[News] Who is the Real Culprit Disgracing the Korean Wave?

Who is the Real Culprit Disgracing the Korean Wave?

Exposure of the backwardness of the Korean entertainment business to the international community

The constant blocking and curtailing of JYJ’s activities is only exposing to the international community and international consumers of the Korean Wave the state of underdevelopment of the Korean entertainment business and broadcasting structure. The photograph above shows many of these fans and consumers at JYJ’s New York showcase waiting in excitement.

In October of last year, the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industry (KFPCAI) stated in an official letter sent to all national mainstream and cable TV stations, “The broadcasting of JYJ will have a negative effect on the Korean Wave as well as the image of its cultural contents industry and the Korean nation behind the Korean Wave,” and that “it will lead to the regression of pop culture and the Korean Wave,” thus urging all recipients to ban the appearance of the group. Yet, four months after that incident, this past February, JYJ’s foreign fans warned, “We the international consumers of the Korean Wave reiterate our unwavering support for JYJ and urge their nation to secure justice for her own citizens or else risk forever marring her cultural products with the stigma of human rights violations.”

That day was the day after cable channel QTV had publicised its decision to cancel JYJ’s reality programme ‘JYJ’s Real24’, which detailed the members’ daily lives, and two days after some 86,000 foreign fans of JYJ submitted a petition to the Fair Trade Commission and the Seoul Central District Court.

JYJ’s foreign fans declared, “QTV’s behavior is unprofessional, irresponsible and unacceptably disrespectful to its viewers and the laws of its own country”, unable to hide their regret and disappointment at the situation. They also noted, “QTV announced that it had cancelled JYJ’s reality show, JYJ’s Real24, after creating significant reliance interests for viewers by advertising through multiple channels that it would air the show within February” and that “such acts represent contempt for JYJ’s entertainment activity rights, which have been twice affirmed by the court.”

On February 28th, JYJ’s foreign fans submitted a petition to the Seoul Central District Court and the Fair Trade Commission, urging for the recognition and protection of JYJ’s legal and human rights. Signatures were collected from February 2nd to February 25th through a site set up in 10 different languages, asking for a timely ruling recognising JYJ’s rights and guaranteeing their media activities.

[Foreign fans] commented on the negative events closing in on JYJ and their practical hardships, “As consumers of the Korean Wave, we would like to express our disappointment in these violations of JYJ’s legal and human rights which have had a negative impact on our understanding of Korea and our appreciation of her cultural products.” It is clear that all this is communicating/exposing to the international community and the consumers of the Korean Wave the backwardness and close-mindedness of the Korean entertainment business and broadcast system; it is enough to make one blush [with shame].

It makes one wonder how absurd is that state of Korea’s entertainment industry that foreign fans are accusing its current state with words such as “the Republic of Korea must take action against such unashamed disregard for her laws.” This is clear evidence that, on the contrary, it is those who are standing against JYJ who are staining the reputation of the Korean Wave.

The public now demands of them.

Who is the real culprit disgracing the Korean Wave!

[Special feature from the Korean Reporters Academy]

Source: Todaykorea.co.kr

Translation by: Jimmie of TheJYJFiles

Shared by: TheJYJFiles

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23 thoughts on “[News] Who is the Real Culprit Disgracing the Korean Wave?

  1. the treatment JYJ from some of the media is incredibly crude!QTV is prime example seems someone is still pulling the dirty tricks strings?very sad they should hang their heads in shame,not letting the boys get media coverage in their home country was/is disgusting! keep fighting JYJ & JYJ fans!

  2. I am proud to be one of the 86,000!!!
    JYJ will show you all haters! We will win this!
    Not only the Korean fans but also the International/Global JYJ Fans demand attention from the government and the “Goliath” Companies to listen. They oughta start now if they don’t want to further damage their Precious Hallyu Wave.

  3. Finally, it’s being said on Korean news! Fans have been wondering all this time how exactly JYJ are harming the Korean Wave and now other people, hopefully more and more, will see the wrongs of that ugly mistreatment the guys experience over and over again.
    Thank you Jimmie, for your time and efforts with keeping us up-to-date and translating so many articles for us^^

  4. :/ My post got eaten? Weird….

    I was only saying that finally people outside the fandom are starting to question what fans have been wondering about all the time – how exactly JYJ are harming the Korean Wave. Hopefully more and more people will see the wrongs of mistreatments the guys experience over and over again and those people will be vocal about it too.
    Thank you Jimmie for your constant efforts with keeping us up-to-date and translating many articles.

