12 thoughts on “Explanation of the courts ordering SM to pay 20 mil. KRW fines

  1. DAY-UM
    Thanks for the explanation. It’s good to know SME doesn’t have power over the court. It was beginning to feel like they owned everyone…

    • I was thinking the same way, SM’s offensive actions are like narco :p but it’s good to see that Korea is wanting to take a fresh new path to clarify its business issues 🙂

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  3. This post is one of the best regarding JYJ news in years ! Finally, Korean Justice ministry ‘caught’ SME’s misconduct.

  4. While I am VERY happy about this proof that Korean courts actually ‘have a clue’ about what’s going on outside it’s doors….it’s a bit of a shame that JYJ can’t receive compensation for the MANY past violations.

    Even more so I would love to see phony organizations such as KFPCAI have their butts ‘fined into the ground’ for being the vehicle/tool used by SM to coerce the broadcasters into submission…and while I’m at it…I would like to see the broadcasters called onto the carpet for being such wussies…especially if the station receives tax money.

    The Hallyu Wave is NOT in the control of these companies…it’s we FANS and our money….so we also have a responsibility to demand reform. Seems like everyone needs a butt-kicking `..lol

    Anyway…this is GREAT news.

  5. Well done, TheJYJFiles! Your interpretations are essential reading.

    Now things are really beginning (pun intended) to look up! And not because of some tit-for-tat money compensation, either, but because justice is underlining its decision from 16 months ago.

    Although JYJ were right to fear the obstructions and inteference and ask the Court for help, the Court was right to deny an advance I.C.P. … I simply wonder why they waited until days before the suit’s court date – I don’t mean to imply the Court held a bias, it just makes me curious about the time this took, since the violations were so soon after 9 October 2009.

    Meanwhile, it makes my head spin to think what the SM legal team is costing. Heh…

  6. ¡Very good news! It calms me down to realize that SM’s tentacles don’t have the power to influence court’s decisions. ¡Long live and prosper to the Korean Justice! Girls, the sun is rising again for our beloved JYJ. It makes me feel so happy. As we say in my country: “Justice limps, but it comes no matter what”. And certainly, it is coming as a hurricane over SM Entertainment. I’m telling you: ¡Watch and enjoy!

  7. we’re almost there JYJ babies!!!
    just a little bit more push and we’re out of the dark tunnel!!! XDDDDD
    (hahhaha, that sounded like someone giving birth… LOL)

    • Sounds right to me… 🙂 I’m also going to love what this does to SME’s public image to continually throw their finger up to the court system. Can’t be doing much for their stock stability. Nobody likes a sore loser. Ahhh…..

  8. I can’t say how happy I am to hear this! Words can’t even begin to explain this. All I have to say is, good luck for the rest of the road JYJ. I am so happy that you guys are winning this case. You deserve it.

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