[RECRUITMENT] JYJ Internet Music Station

TheJYJFiles note: JYJ Radio is not affiliated with TheJYJFiles. We’re helping spread this recruitment notice because we hope that a JYJ internet radio station will come to fruition.

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49 thoughts on “[RECRUITMENT] JYJ Internet Music Station

  1. OMG seriouslyy my tears. >.< This is just WOW.
    I wish i can helpp BUT the skills required for this, I really don't have.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for opening up the project. It looks very professional and organized. I hope we will pull this through and show them the power of fans.

  3. I just checked her youtube channel and she said that her channel will also be dedicated to Homin and Super Junior. So does this mean that this radio will also show Homin and DBSK5 music? I’m really confused!!

  4. ILoveJYJ shuts down and this one opens. Seems like this a entire different management, which i’m grateful for. Will this be as big as ILoveJYJ, to reach the news? I’m sure JYJ must have been hurt over what had happened, but this is good news. This will probably bring their moods back up 🙂

    I wish I can apply but this will require a lot of dedication which I might not have time for unfortunately.

  5. Not trying to be rude but let’s all tread carefully! I won’t be able to offer my services (don’t qualify) but I will donate after I’ve confirmed a few things 🙂

    • Thank you for offering to donate.
      If you want to confirm something, please don’t hesitate to email us.
      We will respond rapidly to any question or doubt.

      I have decided that for the first month, I will pay for the fees of running the system, because I was there at JYJ’s LA showcase, and they didn’t take my money, so I’m giving it back to JYJ in this manner.
      ~This announcement will be make official soon~

  6. i’m not qualified at all!
    but here’s my good wishes for u…
    May everything goes on smoothly
    n may this be a great success!

    JYJRadio Fighting!

    • We are working out the details, and putting together a temporary place for the information to all be located, until the real website is created with the station on that website.

      When? is unknown at the moment until the staff needed has been found. At the moment, we are putting together a team.

      Where? It will be online, on it’s own website, just like any american radio station has, and viewable to everyone around the world.
      More information will be provided once we get to that point.

  7. It sounds great. Please, let me know, ¿Where is the station located? It seems to me that it’s somewhere in North America. This isn’t a Korean project. ¿Am I right or wrong? Please, clarify and give us more information. Thanks.

    • At this very moment, staff have been creating this wordpress as a temporary site, and more information will be provided.

      As for your question.
      No, This is not a korean project. We kinda want to keep it in the hands of the international fans and done mostly through America if things need to be bought and etc.
      We are doing it away from SM and AVEX in case they don’t like what we are doing, and outside korea.

      The main language will be in English, and then we have translators who will translate everything into various languages, at the moment, viet, korean, chinese, and malaysian.. (more translators are coming.)

      At the moment, we are working on the technical stuff, bring in computer engineers, and more information will be provided.

      • We are doing it away from SM and AVEX in case they don’t like what we are doing, and outside korea.

        Wait a minute, why would SME or Avex care if a radio station is playing their music. Don’t you plan on paying royalties for the use of JYJ’s music? Have you checked with the local regulators? I think it’s SoundExchange (www.soundexchange.com) that collects them for internet broadcasts in the US.

      • Sm and AVEX may care that when our shows start, every little thing they have done to JYJ will be broadcasted to the world starting with 4 different languages and soon to be more languages.
        There will be a show that airs that talks about what is going on legally with them and JYJ.

        We will do everything legally, and we are seeking the advice from experts before we release any official news.

      • Sorry for being a bit panicky, but after the issues with the TV station, even the slightest thing seems to toss up red flags. Thanks for responding to all the questions here.

        An editorial show. 😀 😀 That sounds VERY interesting. Good luck! I look forward to air date.

      • Your opinions matter to us, ^-^ .
        We will set up a poll soon to see the Fans opinions about a few things.

