[Project Announcement] Promote JYJ to U.S. media!

~Operation American Dream~

Help promote JYJ to U.S. Media!


1) To raise awareness in the American media about JYJ’s and JYJ fandom’s inspiring story

2) To promote and build a favorable image of JYJ ahead of the North American leg of their World Tour

3) To convince American TV/news shows to invite JYJ as guests or do a special feature on them


  1. Look at the List of Contacts of email and mailing addresses of top American newspapers and television shows
  2. Pick at least one newspaper AND one TV show
  3. Fill in the provided template letter or write your own letter (Note: THE TEMPLATE LETTER IS ONLY FOR NEWSPAPERS*) and send it to your chosen newspaper(s). Likewise, send an email or snail mail to your chosen TV show
  4. Repeat frequently

* We have not prepared a template letter/email for TV and news shows because each show has a different policy in terms of email/mail format that they accept. Many have character or word limits that vary one from the other. Therefore, we have decided to leave it to your discretion when contacting TV shows. Emphasize the points you find important from the template letter (or points we may have overlooked) and be creative! ^^

[UPDATED][Download letter template]

[Download list of U.S. media contacts]

* Canadian fans: Please provide us with links to Canadian newspaper/television/media contacts in the comments below or email them to us. We would be happy to post them up as well =)


64 thoughts on “[Project Announcement] Promote JYJ to U.S. media!

    • si Estados unidos logra su meta.. México también podra conocerlos.. =D así que figthing¡¡ cassies¡¡¡¡ me alegra mucho este proyecto

  1. I will be going to the corner store tomorrow to buy a whole bunch of stamps to send these out. Thank you JYJ Files, I knew you were going to put a project like this up soon. I was just waiting for it.

  2. I think if we all MAILED in these letters, it would be more effective because if we just email it, the editor can just skim through the letter and delete it; as opposed to opening the letter, skimming it more thoroughly, and then possibly trashing it. But then if they receive the MAILED letter multiple times from us, they (the editors) will notice it more and maybe write about it… …. this is just my opinion.

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  4. I have reposted this project everywhere I can, now I have started to email the writers one by one. Tomorrow I am going to mail these out. I am sure at least one of them will hear us! Let’s go JYJ Family..One door closed for our boys (JYJ Real 24), Now we are going to open another.

  5. *takes a deep breath* I have just finished emailing all the newspaper writers/editors. Boy that took some time..but wow I feel awesome! Neext – time to write something creative so I can contact the Broadcast TV channels 🙂

  6. This is a great idea! I will definitely get to sending letters in my free time. I’ll also repost this to as many Cassie friends as possible. ^^

  7. Just to clarify…Even if English is not your mother tongue YOU ARE ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROJECT!

    If you have some translating skills, I’d encourage you to translate the letter into your mother tongue and promote it in your country. JUST MAKE SURE TO MAIL THE ENGLISH LETTER.


  8. I’ve already sent letters to 10 editors or so, going to try finish sending to most of the people in the contact list later today. ^^

  9. I already sent a few emails to newspapers but I am little stumped on the TV shows. Unfortunately I really don’t have your way with words and I don’t know how to explain this whole thing in 5oo characters or less(ABC) 2000 characters(Oprah) etc. Would it be possible to have way to link to your template letter so if they are interested enough to click it they could read it. It seems like it would be a good idea to make it easy to know all the essentials of the JYJ story as quickly as possible because they are probably very busy people.

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  11. ¡We all can help! ¡Come on girls! ¡United we’re able to do a great job! We have to show the world how talented are our beloved JYJ boys. ¡Make us sure they know about JYJ being the new musical success worldwide!

  12. I will start with some of the newspapers first and then the tv shows [ (Finally I can write to ELLEN hehe =).. ] Boston Globe is first since I’m from Boston =)

    • OK I just read he whole letter and is very coherent and explain the situation in detail but is way to long to send it by e-mail or web contac of some pages like the ellen show… is there any short version?

