[News] JYJ Fans Stand up against the Tyranny of Management Companies

JYJ Fans Stand up against the Tyranny of Management Companies

After the suspension of group JYJ’s contract, they remain blocked from appearing on broadcasts… Appeals [by fans] to “let them resume their normal activities”

» An Internet broadcasting station that allows JYJ fans to meet the three members originating from idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki, ilovejyj (ilovejyj.com) was launched on the 3rd (top picture). ‘JYJ Fan Union’ set up advertisements voicing support on the 7th in metro stations, such as Apgujeong and Hongik University.

Opening an Internet station…submitting a petition to the court…even public advertisements

On the third of this month, the ‘ilovejyj (ilovejyj.com)’ Internet broadcasting station opened its doors. On the hour of its inaugural broadcast, 8pm, the server crashed due to sudden increase of viewers trying to access the site. JYJ fans had eagerly rushed in all at once. Consequently, the first broadcast was pushed back a day with continuing broadcasts on the 5th and 6th.

The reason why this Internet station is the centre of attention is because it represents an attempt by fans to circumvent the tyranny of the big-scale entertainment management companies that are deliberately blocking JYJ’s media appearances via an alternative route to connect the singers to the public. All the resources and manpower needed to open this project was gathered through the ‘donations’ of fans. Some 70 fans participated in the productions through their ‘talent donations’ and divided themselves into a writing team of 13 people, an imaging team of 3 people, a webpage design team of 7 people, a sound team of 3 people, and a Chinese-Japanese translation team of 7 people.

JYJ is the team made up of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, who were once active in the idol group ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’. These three filed a lawsuit against their management company, SM Entertainment, requesting the invalidation of their exclusive contract with the company, revealing their 13-year lifetime contract and the unfair profit distributions that saw them receiving a paltry 0.4~1% of their entire album sales.

JYJ have been walking a thorny path ever since. They released their first full-length album, ‘The Beginning’, in October of last year but have been unable to show their face on mainstream television. One producer of a variety programme on a mainstream channel confessed, “Because our relations with the big entertainment companies might become uncomfortable, we variety show producers are unable to even to think of inviting JYJ.”

Even given the efforts of fans to get JYJ back on public broadcasts, the circumstances aren’t good. On February 21st, the Seoul Central District Court civil cases department 51 (Judge Kim Daewoong) declared, “SM Entertainment shall not interfere with the entertainment activities of JYJ” and “each time this order is violated, [SM] shall pay a penalty of 20,000,000 won (roughly 20,000 USD) for each offense” in an official compulsory injunctive order, but nothing has changed. A cable channel, which was slated to broadcast a ‘JYJ reality programme’ in the middle of February, ended up unilaterally cancelling it.

Running the Internet station is also proving to be anything but smooth. On the 5th, when Grand National Party Member of Parliament Jeon Yeoh-ok appeared to give a congratulatory message, fans started saying, “this will damage JYJ’s image” and sharply criticised it. The administrators of the Internet station issued an apology on the 8th and has currently suspended its operations.

However, the pressure to get JYJ on to public mainstream broadcast is mounting as time passes. On February 28th, 86,418 foreign fans of JYJ submitted to the Seoul Central District Court a ‘petition for the recognition of JYJ’s legal rights.’ ‘JYJ Fan Union’ has put up ads in 21 stations of the Seoul metro, such as Apgujeong and Hongik University, with the words “JYJ, we support your youth” and “Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, ride the express train to mainstream TV.”

Hankyoreh reporter Lim Jisun

Source: Hankyoreh

Translation by: Jimmie of TheJYJFiles

Shared by: TheJYJFiles

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19 thoughts on “[News] JYJ Fans Stand up against the Tyranny of Management Companies

  1. I love the title the most. thank you for the translation.
    so what fans did and done have succeeded to attract public attentions right?
    *happy* but wondering how long this will last?

    • As saddening as the shutting down of the Internet station is, a development already hinted in this article, let’s not lose sight of the article’s main point, which is really the bolded section–the JYJ fandom (especially the i-fandom) has achieved amazing feats never before achieved by any other fanbase. The fate of the internet station does not change this fact or affect the commitment of JYJ supporters to get them justice and set in motion meaningful change in the process.

      Dear readers…

      Be encouraged! Be empowered!

      • Yeah! Jimmie
        I agree^^
        Let’s Be positive! Be encouraged! Be empowered!
        Supporting JYJ ❤

  2. The ILOVEJYJ radio station has indeed closed down because they don’t want any repercussions of the politician reflecting adversely on JYJ. We certainly do not want to give the opposition ammunition if they claim any political ramifications/manipulation on JYJ side. It is best for them to stay neutral and avoid getting into a political scandal. They have enough to deal with when it comes to legal issues. It’s sad that the radio station had to close but we fans can deal with it. As long as we continue to show our support for the boys in other ways, we can move past this setback.

  3. I’m major upset about IloveJYJ being closed down 😦 But seeing how important it was for i-fans to come together and sign the petition that more and more media admits the fact, article like this is really encouraging.
    I do hope our station will reopen…

  4. Jimmie, as always, thank you for your good work ^____^
    Rome was not built in one day, do not despair just because we have not fully succeeded to give JYJ liberty they deserve… yet. Every effort counts, we did not get here- here meaning increasing public awareness and criticism of SM’s illegal intervention by doing nothing.
    So cheer up, fellow JYJ fandomers. Envision a bright future, and walk toward that certain destiny 🙂

  5. It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of this fandom. Everyone is trying their best to fight only for what is right amidst all the difficulties surrounding us all and JYJ. Even if there are moments of disappointment, I know we will still get up and regroup.

