[Announcement] Signature Check and Petition Extension

Signature Check and Petition Extension

Some Petition signers have expressed concerns that they did not receive a pop-up message indicating that their signature went through after they signed. We want to address your concernment and have come up with a solution for signers to verify if their signatures were counted.

To check if your signature has been entered, please use Internet Explorer to visit the Petition page and click at the top of the page where it says “Check whether your signature went through!”

You will be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to enter the EXACT name and email address that you’ve used to sign the Petition:

We are extending the Petition deadline from February 15th to February 25th in order to accommodate this new feature. Those who find that their signature did not go through will have the opportunity to sign again at the Petition page or email their signature to JYJpetition@gmail.com

*Please note that if you’ve emailed us your signature, processing takes a few days so please do not be alarmed if the system does not immediately state that your signature has been entered.

Extending the Petition period will also serve two other important purposes:

(1)    To properly promote the Petition in the translated languages that were added after the February 3rd start date. Many fans were eager to spread the Petition in their own countries and have volunteered to translate the Petition into Turkish, Portuguese and Indonesian. The Turkish and Portuguese Petition were only posted very recently and the Indonesian Petition has yet to be posted (we will announce its availability shortly, please stay tuned). It would only be fair that those who wish to sign the Petition in the aforementioned languages are given an adequate time period to do so.

(2)    To allow a decent time frame for those without PC or Smartphones to email in their signatures.


29 thoughts on “[Announcement] Signature Check and Petition Extension

    • It’s already been translated into Korean because we need to submit the Petition to the Korean court. However, this Petition is mainly for international fans since Korean fans have already had their own petition a while back.

      • i am sorry but can i ask what is the petition about? and is there an english copy to translate it into arabic??? thanks and sorry for disturbing

  1. ถ้าไปเช็คแล้วไม่มีล่ะค่ะ ต้องไปเข้าเว็บและลงชื่อใหม่ได้เลยหรือเปล่าค่ะ

  2. I’m kinda happy :”>
    Maybe it’s because i did something good for them. I felt like i’m being useful… :”>
    Thanks for doing this by the way~ ^^

  3. I just checked to be sure my signature was accepted and indeed it was 🙂

    If I sign the petition on behalf of my Mom, who’s a big fan and supports JYJ in their fight for freedom, but use my email since my Mom doesn’t have one, will it be OK?

    • You may have let out a portion of your name. When I checked mine, got the same message as yours. I forgot to include my middle initial. When I added the MI and hit, CHECK…I got the confirmation screen, with cute smiley face on it. Decided to do a ‘PrtScr’, cause I want this for posterity’s sake! 🙂

      Just wanted to say ADMINS…positive vibes all over for the entire project. You all deserve ENORMOUS KUDOS!!! Thank you again for all your hard work.

    • I learned that even a space matters. I put a period after my first name and no space after it, and it wasn’t accepted when I was checking my signature. After I put a space after the period and before the last name, it was accepted, I guess this is how I put it when signing the petition.

    • the name field is case sensitive.. it happened to me.. so If you entered your name in the petition form with capital letters you need to check it now as you entered it exactly..:)

  4. 全く署名を完了することが出来ずそちらで代行していただく事になりましたが、今、署名が代行された旨を確認しました。ありがとうございました。
    JYJ ファイティン!!!

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  7. ユチョン、ジェジュン、ジュンス。

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