[Trans] Warning about Malicious Rumours regarding Crebeau

Spanish Translation (traducción en español) of this article is available HERE, courtesy of Jaeden Forums.

Preface: Dear readers, The JYJ Files was not created to bandy empty words with antis and rumourmongers. As our mission statement in the “About” section indicates, we exist to provide food-for-thought for fans of the original Dong Bang Shin Ki and JYJ as well as a space for discussion on issues involving the members of JYJ or the original Dong Bang Shin Ki. We do not intend to become a reactionary party to the latest products of the Hotel Girls’ rumour factory. We would rather use that time and Internet space to actively support the members of JYJ or encourage the larger original Dong Bang Shin Ki community to step out of its K pop comfort zone. For this reason, until now, we avoided directly answering to these rumours. However, as time passed, we realised that we were doing a grave disservice to our readers. It is no secret in the Korean and Japanese fandom that the Hotel Girls and their supporters are losing ground in both countries and would be eager to gain what they lost in the international fandom. In this environment, it would be irresponsible of The JYJ Files to leave our readers completely in the dark. We are still committed to addressing all issues on our terms (ie, not becoming a string of posts that RE: the latest distortions from antis), and so we will provide an article (or few) in the future on the cosmetics rumours in a form appropriate to the spirit of this blog. Until then, here is some important background information on the veracity of claims related to Crebeau cosmetics.

Warning about Malicious Rumours regarding Crebeau

For the past year or so, all sorts of claims regarding the cosmetics brand ‘Crebeau’ have been spreading around the Internet through various portal sites, blogs, Telzone; wanting to clear up doubts and uncover the truth I went directly to Crebeau’s main office on May 5 [2010].

Since I’m a fan of Yunho, Changmin as well as a fan of all five members, I printed out all the documents related to the cosmetics business endorsed by all sides and inquired [the head office] thoroughly on all points of concern, which [the staff] kindly answered.

  1. Portrait rights (SM never pressed charges against Crebeau over the issue of portrait rights)
  2. Base/raw materials……(http://cfile249.uf.daum.net/image/173AFB274BD9A8D94D6DC6)

[Translator’s note: clicking on the link will take you to a screenshot of the reply that was given to a fan who asked the Korean Food and Drug Administration about the legality of the use of sheep placenta in cosmetics. The reply was: it is not illegal except for in 34 countries, of which Korea, Japan and China are not included. The listed companies in English are doing similar animal testing with approval. The fan ends with a sarcastic remark about the Hotel Girls’ sudden interest in animal rights]

  1. Products for tourists (they were put together without Crebeau’s direct involvement by Japanese tourist agencies who bought Crebeau products from various outlets; anyone who reads even a little Japanese can read clearly the tourist agencies’ names)
  2. The Hallyu department store (The Crebeau billboard/advert banner is there because the Japanese branch of Crebeau paid the advertisement fee to the Hallyu department store. Because it’s a Hallyu/Korean Wave café it obviously has pictures of Dong Bang Shin Ki (there are photos of other Korean celebrities there too) and it sells other cosmetics brands beside Crebeau).

The three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki have stated many times that this incident [T/N: ie, the lawsuit] has nothing to do with the cosmetics business, and for about a year we believed that the cosmetics rumours would figure themselves out, that they would die down when the truth was revealed, and so we carried on as usual, requesting all posts with such rumours be erased and leaving replies in the comments section that cleared up any misunderstanding regarding the cosmetics business; however, [the Hotel Girls] accused us of bias and furthering the agenda of the cosmetics company and, insisting that their claims were not rumours, they worked all the harder to disseminate even more malicious rumours.

If you [Hotel Girls] truly have suspicions of the cosmetics, if you truly think there are problems with the cosmetics, isn’t it simple common sense to at least call or visit the cosmetics store and ask about the aspects with which you have problems and then, upon verifying the truth like this, posting the information on the Internet?

And yet, not one of you has called or visited or so much as got in touch [with Crebeau], but instead you have attacked by posting out-of-context or deliberately cropped photos provided by anti-fans as well as your subjective and flawed interpretation of documents. The cosmetics company, which has no relation to the Dong Bang Shin Ki litigation, has become the scapegoat for Dong Bang Shin Ki’s breakup, no thanks to [the Hotel Girls’s] unspeakable accusations of multi-level practices and illegal sheep placenta that have gravely damaged the company and its image.

