[Op-ed] A Cosmetic(s) Discourse, Part V: Closing Remarks on the Pathologically Disturbed

A Cosmetic(s) Discourse, Part V:

Closing Remarks on the Pathologically Disturbed

In the preceding parts of this series, we deconstructed and analysed the argumentative structure of the cosmetics discourse, as well as the origin of those arguments in the grander scheme of historical, intellectual, psychological and moral human development or evolution. In most, if not all, of these areas, we found the ideas and arguments posed by this discourse lacking. In this final part of the series, we will synthesise, as succinctly as possible, all that came before and address any remaining issues from the discourse that have yet to be addressed.

WTF, Mate…?

In spite of all the criticisms leveled at the cosmetic discourse by this series thus far, through which the author admits to experiencing a certain amount of irreverent glee, there were moments in the discourse that showed true promise of saving itself from its own half-bakedness and underdevelopment. More than a couple of times, the discourse came close to asking interesting questions when addressing the JYJ v. SM Entertainment lawsuit…only to deflate into ridiculousness again in its classic circular and predictable manner.

Inasmuch as the cosmetic discourse is severely ignorant of the law and the functions of legal systems, to its credit, it makes relatively accurate assessments when it comes to the subjects it is truly obsessed with: money and brand value. It is entirely plausible that the departure of the three from SM caused the public’s perception of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s brand value to take the proverbial nosedive and consequently led to SM losing substantial sums of money and the members themselves facing a huge public backlash. Perhaps this is why the discourse itself seems to have a difficult time comprehending why the three members of DBSK would throw in the glove at the peak of their brand value. Why, at the height of their fame, would these three risk public backlash as well as damage to their brand and marketability by walking out of SM in such a dramatic and irreversible manner? Why, oh why? And for what? At this point, the drumroll is gathering louder and louder in the background and the anticipation is climbing for a truly stupendous answer that will make tabloid reporters and paparazzi weep grateful tears of joy.

And what we get is…a cosmetics business. The stupendous answer we’ve all been waiting for, announces the cosmetic discourse, is a cosmetics business that even the discourse’s supporters acknowledge to be ‘not very big’ or remarkable.

Seriously?! The three members of JYJ walked out of SM into certain hostility and career death…to sell women’s face cream?

Furthermore, at this point the discourse has already attributed the cause of the lawsuit to be the cosmetics business, but it now wants us to believe that the cosmetics business was the objective of the lawsuit also. One thing—the cosmetics business—as both cause and objective? One thing as both the point of departure and the point of arrival? This discourse spins itself in more circles than a merry-go-round in a sad Korean soap opera.

Not only does the discourse deflate itself after actually displaying promise but it comes frustratingly close to asking the question that naturally follows from the above, the question that is really at the crux of it all, only to drop the ball(s) in the end. Why did the three feel the need to pursue unguaranteed monetary gains in the first place if they were already at a point where it’s in their interests (as much as it is in SM’s) to protect their image and “brand”?

Forgive me if I find the answer of ‘SM’s unfair, Korean-Civil-Code-Article-103-breaking-13-year exclusive contract’ to be a more consistent and logically less dizzying answer than ‘the cosmetics business’.

Through the Looking Glass

What the discourse lacks in logical clarity it tries ever so hard to make up in shiny baubles. It drops suggestive phrases like “backdoor listing” and “multi-level company” but conveniently forgets to define them or define them accurately in order to use them as hypnotic distractions. After so many of these shiny, hypnotic phrases, the discourse takes on the appearance of actually having depth and sophistication.

The strategy is much like the effect created when two mirrors are placed face to face. When one stands in between them, it looks like the space on either side continues forever. Yet, despite the appearance of depth, the entire thing is an illusion no deeper than the fingertips.