      • For the TV shows, we have to write our own. You can probably take bits and pieces from the letter or write something creative 🙂

  13. I´m wondering, if people from Europe would actually mail them will it have a great impact? Of course with good reasoning why we would like them to support JYJ.
    It´s another way to impress them with the variation of JYJ fans. ^^
    Nevertheless I will send emails to some of them too! 🙂
    Thank you for this wonderful project! ^^

    • Of course it would, it’s not like you will tell them your from Europe hehe, but even if you do…it should be fine, since this a korean band, it is on a international level so i’m sure they would understand all fans from worldwide are coming together to help them.

      • I meant regular mailing so that way they would see from which country does it come from. ^^ I just think if you get a letter via post it is more noticable then simply sending an email. (It may be just me, I still love snail mails. ^^)

      • Yeah, I still think it is totally fine with them knowing your from Europe. It will just show them how much JYJ is loved worldwide. I’m not sure which one will be more effective- mails or email..all I know I’m going to do them all LOL so at least one of them get’s noticed. Fighting !

  14. chicas necesito su ayuda, me comunique con NTN24 y me dieron el
    correo para pasar la propuesta, pueden mencionar a JYJ o hasta
    pueden lograr una entrevista (sería posible cuando los chicos esten
    en EE.UU). Yo voy a pasar esta carta traducida al español y además
    necesito que me ayuden a presentar una propuesta coherente y
    en la que podamos asegurar la aparición de los chicos en este canal
    serio e importante en latinoamérica.

    para ideas envienme un correo a jokathe207@hotmail.com

    Gracias por su sincera ayuda.

  15. I think even if only 50-100 of us can send these babies in (i mean the letters lol), it might just work. Maybe I’ll use my mothers email address and send in one more time, pretend like i am two different person keke

  16. Is the a deadline for this project? I’d love to do as much as I can, plus compose an email to send to a TV show, but I can’t spare a minute this weekend due to upcoming exam… And I’m from Europe, I hope it’s Ok.

  17. I have sent mine!! 🙂 Thank you for creating this project. I believe that if we send enough mails and e-mails, these editors/writers/tv programs will notice us and read our letters. I will continue tomorrow with my emails (the contact list is quite long. :D) and mail letters, which I think will be noticed more. Go JYJ Family. Let’s do this :))

  18. I am thinking of including links to videos of some of their performances. Any suggestions? My personal favorite is Jae singing It’s Only My World but it’s not JYJ.

  19. hi jyjfiles, below are list of the major canadian newspapers

    The Globe and Mail
    The main telephone number is 1-416-585-5000

    Vancouver Sun:
    Patricia Graham
    Phone: 604-605-2318
    Fax: 604-605-2668 pgraham@vancouversun.com

    CTV news:
    CTV.ca Online News Team: newsonline@ctv.ca
    CTV News: news@ctv.ca
    CTV News Channel: ctvnewschannel@ctv.ca

    CBC news:
    Audience Relations
    250 Front Street West
    P.O. Box 500, Station A
    Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6
    1-866-306-INFO (4636) Toll-free
    416-205-6688 (TDD)
    website: http://www.cbc.ca/contact/

    i think the “get the facts” portion in cbc news is perfect for jyj’s situation.

    if you need help sending the requests physically i can help. I’m based in vancouver. all of the metioned media above have offices and coverage here in vancouver. (email: noda.mars@gmail.com)

    thank you for doing this type of projects

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  22. I sent mass of emails yesterday to TV programs. I am planning to write something different for each email I send, something that will catch their attention. I am going to send one everyday. Hopefully one of us is lucky enough that producers or editors will read it.

    One more thing, JYJ fans are the best in the world!! You guys really rock. Thank you JYJFiles for organizing this. =)

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  24. The template letter is so beautifully written! What you’re doing for them is beautiful too. I feel somewhat guilty for taking credit for it though? and wouldn’t it be strange if the editors realize that they’ve read the same letter twice?
    But I guess the message is the most important part. I’ll try to do as much as I can.

