Petition Announcement

Petition Announcement


Signatures collected


Update: The Petition will be handed over to the Court and KFTC on February 28, 2011.


74 thoughts on “Petition Announcement

  1. WOW we even made +85 000 signs~! O_O
    That’s a pretty nice amount ^^ iCassies are awesome! 8D
    Thank you to every single person who signed, fans or non-fans, as long as you care about the JYJ issue ^-^
    Also thx to the JYJFiles to provide this petition and hopefully make things happen for the JYJ boys (^^)b

    Way to go JYJ~! 화이팅~! Fighting~! \(^^)/

  2. hope more to join for this petition, but with having 86,800 is also a great news……!!! JYJ fighting, Homin ……fighting………TVXQ fighting…… them always and forever……..!!!!!!!

  3. ummhh, but Cassiopeia are 800.000, so where are they?
    i worry about what happen next, does it really work for them???

    however,, salute to ALL OF YOU,,,
    let’s keep fighting for our Faith,,,

    • Most of the so-called 800.000 Cassies should include a lot of the K-cassies, isn’t it? I’m not sure how this will work for them but at least it makes a strong statement (e.g. Just like the bus campaign and internet broadcast station by K-fans. A lot of news came out saying how fans are rearing stars.). It makes Korean society know about the existence of international fans and the fact that they are willing to fight for JYJ.

      • yes, 800000 cassies only include K-cass. This pettion was only done by inter-fans. I hope that this will help JYJ. sorry 4 my english

    • Dear, from what I’ve learned, that “800.000 Cassies” is somewhat of a myth 😦 The figure is based on Daum’s Cafe members’ number, which in fact only means that 800.000 people have registered there during few years. However, the daily traffic on that Cafe is 20.000-40.000 people, no more (I’ve been observing it for few months last year, only I didn’t understand at that time what the different numbers meant, but now I know). Which means the biggest part of that 800.000 crowd is inactive.
      Fans of TVXQ/JYJ go to other places, like Ikadong (sp?) and DNBN, and the latter is known for having a bigger traffic than Daum’s Cafe. But still, I highly doubt there are as many as 800k TVXQ fans in Korea, otherwise the sells of Mirotic would have been not 500k+, but much higher.

      In regards to Petition, big thanks to everyone who signed. I bet that KFC thing and SM weren’t expecting intl’ fans to step in and voice their opinion.

    • Forgot to mention about Daum’s Fan Cafes – intl’ fans of other kpop idols love to boast about the members’ number in their idols’ fancafes, but in fact the traffic there is laughable, mere few thousands or even hundreds, despite having numbers like “”300k+” or “200k+”, “100k+” listed under “Cafe Members”.
      The real number for how many fans are there is shown by album sales, and even that is somewhat exaggerated because many fanclubs are known for mass-buying the albums to make their idols to appear on the charts. Kpop is a funny business, this is what I’ve learned…

      • I find your analysis in both cases very interesting. Thanks for the work, and the information.

      • @ButterfliesAreFree
        Not a problem:)
        I got this information from my own observation and from what people say online, so I might be incorrect in some points.
        But it’s true about Daum’s Fan Cafes though. I’m no sure if only officially registered Cassies could be members at Yuerubi, at least before the lawsuit I think only those who pay for membership could join, and even after the lawsuit the members’ number there was like 830k. If those were registered Cassies, it’s impressive, but I was told that once a fan registers on Yuerubi, account remains counted even if a person doesn’t use it for years. Starting with 2004, that’s how many people became members, but from what I understand, many left for other TVXQ communities and probably some left for other fandoms once more and more idol groups appear.
        Anyways, it was an unpleasant shock for me when I learned the fan cafe with 800k members every Cassie was/is proud of is no more powerful as it used to be. Currently Yuerubi is the 2nd on Daum in terms of traffic. But later I learned that it wasn’t in fact the only TVXQ fan site in Korea as I naively thought, and most fans actually reside on other sites, not on Yuarubi. It was a relief to know the number of supporters is still big 🙂 And if that many people stick together despite everything that happenned in the past 1.5 years, means more that a probably bigger number of fans during the “good and calm” years.

      • @ItsMyFinger

        Your last comment about ‘whatever’ the number sticking together is the key. I guess the image of the ‘old’ number is partially like a game, but it’s still all good. People come, people go. The important thing now is to build the new base, composed of whomever – new JYJ fans, old OT5 fans, mix of any of the previous. I personally feel that as JYJ progresses, they will pick up a whole host of fans.

  4. This is what I call JYJ’s Family of Fans stepping up to the plate! This is how a REAL family comes together. It feels really good to be a part of an effort to show HUGE support to these three terrific young men.

    Thanks to TheJYJFiles for being the catalyst, for ALL their hardwork, and all the supporting sites that contributed.

    “There Are None So Blind As Those Who Refuse To See”

    To SME and ALL the Haters out there. WE will always have JYJ’s back, they will not be kept down.

    Just look at how many CHOSE not to be blind!

    • Totally agree!

      I feel so proud to be a fan and have participated in this project. Big thank yous to those who brought the idea and made it possible!

