens when you stay quiet. The oppressor stays emboldened to continue doing what he does best – oppress. Etc.”

        Amen, sister.

    • bwahaha at the randomness. I know you’re new but since you’re a jae biased fan i hope you read most of the articles here. They really give you a new understanding of what JYJ is all about. This is a necessary fight i dont want to go back to when nobody knew anything about what was going on in korea.
      also, line up!

    • Lol~~~~ girls always fight. they fight for every single thing. In this case, some we’re mad coz others does not hold the same opinion as they are. Anyway thanx for trying to cheer us up.

    • you crazy ____ I don’t know what I should call you… but you just made me laugh.

      esp. that heaven postman pic. LOL 🙂

  38. Yes, I always want this fandom to become better by not spreading hate, because i love it so much, but I consider shutting up and hiding truth that there are ppl out there trying to put your idols down is obviously not what a normal fan should do, yet mention a good fan. Thank you JYJfiles for this translation 🙂
    and the interview…i have no cmt for the content of the words…i’m fed up now…just wonder why…the interviewer didnt even ask abt JYJ, but the story of TVXQ AFTER JYJ left…why Changmin brought up that issue again???

  39. Those who opposed of this article being posted here, I think are HoMin’s fans, first ask yourself, why do JYJ’s fans resort to this method? Remember JYJ’s fans just started doing this for the past 2 months, because they feed up of false rumours being spreaded around about JYJ. I am sure those supporting DBSK5 are in the dilemma too. If you are a ot5 fan, you should intervene whatever you can when 3 brothers being bashed by the other 2. There is no way you can sopport 2 brothers publically bash the other 3 on national TV. Otherwise you are not ot5 at all. DBSK5 had been covering up for HoMin for the past 2 years, and see what how much damaged has been done? Hotel girls has been using the reason of comestic business to bash JYJ for leaving SM, and spreading rumours all over the world, now if they know HoMin changed their stance on this then Hotel girls will find a different way to damage JYJ’s reputation. If inter-fans like us has been shut out for so long, we cant access this kind of information how are we going to defend JYJ?

    If we call JYJ as our family, I think the least we can do is to know enough information to defend them. I am glad theJYJfiles post this here, otherwise we are in the dark again.

  40. Thank you so much JYJ files for your hard work, for always sharing and giving us wise and smart analysis.. As always I enjoy reading your articles and posts..
    As for Yunho and Changmin, I wish they could refrain themselves from talking about JYJ if they dont have anything else to say than lies and insults.. they tarnish the memories of the past and the name TVXQ.. but obviously, all what matters to them is to protect SME.. I believe they’re smart enough to know they’re ruining the friendship and brotherhood they used to have with JYJ.. they choose SME over JYJ.. fine.. everything is said and done.. its time to move on.. JYJ moved on already and look forward the future as JYJ.. so why cant Yunho and Changmin do the same? they choose to stay with SME, now they must accept the consequences of their decision (as JYJ did) and not tell BIG lies about it.. or it makes it sound as if they regret their choice and are bitter about the whole situation.. be real men!!
    Someday, they’ll have regrets about their words, but it might be too late then.. I dont know if JYJ will ever be able to forgive them.. and I would understand if they cant.. they’re just human after all..

  41. guys stop feeding the trolls..

    honestly i couldnt care less what those 2 say anymore..

    they can say whatever they want to say and those who want to believe them will believe them those who dont will not…

    • I know how you feel but there are some arguments brought up that need to be addressed before it can be used as fodder to smear JYJ again

  42. On one hand, I hate posts like this (no offense to the admins of the site) but on the other hand, I can see the necessarily of it. When one side is actively spreading misleading or damaging information, it is important to inform the casual fans of what is true and what is not. A lie repeated many times is still a lie, but many people would nonetheless get convinced.

    I don’t condone fans to go to social sites like allkpop or youtube and bash Homin when they didn’t mention nor hint at JYJ but it is up to US to defend and correct rumors when somebody is sprouting bullshit about our boys.

    • What makes your belief more “true” if it cannot be backed up by anything factual.
      From this point on if you’re ot5 you will have to accept what changmin said about JYJ in the chosun interview and the smear campaign by their parents against JYJ and what yunho said on knee drop guru and changmins “leaving the flock” comments and their CHOICE to return as not Homin or even as Changmin and Uknow FROM TVXQ but simply as TVXQ and also the fact that he can say this when JYJ does not have the same opportunities they have now to have their voice heard and the fact that these statements WILL cause damage to JYJ with neutral fans and the general public.
      Its is his word and SMs words against JYJ’s now.

    • I see u an ot5? thank u for not being defensive.
      As u said, everyone can visit either jyj fan sites or homin fan sites. U can then pick up anything u want. I believe everyone should be old enough to think for themselves.

  43. hmmmmmm…………….its been a long time that “we” fight. Seriously it have a nostalgic feeling. I just realize the last one is a recent interview. I cant help but notice when ever something major happening with JYJ, SME will always have something controversial as if to buried the possible effect of JYJ news might bring. This happen during The Beginning massive pre-order, JYJ success in last year concert in Seoul, etc…. Was it coincidence that this out almost at the same time as the news on Yuuchun confirmed starring in Miss Ripley? Hmmmmmmmmmmm am i seeing things….?

      • LOL IKR. I pretty much immune to the trolls already. It teach me to be highly adaptable with “tantrums”

      • I agree. To be an authentic JYJ fan you’ve to be intelligent, strong hearted, wise, clever, trustful, and to have a very strong moral character.

      • True, all these stuffs happenning lately feel like not that unexpected… like I am not that surprised anymore.
        I learn to accept it and move on…
        Probably my hearts went stronger?XDD~

    • And HoMin’ s full MV for “Before U Go” being released the same day as the last court hearing between JYJ and SM, coincidences much ? Fans were so busy spazzing and fangirling about the video that they totally forgot about the hearing (and, when we know how desastrous it was for SM, isn’t it convenient ?).

  44. I wanna ask all of you who bashed JYJfiles and JYJ’s fans here 2 things.
    1. Does being a better fandom mean we have to spread only the good news and sugarcoated the bitter ones?
    2. Does being a cassiopeia mean support everything they did,even it hurt somebody? Like you didn’t spread Homin’s interview so that the situation didn’t get worse altho the interview defaming JYJ? Then how could you say you’re a cassiopeia if you stay still watching people misunderstood JYJ side? Don’t you have to protect JYJ as well as a cassiopeia?
    Well,now I know why so many K-cassies turn to JYJ side,facts like this spreas in Korea and people accept it.
    But the i-fandom,before JYJfiles risen up,refuse to translate this kind of article and just clinging to the past.
    Thank you JYJfiles!

  45. After all lawsuit dramas, I made my choice to follow JYJ and swear never want to hear about HOMIN ever again. I simply close my eyes and ears or run away whenever i see anything related to HOMIN. But if HOMIN keep bringing up JYJ name in bad ways, I’ll never simply play just stand and stare games. As JYJ fan I have enough sweats and tears to fight for JYJ righteous. If HOMIN keep stepping on JYJ, how can i forgive and forget what a cruel and cold blood brotherhood they had between them all this while. Did JYJ ever put HOMIN dignity to this lowest value of life?

    HOMIN stans thought this is so unfair for JYJfiles to post this article but what about fairness here when all what JYJ got from SM & associates, SM artist, and also the once called their most loving brothers were all cruel things which not even worth to mention. Do we need to ask HOMIN stans for us to fight for JYJ?

    As JYJfans who had gone through all barriers and difficulties with JYJ, all we are trying to do now is fighting and getting something whatever we can to lessen the bad and burdensome things surrounding JYJ which is not even their wrong doings. How could we, the fans, just doing nothing when JYJ oppressed by the mentioned figures?

  46. And except for Junsu tweets,in all rarely interviews JYJ has ever get,they never tried to sound as a victim.
    They keep talking positively and look forward to the future.

  47. People who said HM’re forced by SM, then I guess, we’re manipulated by SM all this time n never knew HM true personality, since we didn’t know which one is their own word or SM’s word.

    Maybe YH wanted to sue the one who poisoned him that time, but SM put stop at it. Maybe CM didn’t actually feel sorry with JJ when he can’t walk coz of his injury when he said those beautiful word to JJ n fans.

    Because they’re still under SM, right? SO why should we had to belief those? That must be some SM trick to pull fan’s sympathy.

    Please, give me a break…

    They do have their own choice, if they don’t have their own choice, then, your fanatical love with YH for his charismatic leader persona, n with CM with his cold sarcastic maknae were also manipulated by SM. Since according to you as long as they’re under SM, their words and act were controlled by SM. So, that personality that you loved was also fabricated by SM, no?

    When they had give a bad word or act you blame SM, when they act like a saint they were a goddhearted young man.

    LOL, HM are men in their 25th n 23th, if they don’t have any defiency in learning process n thinking, then they could speak and act of their own.

    Well, at least, JYJ are free from SM, so we didn’t have to guess with them, their word are true, and when they’re wrong they could apologize from their mistake, unlike some other people

  48. Fans please learn that fandom is a miniature of modern democracy. Let’s live and try to learn from each other’s differences. Keep an open mind and remember that freedom of speech goes hand in hand with the limit of tolerance.

    The problems of the idols are their own problems. This goes on to say that they are just human.

    But I honestly hope that Homin will just move on. Granted, I understand that they feel hurt and betrayed but it’s been so long already. Boys, I will always have some spots in my heart for you, I was a total OT5 and I could never choose anyone during the TVXQ5 days. But please, move on.

    People get hurt and get defeated all the time. That’s what life is about. Relationship crumbles and go down the drain. Everywhere there are inequalities and oppression. That’s what life is always about.

    C’mon my boys, move on. Forgive, forget and move on. Enough, let go of the past, let go of the happy memories. I am sure you will be fine. People who are less fortunate than you – those who are not rich, famous and good looking and experience far greater tragedies than yours – have moved on. Please, Homin.

  49. can we just have an open mind and not attacking /bashing Homin’s character or personality or whatever? we’re not the Hotel girls :/ more importantly, we know nothing about what’s really going on between JYJ and Homin.
    stay classy, JYJ fans…

    • open mind as in overlook that they have just openly publicly defamed JYJ to make themselves as victims?
      True we outsiders know nothing about JYJ lawsuit with SM or their relationship with HM but for JYJ to be attacked by the other side in this unfair manner is not going to give anyone a rest.
      You should backtrack and read what the so called OT5 and HM fans just posted on this side and compare them to what JYJ fans have said and we know which side is classier.

      • open mind as in acknowledging the fact that we don’t know what’s REALLY going on and whether anything that has been said holds any truth. i don’t see how people saying that Homin are fake etc are any different than people who are saying that JYJ are greedy etc. and do you realize that most of the things you said can be applied to JYJ as well?
        look, i’m a JYJ supporter, i’ve always been. i think that some of the things Homin said (esp CM) were… douchey (IN MY OPINION), but all i want to say is, can we not be like the Hotel girls? i usually don’t care about Hotel girls at all, but what they did regarding JYJ’s donations was just LOW. i don’t want JYJ fans to be Hotel girls part 2 (as seen in some of the comments here)

    • @you know what “i don’t see how people saying that Homin are fake etc are any different than people who are saying that JYJ are greedy etc….”

      Excuse me? People saying? HoMin said that about JYJ on the other hand JYJ never said something like that about homin… *rolling eyes*
      How can you compare them?

      Do you really suport JYJ?

      • you missunderstood here
        she said:
        I don’t see how fans saying HoMin are fake is any different than fans saying JYJ are greedy

        or that is what I understand

        and I agree, bashin, from both sides, is ugly and not necesary

        If we don’t want JYJ to be bashed
        we should not bash HM

      • rather than saying
        “If we don’t want JYJ to be bashed
        we should not bash HM”

        shouldn’t it be:
        if HM wouldn’t say/insinuate anything degrading regarding JYJ, we wouldn’t have this controversy as fellow fans, since other fans couldn’t let go of their love of HM that they forget that HM started it first by giving such interviews.

        Let’s not forget who started it first… irregardless ppl saying HM is under the influence of SM/we don’t know what they are really thinking/that is not what they meant… but the bottom line is they themselves said it in the interview. In the end of the day it wouldn’t be SM face in the news but their own. As a concerned fan, one can’t help but to stand for what is right. And give your critic about the event.

        This articles are no rumors but facts that are consolidated.

        Until HM stops living in the shadow of JYJ (by giving negative interviews), this kind of situation wouldn’t stop.

  50. thanks jyjfiles i’ld rather know all the articles coming out from korea than censorship. People have a brain to believe what they believe and information shouldn’t be censored due to some people’s inability to accept it. Its people own choice on what they choose to believe but stop the bitching that info shouldn’t be censored cause it doesn’t represent your sense or reality, you can choose to ignore it and move on instead of bitching to eternity.

    Its not a moral dilemma to chose something for yourself, to be willing to sacrifice almost everything so that you can be happy and leave with yourself. Its called wanting the best for yourself because as a person you deserve it and it within your rights to do so. People change and that’s part of life . Even without the lawsuit all the five of you would have gone your separate ways. In spite of all the heartache the lawsuit has caused am happy it has happened; allowed jyj to explore things they’ll never have and realized that the so called family in short is a façade. Seriously live your life for yourself, as long as your not committing a crime choose what is best for yourself and screw everyone who doesn’t believe in you cause at the end of day you’ll walk that path by yourself.

  51. It’s very clear to me that the ones with a weak moral character are Yunho and Changmin. I don’t want to talk about their parents because I feel sorry for them; to become a parent having such a low moral standards………..tsk, tsk, tsk. Very sad and shameful. When I was a young girl, my parents always told me that is better to be prudent and to think carefully before talking in order to be wise. Clearly, Jungs and Shims are ignoring that simple but important rule, and the result will be shame and loss of prestige before the public opinion both domestic and foreign. We support JYJ because it’s obvious to us that their fight is authentic, true and just, and we believe in their strong moral characters because they show them to us every day through their actions and behavior. We are not blinded because of their physical beauty; we’ve learned that there are even more beautiful qualities inside them than only their handsome aspect. At the end, JYJ will win and the others will be covered with shame due to their infamous and false statements.

    • And I also hope after the dust has settled and JYJ have already finally achieved complete freedom from SME, HoMin would be humble enough to admit the errors they have done against their former co-band members, aka “brothers”. If they can do such a thing, the respect that they have unfortunately lost can be recovered. One line from a particular song says so much about this, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word…”
      So, if HoMin can do that in the future, I will definitely see them in a different, more positive light.

      • Samvill: ¡AGREED! If HOMIN speak their true hearts and ask JYJ for forgiveness someday, they’ll have my respect and admiration back.