Perhaps the one time the discourse came close to displaying depth was when it fiddled with the idea of equating Dong Bang Shin Ki—the group as well as the individual members—with SM Entertainment, both legally and substantively. By extension, the discourse was then able to deduce and push forth the idea that Yunho and Changmin, as the members who remain under the management of SM Entertainment, represent perfectly SM…that Yunho, Changmin and SM Entertainment are one and the same. Unfortunately, any depth to this idea is based on a chronically uninformed conceptualisation of the law as Part II of this series has painstakingly demonstrated. It is both a legal and physical impossibility for Yunho and Changmin to look in the mirror and see SM Entertainment staring back.

Additionally, how is this idea—that Yunho and Changmin are nothing more or less than their management—supposed to be flattering to the U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin that this discourse claims to protect and support? It is in fact denying them their personhood and reducing their humanity, with all the legal rights and obligations thereby attached, as well as their musical talents to the level of a faceless, fleshless, talentless corporation. Thus, the cosmetics discourse that claims to speak in defence of Yunho and Changmin is in fact the source of greatest insult to them. It is time for true fans of Dong Bang Shin Ki (all five of them) as well as fans of Yunho and Changmin to understand that the most viable way to protect Yunho and Changmin right now is to support the three members of DBSK who are active as JYJ, because the only way for Yunho and Changmin to gain any recognition of their rights as artists and human beings is if JYJ succeeds, not just in court but in all of their artistic endeavours. Indeed, we are already witnessing the positive spill-overs of JYJ’s fight for the two, such as better working and contractual conditions and increased negotiation power even whilst remaining under SM Entertainment. Ultimately, the cosmetics discourse seeks neither to defend nor protect Yunho and Changmin but to utterly nullify their inherent worth. And that should strike horror into the hearts of all who claim to be fans of Dong Bang Shin Ki and the two.

Hypocritical Victim Card

So it can only be with the cruelest irony that those who champion the cosmetics discourse claim that their words and actions were undertaken out of love for Yunho and Changmin and a desire to protect them. This was the most popular excuse used by the Hotel Girls who were apprehended, not for the purpose of invoking or asserting Yunho and Changmin’s legal and human rights (or even for acknowledging the two’s personhood) but to get themselves out of an arrest that would put an ugly dent in their criminal records. In the end, as is typical of moral reasoning stuck at stages one and two of Kohler’s psychological development scheme, even the victim card dealt by the cosmetics discourse merely exists to benefit self-interest and not the people it purports to hold in high esteem.

At this point, those who defend the Hotel Girls might want to entertain the thought that these girls were in fact genuine victims, that they were bullied into writing confessions and apologies by the Korean police just because they loved and defended DBSK. Indeed, supporters of the cosmetic discourse claim there is no difference between JYJ fans criticising SM to defend JYJ and the Hotel Girls accusing Crebeau in order to defend Yunho and Changmin.

On the surface, this argument might seem logical, but upon comparing the known and confirmed actions of the Hotel Girls with the known and confirmed actions of JYJ fans (fabricated and distorted evidence of JYJ fans meeting in a spy thriller film set to plot the downfall of Yunho and Changmin don’t count, so sorry), it becomes clear that the two cases are nowhere near close. The Hotel Girls fabricated evidence and falsified existing information with the intent to defame an innocent third party. This is a crime demonstrative of malicious intent, whether or not the girls did it out of love for their idols. As far as this author is aware, JYJ fans have yet to commit felonies on this level for the sake of protecting JYJ.

Thus, this idea that the Hotel Girls, in the enactment of their malicious intent toward Crebeau, are somehow comparable to the JYJ fans who are using legitimate channels of expression, such as the Korean Fair Trade Commission, is in actuality a mockery of Korean law and the Korean law enforcement system. In fact, it’s a mockery of the very concept of law even. There’s a reason why no modern society or legal system in this day and age accepts at face value the argument, “I had to hurt an innocent person/entity who has never hurt me in order to save the face of someone I love.” Such an argument actually turns the definition of victim and aggressor on its head (most likely what the cosmetic discourse seeks to do anyway) and is the starting point for the pathologically disturbed. Crebeau eventually dropped the charges against the Korean Hotel Girls out of pity for their young age and snivelling immaturity, but if the company wanted to truly exercise mercy to the wider Korean society and its citizens, it would have requested that these girls be sent off to the loony bin.