  5. Thank you, JYJ Files for spearheading this petition. ^___^ As a fan who believes in what they are fighting for, the only thing I can do for them right now was to sign this petition. I sincerely and truly hope that this would help JYJ’s case in one way or another.

  6. Taking in account that these are foreign fans’ signatures, you DID A GREAT JOB, and I put my sand grain to it. ¡Congratulations to us all, foreign and domestic fans of JYJ!

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  8. 喜欢在角落里 紧闭双眼用心聆听您们的声音 ,哥哥将是我此生的守护 ,

    有哥哥们的陪伴 ,我真的幸福 , 足矣 。 希望哥哥们能打赢官司 ,

    努力追随自己的梦想 , 擦浪嘿呦 、永远永远永远

  9. 如果,有一天,你们看到我对着JYJ的海报发呆


    很久以后不要问我还喜欢他们吗?答案和现在一样,因为“hope to the end”






    我会买很多关于他们的东西,我只是想 :等我老了,我还会记得他们,记得GEGE的约定




    I believe you

    • There are, or were at one point, 800,000 registered Korean Cassies. This figure thus only pertains to Korea, but Koreans were not permitted to participate in this petition. The Korean fans had their petition almost a year ago, and they gathered 187,000 signatures using both online and offline signing methods. Only 30,000 some people signed online. That considering, gathering 86,800 signatures from all over the world solely through the Internet after having promoted mainly only through Twitter is very impressive. We are already hearing word that Koreans are impressed with the final turnout. So please be encouraged ^^.

    • This is alot.
      The petition was mostly for JYJ fans, those who understand what’s going on and what it means for the guys to have their rights oppressed. If such a petition was for TVXQ before the split, it would have been supported by all fan communities with a full force, fans in all countries would have known about it and support it.
      The situation we have is such that there are fans who still think JYJ will go back to SM if they looose the lawsuit, mostly it applies to many Japanese fans, unfortunately. I wish I could speak Japanese so that I could translate every article Jimmie and DCtvxq_gall post and spread them on Japanese fans sites :((

      • I seriously agree with you.
        The nature of the lawsuit is complicated and not easy to understand. The fandom have been severely split too as you say – with people defending what they think is right.
        None of the big international TVXQ sites were willing to endorse this petition, at some point there were even attacks on the petition and JYJ fans did just like what JYJ does – the promotion for the petition was done mainly twitter marketing. I am always an OT5 but I found that amongst OT5 who support JYJ, people still have problem voicing their support for JYJ for fear of offending friends/other fans.
        So this is actually a very good result. Don’t be discouraged everyone!

    • Maybe. I personally think the results are great for a first project like this. It shows the unity of true fans and how quickly we can act if there’s a need to support JYJ 🙂

      We can’t allow to be feel discouraged, this battle is not won yet.

    • @shiyoki

      @ItsMyFinger, is correct. For a first time effort, off the cuff, this is impressive. Remember, this was in response to KEPA’s petition circulated amongst its members. When the court sees this, they will know, I-fans are serious about this issue, 86K+ signatures is a strong statement of support, meaning people out there in the rest of the world are aware of the ‘real issues’ involved.

  10. Congratulations! That’s a great turnout, especially when you consider that this is the first petition involving international fans. I also saw the breakdown of signatures by country and it’s just amazing 🙂 Thank you for organizing this.

  11. ^^ So did we hit our goal!? 86,800!! That’s a great number! I had added the petition link to my Symbaloo page which I share with the world, so I hope I managed to snag a few extra signatures for them that way. I also asked all of my Korean friends at work to sign! They aren’t Cassies, but they know how much I love them so they signed too! hehe! -^_^-

    • Oh! If anyone is interested in checking out my TVXQ symbaloo page, here’s the link!

      I keep it as up-to-date as possible with my busy schedule.. There’s a lot more links available than the preview shows! Leave comments please if you like it! ^^

      JYJ & HoMin HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. congrats & thank u for da hardwork 🙂
    so happy the petition got some support not only from JYJ-fan, but also from others fandom & non-fans aswell(i saw some support msg frm akp b4)

  13. Thank you for your hard work and for giving us a chance to do something for JYJ.
    I think that there might have been a little more if it wasn’t so hard to sign. I had to try 5 times for it to go through properly.

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  19. “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.
    ~Edward Everett Hale”

    This quote I found at other JYJ page fits this petition perfectly

    The organizers should feel really proud for what they have managed to achive.

    I’m very proud and even if the effort in the end is useless (which I seriously doubt) I’m sure those who participate won’t feel as they did nothing…

    I’m very happy. And I want to say THANK YOU thank you so much for doing this.
    Thank you as a JYJ fan, for letting US participate

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  21. This is what I called “SUPPORTS+LOVE!” Instead of spreading lies and rumors
    about other singers, or sitting around and thinking of what methods to use to fight
    back at those haters, WE JYJ fans actually putting our times and brains into good

  22. Thanks for the joint efforts to protect JYJ..I am from Singapore and I submitted the petition too ~~

    Amazed at all the international love given to JYJ !

  23. YAY~ Thank you for everyone who worked so hard to get this peition done! And it was brilliantly written *bravo!* One step at a time, if we don;t give in to the hardship, I’m positive we’ll get there!!

  24. Really thanks to everyone who’s involved in this petition!!

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