[News] (Why) “Save JYJ” 80,000 Fans of the Korean Wave from 118 Nations Submit Petition to Court

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Source: Chosun.com

Translation by: Inklette of DNBN

Shared by: TheJYJFiles

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56 thoughts on “[News] (Why) “Save JYJ” 80,000 Fans of the Korean Wave from 118 Nations Submit Petition to Court

  1. lol, the naysayers on this petition need to read this and weep. Just getting news coverage the way this has makes it successful already. It gives it even more legitimacy.

  2. Thank you so much to theJYJfiles and esp Jimmie Kim.

    But I think the reporter missed the main point which is that JYJ are still not able to perform even though the court made that ruling. The court so far seems to be acting in a way that is respectable, but the broadcast companies are still acting in a way that is tarnishing Korea’s reputation. It leads one to think that the lawmakers and those that oversee the broadcasters are not acting responsibly.

  3. I just read this like 2mins ago and “copy paste” what i said on JYJ3…


  4. Seriously, I have goosebumps while reading this. I couldn’t help but nod in agreement with the article (of course, my family and I signed this petition hehe)..

    Jimmie, what you guys did, just brought the Korean wave to a higher level of prominence, all in a good way. That you work for the OHCHR of the UN just made the issue more prominent, elevating it to a more profound example of HR violation and possibly causing drastic consequences (again in a good way).

    I wonder how JYJ must feel after reading this and knowing that the issue has caught the attention of the Chosun Ilbo no less. What a lucky day that you learned of this issue through SKKS.


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  6. I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the “American law school student from an elite institution” and our webmaster, who both stayed up nights with me to draft this Petition and all that followed after. And a BIG HUG to our chief editor and all the staff writers of The JYJ Files who did so much more than go along with this crazy project. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! ^^

    • your team is an inspiration.. and am so glad to be part of this fandom.. because all of you are KICK ASS intelligent..

      • @ jenknight18, I wonder if you are the same jenknight18 in Soompi, if so Pinoy ka din pala, hope to met you soon!

    • THANK YOU ALL!!! Kind Jimmie, intelligent American Law school student, Smart Webmaster, Hardworking Chief Editor & All Staff Writers of the JYJ Files…. BIG HUGS & KISSES……

    • Dearest Jimmie,
      I believed every single one who is in this fandom or outside will be very moved by what you and your ‘team-mates’ had done for this JYJ fandom. All hard work with so many late nights to get stack of documents to be submitted before the date line.
      Jimmie, your efforts will be remembered by those who are watching the whole JYJ petition saga. I am very thankful that you actually come along in the nick of time for this ‘messy’ lawsuit.With your status and drive, this lawsuit is somehow ‘more’ open with more public awareness through media and everyone here. If not, then this ‘mess’ probably will be another previous boy band settlement like in the past and there will be more cases alike take place again. I know it is still early to say anything now but what everyone has done here is something amazing.Good job, everybody !

  7. And KISSES to all 87,0000 of you who signed the petition! Without you, this article would simply not have been possible. If I had enough money and about 80,000 more arms, I would be pouring and treating you all to drinks ^^.

  8. congrats and thank you to Jimmie Unnie thejyjfiles admins and other unnies oppas who worked hard on this petition =D your dedication and hard work paid off! and i’m proud to say i’m one of the 87000 who signed the petition XDDD proud of us JYJ fans let’s keep working hard ^^

  9. Thank you for this article and for organizing the petition. It bothers me that some people think fans should just keep quiet and not do anything or that fan-organized activities like this petition and the ads (subway and bus) are pointless.

  10. Jimmie, I take my hat off before you. You have a very impressive résumé. To have participated in the petition with my daughter makes me feel very proud and happy. Thank you JYJ Files’ Ceci and staff, thank you American Law Student, THANK YOU, Jimmie my friend. My heart is glowing.