Have you ever thought of the position of the company—its affiliated partners, its hundreds of employees and their families, the average person who engaged in business with the company even just once?

I wonder if you have the capacity to fathom the amount of damages such people would have incurred.

Have you ever even thought how much time and effort; blood, sweat and tears it takes to establish and run a single company?

Just for the sake of you protecting the celebrity you like.

You have publicly defamed a company that was completely unrelated to the ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki case’ and has not yet been officially charged, for which you must take responsibility.

The frog you throw at the rock in carelessness will die.

I strongly encourage you to reflect upon/feel remorse for the vicious and intentionally misinterpreted [rumours] you have spread without proper verification.

If, even after seeing this post, you [Hotel Girls] do not desist in making up and spreading vicious rumours, you will have to inevitably take even bigger responsibility for your actions.

A scan of the official [police] complaint

I urge you to put your hand on your heart and think thoroughly through what you are doing. You yourselves will know…whether or not you’re among the many people listed in the complaint.

What follows is one example out of the many apologies issued by the Hotel Girls in the Daum TVXQ Telzone forum upon being reported to the Korean Police (from June 12, 2010):

I apologise to all personnel related to Crebeau for the pubic criticism brought about by my actions.

I sincerely apologise for all the immeasurable damages my careless posts have caused.

I was rash.

I think my excessive eagerness to show my affection for Dong Bang Shin Ki has led me to act in such immature ways.

Now that I think about it I wrote such things in an agitated and thoughtless state of mind. Because I was so agitated, I only thought to push all the blame on to one side.

I was especially struck by CEO Kang’s kindness/benevolence when I met him in real life, to the extent that I felt sorry for his troubles.

He has suffered so many damages, but instead he worried for me as if he didn’t know that he himself existed.

I also apologise for the grief I’ve caused to his representatives and personnel.


This is a postscript.

I went to visit the cosmetics company today…

It was a lot smaller than I expected it to be, with the mood of a small-and-medium-enterprise. I went with a friend; [the staff] were very kind to my friend and I went into the office where I shared and heard many stories.

Firstly, with regards to the Crebeau store in the Shino-okubo department store…Shino-okubo Department Store is a Korean Wave-themed department store that put up the Crebeau billboard merely for advertising purposes; it appears we were too eager in misunderstanding the motivation behind this. It was probably our fault for making people think that Crebeau was abusing Dong Bang Shin Ki’s image when in fact it was Shino-okubo’s marketing strategy.

Secondly, about the relationship between the cosmetics company and ChunJaeSu…

While the company did receive and continues to receive investments from the three, because of the consequences of our posts, the company has lost the entire amount that ChunJaeSu invested. Also, it appears to be true that it is [ChunJaeSu’s] family members rather than the three members themselves who are intimately involved in the cosmetics business.

Lastly, I would like to talk about the multi-level company claim.

We hadn’t heard directly from anyone that it was multi-level, so we might have been too hasty in our judgment. Under the nervousness and stress of the current situation where it looks like Dong Bang Shin Ki might disband, it appears we crossed the line in dragging in the cosmetics business, an unrelated party to the dispute, through speculations and distortions. When I see the two who say our writings caused them heartache, I can’t help but feel sorry. Although we say ‘multi-level, multi-level’ in truth we have no definitive proof, and for that we have brought upon this company a huge loss. In a day, they lost 6 billion won; for that I am sorry.

So everyone, please don’t further the agenda of the antis but rather condone posts that praise or encourage the cosmetics business, and if you can’t do even that then at least refrain from referring to [the cosmetics company] at all.

Translator’s Commentary:

More apologies from the Hotel Girls regarding the defamation of Crebeau cosmetics can be viewed here.

As you can see, the majority of the rumours surrounding JYJ’s involvement in the Crebeau cosmetics business was systematically debunked by Korean DBSK fans over the course of the past year and a half. What remains of the discourse is strung together by faulty correlations, fabricated evidence and, as the writer above revealed, cropped and edited photos and video clips. Ultimately, the Korean police had to be contacted. Consequently many of the Hotel Girls themselves recanted.