    Thanks for uniting us JYJ fans 🙂

    By the way, if you need a Chinese translator, I’d be happy to do it 😀

    • Lovely! That’s brilliant! We’ve been looking to translate this template into Chinese for some time. If you could do it, that would be much appreciated! ^^ And if it’s not too much trouble, please inform the chinese fandom about this effort…just make sure to let them know that even if they read the chinese translation for reference, they are to send off the ENGLISH LETTER.


      ps: I don’t anyone taking credit for the template letter as long as it reaches its intended destination! ^^

  25. hmm for canadian broadcasting, the only thing i can think of is much music…but they focus mainly on canadian bands (typical boy bands, some other mainstream ones) and CP24…. we’re better off with american broadcasting stations since that’s what we all watch these days….or maybe even the newspaper….i’ll try searching some more

  26. Hi everyone!

    Along with the emails and letters, I also created a petition on twitter to help bring JYJ on The Ellen Show. The more signatures we get, the higher the possibility that the producers might notice it. All it takes is just a click of a button. If we all come together, I know we can do this! If Justin Bieber’s fan can do it, why can’t we?

    Please help spread the word. Let’s give JYJ a special present when they come to the US and help them reach the top! Always Keep the Faith.

    Thank you for your participation!

    Here is the link: http://twitition.com/whcei

  27. Hi, I recently e-mailed Jon Pareles from the NYTimes, but he replied back that he doesn’t want any more spam so I think we should take his name off the list. It is obvious that he doesn’t want any more e-mails about this and it would be counter productive to keep e-mailing him. I e-mailed him back to explain it wasn’t a spam letter and apologized for not considering his feelings at being sent similar letters and filling up his inbox. I also told him that I will try to spread the word that he doesn’t want to receive the JYJ letters. So please don’t send him anymore. I don’t want this to cause a bad image for our boys. Thank you!

  28. In order for JYJ to be received well by the American public they need to release new material. I love their music but I’m an old fan. My judgment shouldn’t be accounted here because I listened to their music in Korean, Japanese and English. The typical American doesn’t do that. These are new fans who bash, are vicious and judge right off the bat.

    They don’t care that Jae is kindhearted or that Yunho fell off the roof of his house when he was a little boy. They will notice the boys sing with a bit of an accent (Their English is improving! Yay), the dancing (neither Homin nor JYJ’s dance throughout their entire mvs would appeal that much to an American audience, I showed my friends both the JYJ/Homin mv for “Ayyy Girl” and “KYHD” and they LAUGHED!!!!!) or sometimes….their clothing. I was like wtf did they make Homin wear during the weird hip-shaking part of the song?

    Anyways….my friends (3 of them girls, 4 of them guys) liked the songs but they found the videos ridiculous- JYJs more than Homin. But the guys particularly disliked Homin’s. They didn’t understand why Changmin and Yunho had to get in each others faces “Looks like they’re about to make out or something!” and they complained that the videos were a ‘sausage fest’ because no girls were present in either video. I could…actually see their point. They didn’t like the make-up on JYJ either.

    *Remember they aren’t dedicated Cassies who would buy anything these boys release. The videos HAVE to be better. They need to become more fluent in English (repeat their culture shock experience in Japan to the U.S. -make American friends, master the language, learn their tastes…etc)

    That way when they truly “bring it” The Ellen Show will have zero qualms inviting them because they are genuinely popular to NEW American fans and not because a huge group of girls petitioned on their behalf. Do you get me? I hope I didn’t offend anyone. In fact if they succeed in gaining a huge fan base here they will a definite (almost unbreakable) advantage over SME/Avex.

  29. We still standing here to support you three.please Be happy every day.Your smiles are my the most important power~~~Love you ~~~~~~~~

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