54 thoughts on “The “6.25” Meeting: Summary and Explanation

  1. man is so long… I want to know what made homin stayed… I read everything and well I feel so sad for JYJ [and also Homin] the guys must have had a hard time [and still be having]

    Thank you for this

  2. I don’t really see why there needs to be a summary. Why not read the whole thing? It’s just a translation so it is what it is. People should read the whole thing for themselves and make up their own mind on what they think about it. I don’t see why you feel the need to summarize it. Is there something to be afraid about that you feel you have to make a summary (which doesn’t summarize everything) and clarify rather then let people just read the whole translation for themselves?

    • What the HoTel girls claimed is that JYJ and their family spoke ill of HM and want Cassiopeia to turn their backs at them. Besically distorted this and blew it up.

      • The transcription is for the 55 minutes released. The meeting was much longer than 55 minutes (I’ve been told it was around 3 hours) but the person who recorded the meeting only took out 55 minutes to spread to fandom. No one has the full recording except that person.

      • @the JYJ files
        i think this is the full translation. they booked the place from 7 to 8. so the meeting couldn’t be longer than that, could it? i don’t find anything wrong with this 6.25 meeting at all unlike some butthurt Homin fans who think that JYJ were trying to bash them. I’m more curious about the 623 meeting. Are you planning to clear that up? i’ve heard from some fans who confirmed that 623 DID HAPPEN but evidence about it was taken down as soon as it was posted on the net.

    • If my memory serves me right, it was mentioned that the bolded parts were left out on purpose to give the transcript on the left a different meaning. So, providing the summary on the right gives an indication of what the differences are. What is suspicious about that? They said, here is what is available for you to read and take in.

      It must be apparent to you that as it gets closer and closer to the next hearing date in March which is just around the corner, more and more information is going to come out from ‘both sides’. The sites that support JYJ are doing their part for the supporters of JYJ to provide them with pertinent information.

      Most of the folks who keep up with JYJ sites are pretty savvy people. I get the distinct impression they can read and parse the information they read. You might find the occasional ‘typo’ or two, heck I have them myself from time to time.

      So, I don’t find anything wrong with a summary being provided. A lot of things I read usually have a summary section. This kind of goes along with the norm if you ask me. I know, nobody did, I’m just saying. Peace.

    • you can always read the whole thing yourself though. Lots of people have this tl;dr attitude so what the admin do pretty much helping those that have the tl;dr attitude. Hey~~~~~u can always go to the original source rather than complaining. Kids this days…..be thankful for other people’s effort,please.

  3. Thank you Admins! I dont care who are the ppls spreard bad rumers for JYJ and their parent .I dont waste my time wait to see their faces, if because money”shame on you” you got dirty job, if because hate, just feel sorry for their life, wost life ever, outside have a lot wonderful thing you cant see.I am happy to see JYJ,their view more clean and shine! that what i feel right now, thank you again Admins for informations, you guys work hard already!

  4. Well, all this shows me is that there is a concerted effort to besmirch JYJ’s reputation. It doesn’t matter what percentage of the transcript above is true or not, what is clear is that some people are spreading false rumors, and that’s just wrong in so many levels.

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  6. i know junsu’s father kept reiterating how the members were divided in their opinions 3:2, but he sometimes also said whether it be 4:1 as well. does that mean changmin or yunho also considered of leaving sm a bit, meaning one member firmly wanted to stay?

    • Yes, that’s my assumption — that Junsu’s father thought either Yunho or Changmin might join JYJ when the time came. Junsu’s father says that all 5 of them talked about leaving SM, so according to this both Changmin and Yunho considered it, but changed their minds.

  7. thank you, guys for enlighting us about the 6.25 meeting… i really appreciate everything that has been done… i really wish to support the five of them… it really frustrates me to think the JYJ is struggling just to fight for their rights to perform and sing while the other 2 has been doing the same thing when they were still a group…

    the cosmetic thing is not the real issue here… SME just trying to divert the issue so that the lawsuit thing could not surfaced… i for one thought that the contract they have signed is really unfair and they have all the rights to made it change…

    i will be waiting for the concluding article about this issue…

  8. I have piece up what I have read before with this and finds it painful. These parents /sister must have felt terrible to see their sons/brother in such a heartbreakingstate since 2009. Just hope all JYJ fans worldwide are able help in anyway we can possible in this March trial. The truth will always win. That’s for sure but only Korean Justice is willing show more transparency dealing SME. It’s a sad real drama and the whole outcome is closely watch worldwide. What really sad is there are similar cases before DBSK. Fans should “guard”Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu more even the whole episode is over. I have three little nieces plus me to give our support to JYJ .