At this point, the remainder of the Hotel Girls will still pull out the one weapon they have left to keep the cosmetics rumour-mill spinning, and that is the supposed “fact” that JYJ own 62.5% of the shares of Crebeau. In the aftermath of the Korean Police getting involved and the Hotel Girls apologising in droves, the Korean Public Attorney opened an investigation. Its findings and position is summarised in this key article: http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2010/06/17/2010061702148.html

I shall translate the key part below:

17 일 SM 측 변호인인 법무법인 지평지성에 따르면 검찰은 지난달 31일 SM을 상대로 명예훼손과 업무방해 혐의로 고소한 위샵플러스의 고소건을 불기소 결정했다. 이 관계자는 “검찰 조사 결과 화장품업체의 지분 중 62.5%가 동방신기 3인의 멤버와 가족들의 명의로 있는 등 사업에 관여한 만큼 화장품 사업이 전속계약 분쟁을 일으킨 주요한 원인 중 하나라고 파악했다”고 말했다.

On June 17, 2010, SM’s legal representative reported that on the 31st of last month the Korean public attorney decided to not pursue the charges of defamation and obstruction of business filed by Wishop Plus against SM [Entertainment]. According to [SM’s] lawyer, “The results of the public attorney’s investigation revealed that 62.5% of the shares of the cosmetics enterprise is owned by the three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki and their family members; it has been determined that [the three members’] involvement in the cosmetics business is an important cause of the conflict over their exclusive contract.”

Firstly, notice that it is not the public attorney himself that attests that JYJ’s shares in the cosmetics business amounts to 62.5% but SM’s lawyer. In fact, nowhere in this rather short article is the public attorney quoted. The conclusion that the cosmetics business is a cause for the lawsuit is that of SM’s lawyer and SM’s lawyer alone at this point.

Secondly, the article is unclear on how much each individual member of JYJ owns in Crebeau’s shares. Notice that it says 62.5% of shares is owned by “the three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki and their family members.” This appears to be saying that the combined amount of shares owned by Jaejoong and Yoochun and Junsu and “family members” (and who knows how many they are. Also, is it immediate family? Extended? Immediate and extended?) is 62.5%. It is unclear how much of that each individual member owns. It could be anywhere between .01% and 62%. Judging by the Hotel Girl’s apology translated above, it is not unreasonable to think that the JYJ’s family members were more involved than JYJ themselves.

Also, a percentage means nothing if one lacks the corresponding absolute value. The only figure given in the article is the 62.5 in %. This could correspond to anything above or below 100 million won in actual amount. And given that Crebeau appears to be by all accounts a small to medium-sized business and that the 62.5% is owned by multiple “family” parties, not just the members of JYJ, the claim made by the CEO of the company that the members of JYJ own around 1/10th of the enterprise is not incompatible with the cited 62.5% in shares.


Translated by: Jimmie of TheJYJFiles

Shared by: TheJYJFiles

Please do not add/remove credits

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  1. thank you Jimmie!
    This is the article i’m pointing confused fans and ill informed antis to from now on!
    I’ve been saying this forever, but it helps to point them towards an article that has links that go to the exact sources that are being used in the article.
    Thank you once again and keep up the good work!

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  3. Thank you a lot Jimmie. I hope people that like dragging JYJ’s name through the mud by pointing at CreBeau and this 62,5%, take a look at this article. It seems that the link doesn’t work, can you post a new one?

    Thank you very much

  4. More and more truth and real facts are being disclosed through translation. It amazes me how far the hatred in some people will take them. I’d pity them if I haven’t detest them more already.

    Thank you Jimmie for your non-stop translating work, I so much appreciate it.

  5. Thank you Admins and Jimmie for you hard word! you guy really have good job make the wonderful site! i have alot information i need!

  6. Thank you for translating and posting! This is what this fandom needs, correctly translated material so we can see the whole picture, not just parts of it.

  7. Thank you Jimmie!
    I hope a lot of people see this so they can stop talking nonesense.
    Thank you once again, you guys are awesome!