  11. sooo happy * copy again*
    yes, Thank you Jimme, thank you all Admins Thejyjfiles, JYJ3, all site and who support, sign the petition. That really AWESOME i can feel it effect!!!

  12. A big hug to Jimmie K, JYJFiles, JYJ3 and all those supporting sites and all fans of JYJ for making this such an impact on Korean music industries. I hardly know any Korean music , I only follow JYJ as i fall in love with their song during my SKKS addict, thus registered myself as JYJ fans. Jimmie, such a young intelligent lady, with such calibre can also become an inspiration to our young JYJ fans. ( i have notice Jimmie before but never knew she is very young. I really really salute you, and consider me as your fan too.)

  13. Once again I’m in awe with what have we done. My deepest gratitude to theJYJFiles admins and Jimmie, and every person who signed the petition. I have a feeling it will make an impact on Tuesday’s court decision and as much as I try not to let my hopes up, I can’t help but feel optimistic^^
    Thank you!!!!

  14. Like everyone here, I’m gratified and proud to be part of this wonderful petition movement. I’ve an idea and would like to know what you all think (since I value your opinions)—-what about doing a donation drive from jyj-fans (international & korean) for Japan’s disaster relief in jyj’s name? I’ve donated to Red Cross in the past for many world natural disasters (eg China and Haiti’s earthquakes etc etc) and most recently also to Children of the Night (an American-based charity for abused children; the latter was a very substantial amount which I actually submitted in JYJ’s name). I’m a firm believer in “do unto others what you’d have others do unto you” and karma (however long it may take to arrive). Since I plan to donate in Japan’s disaster relief anyway, I’d really like to do it in JYJ’s name. In light of JYJ’s recent difficulties in Japan, a big drive like this will help to keep JYJ fresh in BigEast/Japan’s minds, increase their overall goodwill with the Japanese fans by reminding them that JYJ is thinking of them in their time of trouble (esp since I’ve YET to hear of any other korean-idol/idol-group saying or doing anything to help at this time, which sends a strong negative message that the typical k-idol’s concern about Japan is purely monetary.) Knowing how much JYJ misses performing in Japan & all their Japanese friends over there, it would serve as a politic and positive gesture that JYJ (as an integral part of J-pop there) is different from all the mercenary Hallyu-stars. Last, it will be wonderful if jyjfiles/Jimmie can help organize a donation drive like this (considering what a commendable job they did with the petition). What do you guys think?

    • It appears a group of people are already spearheading this project: http://sharingyoochun.net/2011/03/12/project-tohoquake-tohoku-earthquake-fund-raising-project/

      Perhaps you can join forces with these people.

      Of course, it’ll be under the “Cassiopeia” organisational umbrella, which now has politically sensitive connotations, so I would understand if you’d rather not join their efforts. On the other hand, if you launch a JYJ-only initiative, it might look like you’re competing with this other project and might raise suspicions of intent to divide the fandom.

      • hmmm…
        I believe Mr. Egg mentioned the initiative for a donation drive through JYJ’s Foundation… Will it be okay then if we help them through that?
        It’s not an issue of dividing the fandom, anyway people will still think what they want even if it’s not what we intend to do, so what do you guys think? I want JYJ Family to extend our hands to our Japanese friends too…

      • @Jimmie….
        I think I’ll be joining Mr.Egg donation project since it’s on behalf of JYJ. Anyway….thank you so much for the information.. 🙂

      • Thank you for the info. I checked out the syc project but as you guessed, I’d much rather use this opportunity for only the JYJ boys (though I’ll always treasure my memories of the 5 together) to receive full credit as inspiration for the donations.
        However, I’d love to participate in Elboweyish (JYJ´s friend aka Egg)’s Facebook donation project as suggested by menyus and hope everyone join in on that.
        I too agree with menyus’ comment (below) that if we unite and concentrate our donations to a single donation source on JYJ’s behalf, the impact will be much more significant/meaningful for JYJ. Just look at what the petition has already achieved so far by shining the international spotlight on the injustices in jyj’s case.
        Am hoping to learn more on Mr Egg’s project very soon (since timing is extremely critical to those in need in Japan).
        Perhaps once the full details are released, jyjfiles can kindly please post a little informative article on it (so folks here can easily RT or forward that out to other known JYJ sites like jyj3, jyj forum on soompi, always keep the faith etcetc to get even more support for the project)?