The Remarkable Thing About the Internet…

Thus, it should be clear by now that the true purpose of the cosmetics discourse is not to make reasonable arguments in order to protect Yunho and Changmin but to further SM’s agenda by inciting hatred against the members of JYJ. For reasons I will not repeat here but that have already been explained intelligently and professionally by other writers featured on this blog, SM needs JYJ to fail. And so the cosmetics discourse was promulgated. The precedent in Korea has already demonstrated how damaging it can be, in spite of its vacuous arguments. In Korea, it has led to the phenomenon known as the Hotel Girls, whose online presence is comparable to the Bubonic Plague. At least one major Korean fansite still has scars from the viruses to prove it. And now that the cosmetics discourse has crossed over into the international DBSK fandom, one wonders if it will bestow on the international fandom its own marauding horde of Hotel Girls—Hotel Girls 2.0.

Developments in the past few days suggest that things are not only following the Korean trend but building upon it. Whereas before, international supporters of the discourse were satisfied with parroting Korean Hotels and inciting hatred against JYJ, now they have gone one step further and have started to attack JYJ’s fans and even parents. One wonders if it will go to the extent of cybercrime and incitement to violent acts against innocent parties. Considering that the Hotel Girls don’t view the harming and defaming of innocent third parties as anything to be condemned, it’s perfectly plausible. At the same time, the impunity that these people think they have simply because they operate through the Internet is rather amusing. Do they really think that once they enter cyberspace their persons are not subject to laws, obligations and consequences for their actions? Do they really think that incitement to hatred is a less serious of a crime online than offline? Do they really believe that just because they delete their hateful posts that it’ll disappear forever, never to be brought back to be used against them?

The remarkable thing about the Internet, or so an acquaintance at the Centre européen de recherché nucléaire (CERN), an organisation instrumental in the inception and construction of the World Wide Web, liked to remind me, is that nothing on it is ever truly deleted. As a result, plenty of unscrupulous characters—such as the apprehended Hotel Girls—have found out the hard way that there’s hardly a better tool in this day and age than the Internet in proving malicious intent.

Written by: Jimmie of TheJYJFiles

Shared by: TheJYJFiles

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13 thoughts on “[Op-ed] A Cosmetic(s) Discourse, Part V: Closing Remarks on the Pathologically Disturbed

  1. “Ultimately, the cosmetics discourse seeks neither to defend nor protect Yunho and Changmin but to utterly nullify their inherent worth.”

    I agree, this is what the Hotel girls have been doing. Alas, they do not have the sophistication to realize it as such.

    Thanks again Jimmie! The series was a great read 😀

  2. A few mths ago when I was not yet a fan of TVXQ/JYJ I actually sort of dislike them and never bothered about them cos they were not active and there were some negative reports about them then. But at some point I became curious and feared for the same thing which may happen to my then-fav grps and so read more about their articles. And this post here totally expressed how I feel about this whole issue and why I choose to believe in JYJ..

    “Seriously?! The three members of JYJ walked out of SM into certain hostility and career death…to sell women’s face cream?” and

    “Why did the three feel the need to pursue unguaranteed monetary gains in the first place if they were already at a point where it’s in their interests (as much as it is in SM’s) to protect their image and “brand”? ”

    To me, these statements are already very obvious themselves that SM’s reasoning is totally trying to push blame just for the sake of doing it and also that they already do not have other justifying reasons to rebut hence their silly reasoning.