  8. That what I tried to explain on this blog we all know by now : truetvxq but the writer only brushed me off and said that I was just trying to defend JYJ…
    It is obvious that saying that JYJ and their families own 62.5% of Crebeau is a good way to create more hate towards JYJ but JYJ is not one person, it is composed of 3 individuals and each one of them invested a certain amount of money into the company. Plus, since even the writer from this blog claims that JYJ’s family members are involved in the whole business (even saying Junsu’s father, Junsu’s brother, Yoochun’s mother and Jaejoong’s sister[s?] are shareholders) it means that the whole 62.5% has to be divided between at least 7 persons or more. It’s not as if each JYJ members owned 62.5% of Crebeau, it Jaejoong + Junsu + Yoochun + their family members (at least 4 of them seem to be confirmed) who do own 62.5% which is totally different. But by saying that JYJ own 62.5% of Crebeau it makes it sound as if they own the whole company and it makes them look bigger than they truly are. Now I’m very curious and would love to know how much exactly did each member invested and also how much each of their family member invested. It would really clear things up.
    About the use of sheep placenta I’m not really ok with it but once again, most of the beauty products we use every day are tested on animals or/and contains substances that are (more or less violently) extracted from animals so no need to act as if it’s the first time such as thing happens.

    • i thought i was the only one who was curious about the misinformation from that page.
      i do hope that they will be more careful about what they’re doing because the damage to innocent people’s lives because of defamation is irreparable.

      i thank you guys of JYJ Files (esp Jimmie) for accommodating my concern about this.
      i will work hard to straighten out the distorted info that other poeple have the gall of spreading on the web.
      once more, thank you & i pray for your success!

      • Oh! And I just saw that This Precious has posted the 6.25 recordings that she had translated and she’s now spreading more lies…
        God! Does she ever stop?!

      • @ sammie
        Precious is a he. And it’s just a translation so I don’t see how he’s spreading lies.

      • @haley
        I just learned that He is male… LOL
        Anyway, this person posted something about Crebeau that isn’t correct and those are the lies that I was referring to, aside from the translation for the 6.25 meeting. The blogger I think is making his followers interpret the translation the way the Hotel girls have made other fans did before.

  9. This is what I wrote elsewhere.

    This is a very good question; whether SM was against CreBeau because it could have harmed TVXQ’s and could have not. The three months information is new to me and made me curious. Why kill the sheep so early and how common is it? As you can see I took much longer time to answer you than the person before you and that was because I was looking for information about placenta in cream so what I tell is to the best of my knowledge).

    The easier question is how common is it. According to my search for the last hour or so much more than what I thought. Of course I said before that the nutrition value and property is acknowledged by East Asia, especially Eastern Asia/Chinese Medicine. (Placenta tablets from China http://nourishingorigins.com/wp-content/uploads/wpsc/product_images/079-2.JPG, food from Japan http://www.alibaba.com/product-free/106289777/Laennec_Placenta_food_from_Japan.html ). But I knew nothing about how it is in Western countries. Here I am only going to use examples from USA or products that are used there because the FDA standards are internationally acknowledged.

    It appeared that Precious did not know about it and somewhere I read that he was from America. So is it used in America? The short answer is, yes. How common is it actually is hard to estimate but when it is wildly used by Hollywood stars, it can be said that there is a large group of people that use it for various of things (Tyra banks show http://anti.agingarsenal.com/skin-care/placenta-face-cream/, Part of the EMK line http://www.beautybeverlyhills.com/testimonials.php, http://www.plasticsurgeryclinicguide.com/hollywood-stars-use-live-cell-sheep-placenta-to-look-younger/, or the infamous act from Tom Cruise of eating his wife’s placenta <- lol)

    Is placenta in cream approved by Food and Drug Administration in US? Cosmetics, like creams do not fall under FDA inspection but a lot of items with this ingredient have been approved by FDA, for example the drug MFIII, the "Rolls Royce of nutritional supplements" (http://youngeryounger.com/).

    Why are the lambs killed so early? Isn’t this a very disadvantageous not to mention expansive? It is much easier to extract the placenta after the birth plus the farmer will obtain a new lamb? After the birth the placenta very high risk of being contained (environment) and that is probably why it is not done so. According to FDA, in USA the placenta must be thrown immediately after the lamb is born so we can conclude that this is a must-follow procedure. CreBeau states that their products have been approved by Japanese/Korean authorities.