  52. I understand the reasong behind writing this.
    I agree with those who said HoMin words are mean to push down JYJ

    But… I won’t hold onto this

    I let homin go a long time ago, and stop calling myself cassiopeia the day they said they were TVXQ

    But as we like to say, let’s be a better fandom… we can move on, leaving Homin and SM behind… I know we can

    (yeah it would help if homin and sm stop talking about jyj… but we can also stop bringing the past… i think i have memorized homin and their dad possition by now…)

      • ¿Where do the so called “Hotel Girls” ( HG ) plan to go? ¡THEY ARE BAREFACED LIARS! The same day the donation were made, I posted a comment in JYJ3 about that. It said that JYJ chose the “MOST TRUSTFUL” way to make their donation because World Vision International is one of the MOST SERIOUS AND WELL RECOGNIZED AID ORGANIZATION WORLWIDE. They usually work with children, but due to the hard situacion faced by japanese people, they decided to help them. And I said: “I KNOW THAT VERY WELL BECAUSE I’VE WORKED WITH THEM IN MY COUNTRY”. That is the ONE AND ONLY TRUTH. World Vision is’nt telling lies to the public. ¡For God sake! ¡They’re christians with very strong moral standards! And, to increase HG shame, World Vision declared that JYJ HAVE BEEN SPONSORING CHILDREN THROUGH THEM SECRETLY. And, they donated money FROM THEIR OWN POCKETS. ¿Do we need more to believe in our boys word? They are absolutely generous and precious hearted. ¡JYJ fighting! ¡Truth fighting!

      • I say good for them. I do note that SM’s press release did not claim that the donation was from SM the company, in fact, they specifically said that it was from their artistes. I guess it makes it legal for them to deduc this from their pay later.
        Sorry, I couldn’t resist speaking my mind. I’m still glad that Japan has received that aid though.

      • Did we start a rumor about it? Saying that it was fake?
        Answer= Of course not… We´re the better fandom!

        But sometimes… it´s fighting time! ^_~

      • Do we have to comment about it? SME’s donation has nothing to do with JYJ, after all.

  53. Dear yunho oppa and my dearest prince changmin,
    it’s really hurt to see you like this. please just.. stop. and move on.

    I believe that u can reach ur own success without shouting something bad about JYJ. Look at JYJ who NEVER say something bad about you. What happened to JYJ now? They on their world tour, they’ve reached their own success.

    just show me you creativity, your music. stop making urself look so pathetic in front of me. It’s hurt oppa, especially because I used to love u so much.

    just stop… and move on. I miss the old you.

    It’s hurt.

  54. The question in Chosun Ilbo as translated is ambiguous (don’t know how it reads in Korean). It can refer to:
    1) tvxq’s future and what it will bring
    2) or the past and why the lawsuit occurred.

    Changmin took the 2nd one and puts himself in a morally and intellectually superior position -as if he has achieved an enlightenment that JYJ is far from- by saying “Idols singers who debut at a young age come to possess many things that others of that age cannot, and at the same time, face much temptations. I see it as needing the ability to discern right from wrong and the ability to make good judgments”. That is a slippery road with a court case that hasn’t end specially when other court judgments has been made and they’re in direct contradiction to what he has stated before as “the truth” .While I have no problem with Homin speaking out, bringing up JYJ when it can easily be avoided is foolish.

    • Then the question is why did he have to talk about it this way? Could I infer that he must be thinking of this matter all the time to answer an ambigious question in this angle.

      • If it reads in Korean as it reads in English then you infer correctly. I would infer the same. Like political spokespersons that have their talking points and they stick to them until a new set comes out. I’ve stated before that Homin are in promos and they have to create a new image for themselves . From the songs, wardrobe, photo shoots, stories told in variety programs and answers in interviews, all of it form a promotional narrative that they have to stick to. While that narrative and the way is conveyed is decided by SME, Homin goes along with it because it fits their own convictions. That’s why they have no problem doing and saying all of these things. They believe they are right and it leaves no place for a different perspective.


        maybe he’s just bitter and can’t believe that everything turned out like this. That what he believed was right, wasn’t and he can’t stand either being wrong or looking like a fool. That would be enough to keep it in his mind.

      • Sometimes, I think maybe they had considered the same things, that they might not be able to perform again if they left, that it might be the end of their careers…
        Then JYJ have come this far, facing obstacles but still forging ahead. The fans are rallying behind them, fighting a long, tough fight. Maybe it does leave a bitter and sour after taste.

      • To me this smacks of transference.

        “maybe he’s just bitter and can’t believe that everything turned out like this. That what he believed was right, wasn’t and he can’t stand either being wrong or looking like a fool. That would be enough to keep it in his mind.”

        I’ve also come to believe, this is one of the major problems with HoMin. They are not able to accept that maybe they made the wrong decision to stay. They see that JYJ is still standing tall regardless of the threat that SME made. The fans are there for them, the agency is working its butt off for them while creating an atmosphere where the guys are smiling. The opportunities are still coming their way even with the blockage attempts. Others who work with them praise them, professionals in other fields are announcing their respect for them, and the list keeps growing.

        This has to stick in their craws so to speak. But again, they made their CHOICE and now have to live with. How much nicer it would be for them to not have to become ‘company spokespersons’, when that company is SME.

      • I think they know how bad the contract is, how unbearable it’s to work under it and that it would be voided in court.

        My own fanwank/conspiracy theory is that Homin and their parents thought that by filing a lawsuit they wouldn’t be able to work again for a long time if ever again. The JTL situation showed it and they never sued, imagine what would happen to those who do. So they thought a bad contract is better than being blacklisted.
        When the lawyer suggested the injunction as a first step, they thought it wouldn’t work. That’s because the injunction petition rested on the argument that an idol’s career is short. It seems weak. They thought the court would never go for it and it would leave them in the same situation of an outright contract cancellation lawsuit. Worse because if that injunction hadn’t been granted they would’ve to go back to work immediately. Legal matters foster bad blood. Then they would’ve had to file the lawsuit all the same. Back to square one.
        The other 3 might have wavered on filing the contract cancellation lawsuit because it would’ve meant being blacklisted until the end of the lawsuit but with the option of the injunction they decided to go for it. The gambled big but it paid off big as well. That injunction petition was a breakthrough in the industry.
        That’s when the ot5 broke down completely. Changmin was angry after the court ruling, He was really angry and I think that was 1st with himself (he knew he took the wrong decision by not joining the lawsuit when the chance occurred) and 2nd with JYJ (he knew JYJ was all gone from SME). Big blow to him. What he thought was going to happen wasn’t going to happen: the injunction wasn’t going to be granted, JYJ would have to compromise with SME and DBSK will continue (Worse after the legal troubles but it will continue). Everything spiraled out of control.

        SME, Homin and Homin’s parents underestimated the situation: the fanclub reaction, the public’s reaction, the court, JYJ, Avex and SME position in the industry.

        Again for those stalking this site, this is my fanwank (apricotvodka’s) I’m in no way affiliated to this site.

      • @ apricotvodka, NingK & ButterfliesAreFree: I have had the same theory wank for the past year & a half. Explained CH’s anger at their end of year Japan’s performances, and also their current belief they are right (justifying, more like). Their current environment also influences/breeds their thinking-SM &

      • @apricotvodka

        Putting fanwank/ conspiracy theory aside…it’s a natural assumption to say they (the guys and their parents) feared the outcome. If they didn’t have fear I’d think something was wrong with them. Part of risk taking is having a fear of what is to come. But you either suck it up and do it, or keep the status quo.

        I guess the part of all this that bothers me concerning HoMin, and even their parents, is their sense of denial that everything wasn’t rosey. You cannot convince me HoMin didn’t go through the same trials and tribulations JYJ did. We’ve all seen videos of them so tired they could hardly stand up. There are videos showing them being abused, both physically and verbally. Not to mention the shafting them of their incomes.

        What parent in their right mind would approve of such nonsense is beyond me. But putting all that aside. If you don’t agree to follow the legal course to solve the situation, so be it. But does that give you the right to try and demean those who do? Who died and made you king or queen?

        For JYJ they had had enough, end of story. Every human being reaches his/her breaking point. I know I do. You try and find a way out of your mess. Going to the law firms and seeking one with the cojones to go up against SME was the path they chose. I believe them when they say they were prepared to never sing again, because they were NEVER going back to SME. They took a risk and put their faith in the law firm to do their job. So far, it looks as if that leap of faith is paying off.

        The HoMin camp didn’t have the intestinal fortitude, ok I get it. But once you make that choice to stay behind, accept the consequences and put your house in order. Start looking for the ways and means to make your career stellar. So, the only advice the parents can give them now? Don’t worry about how sorry you will look if you continue to trash your former friends. Keep doing SME’s bidding because they still control your futures.

        Well HoMin, grow a pair and pull your big boy panties up. This is the real world now. If they continue down this path, they are going to come up against some rude awakenings. JYJ are going to succeed. They will have grown up and become men amongst men. When they come out of their military service, they will have careers to resume. What will the other two have going for them?

        I keep wondering how Changmin will react to military service…somehow I can’t see any branch he goes into accepting that whinny little attitude of his. And Yunho well………..he’s old enough to know better.

      • @ ButterfliesAreFree
        I’m not condoning Homin’s actions or words after the lawsuit. I’m very much against them. Like Woo7 said they are trying to justify their position. They do it by shifting the blame towards JYJ and taking the moral high ground. Like you I don’t like it one bit. I’m not a Homin apologist and I don’t want to sound like one.

      • @apricotvodka

        Oh, I know you are not a HoMin apologist. I fully understand what you were engaged in…something like the ‘Socratic Method’…hypothosizing to try and reach a reasonable conclusion.

        We are all aware that there is more speculation going on, than dealing with hard facts. It’s simply the nature of the beast. To those who say, “we can only deal in facts”, I say, it’s human nature to deal in supposition. If we’re honest, we do it ‘everyday’, in our daily lives. We watch the news, read a newspaper/magazine, hear gossip, etc., and ‘discuss’ our opinions. So, I don’t buy into that ‘let’s not get ahead of ourselves’ nonsense. Be honest people!

        When it all comes out, if we’re wrong, so be it. But if we’re right, well……… I’m just going to keep on keeping on. So, there is no misunderstanding. I got what you were saying. 😉

        I keep to thinking myself, it’s a very real possibility, the parents are going to kick themselves, when JYJ wins and go on to bigger and better things. But hey, them’s the chances you take, when you buy into SME’s BS.

  55. I really hope those two can stop talking about JYJ. Its wont bring any good to keep stuck in the past. Hope HM and JYJ can move on and continue doing their activities.
    We fans dont want to see any more fanwars.
    Thanks u JYJ Files for translating this. I love this sites.

  56. I just think people should see what, people who are or had be close to them, talk about all three of them. Many, not only friends but people who were just ONCE with JYJ, talked about them.

    “JYJ has a strong work ethic.” “It’s amazing how they are humble and they take their job seriously,” that’s what people who have had opportunity to be close to them, talked. We can’t be talking about what the fans say about all five of them (not only JYJ or HoMin).

    HoMin decided to stay in SM. I really respect and continue supporting the two, because I don’t forget the moments in which the five were together. However, of course I felt sad when I hear the two talked about your friends like that.

    JYJ don’t talk this way about HoMin. And this is more than a proof that the five still in love. Yes, I got into a most sentimental .. but that doesn’t mean I lost the reason.

    Anyway, I’m supporting all five, or five, or in trio, either in double or every man for himself. Because my admiration for them won’t over, because I feel proud to see them working so hard now. Of course I’d like to see them all together again, but until that not happens, I will continue to accompany them that way.

    I respect the choice of HoMin, although I don’t quite agree with that. I respect the choice of JYJ, because I know they want a fairer way of working and I’m with them. But I’ll never disrespect HoMin. All five are human beings and have feelings. They’ll hurt, they will feel angry, but this is completely normal. Nothing is ever happy, nothing is perfect.

    As I said earlier, I felt so sad YES about HoMin’s talk, but that don’t mean that I’m going to bash them (the same for JYJ).

    The only ones guilty of it all (besides the SM XD) are those fans who think they know everything and are spreading unnecessary things and even false things. This is completely ridiculous. All increases because of the fans and that is what is hurting most five of them.

    PS: Sorry. I am not american.. but I understand english.. It’s just a little hard to write in English by myself haha ;x

    • “The only ones guilty of it all (besides the SM XD) are those fans who think they know everything and are spreading unnecessary things and even false things. This is completely ridiculous.”

      If you want to mention the “guilty ones, aka fans”, then it all boils down to the beginning of this whole wholabaloo… The Hotel Girls starting the ‘rumours’ even before the lawsuit, and JYJ fans staying quiet, and give it a little bit of time, then it simmers to all of this again…
      It’s a cycle… it all goes round and round…

      Good for you if you feel comfortable staying the way you are now. As for us JYJ fans, we’ve chosen our side and we’re decided to stay here… Peace out!

      • Not only hotel girls (but yes, I thought it too x3). So.. I saw many JYJ fans bashing HoMin too.. calling them “traitors” or other things.. I just think that fans, (only JYJ fans or only HoMin fans) should stay quite, supportting their side… but not bashing JYJ or HoMin.

        I just wanted to clarify that yes, I get upset with these things that HoMin said, but anyway I’m not putting blame on them or talking bad things about them. But there are fans who do that. JYJ fans that not accept the HoMin permanence in SM. JYJ fans that call the two “traitors” and I saw this with my own eyes. Like the Hotel Girls who are against JYJ, of course that there are JYJ fans who are upset and against HoMin.

        I support both, JYJ and HoMin and I DON’T REGRET IT. I love all five and nobody will make me change this idea. I am reading TVXQ(5) news and infos.. seeing TVXQ(5) pictures and videos.. and feel me happy about it. ^^

        I just wanted peace… but this still seems a bit difficult =/

      • traitor |ˈtrātər|
        a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc. : they see me as a traitor, a sellout to the enemy.

        treachery |ˈtre ch ərē|
        noun ( pl. -eries)
        betrayal of trust; deceptive action or nature

        I was actually going to say i have never called Homin “traitors” but then i looked at the definitions and i realise i have implied as much. Maybe treachery is too strong a word but essentially most of the people here are of the mind that they crossed a line that the shouldn’t have when they hit on JYJ’s characters. Now whether Changmins comments constitute “a person who betrays a friend, country, principle” or “betrayal of trust; deceptive action or nature” is up to you to decide. IF we analyze Junsus tweet that there was a personal Break from that point on Changmins actions would not be treacherous but rather an act of open hostility. In that way yes we can say Changmin is not a traitor if he has already made it clear beforehand that they are not in any kind of cordial relationship.

      • @Jess
        There will be peace when the so-called SM family can shut their BIG MOUTHS.
        And there will be peace here too if HM Supporters can learn a bit of ABC and STOP coming to JYJ fansites!

      • @JUNO –

        “I was actually going to say i have never called Homin “traitors” but then i looked at the definitions and i realise i have implied as much. ”

        Think back for a minute at ALL of the photos we’ve seen of the 5, arms around each other, obviously in a state of deep brotherhood and all the articles we read about the undying friendship and loyalty of these 5 people who literally lived, worked and did everything else together, night and day, day in day out, for years.

        Then tell me if “traitor” is too strong a word. At the very most, I’d say it’s unnecessary. Referring to YH & CM in this way is very sad, I’d agree with that. Besides, they know what they did and now, so do we.

    • uhm we are getting held back all the time by SM and HM when we are trying very hard to move on. No one gives a damn if they didn’t mention JYJ at all.

      If they truly wanted to move on, they gotta stop mentioning JYJ in whatever show and interview.