  5. Although I am not Korean but American, I love JYJ, feel they have a huge and varied entertainment career ahead of them no matter what else may happen in the way of this bold and increasingly sinister conspiracy to ruin them. I really believe from the bottom of my heart that artists as talented as they are can never be stopped, no matter what. Having said that, whoever is at the bottom of this malicious and completely unethical smear campaign must be brought to light and punished. Here we have a contemporary mystery that needs to be solved. Aren’t there investigative journalists in Korea!?? Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this fast.

    • The sad thing is nobody seems to be interested. All of them are afraid of SME and its putrid tentacles corrupting everything around the Korean broadcasting industry.

  6. I never thought I would have to say this one day: Being the The Republic of South Korea considered one of the industrialized nations of the modern world, I can’t understand why its entertainment industry is so backwards compared to the American and European, even the Japanese entertainment industries. Korea needs urgently government legislations and ruling over its entertainment industry. Otherwise we, the foreign public opinion, will have to sadly announce the world that, despite its industrialization, Korea entertainment industry actions against human rights are leading the country back to the institutional stone age.

  7. Is sad but is true, with the actions these people are doing they are really making Korea look bad. Is really unfair because there are so many smart people that understand and are glad to help in situations like these but thanks to companies like SME the reformation of the industry is really gonna take a long arid path.


  8. Noone can tolerate such action as one of the biggest entertainment companies in a country ganging up with all the broadcasting channels to block and suppress three young men who have done nothing wrong but pursued their justice and freedom to live their dreams. Such exploiting contracts and strict treatments to artists I deem to see nowhere else but in Korea. Sad thing is even the Court’s decisions can’t stop that, at least for now. I wonder since when wanting to leave a company where you worked at, or bringing to Court the dispute in contractual relationship between two parties is treated like some types of crimes and is named “traitors”. >”<

    I think we're almost there guys. Just some more pushes from both in- and outside of Korea, and the public will have to eventually acknowledge JYJ and their situation. The media outlets can't deny JYJ forever if we keep putting pressure on them, right? (I hope so…)

    • I agree with Angie. Keep up the pressure, the protest and keep it in the press!
      These things have a way of snowballing. There needs to be some changes in the Korean music business. Here in America our own music business got off to a now-much-written about rocky start, ruled by gangsters and outright crooks, enforcing the time-honored “Everything for Me, Nothing for You” policy. But things have changed here. They can change in Korea too. This is the beginning of the change.

    • Yes, it does work. There seems to be pop-up issue that slows down the loading. I waited a few seconds and it finally loaded. Of course, I can’t read it, it’s in Korean, but it’s there. Try again.

  9. Jimmie is our Angel!
    thank you Jimmie, we are lucky to have you in the fandom, thank you for the effort!

    The Korean govt really should step up their game and bring this whole monopoly thing to an end. As a consumer I am disappointed with the treatment of JYJ.

  10. As always…Jimmie is AWESOME! Thanks for all you do. ❤

    Btw, I read (somewhere) a blog or twitter post by a writer who said/suggested that JYJ fans should step-outside the box and "partner" with other Korean entertainment people who are fighting the SAME fight. Basically….gather together all the force of people who are outraged by these illegal actions, not just JYJ fans. I'll see if I can follow up on the source. (((hugs you)))

  11. Ah….the JYJ tsunami. Watch out SME and gangs…seek higher ground! Watch out, it’s about to crash!

    • DC TVXQ Gallery has already published a 16 page Korean transcription w/ English translation of a 55 minute audio fm 6.25. You can read it here:

      dctvxqgall . wordpress . com/2011/02/16/full-transcript-625/

      They’ve also written summaries & analysis of the meeting which you can find here:

      dctvxqgall . wordpress . com/category/fighting-against-rumours/

      [of course, remember to remove the spaces btw periods in the URL]

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  13. What a gloomy people continue interferes JYJ. SME use punk to make a lawsuit Cjes,but this guy don’t have any evidence of invest. Slowly jp. and other country fans really open there eyes and more seriously inspect all the gossip magazine. Japanese gossip magazine’n net information have connect with avex. We’ll keep support JYJ.Ty

  14. As it seems, SM Entertainment had some dirty tricks in their sleeves. This always happened when greediness appear and it is such a shame that this virtue had never eliminated ever since in the old days. I just wonder, is this the other face of korean culture that people in other world do not know? In Philippines, freedom was expressed even there are blockades but still we respect the rights of everyone who wishes to express their opinion. Why can’t these businessmen of SM Entertainment be open minded instead of letting greed overrule them? Why can’t you be fair to JYJ? Had they never made you rich before? You were unfair before then to them who do not know how the entertainment business jargon goes and still you just want to be the one to reap their hardship? What about if you (SM) be on their footings and them (JYJ) be your CEO, let’s see if you will cry out of foul?

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