    The big question remains. Was SM against it because CreBeau would drag down TVXQ’s name? F.ex. while some Hollywood stars like placenta products, people, like those from PETA won’t like it. So let’s back to the time when the lawsuit started. SM said that the three boys made investment behind their backs (proven wrong) in China and that was hindering them to represent other cosmetics. It was breaking their contract and they were losing a lot of money out of this. Does that sound like a party that is concerned about PETA people?

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  11. a sorry is easy to say, but they should get punished by law for all the damages they’ve done to those innocent people who’s working their butts off. Just because they are angry that doesn’t mean they are PRIVILEGE to create such baseless rumors to top that destroy someone else’s life.. All i can say is face the consequences, SORRY is not enough for all the lost(income, credibility, and integrity) of those innocent workers who works at Crebeau

    • I totally agree with you. If there are no consequences for their actions, they will just do it again and think by saying sorry, it will wipe the slate clean. I think they should be sued for malicious intent. By the way, what are “Hotel Girls”?

      • JYJ antis (many were known to be DBSK antis during the days of DBSK as five so not all are former fans) who mostly hung out at the Yunho Heading to the Ground thread in the Daum Telzone forum. Hence the name HoTel…their ringleader is an elusive Korean male who went by the alias “Forever” (http://hopeforjyj.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/who-is-forever-part-i-jyj-and-cosmetics-business/).

        They took advantage of the restraint the larger Korean DBSK fandom had at the time of the lawsuit to spread malicious rumours (not just about the cosmetics business but the contract and the trademark to the name Dong Bang Shin Ki as well) in Korea and Japan. They were especially successful in Japan for a while, due to the public’s lack of knowledge about the corrupt side of K pop, but it now looks like their influence even in Japan is waning. Not ones to take a clue, it appears they are now attempting to replicate the same damage with the same techniques in the international original DBSK fandom.

  12. “What follows is one example out of the many apologies issued by the Hotel Girls in the Daum TVXQ Telzone forum upon being reported to the Korean Police (from June 12, 2011)” <— is this a mistyped of the year? Does this mean it is 2010 not 2011?

  13. Thank you, Jimmie…your articles are always….well-logically said….
    this will be a huge help for intl Cassie who were usually stuck facing Korean articles…

    I wonder…are most of those Hotel Girls in their teens for they acted rashly. They should have known that words are sharper than swords. Life isn’t that easy for them to destruct….

  14. Thank you for this (and all the other translations!), definitely helped in understanding what’s going on with the cosmetic business.

  15. Thank you for this. I will simply link this to the next person I see who brings up the whole “JYJ!!! Cosmetic business!! BAD!!!” reason.

  16. Thank you admin, Jimmie, and every one for translating this article. We cannot be passive anymore or it will be too late. Let’s make a miracle and justice will triumph evil.
    JYJ fighting, fans fighting ^^

  17. Thank you so much for JYJ tell the truth, thank you!

    Even though we no longer in their side, but we will always support them.

    Thank you. JYJ, we will always support you! Fighting…

  18. Miduhyo DongBang: Đừng lo nhé, vì Cass ở đây…tin tưởng và nguyện cầu cho các anh
    Đừng lo nhé, vì Cass luôn sẵn sàng sẻ chia với các anh mọi điều
    Đừng lo nhé, vì Cass dù cho có thế nào đi nữa, vẫn sẽ là hậu phương vững chắc cho các anh
    Đừng lo nhé, vì Cass sẽ luôn đứng về phía các anh
    Vì…..Cass là ” hướng dương”
    Và DBSK là ” mặt trời”
    Vì….Cass yêu DBSK….
    Rất nhiều, nhiều đến mức…
    hơn 120.000 chữ kí của các Cass đã gửi đến tòa án trung tâm Seoul
    Các anh có thấy không?
    Cassiopeia Yêu DBSK
    Điều đó chẳng bao giờ thay đổi…
    Quá khứ…hiện tại…và mãi mãi về sau
    Trong trái tim của Cass…hình bóng các anh là…bất diệt

    Xin hãy ôm (Hug) họ thật chặt dù chỉ trong giấc mơ Vì mặt trời (Rising sun) luôn tỏa sáng mỗi ngày Và theo cách mọi người vẫn vậy (The way you are) sẽ để cái tên DBSK mãi tồn tại! Cassiopeia, dù bạn ở đâu… Hãy luôn vững lòng tin!” Always keep the faith! I look at you everyday but I wanna see you more I listen to you everynight but I wanna hear you more Now , I know why people said that Life is a sleep and love is a dream Because I just can see you and hear you in my dream Together – Victory – Forever – Xl – Quality….. TVXQ