  9. 在一個沒有底線的社會裏,謠言往往比真相更令人興奮。

  10. It’s just they have difference opinions that’s all.
    I don’t know who to blame (JYJ or HoMin) but all I do know is that I will support JYJ with all my might. Of course the real culprit here is SM, no doubt about that.
    I just hope that one day the truth will come out and JYJ could standing on stage in Korea Industry once again with their head up high.

  11. I’ve read this from the “Other Person’s” blog and I only read the negative assumptions of HoMin-biased fans there. It’s rather dumb if you think about it since this translated account doesn’t in no way bash either party (JYJ or HoMin), so I don’t see the point of them criticizing JYJ for this uselessly.
    All I want to know now is the verdict that will be made. Let’s all hope for the best. JYJ fighting!

  12. you know what else too? jyj and there family are being honest yet respectful about this whole ordeal. and they specifically said money isn’t the main reason. yet theres more! there’s the unfair contracts, the unknown money handlings, and something more…something unforgivable and must not be mentioned to the public! this must be what yoochun was speaking in his song too and what jaejoong’s sister and junsu’s dad were talking about here.

    junsu, jaejoong, yoochun who cherished dbsk so much would not break away from sm without a significant reason. this is something that could ultimately ruin their trust in sm. its sad. but its the truth. and the truth will prevail.

  13. may i know where does the left column translation come from as i dont see any links to the translation. i mean who is the author for the left side translation., u should include in your blog too.

  14. I have read this so many times and I still can’t see how anyone can turn this into JYj family bashing HoMin.
    They keep saying support the 5. We have different opinions but no one want to break dbsk.
    Oh people

  15. Just one thing. SME-biased yellow journalism is too eager to publish anything that can put JYJ down in Korea. It even fabricated stories about Junsu’s guarantee for TOH, which turns out to be a no-guarantee work. Even such yellow journalism has never ever addressed to this 6.25 meeting, which happens to be the most favorite posting of all HoMin fans’ blogs. Too rumorish even for it to handle….

  16. I’m just wondering. How do fans claim that the recorded audio is edited to 55 minutes and the real audio is two hours when Junsu’s father booked the room for only an hour? I’m only seeking clarification, no bashes to JYJ or HoMin.

    • I wouldn’t call the need for a response to a organized attacks on JYJ to be “good stuff”. I can understand why K-fandom would want to keep it quiet given the direction the attacks were coming from.

      Or were you talking about something else? Your comment is very vague.

      • Well i did read the complete thing not this “summary and explanatin” original source true tvxq

      • The document here also includes the full transcription on the left column, taken from the site you mentioned. There’s nothing to hide. I know you’re Changmin biased but please at least show some proof when you’re implying JYJ members’ families of misdeeds.

      • Im happy th fact im a changmin fan is known thats pretty cool well if there ia nothing too hide why was it secret and denied for so long? And if they wanna support the 5 why only jyj fans? And they did themeeting to clear rumors but i didnt see that i just saw the source of this rumors

      • Denied? How was it denied? People went to the meeting and talked about it and the fans that went were perplexed as to why the Hotel girls made a huge deal out of it. And if you know anything about fandom in Korea, you would know that these kinds of meetings between families and fans are quite commonplace. There’s nothing nefarious as you’d like to suggest. Furthermore, please point out WHERE in the entire transcript, did you find JYJ’s family members acting inappropriately? Otherwise, you’re just ranting without substance.

  17. i’m really shock to learn the true reason about the break up.. everyone bashing and blaming JYJ because they leave as JYJ and on the other hand support new-TVXQ before knowing the truth.. got to say that the truth should be spread out(for the good of those five’s)..

    p/s: about the portion 9:1… money is not everything and as I(maybe all TVXQ/JYJ fans also) may see now, junsu,jaejoong&yuchun get their own freedom(obviously by writing songs) nowadaybecause of JYJ… the one demand money is the one you know who..