      • Well perhaps if they don’t do so, not many people will bother watching them?
        Just a thought~~ :p

      • I am almost always silent but I just have to say that I have same thoughts as @jyjdancetime & @ shadow.
        HoMin need to include JYJ in their “talks” to get attention 🙂

    • @jyjdancetime please think about what you are saying.
      People isn’t going to stop talking or expressing their feelings about a certain issue because someone else doesn’t like what they say. That works in society you know.

      @eliza nice words. But if u let me give u an advice. Look for a better and dignified way to do it. the boys deserve it.

      @minnaa Okay I’m gonna give them a call.

      • You need to be more specific. All I’m getting from your comments are vague indications of disapproval. What are you objecting to? The bus and subway campaigns? The petitions? The network that has been set up by the international fandom to share information about what is going on in Korea?

        If you are referring to this little kerfuffle, then I agree. I wish people would take in the information and file it for what it is. Because comment surges always bring out the most irritating little snots imaginable.

        (For future reference, you should work on your spelling and capitalization if you want to be taken seriously.)

  57. fighting jyjfiles!

    everybody keeps coming here because they know,
    provoking JYJ fans = HoMin gets attention

    we don’t care much lately, do we? kekekeke :))

  58. Well, since I’m from the other half of the planet I’m really thankfull to JYJFiles for bring us some news about all this. Yes, I’m from Brazil. Look at the map and you will see the distance. I count on jyjfile too keep me informed about what have been happening with our boys and I never saw other site with the seriousness and
    commitment demonstrated by it.
    I used to listen and being fan of former DBSK with the five members. I loved them and it was really shocking to heard that they split up. I understand that HoMin had made a decision on stay in the agency, if they tihnk that was the best for them and keep the “always keep the faith” in my mind, hopping that everything would end up fine. Despite everything that have been said by them, I still have respect for them and pray for their sucess. That was until the day I heard that song named “Keep your head down”. I mean what was that? I felt very outraged for that violent lyric and the message that was directed to JYJ members and since them, I can no longer support HM. That was very sad and disappointing. Nowadays I can´t even listen to their music or watch their videos. And I can garantee that the same feeling have reached other fans here and in the whole world. It’s not this article that will change our heart or mind. What defines our admiration or lack of admiration for HM are their statements and their attitudes. I’m not a kid, I’m a grown woman who have respect for people who can stand up for your rights and fight for their dreams. As a journalist I know and I recognize the importance of freedom of speech and to bring light to facts that sometimes people try to cover, and for that I can only praise the site and adminstrators for your hard work and commitment with your ideas, with fans and specially with this wonderful artists, JYJ.
    Even if it hurts, we can’t ignore the truth and you guys can not control your readers reactions toward this post or whatever news you post here. This is part of the process and I thank you for let this discussion to happen, because all opinion must be heard. That fact that you not deleted the comments that was not agreeable or pleasing, indicates your seriousness. Much respect for you guys and much love for our boys.

    Brazil support JYJ!!!

  59. Thank you so much for thi article and for all these facts.

    Before this site opened and JYJ3, we JYJ fans were blind to what was happenning to them. Only since a few months we international fans have come to realized how much damage hasSM being doing against JYJ.

    BECAUSE of this site now I know what the Korean fandom is facing.

    Other sites(TVXQ5-forever), censor the information that paints HOMIN in a bad light because let’s be honest most of the negative articles come from HOMIN own-mouths, not most, I should say all come from SM and HOMIN.

    Thank you than you. I will forever be grateful for giving me the complete story with facts not lies.

    JYJ deserve all of our support.

  60. homin WTF 😀

    dont talk anymore about JYJ , cuz jeajoong Oppa Said ” FOR YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE ”

    just look at Yourself

    JYJ AKTF <3333

  61. Cassiopeia, when will you realize that TVXQ is no longer 5? As the largest fandom in Kpop, I am extremely disappointed in you! If you wanted to AKTF and continue as 5, you should have stepped in and stopped SM when they announced that TVXQ will only be HoMin. You had the power to change SM’s decision yet you did what you do best, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    HoMin, I’m not mad. In fact, I actually pity you! When did you become so pathetic? I can turn a blind eye and ignore your “hidden messages” but this is where I draw the line. Hating on JYJ? Whether it was SM’s or your very own words, it does not matter. I thought that by having SM continue with just the two of you, you’d be happy and move on. You know, finally getting the attention that you didn’t get before. Instead, you’re still very bitter and full of jealousy! Yes, I said it! You’ve got one of the top 3 entertainment companies backing you up yet you still act like a sore loser. Why? Is it because your comeback didn’t reach your expectations? Or that your drama wasn’t successful? Don’t get me wrong, you had a good comeback but it wasn’t great. It was no where near fit for “Kings”! As for Min’s drama, what can I say? Anyone who’s seen it knows what I’m talking about! You’re not victims so you should really stop playing this game. I really do feel that if you continue acting like this, you’ll be creating your own downfall & SM is not going to help you back up. Without fans, you’re nothing. When you become nothing, SM is going to toss you out like trash. Despite everything, I really don’t want to see that happen.

    JYJ has moved on to bigger and better things, despite still not being able to promote in their own country. I hope you two can do the same. All 5 of you are very talented and can do so much more so please move on. Blaming JYJ for your misery and lack of great success shows me how truly insecure you are. Maybe if you had a different attitude and personality change, you’d attract more fans! But I did say maybe … !

    TheJYJFiles, thank you for posting this up. I know it was a hard decision to make but for I-fans like me, I’d prefer to know what’s being said and done, whether good or bad, about JYJ. It makes me fight harder and stronger to support JYJ! 😀

  62. Chosun ILBO, on March 22.

    Question: The fans will be curious about the story of TVXQ after the three members withdrew.

    Changmin’s answer: It makes me ask the question of: “For Many years that we’ve worked, I’ve stayed the same, I’ve lived well so far without any troubles, but why has the team becomes like this? Idol singers who debut at a young age come to possess many things that others of that age cannot, and at the same time, face much temptations. I see it as (JYJ) needing the ability to discern right from wrong and the ability to make good judgement.

    TheJYJfiles posted a entire topic on which even includes the statement during the Knee Drop Guru interview. But I am only copying pasting this because this was very recent on march 22.

    Notice: the question asked about the story of AFTER JYJ left. so what Changmin said didn’t have to be said, he practically chose it to be said.

    Now some of you might argue that SM made them do it, yes so if SM made them say it, then they should follow and they have no morals of their own? They have no opinions of there own?
    Some of you might say they were threatened. Yea sure this excuse isn’t gonna cut it cuz JYJ probably gotten threatened too but they took the guts and left, didn’t they?
    Some of you might argue Junsu Tweeted some absurd stuff, mind you but he only tweeted about how upset/dissapointed he was that (HoMin which he didn’t directly mention) thanked the same people that treated them wrong. BUT there is no where in his statement which puts down HoMin don’t even compare.

    The Geese analysis used by changmin…I ignored it. people will say we looked too deeply into what he said. Oh really? how else can we take a look at that analysis, you tell me?

    ‘When a swarm of geese prepare to migrate, they never forget to make the correct formation. I don’t think it’s right when a few of the geese who chose to broke away still considered themselves as part of the flock.”

    Then the Knew Drop – “because we were swept up in the atmosphere, it seems we’ve come to the current situation..”
    uh huh uh huh letting it go once again

    and again on march 22???? So HoMin Fans have been saying for a long time that JYJ are cry babies always tweeting emotional things and trying to gain sympathy. SO what is HoMin doing that? Trying to play the role of the Victim Card? I am not bashing..I am just asking..what are they trying to do by making such statements which makes JYJ seem like they left because they have weak morals and inrectly call them greedy?

    Note: Changmind said young age…for gods sake they were 23 when they left. They are not babies! JYJ needs the ability to tell from right and wrong and make good judgement? so That means you are saying they have bad judgements.

    For those of you who thinks that what Changmin or Yunho said was right and that JYJ is wrong. Okay fine, i won’t argue with you since you have your stance. but what bothers me is those people who keep repeating it over and over “It is SM making them do it” Do you realize how silly you sound, you are basically putting down HoMin in your own words, its like saying these boys are followers and doesn’t make any decisions on their own.

    What is SM going to do? Kill them? No, they didn’t kill JYJ and that is the worst possible. So whatever threat they are recieving like a lot of you guys are claiming, is no excuse because they are still alive and breathing. Your a fan of 5 no matter what? good for you. No arguments to fans as well
    but for the supporters, how can you say you support both sides NO MATTER WHAT. SUpport and Respect are two different things. I respect HoMin’s decision for staying back but I cannot support them. Why? Because I have opinions and I have morals in life, which is why I can take sides. And if any of you argue that I don’t know the real deal behind what’s going on? The contract itself is enough real deal for me to make decisions.

    • Sorry I meant to copy this and paste to somewhere else which is why the top part doesnt make sense, i accidently copied and pasted the entire statement here where I was just going to copy and paste part of it only.

  63. Thank you for JYJfiles who publish this info. I, myself, already not interested to read any interview from HOMIN. And this news, if OT5 read it, they won’t translate it to international fans, or if HM fan read it, their judgment for JYJ is would be as lower as it can be. thus they will make “neutral” fans to think same.

    I hope people who come here understand, JYJ have their own fan who will protect them whatever happen. JYJ fan is not bind by the burden of cassiopeia name who try to keep the “peace” in order to make their faith on DBSK 5 stronger. JYJ fan just want JYJ’s name is not being defamed by others, including HOMIN. JYJ fan have no ties with HOMIN and also TVXQ5. And what I mean by JYJ fan here is all new JYJ fan and also cassie who already try to move on with JYJ.

    There is no use for cassie who still tangle by past to support JYJ, why? because they just will be confused, feel guilty and so on. Can u say SM is bad when HOMIN choose SM? no (i think not whole hearted because u still have interest there) ~ some of you i am sure said, “SM is not that bad becoz homin stayed.” And u say, “how can homin say something like that to their own brother?” then some of u will said, “It’s SM doing.” The pattern would be same~~ homin is not doing anything bad, u guys protect HM even when HM badmouthing JYJ, in order protecting homin u guys even will justify every SM bad deed as just “business”. Then u hate JYJ fan who protect JYJ, because we are dislike HM to say something like that. U hate JYJ fan who are not afraid to throw the reality that HM is doing “bad” to their brother.

    Let me tell u~~ we didn’t need being saint or angel for being better fandom…. if revealing what happen is being mean and evil, then it’s okay being one. But please don’t close your eyes to see the truth.. the truth is there, it’s just up to you to accept it or not… support both side is okay, but don’t say anything bad for fans who try to present information so that they can protect JYJ from defamation. At least we are not spread rumor, not “edit” the statement and responsible for our action.

  64. I was going to leave this topic but there is one issue that keeps going ’round and ’round the comments. It seems to be that there are two very strong points of view, either the statements are all SME’s doing and HoMin are innocent victims, being forced to speak harsh words against their brothers or HoMin are completely responsible for what they are saying and SME has nothing to do with it and suggesting that they do is delusional.

    It’s neither.

    Why? Because SME and HoMin are working TOGETHER. HoMin have recently signed a contract that says they will follow SME’s lead with regard to their professional life and these interviews are part of their professional life. If SME says, “Make sure you work JYJ and how they can’t make good judgments into the interview,” then they do it. Can they say “No?” Sure! They aren’t going to get killed. But their careers might. And if they were willing to risk their careers they would have left with JYJ. So these are SME’s words. Whether HoMin agree with them or not is irrelevant.

    To answer the question why do we have to pay attention to what HoMin says about JYJ? We have to listen because HoMin are SME. They are SME’s voice in this and we should pay attention to what they are saying. Intelligence gathering is the biggest part of any campaign. We have to know what’s going on.

    Do we need to comment on HoMin’s characters? No. They made their characters clear almost a year ago when they re-signed with a slimy company and they are living with it. Whether it is with regret or with enthusiasm, I don’t know. (Although I would be sorry if it was with regret.) The only thing we need to comment on is how SME is floundering for something to say about JYJ. This latest bit seems to be harsh, however it is also so ridiculous to anyone who knows them (and anyone who is listening to Changmin knows them) that I think it’s hardly worth the effort to counter it.

    • Eliza,

      I agree with what you said above. Especially the part about these words being SME’s words. HoMin have become ‘company spokesmen’. When you become the voice of the company, people will pay attention to what you say, whether it’s accurate or not.

      The fact that SME is really reaching trying to discredit JYJ, tells more about how desperate they are than anything else. But since you mentioned it seems ‘harsh’, that to me means we should counter it. Giving these bloodsuckers a pass only let’s them feel more emboldened. Obviously, this is going to be a drawn out process. But if they think they are going to wear the fan base down, they have another think coming.

      It’s unfortuate that there is a chasm between the fan groups. But in any conflict there are sides. One is going to prevail, and one is not. But the nature of the hostility is such that shots across that chasm cannot be avoided. SME created this little scenario, but it is up to us to make sure that when the dust settles, the truth is the only thing standing.

      • “The fact that SME is really reaching trying to discrete JYJ” — should be ‘discredit’.

      • But since you mentioned it seems ‘harsh’, that to me means we should counter it

        The boys do such a good job of it every time they step into the public eye, I don’t know what else we can add. 😉 The last sentence was more of a wish than anything else. Stupidity makes me tired and SME is reached the stupid scrapings in the bottom of the barrel.

      • Eliza
        I do understand where you’re coming from. Yes, they guys do an excellent job of debunking the ‘they will ruin the Korean Wave’ nonsense. And I don’t disagree about the ‘stupid’ part. My sister-bff says, you can’t fix stupid. I guess it’s just my nature to blow back when someone gets in my face. I do try and pick and choose though. 🙂

        I’ve only known about SME since becoming appreciative of TVXQ/JYJ. But it honestly didn’t take much to convince me they are a bunch of vipers. Still msytified as to how they could have missed the signals that they were screwing up big time. But again, I’m not complaining.

    • Do you any evidence (Shows, interviews) where they have mentioned that they have signed again with SM? Their contract is for 13 years. ISnt it?

      Oh and I definitely agree with you there!

      • Nope, no direct evidence. And the only way we would get it was it was required by the court, because SME is so very terrifed of letting anybody know anything about their paperwork.

        TVXQ’s 7 year anniversary was last December and according to the FTC, that is the maximum length of a contract. SME said that they have complied with the regulations (their response to the inquiry at the beginning of the year.) SME wouldn’t have invested in the duo’s new album if there was a chance that HoMin were going to bolt in 2011. I’m sure they locked them in for at least another 5.

  65. Something I’ve been wanting to say re-the timing of these inflammatory or controversial comments from HoMin.
    Having been a journalist, it’s clear to me SME is using the oldest political trick in the book to malign their opponents during the most crucial times, usually to turn attention away and draw it towards something else, so that people will be distracted from the real crucial issues, re-court dates, JYJ announcements of new projects, etc.
    They’re using both the ‘black ops” book of tricks as well as using HoMin as their spin doctors to steal JYJ’s thunder at important times as well as to downplay JYJ’s efforts.
    In my view, CJes and JYJ has to stay vigilant, anticipate SME’s next moves as well as launch surprise ‘attacks’/events/projects in order to win this publicity battle.
    That is why we internatonal fans need to know as much ad possible what’s going on in JYJ’s birth country in order to support and fight it with them.
    “Knowledge is Power.”