    I look at you everyday but I wanna see you more I listen to you everynight but I wanna hear you more Now, I know why people said that Life is a sleep and love is a dream Because I just can see you and hear you in my dream Together – Victory – Forever – Xl – Quality….. TVXQ
    Miduhyo DongBang
    5 con người…5 cuộc đời…5 nụ cười…mang anh đến bên em…mãi mãi.. DBSK đã cho em những điều diệu kì…. Hạnh phúc nơi em ấm áp….là mỗi khi em được nhìn thấy anh… Và người yêu ơi mãi về sau…. Suốt kiếp trọn đời em mãi mãi yêu anh…. DBSK ước mơ của Cassiopeia…. Đựoc thấy anh cười hạnh phúc và được ở bên cạnh nhau như thế thôi… Và dù thế giới có đổi thay…thì em vẫn luôn mãi giữ vững 1 niềm tin… Mãi bên cạnh anh… Love you forever… DBSK Always keep the faith.

    luv DBSK forever

    Đừng cố gượg cười. Nếu anh muốn khóc, xin anh đừg kìm nén. Cassiopeia, các bạn sẽ nói gì đến DBSK nào? : Miduhyo!.Cassie muốn nhắn gì đến JaeSuChun:Never Give Up!Các bạn nhắn gì tới HoMin?: Hope To The End. Vậy các bạn tự nói gì với chính mình? : ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH. gửi tin nhắn này đến cho nhữg Cass trog friendlist của chúg ta, để họ luôn vững tin vào 5 vị thần của chúg ta.

    “Hơn tất cả mọi thứ đó là thành viên của chúng tôi. Để có thể miêu tả bất kì thành viên nào, bạn có thể dùng những lời đánh giá ra sao cũng được. Nhưng… bất cứ thứ gì mà năm chúng tôi – DBSK cùng làm thì chúng tôi sẽ đều vượt qua mà không hề có một chút e sợ !” Choikang Changmin

    ( 5 – 3 ) + ( 13 – ? ) = ? Nó là 1 ẩn số & sẽ mãi mãi là 1 ẩn số . Sẽ không ai có thể tìm ra nó !! Mãi mãi……..Cass & ELF hãy cùng nhau bảo vệ , che chắn cho ẩn số ấy nhek ! ♥ We are big family ♥ Believe in Super Junior only 13 – Dong Bang Shin Ki only 5 ! JaeChunSuHanKangBum , các anh là những thiên thần tuyệt vời nhất nhưng các anh sẽ rực rỡ hơn khi đứng cùng 12 thiên thần còn lại . Vì thế hãy cố gắng quay lại ví trí của mình nhek ! Chúng em luôn bên cạnh & ủng hộ các anh ! Fighting

    Changmin hơi sợ Yoochun, vì Yoochun mà đã nổi giận thì sát khí sẽ bay đầy trời. Yoochun lại có phần nhún nhường Junsu, vì Junsu mà bực mình thì sẽ dùng ánh mắt charismatic 1000 Vôn thiêu đốt người ta. Junsu lại vị nể Yunho, vì Yunho có bá khí lãnh đạo trong truyền thuyết. Nhưng cả bốn người họ đều phải sợ Jaejoong. Bởi Jaejoong mà điên lên rồi, thì cả nhà chẳng có cái mà ăn. Hãy nhớ, các em trai, ở cái nhà DBSK này, Jaejoong là luật ^^

    Chúng tôi sẽ giữ trái tim chúng tôi có từ ngày debut, cho các hoạt động tương lai của mình. Hy vọng rằng mọi người sẽ tin vào những quyết định của chúng tôi, và ủng hộ chúng tôi.” JaeJoong đã khóc khi nói tất cả những điều trên


    Em nhớ rõ khi các anh luôn được trao những giải thưởng có uy tín nhất. Năm người các anh đứng trên sân khấu và nói rằng, “Xin chào, chúng tôi là Dong Bang Shin Ki”. Dù các anh đang khóc, đang cười hay đang ôm nhau, đó vẫn luôn là hình ảnh được trông thấy. Giờ đây em tự nhủ nếu Yunho và Changmin đột ngột xuất hiện từ đâu đó, ôm lấy những người còn lại và nói, “Bọn tớ ở đây”…