    • It´s a good idea, but Elboweyish (JYJ´s friend aka Egg) is also planning something similar. Here is his tweet:
      “Dear Fans, I will announce a Japanese Relief Fund on Monday to help the victims of this tragedy. Please be generous and donate. #JYJCF”

      “Please join http://www.facebook.com/JYJCF for more information and updates on this project. We will be donating on behalf of JYJ. #JYJCF”

      I think it would have a bigger impact if everyone joined together and donated to one place. ^^

      • Thank you so much for your helpful information. I’d love to participate in this project. Timing is absolutely critical so I hope full details are released today.
        Believe it or not, I’m 1 of the last holdouts in joining the social-media revolution and have been staunchly defying the urge to post/blog on any types of social forums (though I’ll confess to lurking on this and other jyj sites). However, between jyjfiles/Jimmie and you guys here, you’ve finally dragged me kicking & screaming out of my comfortable cave (Aaarghh!) and over to the Dark side of Facebook (cue *melodramatic sound effect dum dum dummmm*) today!
        See what I’ll do for those boys……

      • From John the Egg’s Official Egglebrity Site on Facebook …”The JYJCF Japanese relief fund is online now! Please go make a donation and PLEASEEE help spread the word!!! It doesn’t have to be just JYJ fans, please ask all your friends!!!”
        It’s called the JYJ Charity Foundation Japan Relief Funds, to go towards the Save the Children charity organization, online now at FirstGiving. The direct link is http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/JYJCF/japan.
        I’d actually thought it’d be the Red Cross but knowing JYJ’s famous soft spot for kids, Save the Children actually makes more sense.
        Please help spread the word and show our support. Together we can make a real difference and as Ghandi said “…BE the change you want to see in the world”.

  15. I’m so happy and thankful.

    God bless you Jimmie and your hardworking team that made this great project possible and succesful.

    JYJ supporters, hwaiting!

    We can make a change for JYJ.

  16. Thanks everyone in TheJYJfiles team for all your efforts & hard works that you all have put in for this petition project.

  17. keep up the spirit……!!!!! thank so much for you guys’ time and effort forJYJ’s basic human right……..!!!!! We as normal people have warm blood and heart to fight for JUSTICE……!!!!

  18. Thank u Jimmie and admins.. I have been following this site since the first post after I stumble upon u guys from twitter. Never would have I thought it will come to these. Thank U again. For giving ifans a way to express our frustration and help JYJ. Kudos!

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  20. Dear TheJYJFiles, my hearfelt thanks for acknowledging our existence and valuing our voices. The sheer number of petitioners reflects a potentially exponential economic force to be reckoned with. It is encouraging to know that we are heard. Shouts of joy!

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  26. KEEP FIGHTING! this is just the start! we have made advances to make our boys “free” in the TRUEST sense of the word. until we have reached that goal are we able to get true happiness. but for now, every bit of article such as this will make it bearable and make us wait longer. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU GUYS. my gratefulness exceeds the words i have said. i am grateful to have fellow guys like you whom i share the same passion. thank you for becoming the voice of the fans. ❤

  27. KFCAI needs to seriously apologize to JYJ and the fans for saying in public that the trio will give Hallyu a bad image.. And why haven’t they made any announcements yet?? where the hell are they.. their supposed to announce and issue a statement of lifting their recommendation to prevent JYJ from appearing on Broadcasts.. Can’t the court order that???? Is that KFCAI that powerful ?? SM does not need to interfere because the organization that requested the ban has not been ordered to lift it yet>>>>>>>>>
    We need to put pressure and demand some response from them,

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