    • They’re using both the ‘black ops” book of tricks as well as using HoMin as their spin doctors to steal JYJ’s thunder at important times as well as to downplay JYJ’s efforts.

      I like this description 😉 And I completely agree with your assessment of SME’s tactics.

    • @ An –
      Yes, I’m glad I found your post again. I’m especially appreciative of your comments here because they go a long way toward explaining the depths of the deception SM is perpetrating, related as these activities are to various well-known political dirty tricks and maneuvering. We here in the U.S. have had to watch a boatload of these sorts of tactics by the Republican party and they are infuriating. SM seems to have taken a page from Karl Rove’s diary.

  66. I understand a lot of the opinions that the fans are making and I don’t really care about HoMin’s statement much, it’s not the first time anyones called the other out (Junsu’s tweet) but people should seriously not be making assumptions about why HoMin said what they said or blah. These types of facts, in my opinion, should be something people take note of but not really act out on because they’re just little pieces of a BIGGER picture ( Yes, I am JYJ biased but I love HoMin equally).

    I’m not saying people aren’t entitled to their opinions and aren’t allowed to do what they want with these facts/information (or any information for that matter) and if you have something you wanna post, all power to you. I just think people have to be a little more considerate of a more IMPORTANT TRUTH which is WE’RE IN THE DARK ABOUT THIS 😛 As much as it sucks to admit this or remember this, it is essential.

    I seriously think fans forget that they really DON’T know what’s going on, we can make assumptions but that’s it. Seriously, there’s stuff that gets released ,such as this, etc. but we don’t know why jyj actually decided to sue, why HoMin stayed, why they said what they said, we’re in the dark with a dead flashlight leading us. ( I know I’m talking a lot about the lawsuit but this is what it’s all about. The lawsuit. The lawsuit we have no idea is about or intentions of each individual party or of each individual member).

    All I’m saying is you’re allowed to your opinions and stuff but if you don’t know ALL the facts then you’re opinion doesn’t really matter (not necessarily ‘doesn’t matter’ but instead not….accurate…isn’t very valid…I’m not sure how to put this with out sounding rude) and you HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT. You can’t make decisions like saying this site did something “low” or you’re no longer a “HoMin” fan on this sort of information. I’m not saying that all Cassies ( I’m also not saying that people should be fans regardless of what an idol says or that you’re not entitled to ‘hate’ or be ‘disappointed’ in them either) have to be fans of both groups, but I don’t think that fans should be determining that (whether they’re fans or not) by the lawsuit, scandals, etc.

    It should be about the music, that’s how we first fell in love with the 5.
    Seriously, I really like the re-packaged version of Keep Your Head Down and I also loved JYJ’s Music Essay: Their Rooms.

    They’re selling you music too. If you like the music then why shouldn’t you like the artist? The lawsuit has everything and nothing to do with fans…I just side tracked. What ever. The point is, please don’t think badly of HoMin after this ONLY because you don’t know the whole picture (you don’t know if they said that with meaning or if it’s just another script they’re following from SM or the about the lawsuit). I’m not saying what they said is acceptable, I’m just saying that people shouldn’t jump on the wagon so quickly.

    About the whole SME stealing the spot light. They probably (most likely) are. Maybe they’re not. Either way, the only way , I think, we can support JYJ is by sitting back ,let them handle their thing, and support them the best way we can. Buy their shit and get people to buy their shit too. (I’m not insulting their music or products by calling it shit, I just don’t feel like typing all that stuff out). As JYJ’s fans, we shouldn’t bash HoMin, SME, or anything like that, we should just be supporting and paying attention to JYJ. If there’s a concert, spread the news regardless of what SME is trying to do to distract from that. If fans get caught up in the hate of a picture that hasn’t been finished painted (again I’m bringing up the fact that we know nothing about the lawsuit) then they’re just wasting energy, time, and making JYJ look bad. JYJ fans also have an image to keep, not even much an image, just remember the golden rule and act like adults like any other human. I’m not trying to bash HoMin fans by saying this either, I’m speaking about all fans when I say this.

    Gah. I’m done with my rant. (Sorry for grammar, spelling mistakes, etc. it’s really late and I am too effing lazy to fix my shit) Reply. I don’t care. This is just my 2 cents.

    I’m also not trying to demean this article or website.

    I don’t really want anyone to get offended because that’s not what I was trying to do. I know a lot of you have big hearts and honestly care for JYJ’s not just as artists, but as humans too, and their enemy is your enemy too, but there is a line that is getting close to being crossed. All of us have to remember our place/roles.

    • I’m sorry but your argument don’t make sense. your statement are contradicting each other.
      What I get from all of your rambling is you want people to support hoomin just as they support JYJ.

      I tell you a hard cold facts, most of the people here don’t care about Homin. We care about JYJ ONLY, this post get posted here just because Homin drag JYJ’s name yet again in the mud.
      If Both guys STOP saying bad things about JYJ, we will GLADLY stop COLLECTING and DELIVERING THEIR BAD STATEMENTS here.

      HOMIN STOP SPEAKING BAD THINGS about JYJ in MEDIA and TVS !!! , and we will STOP delivering your ‘high and mighty speech’ anywhere.
      Thank You

    • “I don’t really care about HoMin’s statement much”
      why dont you care? Ignorance is just bliss isnt it

      Correction you are willingly in the dark by ignoring the inconsistencies of Homins statements and the decisions of the Korean court. This blog was created so we wouldnt be in the dark.

      “but we don’t know why jyj actually decided to sue”
      really? REALLY? you’re reading the JYJ files that has written more than one article directly addressing this subject and you are telling its readers that?

      “All I’m saying is you’re allowed to your opinions and stuff but if you don’t know ALL the facts then you’re opinion doesn’t really matter”
      I think you should take your own advice honestly. Readers of thejyjfiles come here to educate themselves on the facts and the REALITY of the situation in Korea, not a rose tinted version. We do not simply want to see what we want to see. We are trying our best to get the facts. It’s just an inconvenient truth that the FACTS show that Homin is trying to drag JYJ’s name through the mud when they are in a position of power when it comes to media access.

      “I’m not saying that all Cassies have to be fans of both groups, but I don’t think that fans should be determining that (whether they’re fans or not) by the lawsuit, scandals, etc.”
      Why the bloody hell not? Dont you realise how much JYJ has to go through just to produce music? Dont you remember how SM even tried to block the beginning? If we werent pro active do you they’d have any chance of success. If JYJ fans weren’t so active its very likely that you wouldnt even be able to hear Their rooms. Is it wrong to want to distance ourselves from a SLIMY unethical company and those who are condoning and promoting them.

      “The lawsuit has everything and nothing to do with fans”
      Dont you remember what happened to JTL? It has everything to do with us. They left trusting us. They are being blocked right now. Their large fanbase is the only thing keeping them relevant. Dont you realise the magnitude of this lawsuit. If JYJ wins this lawsuit will have far reaching consequences that wll have a ripple effect through the entire industry. Why do you think SMe are scared? Coz they couldnt do to JYJ what they did to JTL. WE are keeping JYJ relevant.

      “As JYJ’s fans, we shouldn’t bash HoMin, SME, ”
      Yes and watch them spread lies about JYJ, character assassinate them, and watch them fade away into obscurity. NOT.A.CHANCE.IN.HELL
      Int. fans can now see through the petition how much power we have. We dont want to sugar coat everything. To me its a form of deception and an INSULT to my intelligence. I want the truth and i want to do as much as i can to help them when the odds are stacked against them.

      JYJ fans were more than ready to attack only SM but Homin brought this on themselves. No sympathy.

      • END OF RANT.
        Congratulations you have pissed me off enough to compel me to reply to your long ass illogical nonsense post with a long ass post of my own when a simple *facepalm* GIF would have sufficed.

      • Don’t be mad love, it’s nothing to get upset over! Though I must say, I’ve never seen so many comments on one article! LOL, I’m gonna go watch Junsu’s intoxication mv to brighten up my day 😛 Care to join me?

      • A woman after my own heart! A very deep bow, followed by a around of applause! Thank you.

      • Oh JUNO! You are my goddess!!!
        The rant is well-appreciated and yeah, let’s breathe some fresh air via JYJ’s lovely songs… and watch Jaejoong’s ELLE vid… *breathing stopped*

      • @YouMeLove
        “Don’t be mad love, it’s nothing to get upset over! Though I must say, I’ve never seen so many comments on one article! ”

        I noticed that too and was just thinking/wondering what struck such a big nerve with everyone. Here’s my take: JYJ are where they are right now because they DIDN’T “know their place” they didn’t stay quiet and well-mannered and didn’t only always raise positive, polite points with their Overlords, SM. They were dissatisfied (which is the first step to Change in every kind of evolution, btw) they spoke out, loudly and when that didn’t work, they took it to the next level. This nonsense about only commenting “positive” sentiments is ridiculous. It’s an old ploy drummed into the heads of impressionable children by authority figures who want long-term peace and quiet. And by consciously, loudly saying “NO WAY!” when we hear wrong-headed opinions, JYJFiles readers are in fact only emulating JYJ themselves and their fighting spirits. This very ability to vigorously and intelligently dissent is why they are going to be the eventual winners in all of this! In the meantime they are teaching through example valuable lessons in courage and resourcefulness. Bravo, JYJ!

      • @JUNO – BRILLIANT!! If I ever need a great lawyer, I’m calling you! I love everything you’ve posted on this topic, & in particular this “long ass post”. 😀

    • Apparently our opinnions do matter because you ranted on and on and on! LOL I’m not mad at you or offended because I used to think like you too. I thought taking the “do nothing” and just support approach was the way to go but I was sadly mistaken. The perfect example would be Cassiopeia. Look at what happened.

      As for being in the dark and not seeing the big picture, I base many of my assumptions and theories on history. (Just in case you weren’t aware of it, Kpop history is trying to repeat itself.) There are just too many similarities between the JTL days and JYJ now. SM is playing with the same deck of cards as before. I don’t pretend to know everything because I don’t. All I want is for JYJ to be able to perform and win awards like the rest of the groups. Is that too much to ask? I was a hardcore fan of JTL so I am well aware of what dirty tricks SM can and will pull.

      And honestly, it’s alright to bash every now and then. This site, as well as JYJ3 really don’t bash that often. There are more positive articles about JYJ than negative ones. I’d say 8:1!

      FTR, I’ve always hated SM! Unfortunately, that will never change!

    • @Hello
      ” All of us have to remember our place/roll”
      Thats why we are here, you see. We remember that we are JYJ fans, and of course we have a bigger roll, that is to stand by JYJ especially when they were attacked from all angle. Alas, people who choose to be blind will stay blind… what a pity. If you want to stay in the dark, please do so, no one is going against you. If you dont want us to bash the 2, then please tell them to zip their mouth and go on with their life. Then we dont have to see u and your likes in our fandom

      • @Hello
        ” All of us have to remember our place/roll”

        Yes, that last line really bothered me too. WTH!!?? That sounds like a particularly noxious bit of advice that has NO place in 2011, the world or anybody’s thinking ever again. I’ve lived my whole life conscientiously NOT remembering my place and I recommend it to others. Be a thinking, intelligent person who can confidently look at the facts and come up with a reasonable conclusion. That’s what I’d advise.

    • i hope you write this to in homin biased site too, and see what happen there. and i am used to be a silent reader trust me this site isn’t as hostile as any other site, if you say someone bash in this site its in the comment right, some homin site bash JYJ in its articles, so this site will turn hostile when someone start trolling around and tell us what to do.

    • @Hello

      I’m pulling one little thing out just to make a point…

      “Buy their shit and get people to buy their shit too. (I’m not insulting their music or products by calling it shit, I just don’t feel like typing all that stuff out). ”

      Okay, you don’t feel like typing all that stuff out, but you manage to type all the rest of that diatribe? What kind of fools do you take the rest of us for?

      Again, I repeat, this site is for people who support JYJ – UNCONDITIONALLY – and are adult enough to make whatever comments we want to about those who trash their good names.

      This is a war, SME made it one, shots are fired. War is not for the squamish. If you are afraid to launch a salvo, then don’t. There are some of us who are ready to take aim, and fire. One does not sit back in a war…you either actively engage or your behind is dust!

      JYJ are busy taking care of their portion of this war. The fans will take care of the rest. In case it has escaped your notice…the other side in this confrontation has been using a lot ammo — KFC (whatever), KEPA, and a host of other entities, etc. I for one am not going to sit back idly.

      The only way fans can help is promoting JYJ and DEFENDING them. Anyone depending on you for help, will be sorely out of luck, because you will be sitting back, letting things take their normal course. If you want to be a conscientious objector, that’s a horse of a different color. But don’t tell the rest of us who want to engage what we should do.

      • True this.
        That’s what I always tell the loyal OT5 fans I come across with and are always telling me I’m getting too involved when I don’t have to cuz I don’t know, blah blah blah… We can no longer just sit back anymore. JYJ has been taking shit from SME and its minions disguising themselves as valid representatives of the Korean public and the International Fans’ voice has been mechanical in making public personalities notice what trash has been passed on for generations in the Korean Music Industry.
        JYJ has been thanking their Fans aka US for staying with them, and they know we have done more than just buy their albums and all that jazz that regular admirers do for their idols. So that having been said, do we now just decide to sit back when JYJ knows that we have been and are still fighting this battle beside them? Hell no.
        We are their strength and the more that they are empowered, the more we are giving them the chance to grow and become what they want to be – artists, not mere idols.

    • you know what, don’t bother to fix because as you said, it’s just shit anyway. Sorry for being mean but your rambling makes no sense to me. I was about to make a long ass comment to counteract every single point you made (trust me, it’s not difficult to do so), but since @JUNO already did a good job, I’ll not do it again. To make long story short, this article is not about the lawsuit okay? It’s about how HoMin (being fed up by SME or not) lied and defamed/slandered JYJ, and no way in hell we JYJ’s fans would just shut our mouths and let them say whatever they want to. I was once an OT5, but I never understand why current OT5 fans think it’s okay for HoMin and SM side to say shit or have their way with JYJ, but it’s NOT okay for JYJ’s fans to react. They expect us to keep our manners and just quietly support our boys. What the heck is that? FYI, if we were not active and did not take our actions beyond buying their albums, JYJ would not be maintained this long. Don’t say that we know nothing, facts are facts, doesn’t matter how you put it. The truth is being brought out to light bit by bit over the time. If you want us to stop talking about HoMin, simply and kindly ask them not to mention anything about JYJ. Then we’ll all live in peace, deal?

      P.S: don’t you dare call their hard work “shit”?! Let me teach you at least this much, if you don’t wanna list the names of their albums, just say “products” or “stuff”, not long, not hard, right?

      • seriously I agree with most of JYJ fans actions and think that you all great but you guys need to calm down a bit.

        I got one paragraph long attack just because I said shit, we say shit doesn’t mean that we really think that it’s a shit, it’s just habits.
        some people use the word shit so casually so you need to stop get so worked up just because of that.