        1. We don’t plan on playing any music that SM has rights to, because we don’t want any of the fans donations to go to SM as long as SM is treating JYJ in this unlawful manner.
        2. We don’t plan on playing any music AVEX has rights to, unless JYJ are able to profit from it. We will personally try and contact Cjes to see if JYJ will benefit from those songs. If not, it will be up to the fans on whether or not their donations go to Avex.

        Personally, I only want to play songs where JYJ can profit, but in the end, we want to hear the fans opinions on this matter.
        So look for this poll soon..

      • If you need translators, maybe I could help you with the spanish. If you want me to help you with english-spanish, spanish-english translations, I’ll be glad to (I’ve worked with World Vision International as a translator). JYJ have a big spanish-speaker fandom in Central and South America, and I think in Spain too.

  8. WOW! U guys are fast! i just mentioned some days ago that i was wishing the Int’l fans will make a radio broadcast like the one Kfans made so everyone can understand the contents and HERE YOU ARE! Just wow! this is amazing!
    I wish you success! I just can’t apply coz I’m not qualified… T^T

    But yeah~! I support this all the way!

    • Thank you for the support.

      Our station will be audio only though, and we plan on running it differently than how the korean fans created theirs.
      But it will be multilinguel, once we launch the system.

      • Wow i’m ever amazed by the dedication of fans! We will definitely be looking forward to this radio station. I think it’s good that you guys are taking things one at a time and not try to do too many things at one go. It must be hard work having to work out all the details, especially the legal aspects such as copyright issues etc. I think we must be careful with that, as we learn from the experience of ILoveJYJ project. All the best to your efforts!

  9. is this for real? wow you guys are fast. fingers cross for it to really happen. and can i suggest that the radio can actually have a section for unhyped talent? I feel like Kpop=Idols music nowdays, there’s more to Kpop than Idol/those big company generated music. We need to bring their stuck-up attitude to the ground, in the same time popularize underground music, since JYJ pretty much underground music at the moment. It might bring more diverse demographic of music lovers too. This might bring new lights to JYJ fandom as well. Well my opinion only though.

    • I think this is a GREAT idea! And I even have a suggestion for JYJradio in this domain. Have you heard of DFSB Kollective? They are the main distributors of Korean music through iTunes in America, but the great thing about this venture is that the profit they make through distributing mainstream kpop music, they re-invest into promoting Korean indie music (not to mention, they give a bigger cut of the distribution profit to the actual artists than, say, melon or other Korean online music distributors). They have a website (http://www.dfsb.kr/) and a twitter account too (http://twitter.com/DFSB_Kollective). I suggest JYJradio contact them about a possible partnership or collaboration on a corner promoting Korean indie music. You never know, they might say yes and this might open doors for JYJ online through DFSB and, as 9mm said, expand the fanbase (for both JYJ and Korean indie) ^^. Fighting!

      • I love you, Jimmie. Always giving me great ideas.
        At the moment, I have arranged a talk with a president of an online succesful internet broadcasting radio station, and he’s gonna listen and see if there is a way to help us out. He’s interested in what we are doing.

        But can you email me more about Korean indie music, I’m not sure quite what it is.

      • Jimmie and all strong supporters are really amazing, your ways of supporting are beyond words at most time. Everytime I read posts from you guys, everyone is so driven and I noticed these days,I do things that I don’t usually do. I am just amazed.
        And I am very happy just to see more positive minds.

    • I actually have a group of unsigned artists who are willing to let us play their music for free, when that time comes, when we start our shows.
      We will open the doors for other artists, once the time comes, artists like pumashock.
      I am also talking with a Real Producing Group who may offer to help us out, but are waiting, since they have their own artists to support.

      • Gah!!!! im so excited with this. God Im dying to listen to more indie music, I get few suggestion from people here and i did check…damn they good. I seriously love Standing Egg and been a fan of Sungha Jung. I know there more to SKorea than those generic, over rated so called talented idol. Some of them, yes have the talent but to actually feeding us especially international listener as if Kpop=Korean music, is a real shame. Im surprised that Kpop seems so limited and lacks of diversity. The idol music is so generic, meaningless and stereotype. Music is not equal to image/concept/looks/scripted jokes etc. Its a sad sight to see how degrading the mainstream music value in SKorea.