    It’s sad what had happened to the radio broadcast station, but in the end it still showed that JYJ fans are quick to mend the damages before they became too much to handle.

    Thanks Jimmie for always giving us hope. You, your co-admins, writers and the admins in JYJ3 have given us so much and we really appreciate it. We shall learn from these mistakes and make use of them to strengthen us even more!

  6. Wow…really sad to hear about *ilovejyj* having to shut down – but to put a positive spin on it…politicians (all parties) are notorious for latching on to HOT topics and potential headline issues. It’s a cheap-to-free method of getting their names in the news and placing themselves in the position of either savior or boss. The FACT that the GNP/politician inserted him ‘name’ into the arena means that it is acknowledged as a platform issue. And platform issues = attempt to lure voters.

    GNP may not be the party of choice…or frankly ANY political alliance for the fans as it relates to JYJ…BUT…it is rather *telling* that the topic has reached out of the fandom and into politics…where..in my opinion, the actual changes will take place in terms of Entertainment Reform.

    So yes…it’s absolutely tragic that the radio station has had to shut down, but in essence it was a GREAT success. I salute all those who endeavored to make it happen!! ..and as always, Jimmie & the JYJfiles team….YOU ROCK. ❤

  7. Certainly, as we all know, things haven’t being easy since the beginning. The important thing is that the “fandom movement”, to call it some way, has been more than impressive; I must say “colossal”. Something, I think, never seen before in the whole music world history. It is the very important thing we must take into account. Nobody has never defended a musical team as we are defending JYJ nowadays, and I say “we”, because we are many fans from different countries. Although Korean fans are their natural fans and the ones with more power and “weapons” available, we, foreign fans, have done what we could with our limited powers and weapons, but we have participated and fighted in JYJ’s defense too. And, I think, SME never thought that their bullying and blockade actions against JYJ, would have such consequences in favor of the boys and against the agency itself. The battle field has been identified, and we are ready and armed to continue fighting the war. So, JYJ fans, stand and fight together as one for the good sake of our beloved boys, Jaejoong, Micky and Junsu. I’m sure we’ll win the war in the end.

  8. since the first time TVXQ shared their love to the fans, it’s like the fans can do anything for these boys. even the most unexpected things! determination, hard-work, team-work, loyalty and love (above all) are needed to do this kind of action. so actually, JYJ isn’t alone even since the beginning. love of the fans are all over the trio. that’s what they get for sharing love.
    so, fans are the energy JYJ needs to ‘produce’, and vice versa…
    this mutual things need to go on and the other (stupid management or any damned companies that stand in front of them) can just f*ck off…

    suck it up, biatch!

    just wait for the GODS to RISE AGAIN!!! mwahahahaha……

    JYJ fighting!
    JYJ fans fighting!

    *whisper* HoMin too, fighting ~

    me fighting~~~~~ *bleh*

  9. when i first heard about the station shutting down permanently, i admit, i got very depressed. T.T then, i thought to myself, self, look on the brighter side, thank God they nipped it in the bud, so to speak, and were wonderful enough to explain it to us in detail!! ^_~ Now, if the “ho”tels try to start some crap about this, we already have the truth!! I myself, am proud of the ladies for coming out and apologizing the way they did, it wasn’t their fault, they were trying their best!! ^_~ it’ll be better next time!! ^_~

    my motto is~~~good, better, best~~~never, never rest~~~until your good is better, and your better best!!

    we wouldn’t want anything to tarnish our 3 “Knights in Shining Armor” would we?? So, let’s lift our chins up and HOLD OUR HEADS UP!! I LOVE OUR JYJ FAMILY!!!

    ~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥ JYJ FIGHTING!!! JYJ FAMILY FIGHTING!!! ~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥

  10. Even with a bad situation, but we still keep the faith and love to support our boys JYJ!!!!! No change !!!!!!!
    JYJ fighting!
    JYJ fans fighting!

  11. Just found the time to absorb the article. Thanks for the effort of translating it to us Jimmie 🙂 I am of the opinion that these “ripples” the fans are creating are bound to be “huge waves” that shall overthrow the system. As I have silently observed the news items on JYJ and their “plight,” the past weeks have been all straight up news articles, which shows that the mainstream Korean public has finally taken notice of the deeper issues underlying the lawsuit. Apart from the Hotel girls, “Crebeau” has been mentioned less and less, which is good.

    I am excited to witness the developments, especially after March 15 🙂

    As always, I shall wait for more translations/writeups from you and the team.

  12. SM/avex ‘s basic’s just money making business.
    Talent’s there money making machine, machine be come old and just throw away.
    They know talent has become penniless, always money go through investor’s pockets.
    Japan’s inter-net news say, JYJ had a Charity Event at Yokohama Arena on June 07 ’11 for Support for Higashi Nippon Earthquake Victims, I’m not shure it’s truth or not
    hard to trust japanese media too, because avex control all gossip writer’n 3rd class news writer too. I believe they don’t think this’s 21st century. Ty

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