[News] SM’s Complaint Against Crebeau DISMISSED

SM’s Complaint Against Crebeau DISMISSED


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View the original documents as a slideshow HERE

Source: Seoul Central District Attorney’s Office via TVXQ DC-gall

Translated by: Inklette of DNBN

Shared by: TheJYJFiles

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61 thoughts on “[News] SM’s Complaint Against Crebeau DISMISSED

  1. Hi can I just ask if this is recent or is this the official document of a decision made awhile ago? If it’s recent then things are indeed pickingup for JYJ ^^ fighting JYJ 😀

  2. Could people stop talking about …hotel girls ?! Its in each jyj site for god’s sake.
    People become JYJ fan to go and fight against others (kind of retarted people btw) or to go and support the boys?
    srsly -_-

    And these news are just GREAT.
    Thanks guys for sharing. and also big thanks for who translated it.

    • If that was the one for defamation against SME, I think that lawsuit was already dismissed last year, for lack of probable cause. And I think that was the reason why SME filed this counter-suit, which was also dismissed.

      But please someone correct me if I have the wrong information. 🙂

      • haha CreBeau’s suit is not dismissed! In fact, the court granted trial against Kim Young Min rofl. It’s still pending I believe… but SM’s counter-suit was SOOOO meritless that it was denied immediately. ROFL…

      • @Tata it’d be nice to give your sources before making your claims, else it’ll remain groundless. Until you can give us an actual source or proven document then please don’t go around rofl-ing about =)

      • @Sarah– I don’t understand your prickliness. I “rofl’ed” because SM’s dismissal is so funny. Further, I was just answering the girl above– in truth. Geez. Further, if you would do some research on your own, you’d know the source yourself. Please don’t go around ruffling feathers of other people– did you notice that you were the only one of the three who replied in such an unpleasant and annoying manner? =) Pretty abnormal of you. Hopefully you don’t do this in real life, or else you’d have no friends fast.

        http://blog.naver.com/g0i9w?Redirect=Log&logNo=80104023011 You can go here for the article. It says the police took Kim Young Min in to prosecute. You do realize that what I wrote above is GOOD NEWS for JYJ, right?

      • @Tata,

        I love to read it but it’s in korean… 😦

        I hope that someone will be able to translate it.

        “http://blog.naver.com/g0i9w?Redirect=Log&logNo=80104023011 You can go here for the article. It says the police took Kim Young Min in to prosecute. You do realize that what I wrote above is GOOD NEWS for JYJ, right?”

  3. Finished!! long but very interesting ^^ I think it enlightens very well SM’s position and strategy in this business case. A bit old fashioned and similar to a major part of the entertainment’s industry… like they act as if they ignored the power of global communication tools (internet, fandoms, institution). We now live in a world where nothing can be done secretly, moreover when it comes to business. SM’s numerous cases should be taken as an exemple to the whole industry to grow up in this new world that we call modern 🙂

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  5. Thanks Jimmie & all in TheJYJfiles for the Eng. Translation.
    Thanks to prosecutor Kim Hoon Young for the justice made to Crebeau & dismissal of SME counter-claims. So happy with this great news.

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  8. SM´s letter sent to Crebau´s Chinese office containes false information.
    When did they got the rights for TVXQ´s name and trademark?
    I think this letter is just a listing of “how powerful” SM is. :/ They tried to scare off Crebeau and use them against JYJ. Why I´m not even surprised?
    I´m glad the judge realised how unreasonable SM was and dismissed this lawsuit. ^^

  9. This is awesome. Call me immature, but I’m going wave this translation in front of HOTEL girls faces next time they blame CreBeau.

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  11. thank you Jimmie and Admins! happy after read this article!
    I really like information in your all articles! will you plan to transtale your articles to japanese language and post them in JP ‘s site? because i lilllte worries about in JP right now esp yesterday when i read all japanses comments in YC song,very confused !!!

  12. SM always makes me LMAO… This is how it should be… Everyone can make investments; just because they are famous who can have the right to prevent them? It is not like they wrote “TVXQ” onto the products… they are selling “Crebeau”… Geez… SM always misleads people and avoids the real questions… The ones who make me disappointed are Homin, their parents and those Ho-Tel fans who said that Crebeau caused this issue…

  13. Some Japanese blogs(written by Korean fans) have posted this article’s summary.
    It’d be better if Japanese transration to be posted.
    Please consider that.

  14. [Red]
    Oh well, there have been so many new words after the lawsuit, you know. =)))
    Orion, Holyshinki… and now Hotel girls.
    Such things happened and they just know how to make wars.
    Hey girls, don’t you think that SM has easily fooled you around?
    Have you forgot that there were times that you wanted to yell at the world that you love DBSK the most? At least, as an ex-fan, if you can’t support them, then leave them alone!

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  16. In your face SM!!!
    Thank you, TheJYJfiles, for sharing this ❤
    SM can eat their own words now ^^.

    I just wanna ask, how about the suit CreBeau vs SM? I heard that it was also dismissed & SM was not charged? (that article with the 62.5% thing).
    If it's true, then I'm interested in knowing the full reasons why the suit was dismissed. Do you know any place offers the English version of the notification document about dismissing the case?

    Again, thank you for your hard work ❤

  17. Thank you Jimmie and TheJYJFiles admins… :))

    So, since last November, the Korean court had decided that JYJ lawsuit againts SM has absolutely NOTHING to do with Crebeau??? Then why do I still find some people proving otherwise? Gosh…

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  19. ¡Way to go! Those certainly are very good news. Thank you all JYJ Files crew. Great work. I already think you must be relatives of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. SM’s lies are beginning to be exposed to us all. JYJ boys redemption is very close now. I feel very happy for them.

  20. Oh, so now I understand the sudden resurrection of the Crebeau angle for the past few weeks.

    I now understand why the “enemy” has been working double time for the past few weeks to whip the antis into a frenzy, encouraging them to specifically post negative Crebeau-related posts to anyone and in almost all venues, hoping that from November 3 up to today they can sway as many people into their side by appealing to lies and emotions, never the law and logic.

    I now understand that the “enemy” is afraid this translation will come out soon, and it has! Thanks admins! This is the truth, plain and simple. No amount of distortion and emotional diatribes can change its meaning in the eyes of the Korean public and the rest of the world…

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  23. Thank you for another informative website. The place else may just I get that kind of info written in such a perfect manner?
    I’ve a undertaking that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such information.

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