      • we are going to be careful with AVEX!
        I have my suspensions about something AVEX is doing which is close to being illegal, but SM and AVEX are burying the evidence.

        Illegal, because SM must pay jyj a certain amount now everytime they interfere, and SM will start burying the evidence, and burning things, and….
        (I have a wild imagination, but..)

        we will be careful with every move

    • @JYJradio

      It’s been a while since I followed the Korean indie scene and it’s always changing in genre and style, though most of the times it’s gathered around music bands that play at venues in Hongik University. When I was into it in the early 2000s, the popular indie genre of the time was punk rock…groups like Cherry Filter and Crying Nut were really popular and even went mainstream. Nowadays, the indie scene in Korean boasts of experimental genre mashes…musicians are trying to incorporate jazz with electro and R&B for example. For a general overview of Korean indie, I would check out the artists of the Fluxus Entertainment label (Clazziquai, Winterplay, etc…) and the artists that DFSB Kollective promote on their website.

      While it is a shame that JYJ are being blocked from the normal media channels open to other idols, I don’t think it’s entirely bad associating them with Korean indie and promoting them almost as another indie group. It might (finally) give the group recognition for the musical talents and attach an artistic legitimacy to them that Korean idol groups simply do not enjoy. Then, when JYJ are able to appear in front of the mass public again, it will become clear to everyone that their fanbase has grown to the indie crowd and stronger for it.

      • I have heard of Clazziquia, although their music isn’t my personal cup of tea, it is very unique. I really enjoy 8eight, one of the few popular korean groups that was a group before debuting, I believe they won a singing contest.
        But I’ll look into it.

        At the moment, our plan is to set up the website and station ove the next few weeks, making it private to certain people (don’t want it to crash), and then figuring out the legal issues, and talking with avex and cjes, and others, and then opening it up.
        And from there, we can grow overtime transforming it into a real radio station (our model being American style)
        However, nothing is final yet, but at the moment, we really need a website designer, and some computer engineers, and then will be able to give out more information once we have them.

  10. Jimmie, as always you amazing us with your great and clever ideas. That one about the Korean indie and the DFSB collective is a total hit. Once again, ¡HOORAY JIMMIE!

    • ^___^;;

      The idea was 9mm’s…thanks 9! ^^ And the people making this a reality will be those involved in JYJradio2011, so I really shouldn’t be getting any credit at all here.

      In projects like these, every single person who can contribute even a tiny bit of support to the team effort is important. One of the biggest criticisms of the unfortunate ilovejyj project was that the working style within the team was too “dictatorial”, with arbitrary decisions being made by the higher-ups without notice. As long as JYJradio2011 can avoid that and work with the betterment of JYJ and the wider Korean music industry in mind, I have big hopes for this project. Fighting!

      • i’m not sure why ilovejyj closed, I heard its because of korean fans over a mistake that happened.
        Either way, I’m on here listening to what people are saying.
        I really wish we had a team like ilovejyj of 70 people, but we may be small but we have some really kind people who are gonna help us.

  11. wow this is awesome.very much apreciated.I’m looking forward to this.Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew this made my day!!!!!!!!Go for it.JYJ always keep the faith

  12. omg..im so excited to hear this..i was disappointed when ilovejyj closed down, especially cause i could never access it due to the overflow of love for the website..i hope this one will be just as popular..i really like jyj..i would love to contribute but the only language i speak is hmong and english..i don’t know how to write in hmong either..anywho, i am looking foward to it..you guys are great, always accomplishing BIG miracles

  13. I hope this project could go on smoothly. Thank you for everyone hardworking. Together we can make a miracle. It was very amazing ^^

  14. I’m happy to heard about this, ang wish it can be success to support JYJ. My ethnicity is Chinese and I’m from Malaysia, so I think I can help in translating to Chinese, Malay language and etc. Wish I can take part in the team.

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