      • @kktt
        if you use the shit casually without knowing what’s it meant here’s the meaning.

        to use the word as an expression that’s different, but to use it to describe something or call someone that’s an insult.

        shit is usually considered a vulgarity and profanity in Modern English. As a noun it refers to fecal matter (excrement) and as a verb it means to defecate or defecate in; in the plural (“the shits”) it means diarrhea. Shite is also a common variant in British English and Ireland English.[1] As a slang term, it has many meanings, including: nonsense, foolishness, something of little value or quality, trivial and usually boastful or inaccurate talk, or a contemptible person. It may also be used as an expression of annoyance, surprise, or anger.

        so take your pick which meaning you want to use.
        don’t defend someone who is totally wrong coz you’ll end up to be wrong to.

      • @masi:

        I’m still standing on my stance that using shit isn’t that big of deal and some people just use it casually.
        you can say something like ‘don’t use that word’ but don’t get too worked up.

        see? this is why JYJ fandom annoy a lot of people.

      • @kktt

        I’m not worked up for some irrelevant expression. Use as much as you like, I uses explicit vulgar words as an expression everyday. And that is the difference when expression and description.

        And no I wouldn’t say much since my thoughts been already said by butterflies.

    • I agree with you, I have to say that some people got really pissed off to JYJ because of their aggressive fans.
      tbh all their lawsuit stuffs aren’t our business, and we can’t really do anything but support them.

      I respect this blog though, for giving us detailed fan report.
      I also have to admit that I don’t like HoMin, idk, something about them is cold.
      And that I respect JYJ a lot, I am biased.

      I rather not to think about what HoMin are saying either, tbh I think they’re trying to be neutral but anyway they’re still in SM so they can’t do much about it. Yes it would be better if they just stfu, but what happened has happened.
      I hope someday they can get into a show together and solve their differences. Their contradictions so far really irked me.
      (and please stop trying to make homin official, it’s awkward)

      I also hate the fact that JYJ has less access to mass media, and I think their new management really lack of experience, giving them a lot of setbacks.
      I never think that they’ve done anything really wrong though, they’re in this new company also because situation force them to.

      anyway generally I agree with you. I hope the other fans will be able to cool down a bit and get your points.

      • @kktt

        “I agree with you,I have to say that some people got really pissed off to JYJ because of their aggressive fans.”

        I keep seeing this…can you please explain to me who these ‘some’ people are? Quite frankly, I don’t get who folks are talking about when they make that statement. It would help me to understand better if I know, inquiring minds and all that.

      • I have a different question in addition to the one by ButterfliesAreFree, how are JYJ fans aggressive? Most fans I’ve interacted with are so cautious about seeming aggressive that they bend over backwards to avoid that image. Perhaps you can show me examples of these aggressive fans?

      • @ButterfliesAreFree

        people in the internet? just in korean fandom community in general.


        see below? at the other time I actually got scolded just because I use shits, damn I don’t even mean anything bad with shits and even my friends use that word casually.
        and even after I explained that, the girl (I assume) keep forcing me to apologize.

        and tbh I think Hello got some points (and see how angry Juno’s response is), that the thing is we know aren’t all.
        of course we have to try telling people about what we know, but we can’t say much about what we don’t know either.

      • @kktt

        I’m not upset about the use of the word ‘shit’. Trust me, I’m not that delicate. You might have noticed some of my own expressive offerings. I probably know enough, to curl your hair. But I don’t have to always use profanity to get my point across. I’m sure the time is going to come when SME is going to make me provide samples of my ‘colorful vocabulary’.

        What I find interesting is how casually one simply uses the word when referring to say, JYJ’s music, but can continue on rambling nonsense like there was no tomorrow. While saying said usage was to shorten the comment. So far, no one has mentioned a word count for comments. Well, why the need to cut them short shrift? Just say ‘their music’ – pun intended. See, same context, different effect. I just think it’s the lazy way out, when you can go on for the rest of the diatribe and make no sense.

        “people in the internet? just in korean fandom community in general.”

        Ok, that’s your answer. Here is my response.

        First, I don’t see how making comments in reaction to ‘verified’ behaviors, is going to ‘sway’ the above mentioned folks. We are talking about people expressing their ‘feelings’ about the things HoMin are saying and doing. If you can point out how the comments are ‘lies’ being spread, then do so. Also, if ‘those’ folks are not able to discern what is being expressed, I can’t worry about that.

        Second, ‘the better fandom’ has gone on record by the support it has offered – buying JYJ’s music, going to their showcases, and concerts, writing letters to the powers that be highlighting the concerns about how JYJ is unfairly being treated by their own country. This fandom has also done exceptional promotional events from bus signs, to newspaper ads, to bus stop ads, to subway signage, to electronic messaging, to charitable donations – too numerous to mention -, the petition drive in response to SME’s cohorts’ petition to try and influence the court’s decision, and now the news outlets drive. I may have left out some examples, my apologies.

        All these activities have been posted on the Internet, commented about, and written up in the newspapers. If ‘those folks’ you mentioned are that shallow and not able to contrast the comments made on JYJ sites as opposed to those made by irrational, developmentally arrested hormonal teenagers, in the proper context, TOO BAD. Not to mention, missing all the above stated examples of what this fandom stands for. Besides, have they also missed ALL the heartfelt posts and comments since this entire situation started? If ‘they’ are that shallow, I really don’t think they are the kinds of people we can rely upon in a pinch.

        We don’t have the time, nor the inclination to hold the hands of folks whose inability to detect right from wrong is that off balance. I really don’t think JYJ’s future is going to be seriously damaged by a few folks who are that easily swayed. In case you haven’t noticed, the ‘other side’ is not doing so well in the PR department. Now that, is something you should be telling ‘those folks’ to a pay attention to.

      • @ButterfliesAreFree

        It’s people’s freedom to use the words that they like. I’m sorry that my english is not as good as yours. curl my hair what? sorry that I’m not native speaker or good student.

        what do you expect for me to answer anyway?
        and I’ve said that I think those stuffs you guys have done are awesome.

      • @ButterfliesAreFree
        “First, I don’t see how making comments in reaction to ‘verified’ behaviors, is going to ‘sway’ the above mentioned folks. We are talking about people expressing their ‘feelings’ about the things HoMin are saying and doing. If you can point out how the comments are ‘lies’ being spread, then do so.”

        Ahh, thank you, BAF. Very well said. You were much more polite than I could have been. Is this the same person who attempted to accuse and needle us into submission with the stinging indictment that ‘some people were becoming ~annoyed~ with the way JYJ’s supporters express themselves?’

        Horrors! We’ve ~annoyed~ Some People!! Let’s all go hide under the bed.

        [This has been a fictional account of one JYJ fan’s (me) reaction to a HoMin Hugger’s fictional accounts of the circumstances in question. There–are we all happy now? No? Why? Because now we are all floundering in Crazy Biased SuppositionLand and we don’t know where we are or what we are even talking about.]

      • @Mommy hen… lol

        I know this is a late reply to your question about who in general calls JYJ stans aggressive, but I’ll give you my “idea” on who these people are.

        A lot (not all) of OT5, YJ fans, HM/SME stans think we are aggressive. Even in my FB page, I see the “friends” I have there talk abt JYJ stans as such, and I also think I know the reason why.

        They think this is not our fight. It’s between JYJ& SME, so we should as someone had put it up there, “know our place”. They also think that JYJ fans are overprotective of JYJ when they already have their lawyers for that for their fight against SME. They think we are “know-it-all”, high and mighty because of the info we’ve gathered about the lawsuit and we’re using it against SME/HM on every occasion we see fit.

        But here’s what I think. We are fighters, much like JYJ. So having said that, how can we fight calmly when SME/HM are using every opportunity to discredit JYJ when JYJ haven’t said anything against the two since the beginning of this whole mess? How can we just watch them, the HOTELS, Int’l versions of HOTELS, and some associations just spread rumors and allegations about JYJ? Do just we wait for these little lies spread like grassfire? True they have their lawyers to fight for them in the courtroom. But these fans also forget that it is US that is the life of an artist. If JYJ loses fans (& potential ones) because of false/twisted information presented as fact, who will wait for them after they win the battle against SME? And would they have been able to stay strong until now if not for us “aggressive” fans? And lastly, who else do we blame if something goes wrong in the natural flow of things for JYJ’s career? Do these fans want us to blame Hitler for it?

        So, yeah. That’s me reasoning. LOL

      • Personally I think that we JYJ fans are passionate, not aggressive, & that we are passionately fighting for the rights, career & happiness of three people we love – you got it – passionately!
        We’re passionate because of JYJ’s passion, their prodigious talents, their utter love for music & singing, & their dedication to doing what they love,with freedom, integrity & self-respect.
        We’re passionate because of the many forces trying to shut them down & destroy their careers.
        We’re passionate because we too want to live in a world where greed, exploitation & abuse isn’t the accepted norm.
        We’re passionate because we care, not just about three men & their career’s, but because we also care about human rights.
        For those who choose to refrain from the fight, such is your right. But please do not label the soldiers leading this fight “too aggressive”. To ignore the abuse of others is to condone that abuse, to condone it is to spread it. That’s not a world I want to live in. & so I’m happy to be a passionate JYJ fan, or even an “aggressive” one for that matter!

      • @Sapphire –
        “But please do not label the soldiers leading this fight “too aggressive”. To ignore the abuse of others is to condone that abuse, to condone it is to spread it. That’s not a world I want to live in. & so I’m happy to be a passionate JYJ fan”

        Nicely said. Far better than my own take on such a crazy supposition as worrying about what “some people” may or may not take offense to, farther down the page. Sheesh!
        We need a better class of trolls around here. This is just too easy sometimes.

  67. I’m dissapointed that those words came out of Homin’s mouths. Even if its not Homin who uttered those words I will be hurt too. Anyone who will say or think badly, falsely of JYJ I get hurt. MUST I let those words simply pass me by because it came from Homin? Those are not rumors, words really came out of their mouths. I’m thinking of things that will cushion the pain of the words maybe Homin are misinformed..but by who? by SM? by their families? but then aren’t they are old enough to “discern” too and make their own stand? Is this really how they look at JYJ now, in their hearts and minds? feel sad also that their words are self incriminating. Damaging own self by own words. not so good words will get not so good reaction. Let’s say Homin or JYJ will say they miss each other..won’t all of us rejoice and cry our hearts out. It’s so hard not to react to what’s happening and what’s being said. I respect Homin’s choice of staying with SM if that decision is the one that will make them happy and be at peace with themselves same way I respect JYJ’s decision to leave because despite the hardships that goes with with it, that’s what will make them happy also. Much as there’s respect it doesn’t feel right if they will talk bad about the other. It doesn’t feel right. Fine if SM talks like crucifying JYJ..fine if SM using all their powers and resources against JYJ, after all this is SM vs. JYJ! Homin saying things against JYJ? must I think it follows because Homin’s still with SM? maybe, that’s the case but I expect more restraint when they speak of JYJ and I’m wishing same from JYJ when they speaks about Homin too. While I can see sincere attempts of fandoms not to fight…it will be hard if JYJ will speak ill of Homin or Homin will speak ill of JYJ. for peace, rather hope they will say good words towards each other then it will generate lots of heartwarming reactions too.

    anyway I think what’s posted are FACTS!

    FACTS should be SHARED! Thanks.

  68. Orly? So, this site started to show its true face after all. Being biased already, while keeping some info :/

    Honestly, believing in something Homin said when it’s well known fact that SM provides some scripts beforehand. When SM keeps tab on what both of them doing, keeping a tighter leash because apparently, SM still doesn’t trust Homin as much. Btw, what their parents think didn’t necessarily means that the kids have the same view.

    And aren’t you sugar-coating something my dear? The truth on why is it Homin didn’t follow JYJ? The background, hidden story…………i think you know what it is. Or you are trying to ignore it. Afterall, there is no such ‘thing’ in Korea, right? Btw, i know it’s complicated, some kind of chain reaction. Everything is connected and it’s harder to sort it out.

    Don’t get it wrong. I’m not an anti-JYJ. In fact, i support them in suing an apparently, money-hungry company. But then, how many times is it that both side said the lawsuit is between JYJ and the company? Not Homin. But people forget that. They tend to think: SM=Homin when the truth is not.

    It looks like i’m done in here. And i thought this site is different from all those site that choosing side already, either Homin or JYJ. Apparently, i’m wrong about this…………

    • Did JYJ ever try to smear Homins character.
      the original chosun article is provided. This is what they said. not an opinion.
      So what you are saying men in their twenties are being completely controlled by a company? They are sm’s puppets? If they are being forced to do this against their wills it is an insult to their intelligence as adult humans with a will and a mind of their own. The second option is that they decided to stay with SM fully knowing they would have to do this and are in agreement with SM.
      Take your pick.
      Either way it aint pretty.

    • “And aren’t you sugar-coating something my dear? The truth on why is it Homin didn’t follow JYJ? The background, hidden story…”
      Please dont leave us dying in suspense *eye roll*
      Elaborate. If you want to give any credibility to your statement. That kind of half baked generalization will get you nowhere here.

      • Oh, indeed. You seem like a person with ALL the facts.
        What the hell are you talking about!??

        Honestly–what is the point, with some people??? Did AKTF5 write that thinking that she was going to actually convince anyone of anything?? Sheesh!

    • This sites stricly for JYJ and defending JYJ from malicious attempt to put them down. and apparently (and sadly if I may say), Homin are doing exactly that right now, defaming and character assasination. Doesn’t matter if it’s SME script or not, but it DOES come of their MOUTH, they SAID it. They should be responsible for what they said, they are adults.

      Honestly, believing in something Homin said when it’s well known fact that SM provides some scripts beforehand. When SM keeps tab on what both of them doing, keeping a tighter leash because apparently, SM still doesn’t trust Homin as much. Btw, what their parents think didn’t necessarily means that the kids have the same view.

      >> So are you saying despite their mature age, Homin are merely puppets to SME ? , your description fits the term SLAVE imho. Pity them for not getting out of SME when the opportunity arise with the JYJ boys to do so.

      And aren’t you sugar-coating something my dear? The truth on why is it Homin didn’t follow JYJ? The background, hidden story…………i think you know what it is. Or you are trying to ignore it. Afterall, there is no such ‘thing’ in Korea, right? Btw, i know it’s complicated, some kind of chain reaction. Everything is connected and it’s harder to sort it out.

      >> What are you talking about ? I don’t get your point.
      What thejyjfiles are presenting are merely facts SAID by HOMIN record on audio and one of the largest newspaper in Korea.

      Don’t get it wrong. I’m not an anti-JYJ. In fact, i support them in suing an apparently, money-hungry company. But then, how many times is it that both side said the lawsuit is between JYJ and the company? Not Homin. But people forget that. They tend to think: SM=Homin when the truth is not.

      >>> We will STOP paying attention to what Homin say if They STOP defaming JYJ by saying or impliying bad things about JYJ’s characters.
      Yes, the lawsuit is between JYJ and the company, so Homin kindly STFU..

    • LOL, this is a JYJ site so of course we’re going to be biased! I see you’re OT5. Great, I’d love to hear your opinion on my thoughts!

      “Cassiopeia, when will you realize that TVXQ is no longer 5? As the largest fandom in Kpop, I am extremely disappointed in you! If you wanted to AKTF and continue as 5, you should have stepped in and stopped SM when they announced that TVXQ will only be HoMin. You had the power to change SM’s decision yet you did what you do best, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!”