    But seriously I don’t understand how some fans(?) try to ignore their logical sense and believe in something which is so…. nonsensical? SM’s argument is so flawed and blame-pushing that I couldn’t understand why there are still so many who believed it. Especially international fans. Well I don’t know but probably it’s because the information they received were distorted from the start and so they tend to reject the arguments which they read after that? Or maybe they think it is much the easier way by pushing all the blame totally onto one party.

    I am glad there are sites like this, which speaks with reasonable arguments with evidences and logical reasonings to back up them up which is in contrast with another site (which is anti JYJ) that often make claims without evidences and interprets the sources in whatever way the author likes to.

    Finally I would like to say, thanks for hard work~ 🙂

  3. @ Miko
    Just a question after reading you comment above, who are the international fans that you are referring to?
    Do you mean that the fans from outside Korea county? (around the world) or
    Do you mean that some international fans from Japan who got infected by the Ho-Tel disease?
    Some time the question about the role SM Japan doing since Avex suspended JYJ activities last October comes to mind.

    @ Jimmie
    Good Op-ed article ^^

    • I’m referring to the fans around the world including BE. I get the impression that Japanese fans don’t really use internet much to check out the news so most of the news they read may be mostly from traditional media, which is kind of worrying.

  4. To round out the conclusion of the series, I found my self caught between…ROFLMAO…and feeling…woefully sad. Jimmie, you have a unique talent with wit, intelligence, and getting right to a point. I am in awe of your writing skills. It was a lucky day for JYJ when you decided to become a fan.

    You have helped raise ‘the overall discourse’ to a new level. This is no mean feat. I second those two earlier statements that were put in quotes by Miko. How utterly stupid do these people have to be? No one with a functioning brain believes the nonsense about the cosmetics business.

    Yes, these developmentally arrested hormonal teenagers have made a name for themselves, but in the long run, when this is all said and done, their infamy is going to come at very high price. These character traits will catch up with them in the real world. Whoever is ‘guiding’ them, is going to drop them like a hot potato when they are no longer of use. But be that as it may, yep, the kindest thing CreBeau could have done for them would have been to insist on psychiatric help.

    Thank you for the logical conclusion of this series. I have enjoyed each and every one of them.

    • Oh yes, your acquaintance with CERN is correct. I worked in the IT field for a number of years. That trail never dies. It’s just a matter of catching up to point you need. You would be better served to have something on paper and then burn it. To bad, they are not smart enough to figure that out, also the one ‘guiding’ them.

      • I keep on smiling everytime I read your comments, Butterfly dear! ^__^
        My sentiments have already been voiced out by you and Miko up there…
        The problem is, those who defend the cosmetics hoolabaloo actually have non-functioning brains, or if not, the grey matter have either turned black or white…
        At the end of the day, all of the things that they are doing now will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and they may not be too proud of themselves afterwards.

      • And Jimmie-yah, thank you for your awesomeness~! ^___^
        If i can just hug you now!

  5. O.k. Jimmie. If you allow me, I want to change the name of your series of articles about “The Cosmetics Discourse”: “The symphony of the truth, or how to destroy famous singers’ lifes for greed”. And the “Cosmetics Discourse” itself is “The greek tragedy of the ridiculous reasons, or how to avoid the law to do what you want when you want with your pupils’ lifes”.
    Thank you, Jimmie. The discourse is so ridiculous itself, that I laughed a lot reading your article. I totally agree with you. You only need to have a few neurons to understand since the beginning, that all the reasons produced by SME as an argument to justify and condemn the departure of JYJ, are an absolute joke.

  6. wow.. Jimmie OO seriously who are you? how old are you? how come you can make a great piece like this and previous article?? I’m wowed by you.. bravo. I have to say this piece is flawless.. homin fans do need to read this and understand what are they facing? not just blindly defend with whatever they can because they are just making homin look bad.. I hope the 19th march will be the end of the lawsuit with JYJ winning it.. sm needs to be slapped and then realize what they have done all these years

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