    Chữ W hợp thành của chòm sao Cassiopeia
    ” The star’s in the sky formed a W” (Những ngôi sao trên bầu trời tạo thành chữ W)
    “It wasn’t a coincidence that we met” (Điều đó cho thấy không phải ngẫu nhiên mà chúng ta gặp nhau)
    “There will always be a place for you here” (Sẽ luôn có một nơi/vị trí dành cho bạn ở đây)
    “The day will come when we are able to laugh with you” (Ngày đó sẽ đến khi chúng ta có thể cười với nhau)

    kim junna: 8:53 AM 10/28
    Mùa đông tới. Chúng em sẽ sưởi ấm trái tim các Oppa. Chỉ các Oppa thôi. Đừng rời xa em nhé. Không fải lo cho Cass chúng em. Vỳ chúng em là Cassie. Khi đã khắc DBSK vào trái tim thỳ trái tim chúng em luôn ấm áp. . AKTF HTTE

    Không phải cứ treo ảnh DBSK trên cặp thì là Cass. Không phải cứ yêu một ai đó trong DBSK thì là Cass. Tự nhận mình là Cass nhưng lại đổ lỗi cho JYJ làm DBSK tan rã. Tự nhận mình là Cass nhưng lại nói Chun thế này, Min thế khác, thằng này không đẹp trai bằng Jae, … Thật ra thì bạn là ai? Cassiopeia là fan của DBSK, fan của SuChunJaeMinHo chứ không phải fan của riêng Ho, Jae, Min, Chun hay Su. Cassiopeia yêu DBSK vì sự nỗ lực,phấn đấu không ngừng nghỉ của các anh chứ không phải vẻ bề ngoài. Cassiopeia luôn ủng hộ con đường các anh chọn,luôn là chòm sao sáng ….
    Là Cass thì không bao giờ mất niềm tin. Là Cass thì không bao giờ ngừng hi vọng. Là Cass khi khó khăn sẽ không thèm khóc. Là Cass khi thất bại vẫn ngẩng cao đầu mà đi!
    -‘๑’-•:*´¨* •ღ [Çħ$]♥[DBSK] ღ•*´¨ `*•-‘๑’-:
    Bạn có thấy không? Tỏa sáng rực rỡ trên nền trời, Đó chính là chúng ta. Sẽ thật khó. Để giữ vững niềm tin trong quãng thời gian khó khăn này, Sẽ thật khó, để tin tưởng họ cho đến tận cùng. Nhưng chúng ta là ‘Cassiopeia’. Tôi tin rằng, những gì chúng ta phải làm là đứng yên tại nơi chúng ta đang đứng, và chờ đợi họ. Luôn ở nơi đó. Để TVXQ không lạc lối, Để TVXQ có một một nơi nào đó để trở về, Để họ không đánh mất niềm hy vọng, Chúng ta phải chờ đợi.
    -‘๑’-•:*´¨* •ღ [Çħ$]♥[DBSK] ღ•*´¨ `*•-‘๑’-:
    ‘1, 2, 3 – Annyeonghaseyo, Dong Bang Shin Ki imnida’ Bạn còn nhớ ai đó đã từng nói những lời này không ?? Như lâu lắm rồi chúng ta không được nghe thấy câu nói này. Cassiopeia, bạn vẫn nhớ chứ? nhớ khi JunSu,ChangMin,YunHo,JaeJoong,YuChun cùng thề nguyện. Có phải JaeJoong đã từng nói ” cassiopeia, hãy mãi ở bên cạnh chúng tôi. 20 năm sau, hãy đưa con của các bạn tới và ủng hộ chúng tôi. Hứa nhé!!” Vâg em hứa. Em hứa rằng sẽ mãi ở bên cạnh các anh. Dù có chuyện gì xảy ra, em vẫn đợi. Em sẽ đợi đến khi ‘1, 2, 3 – Annyeonghaseyo, Dong Bang Shin Ki …. khoc’ hay cuoj`??????
    Đợi 1 ngày nào đó ngôi sao W sẽ 1 lẫn nữa ság rực trở lại & cũng vs chúg ta . & 1 ngày nào đó chúg ta sẽ cùg nhau đừg trên 1 sân khấu vs bao ước mơ , hy vọng , niềm vui
    .DBSK fighting!!!