      HoMin aren’t children anymore! It doesn’t matter if it was scripted or not. How long do you plan to use that excuse? HoMin chose to stay, well aware of what was expected of them!

      ” The truth on why is it Homin didn’t follow JYJ? The background, hidden story………” Please do continue and explain the truth LOL. This lawsuit is JYJ vs SM so why is HoMin bad mouthing JYJ? You should really understand that we’re not involving HoMin, they’re doing a great job of that on their own 😀

    • Jesus Christ! This is the JYJ FILES fansite, not an OT5 site, of course we support only JYJ and not all 5 of them. You go to an OT5 site and try your luck there, see if you can find serious facts and information about the lawsuit and everything related, especially anything that seems pro-JYJ. People like you keep coming here and telling us HoMin did all those things because SM told them to do. Okay, what else? Why are you so proud to announce that your idols act like real puppets and can’t even do anything in their own wills? Is SM a gang or something? Would HoMin get hanged if they decided not to comment about their former group mates (who had been their close friends and brothers for over 7 years)? And I have to say this to just another person: care to enlighten me with all the “facts” that you have? “The truth on why is it Homin didn’t follow JYJ? The background, hidden story…” I don’t know what it is, so tell me please?

      • @Angie….

        But more importantly…. there IS no more “5 of them.”
        That chapter is OVER.
        It’s pretty clear to me that there’s not going to be any tearful reunions down the road, either.

    • I don’t care why they chose to stay in SM, it’s their own choice and their freedom. What I care about is their continual character assassination.
      SInce you have so obviously hinted that you know something about the why they stayed, why don’t you say something then? To prove that this is site “showed true colours” and is biased? If you have no facts to back up your allegations it is best to keep quiet.

    • “Honestly, believing in something Homin said when it’s well known fact that SM provides some scripts beforehand. When SM keeps tab on what both of them doing, keeping a tighter leash because apparently, SM still doesn’t trust Homin as much. Btw, what their parents think didn’t necessarily means that the kids have the same view. ”

      Are you saying that HoMin don’t have any free will ? That SM are putting words in their mouths and pen in their hands and that HoMin are just following SM’s lead ? Then what does it make them ?
      If HoMin truly disagree with SM and what SM make them say/write, why are they still supporting them ? What’s the point in staying in a company which doesn’t even let you have/form your own opinions ? Are HoMin incapable to fight for their own beliefs and viewpoints ?
      Is it what you’re trying to prove ? Isn’t it even worse than them whole heartedly embracing SM’s point of view ? Because if HoMin are actually “forced” by SM to write and say such things against JYJ, it is really pitiful of them.

      “And aren’t you sugar-coating something my dear? The truth on why is it Homin didn’t follow JYJ? The background, hidden story…………i think you know what it is. Or you are trying to ignore it. Afterall, there is no such ‘thing’ in Korea, right? Btw, i know it’s complicated, some kind of chain reaction. Everything is connected and it’s harder to sort it out. ”

      I’m curious at what exactly you’re trying to imply ? Acting all mysterious isn’t going to make people take you more seriously. If you have facts that we don’t have then, please, share them with us, but don’t start trying to confuse people and stir up troubles if you don’t have anything worth to say. Thanks.

      Don’t get it wrong. I’m not an anti-JYJ. In fact, i support them in suing an apparently, money-hungry company. But then, how many times is it that both side said the lawsuit is between JYJ and the company? Not Homin. But people forget that. They tend to think: SM=Homin when the truth is not.

      When HoMin stop being SM’s “spokermen” then maybe people will also stop thinking that SM=HoMin. Until then, I believe people have all the rights to tie the 2 (SM and HoMin) together since they are defending and promoting the same stance, and this stance is obviously directed against JYJ.

      “It looks like i’m done in here. And i thought this site is different from all those site that choosing side already, either Homin or JYJ. Apparently, i’m wrong about this…………”

      This site has always been clear about the fact that this is a JYJ supporting site, I’m sorry that you didn’t noticed it before. Still, all the articles posted here are backed up by evidences which just can’t be ignored.

      • This is a good comment. I’m going to take it one step further.

        I think JYJ fans are contributing to the confusion of where HoMin stand and what the words they say mean by interpreting their statements as if they are being said from within the context of their long-term relationship with JYJ. This is exactly what SME wants, and we need to stop giving SME what it wants.

        I’m going to start a new campaign — stop taking what HoMin say in their role as SME spokesmen personally. Stop putting them in the context of their personal relationships with JYJ.

        Anything they’ve said in the past 3 months has been in service of SME. It is an important fact to recognize. These comments are part of SME’s assault on JYJ’s careers. By putting them in HoMin’s mouths they are given a lot of power (as the reaction in these comms attest.) but we should try to lessen that power by realizing where these words are coming from and not analyzing every nuance.

        Am I saying that HoMin are SME’s puppets? YES! Absolutely! They have chosen to be exactly that when they re-signed with the company. This time they joined up not as children whose dreams were being manipulated, but knowing exactly what kind of company they were allying with. They did it with open eyes. If I blame them for anything, it is that.

        I think we were all hurt and shocked in January and couldn’t quite believe how strongly they would support SME’s agenda. JYJ’s reaction seems to indicate they were right there with us. But that was two months ago, we should be used to the idea by now that HoMin are giving their 100% support to SME in return for SME supporting them. How they really feel about JYJ is irrelevant to this issue. Until the day comes that they can’t do it anymore and walk away from this mess, they are just another tentacle of the SME monster.

        I advocate interpreting how they behave as simply an extension of SME.

      • I will join the campaign, because I’ve said for a while now, HoMin have become SME’s company spokesmen. In another parlance…’mouth pieces’. This is their CHOICE. Yunho and Changmin, for whatever their reasons are now attached to SME at the hip.

        SME is out to destroy JYJ by any means necessary. They have no qualms on what tactics to use. So, dealing with this concept in mind, please remember, the ENEMY is SME. But if HoMin CHOOSE to step up and issue SME propaganda, I will make reference that is SME’s stand. If they become associated with that tag, again, this is by choice, theirs.

        Calling SME out is showing them we understand what their game plan is. This is not a fanbase that doesn’t understand the issues. We know what is going on. This is an engagement of wills, a battle, a test of endurance, call it by any name you wish.

        However long it takes SME, this fandom, JYJ’s family of fans is not going to be distracted, worn out, or disillusioned. The legal process is tedious, but a necessary process. So, for whatever length of time, WE will be around for the end. WE are going the distance!

        When that end is reached, there will be a whole lot of folks popping champagne bottle corks AROUND THE WORLD. You will clearly hear it because it will be a VERY LARGE bang!

      • @ButterfliesAreFree –
        “However long it takes SME, this fandom, JYJ’s family of fans is not going to be distracted, worn out, or disillusioned. The legal process is tedious, but a necessary process. So, for whatever length of time, WE will be around for the end. WE are going the distance!”

        I am so on board with the entirety of your statement–I can’t tell you. I am arm and arm with you on these virtual barricades. This IS a war, SM will fight to the death to prevail, leave no slimy cheap shot unfired and we [oh, fudge, there I go again] …..

        OK, how about this, Sofly: WE, who have just read the whole post by ButterfliesAreFree above and who spontaneously jumped out of our seats and yelled “YES!!” THIS is what we will do: we will be the first line of defense, endless perseverance and undoubted comfort for JYJ. We will never back down.

      • @Eliza –
        “I advocate interpreting how they behave as simply an extension of SME.”

        This is, I think, an eminently sensible plan. It’s hard. It’s hard not to bristle at YH&CM’s continued assaults. Are these not until very recently, best friends; are they not basically decent men?? No, they are not. Are they not ashamed of themselves?? We’ll never know until they write the tell-all bio. Maybe we do need to get over this. Maybe we continue to take it too much to heart.

        No. I like this plan.

  69. And so it has begun…*sigh*

    As I have made clear on many occasions, SM does NOT = Yunho and Changmin in terms of legal status…and Korean law, like the legal systems in most committed democracies, will protect as much as possible the interests of both sides in a way that neither violates the rights of the other. However, if Yunho and Changmin are not coerced into equating themselves with SM and are doing it willingly with full knowledge of the implications of their actions under the auspices of equality…if they themselves willingly submit to becoming means rather than an end…there is little that can legally stop them….if anything, the framework of the Korea’s identity as a democracy would actually encourage it.

    I thoroughly disapprove of their actions, not because I pass judgment on their moral characters per se, but because it’s simply not advisable or prudent to waive one’s human dignity and character to become absorbed into and identified with a non-natural, heartless (literally) and faceless corporate body.

    Yunho and Changmin would find it best to realise that the only one winning from this arrangement is SM. This would be so even if SM offered the hundreds of billions of won and several more worth of SM’s stocks to get them to say this…just perusing the comments here and elsewhere, I can already see that the damage done to the two’s reputations is irreparable.

    More than anything, this makes me incredibly sad…

  70. guys, Jaejong just few minutes ago tweeting “(Jaejoong) Thank you for overcoming everything and protecting us and loving us, regardless of the feelings of uncertainty from waiting and amidst the unstable fear surrounding us. And I feel thankful once more that there is a sky that protects all the stars who love us. And I admire you all. (10:45pm KST) ” JYJ Fans hwaiting keep support them never feel so proud to be a fan before. screw anyone who trolling in this site.

      • ha ha ha i received your hug, but i must give you some credit because reading you comment its sometimes also open my eyes whats is going on and makes me join this fandom, also for all of you who still defend JYJ cause the deserved it.

      • @JYJ LOver

        At the risk of repeating myself. This is what family does, it keeps the lines of communication open, so that we all get there to the end. Our collective goal as fans is to stick together and be the barrier for JYJ so they can accomplish those dreams they have.

        Along the way, we are going to forge friendships and associations that we can point to with pride and say,
        “I’m glad I was a part of that.” This is the new version of pen pals so to speak. We just get the chance to do it faster than using a postal service. 🙂

    • @JYJ LOver

      Amazing. JYJ LOver, thanks SO much for relaying that. (reading JYJ’s tweets is yet another thing non-Korean speaking i-fans like me are not able to do.)

      I know that the JYJFiles and its fans, its readers and the writers here are making a big difference in keeping up Our Boys’ morale.

      But it’s still nice to hear it from Jae.

  71. Jung Yunho & Shim Changmin, when will you stop to hurt your ex friends aka Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoochun & Kim Junsu’s feeling?
    I know that perhaps you feel bitter about the choice you had chose, but no one force you to stay in SM Entertainment. So instead keep the bitter feeling in your heart, it will be much better if you move on, just like what your ex friends doing right now. Forget about the past, move on & create the new beginning.
    Contrary to JYJ, you have a powerful company to back up your career. If you feel, you failed, don’t blame others especially your ex friends but blame it to yourselves. If you keep blaming others, you will learn nothing & you will fail more deeply.
    Like it or not, deep down in my heart, I still have a soft feeling to you, especially Yunho since I’m Yunjae’s fan, but my heart has a limit. What you had done to JYJ, put more scars in my heart.
    To me, JYJ are like the raw diamonds which become the very expensive diamonds due to every problems they’re facing, they become more mature, act like the real men & act as the champions. You can be like them to if you face the situations with a brave heart, act like a real man not act like a loser.

  72. I’m trying my best to disassociate the company (SME) from its employees (HoMin) because in reality, the company is completely different from the people who work there.

    But sometimes, it’s a very thin line. I agree with some of the comments here. It’s obvious that SME is using HoMin (and sometimes their other SME artists) as their mouthpieces. Now, whether or not the spokesmen/women actually agree with SME’s stance, would always be up to interpretation. Frankly, I don’t care if they had been forced or if it was really their opinions – that would just be a never-ending argument.

    But what I do care about are the statements being said and their implications. The fans who know JYJ might not think much of it but the general public, those who don’t know anything, might be swayed by this “morally weak character” stance. That’s what the JYJ files, by getting this information out, is trying to present – that there ARE people who would be taken in and to be aware that this is SME’s new plan of attack. In a lawsuit this controversial where general public opinion can have a huge effect (because really, if the general public sympathizes with JYJ’s plight and it becomes a social issue, the Korean government would have to step in and regulate the entertainment industry and that’s not really what companies like SME, whose been doing just fine without any government interference, would welcome), every word that comes from both sides is relevant in swaying public opinion. The problem is, one side has more advantage in airing out their stance while the other side has, well, little to no options. As JYJ fans, you can’t expect us not to stand up for them, to not say anything and defend them when their characters are being questioned. Why should we feign ignorance when there could be possible damage and we could have done something to prevent or at least limit that damage?

  73. As much as I want to stay angry at HoMin, I really can’t. My heart breaks knowing they’ve become so bitter and cold. I remember back when they had their comeback, in the interviews, Yunho would have a blank lost expression on his face while Changmin smirked angrily. How can I be angry with them when they’re giving us signs that they need help? Actions speak louder than words, and even though their words have hurt us & JYJ tremendously, their actions are telling me otherwise.

    For the longest time, I feared that JYJ was headed straight for a depression. (All the signs were there.) All three hold a special place in my heart and I didn’t want anyone of them to be hurt anymore. Until recently, things finally started to look up for them. Now that I see them in a better place, I don’t want them to ever go back to what they were months ago. I will do everything I can to not let that happen!

    I’m not a Cassie, I only support JYJ. But that doesn’t mean I wish bad things upon them. HoMin fans (I know you’re lurking here :D) please watch out for these two. Help them overcome this so that they may move on to bigger and better things as well. JYJ has us and many influential people but who does HoMin have? SM is only using them and once they’re done, SM is going to toss them out like trash. Please help them!

    Even though this lawsuit isn’t over and we’ve still got many obstacles in front of us, I have to say THANK YOU to my JYJ family! Especially Jimmie & TheJYJfiles! You all are truly the best!!! ^___^

    • T_T

      That was really nice, yeah I feel the same for Homin, can’t hate them even a bit (sometimes they might dissapoint me but still) Please to all the Homin fans take care of them without hurting anyone else, the same thing goes for the JYJ Family.

      I hope all of us can just move on and be happy…

    • That’s nicely put. I’m at the point where all I feel for them is pity. They are in a awful spot and now just have to make the best of it. When I get angry and disgusted at their comments, it’s SME that I’m angry at. And I am sorry that HoMin have chosen this path.

      I’m with Jaejoong — I just want them to live their lives. Unfortunately, while they are at SME their lives belong to the company.

  74. omg…. homin are so annoying.
    from what homin claimed (the other three are successful at young age, possess lots of things that normal people couldn’t have thus face larger tempation to *money/profit from cosmetic business*)?? a wouldn’t call a person greedy or has lack of moral if the person DESERVE and WORK for all the profit and success that they get. SME is the one who has lack of moral to be such a bloodsucking *moneysucking?* MONSTER. If homin is so kind to donate all their blood and sweat and money to the bloodsucking SME then up to you. but accusing JYJ as having weak moral character? that’s just plain stupid and annoying. i’ll slap you if u are an annoying fly homin. enuff said.

  75. sorry to homin fans out there. i used to be their fan too. but I just cant side with people who cannot use their brain. it is also so frustrating for me to see homin being used by SM. aargghh!! SME! they are the source off all these!!! if im a billionaire then i’ll just buy the company and save homin from being used like stupid puppet.