  18. Thank you for posting the whole transcripts!! Some other websites just post other ppl’s analysis and disprove jyj. They have stated they wanted 5 of them even if there is 1% hope. And other fans should not have called Homins traiters + bash homin.

  19. It’s good that you’re trying to tell the fact, but hopefully you can omit the part – “Hotel parts are saying..bla.. bla.. this and that…” and the frequent summaries. Just saying about this blog in general. It shows how insecure you are. You can just give the facts without trying to relate to Hotel side. If the fact is the truth, it’ll not be a lie. Be yourself, and don’t be overshadowed by Hotel this… Hotel that.. That’s what I find its a bit annoying. I want to know your sincere fact/opinion, not when you’re trying to slash the other side.

    • They have to mention the Hotel girl’s summary so people know what parts have been manipulated. Many people misunderstand this meeting because they read the Hotel girl version and then they get confused when they read this one. They don’t know who to believe so the admins put in the manipulated version for comparison so that people can tell who is lying.

      “Be yourself?” This isn’t high school dear. We aren’t shooting a commercial for peer pressure we are informing whoever comes to this site on what truly happened and how to not fall for the lies made up by the Hotel girls. How? By informing people on just what these lies are. How can you know otherwise? Unless you make it a habit to visit Homin sites?

  20. That is where I feel the parents went wrong too. In their attempts to keep the boys from a public scandal they tried to keep this meeting a secret. The reasoning for many people goes much like what you said, “If you know you are right why all the secrecy?”

    This has been quite a weapon for antis. They use this reasoning to get people to think that the meeting was one big, shady Homin bashing party. I personally don’t care much about this whole thing but a lot of people seem hung up on this issue. I guess in part because this is the only “ammunition” they have against JYJ. What else could they talk about if they didn’t have this?

    They might be able to manipulate court hearings for now but they can’t keep it up once the courts release a final verdict. It will be all over the news and they won’t be able to lie about that. So they cling on to this meeting.

    • I’ve been told that apparently these kinds of meetings are common and it wasn’t secret by any means. So Hotel girls lied about this too?

  21. Was there also a rumor 6.23 meeting? I tried to research it, and there’s no actual proof of it, so I guess it’s a rumor? I don’t see why Precious blog made it seem like the 6.25 was such a bashing party when it doesn’t even seem like a bash. I mean if what there saying is contradicting what HOMIN says I guess it is considered a bashing towards HOMIN in holyshinki’s eyes. I mean seriously I almost believed Previous, he made it seem so real with all the “logic” and so called “facts” and saying how he understands Korean so there was no way he got a second hand translation like me. I wish he change his blog name “truthtvxq” or “truetvxq”, because clearly it’s not all the truth or true. Misleading to many fans who want to know truth.

  22. I read the whole article and I realized a lot of things. Many people say that this 6.25 meeting is making HOMIN the one who’s wrong and JYJ is right. But, I don’t think that way, because in this meeting, I learned lot of things on what really happened, we should thank them instead for having the confidence to tell those statement rather than keeping in silence which makes the fans more and more confused. In this meeting they are just clarifying things out, not to bash anyone.

    I don’t blame HOMIN for being silent until now because I know that they really wanna give a statement its just that maybe they are not allowed to or someone or somebody are blackmailing them, we don’t really know the real reason of HOMIN, that is the thing that we must found out.

    5 of them are having a really HARD time, so if fans are arguing and fighting over this rumors, I’m sure that it will just give them more burdens. So, instead of saying ill words towards other, we should support them and make them stronger.

  23. I don’t need to read this to trust JYJ. Those guys are amazing people, why would they need to lie? JYJ are my bias but that doesn’t mean I make decisions off of my bias. I use logic. JYJ didn’t bash anyone as far as I know.

    DBSK on the other hand is constantly talking about low morals and greed. JYJ just wants freedom and fairness. Is that too much to ask? I think if those crazy fans who act off their bias actually put themselves in JYJ’s shoes, they wouldn’t be writing all that BS about JYJ.

    &I don’t hate DBSK. Everyone has a reason for all that he does. I know they thought over their decisions carefully. I just kind of resent them for having such opinions about their fellow band members they’ve known for such a long time. But when people are hurt, such pain leads to these kind of actions. We can only hope they try to understand JYJ and find a way to work it out.

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