  76. I’ve just been looking at some uTube videos of JYJ and Jaejoong as they prepare for the Thailand concert which will kick off their 2011 World Tour (!). I want to assure all the JYJFiles faithful that they are not huddling in a corner, freaking out about the latest unfortunate YH&CM utterances. They are waaaay too busy working away like crazy to get ready for the tour. It’s going to be epic. I’m soo jealous of everyone who gets to see it.
    Come on, JYJ–let’s DO this thing!!

    • i know Jaejoong is very busy right now in thailand theres a lot of vid and pic to prove it, and yoochun is busy with his drama but our maknae junsu is really need the vacation since his hardwork with TOH, i am lucky enough they come to Indonesia, so i can watch them live JYJ fandom keep support them

      • really??? you’re in Indonesia?? me too..
        i’m also going to watch JYJ concert ^^
        maybe we can meet there ^^

      • sure dear,
        im at vip a section meet you there, if you heard someone shout jaejoong its me LoL think im not the only one there he he he he

  77. I feel very angry towards HoMin and their fathers. But, I cannot bring myself to hate them. For me, their actions looks like they’re very desperate and stuck in the past (cannot moved on).

    I just pray that somehow they (HoMin) can make peace with their past and moved on with their life. SM please let HoMin, JYJ, and fans moved on with life. It have been too long. Everyone need to moved on with their life ^^

  78. In some ways these 2 have done me a favor. For such a long time I cried and grieved over the tragedy of losing DBSK, with longing for them to somehow work it out. But when HoMin debuted in January with so many hurtful comments towards JYJ, my heart and longing for the 5 of them together just died. Now I don’t even want that anymore. I like JYJ’s pure hearted, creative, free sound. Trying to include these 2 would ruin that.

    HoMin chose this route and it has led them to think and act in this way. I think they made a very bad choice, but it is too late for that, at least for a very very long time. I think JYJ is going to win this thing against SME and HoMin will be left with their regular K-Pop career, for however long it lasts. I think SME will continue to feature them just to protect SM’s their pride and image, so HoMin will not fade away easily.

    But for me, I just feel dead inside when I see them.

    • After one viewing/listening of “Keep Your Head Down” I never wanted to see them again either. Still, when I think of it, it shocks me how they could have done that.

      • “Keep your head down” was written with pure hatred, bitterness and desire of revenge. I feel sorry for HOMIN. If they keep these horrible feelings into their hearts, finally they’ll be destroyed by them.

      • @Shuheilove –

        Agreed. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. The naked hostility. But what I really couldn’t believe was the myriad “OOOoo, cool video!” comments I was reading from all of the HoMin Hugger Cassies.
        Frankly, I was dumbfounded. Were they ~listening~ to the lyrics!?? Was this OK with them??

        Well, not with me. That’s why I am so everlastingly grateful for finding the JYJFiles. Finally, a group of people who overwhelmingly share my views!
        Thank you! Thank you! You can’t know how much I appreciate you all.

      • @ Shuheilove

        Honestly, what struck me when the KYHD controversy first came up wasn’t whether or not the lyrics reflected anything of what HoMin truly felt. Given the context of the comeback and the content of the song, it shouldn’t have taken any stretch of the imagination to predict what sort of reaction KYHD would garner from (at least a portion of ) the public. That SME would then still go ahead and have HoMin promote KYHD…that spoke volumes.

        THAT decision in itself hurts more than the actual lyrics, at least for me. Because that’s deliberateness in its crystal clear form.

        It could truly be just another love song (I facepalm-ed when this argument came up lol)…but then there are so many other love stories to sing about. Other stories that wouldn’t be interpreted this way. KYHD’s content was so blatantly inappropriate for the occasion that to still go ahead with it, well, it’s hard to argue the intention wasn’t there at all.

        And alas, yes, I’m not being explicit with putting the responsibility on HoMin or SME. I’m also kind of losing track of what I was originally saying… Hm…. LOL

        First time speaking up here~ I must say, the comments here really are worth reading. 🙂

      • ^ Errr yeah ok I still don’t have thoughts in order here. But anyway, to be clear, my post above was NOT a post agreeing or disagreeing with anything.

        Just voicing what I thought when KYHD came out. x__x

        In short, I frowned when some argued that the lyrics should be taken at face value as a love song. I didn’t bother with telling them off back then but I thought it in my head. xD; Choosing a promotional track is a deliberate act and choosing KYHD basically acknowledged/approved the inevitable interpretation that it is an attack against JYJ. …unless the decision-making parties wish to argue for their own ignorance and short-sightedness. Which would convince no sane person.

        Upon further reflection, I actually think that KYHD in itself didn’t make me think any differently of HoMin — alas I am human and they are idols (in the dictionary sense of the word)…and so it’s all too easy to assign the blame to an impersonal entity such as SME. So I felt no compulsion to let KYHD hurt my image of them.

        But then the interview answers… I would be lying to say I wasn’t sorely disappointed. Even if the two of them are channels of propaganda for SME, even if for the sake of company solidarity they cannot speak freely and cannot speak only their own words, there is no shirking responsibility for what came out of their mouths.

        I tried being positive about it, but the interviews have made me rather apathetic about the two. Even if this is a battle between the three and SME…

      • @hyo –
        you said
        “That SME would then still go ahead and have HoMin promote KYHD…that spoke volumes. THAT decision in itself hurts more than the actual lyrics, at least for me. Because that’s deliberateness in its crystal clear form.”

        Oh, how great! Yet another thoughtful, well-spoken person to contribute to the discussion. I really love the JYJFiles and was glad to read the entirety of your comments, hyo. I have listened to and read a translation of the lyrics to KYHD exactly once. That was all it took for me to form an opinion and I think it would serve YH&CM well for future reference to understand that this was NOT a wise thing to have gone along with, even giving them the benefit of the doubt about the intense pressure they were most likely under to toe the SM party line. It is ironic, is it not, that CM brought up in a nationally televised interview the subject of upright character vs moral turpitude. What a classic case of projection we have there!

        But again, the second I calm down about YH&CM’s terribly hurtful behavior towards The Three, I just feel so bad for them.

        How badly can you blow it in life? YH&CM Badly.

      • @ Lilibaiyu


        I’m relatively new to kpop and even to this fandom business. Always hesitated about getting to know the singers behind the music since I had felt it required too much emotional investment. Especially given that there always will be drama… But needless to say, I was sucked in. xD; What can I say, lives and variety shows were/are too much fun.

        Anyway, I just don’t see how anyone could have POSSIBLY thought KYHD was appropriate, before OR after the fact. I mean okay, I guess it could serve as some weird form of emotional triumph, but that would just be…hella messed up. How obnoxious could you get?

        And yeah, at the end of the day, YH & CM stand to lose the most.

        And ugh. The knowledge that it is a common tactic makes it no less exasperating when the “morality” card gets played. The problem being addressed is concrete, why the need to lump it together with a far stickier abstract dimension? I’m sure we can all answer that question, but any party for whom that answer applies is automatically on moral low-ground.

        Again, it’s obnoxious.

        Holier than thou? DNW.


        …Okay, fine these last lines are biased. xD;;

      • @ Hyo

        Loved reading your analysis. I especially agree with you concerning KYHD its not the lyrics of the song that made me disappointed but rather the context of the situation. SM wasn’t oblivious to the effect the song would have, they knew but yet went ahead with it knowing very well how volatile the fandom was and also that the ramifications would not only affect jyj but also homin. This battle is between SM and JYJ but yet why would SM involve Homin in the crossfire.

        Thinking about the lawsuit, it never seemed wise for SM to let it go this route. I just don’t see the benefit for them in this war; they still lost jyj and have damaged their reputation and brought unwarranted attention to this sector of the industry which could have been in their interests to keep afar. The only reason I can arrive to for SM’s actions is their ego; their sense of entitlement and ownership over these that these boys won’t survive without them but yet JYJ beat the odds with some failures and mistakes along the way.

        If they knew from the beginning that they could not negotiate with JYJ why not terminate the contract and blacklist these boys and keep the undue attention away from them. To most companies this war would not be worth their time especially if they have other talents available. SM runs a huge risk of losing the lawsuit ( which they should) and from recent accounts from the lawsuit they risk revealing some of the shadiness that occurs in the background. Which company would in essence pull themselves into such a trap. I am no legal expert and have no clue about Korean law but one thing am sure of is that companies would not waste their time or even risk the company’s image for 3 boys whom irrespective of the outcome they’ve lost.

        I try to look at the situation from SM’s perspective and in my opinion it doesn’t seem worth it.

      • @ oo

        I KNOW RIGHT?

        …I want to say more but, yeah, that’s all I’ve got. xD At this point, I’m just wondering what changes will be put forward and how they will be implemented at the end of this lawsuit. And how it will affect the current and future artists and trainees.

    • @hyo
      you said
      “Anyway, I just don’t see how anyone could have POSSIBLY thought KYHD was appropriate, before OR after the fact. I mean okay, I guess it could serve as some weird form of emotional triumph, but that would just be…”

      Hi again,hyo–
      I read the above last night but I was way too fried to give any of your posts beyond the first one anything but a quick read, so now I’ll go back now and add a thought or two of my own.

      This subject of how the video and song KYHD came into existence was so troubling to me. I really needed to bring it up to the members of the JYJFiles because I’ve come to admire and trust the insights and perspectives of the people here. I haven’t checked around much as to other JYJ fan/info sites on the web, but those I have were just a little too “oooooo I LOVE Jae Joong!!!” for me to hang with. I’m interested (really interested) in their music, their songwriting skills, the progression of their careers and this lawsuit.

      But back to my quandary re: the video. I asked the question here, and I got some interesting answers as to how on earth YH&CM could have become involved with this terribly hurtful statement of a song and more importantly, how their fans could be so OK with it, assuming they were all at one point fans of TVXQ. Apparently there’s a whole contingent of HoMin fans who aren’t particularly interested in what I characterized as “the music part.” (they tend to be the ones that scream throughout entire concerts instead of listening, so I was told.) Their primary focus is to ~watch~ and adore the beautiful forms and faces of CM&YH. So anything beyond that is sort of beside the point for them. The lyrics to that song, KYHD? Immaterial to them.

      So this, for me, really explained things. If you don’t care the least little bit about content, you can be free to oogle the video and fall ever deeper in love.

      Which brings me back to the JYJFiles and why I am just so very VERY happy to have found this forum.

      • I found this place because of the petition. 🙂

        But anyway, yeah, that’s the issue inherent with the idol business. Fans are not strict consumers of idol music/posters/the whole array of material goods and services on which it is possible to stick a price tag. And “idol”, the very word says it all.

        Also, bias is one thing — it’s like having rose-colored glasses, key point being that with conscious effort you can still removed yourself from it — but when one sinks even deeper, it endangers one’s judgment. As opposed to glasses, this like having it stitched into the very fabric of your being.

        But I’m actually quite unfamiliar with strictly pro-HoMin-and-anti-JYJ fans, so I can’t say. In all fairness, I’m unfamiliar with JYJ fans too. xD;; I’m like…a very isolated fan…so it’s really informative and interesting to read comments here.

      • ^Damn it it’s been too long since I’ve written anything of decent length in the English language. The mistakes aren’t of importance, but I just have to correct myself:

        “the issue inherent TO the idol business”

        “this IS like having it stitched…”

      • @hyo
        you said “But I’m actually quite unfamiliar with strictly pro-HoMin-and-anti-JYJ fans, so I can’t say. In all fairness, I’m unfamiliar with JYJ fans too. xD;; I’m like…a very isolated fan…so it’s really informative and interesting to read comments here.”

        Well, stick around. There’s good information with even wider ramifications here, thoughtfully presented by remarkably informed, intelligent people. Oh, and I’m here too! lol I have a feeling you’re going to fit right in.

      • @hyo
        you said “^Damn it it’s been too long since I’ve written anything of decent length in the English language. The mistakes aren’t of importance, but I just have to correct myself….”

        hahahahaha Got it, got it. Had it on the first try. This is what I’m saying. The people here are smart. We got it.

        I know, I’m always self-flagellating when I make a typo too (like “honestly” for honesty last night) but people here edit, copywrite and fill in the blanks here! It’s like a miracle! I haven’t been here very long either, but this is the ONE PLACE to be! In my opinion, of course.

        And finally, OMG, DON’T tell me english isn’t your first language….. Now I’m just feeling inadequate.

      • Definitely will stick around!

        It’s really great reading some of the well-articulated and structured comments here. I haven’t really tried going to other sites, but I’ve always been uncomfortable when people launch personal attacks against the other side or employ foul language. Here, it seems that most people conduct themselves in a civil manner, *thumbs up*

      • @ Lilibaiyu

        lol I’m always nervous about posting when I can’t edit. Because even if I proofread (which I usually don’t), I STILL manage to let mistakes slip by. And then I go all ZOMGNOES, because I’m a little OCD like that.

        And yeah, English isn’t my first language. xD But I think it would be fairest if I’m not considered ESL, since I’ve had a good number of years to learn and use it. And having been immersed in an English speaking environment is very helpful, haha~

      • @hyo
        you said “lol I’m always nervous about posting when I can’t edit. Because even if I proofread (which I usually don’t), I STILL manage to let mistakes slip by. And then I go all ZOMGNOES, because I’m a little OCD like that. ”

        Me too. It just drives me crazy. Call it a quirk. I’ve always been a “verbal” person; mutually entertaining discourse is my #1 favorite thing.

        then you said:
        “And yeah, English isn’t my first language. xD But I think it would be fairest if I’m not considered ESL, since I’ve had a good number of years to learn and use it. And having been immersed in an English speaking environment is very helpful…”

        Lordy. [And on a personal note here, I have no idea what ESL stands for.] Now I know how closely linked are the emotions of envy, insecurity and admiration. Maybe there will come a day when I actually Nerve Up, buckle down and learn Korean. I’ve certainly threatened to long enough. In the mean time, I will quietly esteem you.

      • @ Lilibaiyu

        It makes my toes (metaphorically) tingle when I read responses where both the use of language and the thought process are sophisticated.

        ESL = English as a Second Language. xD

        I am very fond of languages, but unfortunately I stopped putting in the effort as I got older. I also don’t read as voraciously as I used to. And with disuse, it is so easy to lose a language. ):

  79. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

    I just receive this message from my supervisor. It fits very well with this situation.

  80. On an infinitely lighter note, a brief programming note:

    For i-fans in the USA, DramaFever has just gotten the full-length movie “Heaven’s Postman” on the site. They also have the series “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in its entirety. All are English sub-titled.
    For those who haven’t checked it out before and are interested in Korean dramas, it’s a fantastic place to get access to loads of great dramas and historical series (my personal faves.) I like to say it’s the best 4.99 I spend all month. That’s for unlimited, no commercial interrupted, high quality live streaming. Jeez, I sound like a commercial for them–sorry! Anyway, if interested, have a look.

  81. Well, Yunho and Changmin are right.
    The fact that JYJ thought they could conquer America speaks volumes about their level of maturity and jugdment.
    People talks about the break up and make a lot of theories and blame SME but we seem to forget something: JYJ was offered the American Dream , fame, the mighty dollar, world recognization, party, hollywood, lifestyle, Kanye , The Kanye West and even Timbaland was mentioned.
    All of this didn’t come from nowhere, this was planned, the one that planned this saw the potential and thought he could have the 5 boys, make them leave their company and exploit said potential, all with the right temptation of course, just the american dream.

    Yunho and Changmin didn’t take the bait, JYJ did and we know the poor results.
    That’s why Yunho talk about success at early age and taking the wrong decisions because of it, Changmin talks about the ability to make good jugdment and they both about being influenced by bad people.
    Because they know, because they were there and because they were proposed the same thing.
    I don’t blame JYJ however, being young is being selfish and at least they tried.
    In order to achieve their own dreams they broke the band, the fandom and the bond between the 5 forever, but well, we can’t have all in this life.
    Right now is only to wait for them to win the lawsuit, we will see what happens next but I think we already know after watching how successful they are as solo artists.
    There is not another path to take really.

    • “All of this didn’t come from nowhere, this was planned, the one that planned this saw the potential and thought he could have the 5 boys, make them leave their company and exploit said potential, all with the right temptation of course, just the american dream.”

      Lol well, that’s a new one. That’s why the initial blame was on Crebeau, right?”

    • Hmmmm…someone has a lot of homework to catch up on.

      You could start by reading the Wikipedia entry on the American Dream.

      I hope for your sake that you’re not an American, because you have a false and extraordinarily juvenile conception of the American Dream. If you are American, please don’t run for office in that country spouting that line on the American Dream…for the sake of other Americans.

      Then I suggest you educate yourself on the basics of the legal systems of democracies that clearly designate that JYJ departing from SM did not have to necessarily break up DBSK…the historical progression of the lawsuit demonstrate for anyone with two functioning brain cells that it was SM’s obstinance that led to the breakup of their own most profitable group.

      • @Jimmie
        “Hmmmm…someone has a lot of homework to catch up on.”

        Re: cmonet’s veritable bouquet of misinformation

        Ahhh, thank you, Jimmie. The prospect of spending a lot of time rebutting cmonet’s stupendously wrong-headed post was daunting. Regarding JYJ’s supposed “failure” in the US, I say, as an American, “Huh!!??” Fans here are BEGGING for their return as a stop on the World Tour 2011 right now. You’d better believe they’ll sell out any venue here they choose to play in.
        You’ll never convince me that SM wasn’t somehow behind their immigration snafu last time around, where they were denied work permits at the last minute, but they came ANYWAY and played for free! We LOVE JYJ here in America and as they come back more often and release more music (not to mention dramas) their popularity will continue to grow. And not just among an Asian fanbase, either. I’m not Asian, have a long history in the music business and I can spot talent when I see it. JYJ are the real deal.

    • I just silently read the comments here, and I’m very amused with yours!. Is this a new story line for JYJ, American Dream Theory , i wonder who’s the script writer, the author and the date of the copyright. I can’t really understand why some people have to look for another underlying story when the the issue in question in here is the unfair contract, point blank = contract (length and distribution of profit, unfair provisions), that’s all. The court rulings say it all why do we have to look for side stories, whether your stories are true or not, they have nothing to do with the unfair contract issue.

    • I wrote this ofter reading Jimmie’s reply:

      The way I describe the American Dream is pursuing your goals without interfering and oppression. As in, working within a society that acknowledges and respects all of your rights, so that not only a few but everyone can prosper. If you think achieving the American Dream is to stand rich among the richest, I don’t know if I should consider you cynical or naive.

      So if they left SME for the American Dream then I say good for them. The have partially achieve it to boot. Within the framework of the Korean entertainment industry they have something that many desire: control over the artistic content and control over their career path. They can create and shape their art. Society now needs to work on the interfering and oppression part.

      In order to achieve their own dreams they broke the band, the fandom and the bond between the 5 forever, but well, we can’t have all in this life.

      In order to achieve that American Dream they had to break free of that that constrained them. You and many look at it as a bad thing that stems from having bad judgement. I don’t. To risk their long term career, to upset the status quo, to leave behind that which is “secure” and trust their own abilities and willpower that they can make it on their own… that’s something to admire. Alas! The problem is that’s the dream I think they left for and you don’t. So we approach this from different starting points.
      Also learn to separate business from personal relationships. A relationship can only be maintained if both sides work for it.

      • To risk their long term career, to upset the status quo, to leave behind that which is “secure” and trust their own abilities and willpower that they can make it on their own… that’s something to admire => love this

        leaving your comfort zone is difficult, and very difficult if you do it in your peak zone (like homin said)
        its like jaechun tatto always keep the faith its about always keep their principles and believes and they believes in their dream (i just know its from ELLE TV he he he). Fell sorry if homin dont have the same dream. and for the first time i say this thanks god TVXQ is splitting if not i will never see Musical Actor Junsu, Actor Yoochun and my fave Stage Director Jaejoong.

    • @cmonet

      Who gave you that nonsense to spew here? Go back and tell them, IT IS NOT WORKING!

      By the way, I’m American, as Bruce Springsteen says. ‘Born In the USA’, and if JYJ wants to take advantage of the American Dream, they have MY permission to do so. Got It?


      • For all your efforts, you all have not been able to derail JYJ’s success. What a pity your efforts have been for nothing. At least you can say, you gave it the old college try.

        The only other thing I want to say to YOU and ALL the rest of your ‘posse’ – IT MUST SUCK BEING YOU!

        Have a good day now, ok?

      • @Butterflies AreFree
        “The only other thing I want to say to YOU and ALL the rest of your ‘posse’ – IT MUST SUCK BEING YOU!
        Have a good day now, ok?”

        I do think it bears repeating, though: To the Guest Supporters of YH&CM (see how nice I was?) ….

        Your boys are in trouble, as has already been noted here. They are playing a particularly sad kind of permanently-on-the-defensive, low-minded ballgame right now. They need all of your support, interaction and good will, ASAP. You are wasting valuable back-patting time with them doing Troll Patrol here on JYJFiles, where we can spot you a mile away and nobody’s buying what you’re trying to sell. The career future for YH&CM is looking bleaker by the day. They will not, repeat NOT be able to sustain a career on their talents alone and if SM stops bankrolling the over-lavish productions, as 2 former idols without a contract they’re in for a hard slog, which will be unpleasant and humiliating. They need all of your tender loving attentions 24-7 for the foreseeable future, so get to it! Namaste!

    • HoMin lurker! 🙂 There is no point arguing against you because it’ll just be a waste of my time and energy. The only thing I will say is you need to take care of your precious HoMin better. I don’t hate HoMin or you, in fact, I pity all of you. Seeing how Yunho & Changmin didnt take the bait, and how they have the ability to make good judgements as well as not be influenced by bad people, why are they so miserable? Why are YOU so bitter? Smart and honorable people don’t act and say things like Yunho & Changmin, far from it! They words as well as actions put them on the same level as my trash outside. Used & dirty!

      Instead of giving us your “opinion”, you should be more focused on how you can help TVXQ2. (You should seriously huddle up with all your “friends” and figure out what to do when SM is done with them.) Help them get over the past and start a new future. Give them new attitudes, better personalities and a sense of humor. Show them that you love them and will support them. And most importantly, show them that you care! HoMin are two lost and confused souls looking for help. As their fans, it is your duty to help them overcome all this so that they can be in a bigger and better place. Give them what they’ve been searching for this whole time, HAPPINESS!

      • I’m with you , you say it right!
        but I’m really pissed of this statement “Yunho and Changmin didn’t take the bait, JYJ did and we know the poor results.”
        Granted cmonet’s script to be true for the sake of discussion, there’s this american dream bait and Homin didn’t take the bait not because they have good judgement but I think it’s all due to their insecurity of their talents and capabilities , and JYJ have all the potentials to move forward, that’s it, end of your made-up story!

      • I give you props for always being so nice 😛 cause you know I’d say f*** off troll! LMAO

    • hi cmonet,

      what you try to do its not working here, they already out from SM before the “American Dream” theory u said is offered. they are at avex at that time. and if JYJ take that “American Dream” its because Avex kick them over SM. so please like jimmie said “do you homework” ganbatte nee

      • If my memory serves me right, all the press release regarding their english album was that it is mostly for Asian countries, well english being the international language.
        So i can’t seriously comprehend where that ‘American Dream’ (taken literally) came from.

      • @yhen13 the american dream its what monet try to bull on us, im indonesian not really now about american dream except to struggle in america to become better than before. and from i know before the album is release the billboard already announce it, and i think billboard will sell in USA right ? please correct me if im wrong in my perception.

    • @cmonet


      This is so left of center that I can only assume you have just escaped from your local loony bin, & are currently giggling like a crazed hyena in some internet cafe somewhere posting delusional garbage on issues you obviously know nothing about. Please don’t resist when the men in white coats come to take you back to your padded cell. Some quiet, peaceful time, & maybe some heavy duty electric shock therapy MIGHT just fire those brain-dead cells of yours up again. Note that I did say might. Cause the diagnosis is really not looking good!

      • You’re the best..I’m really laughing right now, thanks for your comment, it brings laughter in this time of global crisis!

    • “Mouth speaks what is in the heart”. It seems you’ve a very envy and rotten heart. @cmonet; ¿Are you some kind of “demoniac beast” sent to destroy weak minds? Sorry, but we aren’t weak-minded here. You’re losing your time. None of your bad intended words are true; not even one. ¿Do you think we are ignorant fans? You’re wrong again. We are very intelligent, clever, well-informed, and above all, we know what kind of persons are our beloved JYJ boys from head to toe, so we prefer to be loyal to them and let you fall into the deep black hole where you belong.

  82. @cmonet
    ”JYJ was offered the American Dream , fame, the mighty dollar, world recognization, party, hollywood, lifestyle, Kanye , The Kanye West and even Timbaland was mentioned. All of this didn ’t come from nowhere, this was planned, the one that planned this saw the potential and thought he could have the 5 boys, make them leave their company and exploit said potential, all with the right temptation of course, just the american dream.”

    Lol.. Because that, Yunho and Changmin are right to badmout toward her friends???
    It show who is low attitude,,,

    just leave jyj,, n live in ur life

  83. @cmonet
    “Yunho and Changmin didn’t take the bait, JYJ did and we know the poor results.”

    What poor results?
    Kim Jaejoong-Show Director
    Kim Junsu-talented musical actor with ‘sold-out’ labeled on him
    Park Yoochun-award winning actor

    Group JYJ is donating 600 million KRW (approximately 600,000 USD), which is the full amount of the goal for emergency relief donations by World Vision for areas which suffered the most serious harms due to Japan’s Earthquake.

    Cmonet, you must tell me, what are the poor results that JYJ have.

    • @Puti Ramli –

      There were no “poor results.” I’m here in the USA, there WERE no “poor results.” It was a DEBUT, for heavens sakes: did cmonet and her ilk expect Instant Elvis or something? This person is either a) delusional or b) a creator of particularly ill-intentioned fiction.

      And again, I have to ask, what do these Trolls get out of coming here and spouting nonsense?? Do they for one second expect the readers of the JYJFiles to read their bizarre fantasies and say to themselves, “Holy Crap, how wrong we’ve all been!”

      Please Trolls: listen up. We’re intelligent here. You’re just making yourself look bad. Go away.

      • @Lilibaiyu

        You have made my day. Back-patting time, Troll Patrol, Instant Elvis…ROFLMAO. Thank you!

      • @ButterfliesAreFree

        Right back atcha, girlfriend. Your several comments today were inspired and inspiring.


  84. Lilibaiyu:
    All right, first I’m not selling nothing, second of all, speak for yourself, do not use “we” please, anyways, thank you for your best wishes.

    You are not rude and ironic, thank you so much, I already read a few transcripts about that meeting some biased (from both sides) others not and my POV is that HoMin were bashed because no one in that meeting was there to agree or deny all the statements about them, imagine if someone held a meeting and make statements about your person and you are not there to clarify, that meeting wasn’t public and it was inmature, even when Junsu’s father said “do it wisely”.
    About your last point HoMin didn’t said nothing behind JYJ, they didn’t ask their parents to hold a secret meeting to use fans to do the dirty job.
    You can’t take responsability for others acts but yours.
    I do not hate JYJ, of course not, because my parents didn’t teach me that and I guess there is no room in my heart for that, but I’m from Mexico, so when I knew about the lawsuit I searched info about that, all I can read was: homin are traitors, they are puppets of sm/stupid Yunho’s father/poor JYJ/etc.; statements very rude against homin, I didn’t know what to think (my favorites were Junsu and Changmin), then when I knew about 6.25 meeting I understood the genesis of that rumors, I didn’t read things against JYJ. You have your opinion, I have mine but people can agree or disagree, that doesn’t mean you have to said ugly things to convince others or even lie. All human beings at least once gossiped but it’s pretty different when you spread those lies for your own good, do not destroy someone’s reputation just to clean yours, if they claimed there were a 6.23 meeting (still I can’t find it, if you find it please let me know), you have to follow the silver rule, I hope you can understand me. I respect JYJ decision to leave SM but that meeting was so wrong.
    P.S. Sorry for my poor english.
    Have a nice day.

    • @ Sofly,
      That you didn’t see any bashing against JYJ doesn’t mean those bad words don’t exist. I’ve seen too many harsh comments on JYJ (very mean and nasty words), and it hurts my heart. This is practically the most rational site I’ve been to.

      • btw, most of bashings I saw were mainly in Chinese and Japanese, maybe that’s the reason why you didn’t see any. But even on youtube you can still see many hotel girls and other only-fans bombarding JYJ.

      • @Linde:

        “That you didn’t see any bashing against JYJ doesn’t mean those bad words don’t exist. I’ve seen too many harsh comments on JYJ (very mean and nasty words), and it hurts my heart. This is practically the most rational site I’ve been to”

        You are right, I said “all I can read”, but it’s an expression, is not absolute or restrictive phrase, in spanish we use it, it’s something like “todo lo que podìa ver” that doesn’t mean I didn’t see bad words against JYJ, but like I said to @coffee craze “I barely read ugly things about JYJ”.
        I ‘ve seen many harsh comments on HOMIN in this site and my heart hurts too. Some of you, said awful things about HOMIN, you can read it.

        ” btw, most of bashings I saw were mainly in Chinese and Japanese, maybe that’s the reason why you didn’t see any. But even on youtube you can still see many hotel girls and other only-fans bombarding JYJ”.

        Maybe they have more info than us, I do not know what you call “bashing” I call bashing when you say things that you do not have proof and you spread those rumors, I call “bashing” what JYJ families did to HOMIN and their families, ask yourself if that action it’s right, be sincere please, would you do that to your own friends or even if they are not your friends?. Somehow I justify to the fans of the reunion but not the parents, maybe this little kids were silly and inmature (under age maybe, I really want to believe it was like that) but the parents should defend their own children without using fans, that was low in so many levels. I don’t know Chinese or Japanese, my bad I guess, maybe JYJ were bashed for that meeting, you should know better.

        When I want to say something, I say it for my own, I do not use my little cousins to say what I want to say. I’m not like that, I’m brave enough to say whatever I want.

        Have a nice day my dear. Thank you for your kind reply.