  19. Thanks for the person who wrote the article(s), who tranlated it & who post it online. For this, I always proud to be JYJ fan & love this family so much. Specially thanks to Jimmie for all your hardwork. I hope, one day JaeChunSu will give you a big big hug (and I will not jeolous for that because you deserve it).

  20. Thank u so much JYJ Files admins for all the hardworks.
    This really help to clear those negative rumour created by those antis.
    Once again,thank you.

  21. 私はJYJを愛しています。どんな妨害にも屈せずに頑張って欲しいです。

    • the blog claims that this is the complete recording . . .

      but I thought that no complete recording of 625 existed since no one was supposed to record anything. But one fan recorded anyway, did massive editing, and released that distorted version. Even though that person eventually made a public apology for her actions, her heavily edited version is still the only recording in existence b/c no one else recorded the meeting to begin with

    • The fully recorded 625 meeting is rather innocuous and not at all harmful in any way to JYJ’s position, nor does it change the ridiculous and unconscionable content of SM’s contract or the company’s corrupt and rent-seeking habits. Let’s not get distracted, now ^^.

      • so why is this Precious bringing it up again (just today to be exact) and making a whole fuss about it? she’s making it sound as if all fingers should really point to the three?
        im sorry for bringing that up again… im just so frustrated that this “Precious” person is not being a responsible fan at all and is hording international fans who think she’s right…

      • Actually, Precious is a he. And it is also unlikely that he is merely a fan. Most of his rumors are based on inside information difficult for the average fan to access; this too was a defining characteristic of Forever in Korea. And it is also no surprise that that he is gathering or “hording” as you say a group of loyal fangirls. Aside from the fact that this was also the precedent in Korea–an elusive male claiming to be a disinterested third party crowned ringleader of a destructive horde (it’s a Freudian commentary waiting to happen)–we advise our readers and the larger JYJ/DBSK5 fandom to exercise utmost caution and perception.

      • I honestly think Precious has a vested interest within SM. Because if you were a disinterested 3rd party just curious on the case, you would state arguments for both parties, instead of having such a heavy bias towards one party, in Precious’ case, bias towards SM.

        And the problem with Precious’ blog is that, he keeps stating that he is just stating facts, therefore people are more willing to read his opinions, and come to conclusion that he is giving an entirely factual ‘investigation’, while forgetting to the fact that there are 2 sides to a coin and many angles to a picture.

      • @Nicky & @JYJ Files

        I’m honestly scared at how this person has been investing too much time doing a vast amount of research just to defame JYJ and their parents, and just say that he is only doing this out of curiosity.

        I also read from JYJ3 that Forever is again on the move and is now tageting Int’l fans… Is this true?

    • I find it a little bit strange that a outsider would be willing to spend so much time translating and writing those posts. IDK about him being Precious, since he is an American but I remember back when I tried to reason with him, how quick he was to reply. Like he had nothing else that took his time. As we all know writing long posts take quite a few times if you want to make pretty and beautiful. Arguing and reasoning no matter where, takes a bit more time than usual commenting, especially if you write a long comment. It is not like writing a story. You really need to search for logic to support your claim or find beautiful wordings for your posts. When taking together how often he posts, it is a bit odd how frequent he comments even if it is his own blog.

      I really was curious and considering how much help you guys have been to the fandom I decided to pull my weight and take together at what time Precious appears.


      I am really curious what kind of work he works in. He has time to write all those stuff and comment that much. I let you guys make your own judgment.

      • Oh, dear. I meant IDK about him being Forever. I also meant to say that most commenters live in the west.

      • What I noticed was that he commented before 12:00. While he comments less frequently after it, most of the posts are made then.

        20, 18, 16 and 12 are time that he is busy with something. Eating, I guess and something else. Then there is time between that he must be using for socializing – I refuse to believe that a person that write that well is too socially awkward – and everything that is no way connected to his job or this certain hobby of his.

        …OK, this feels weird and creepy. I should stop writing more about this.

  22. I remember many drama after the lawsuit, one of them being some fans apologized to Crebeau due to spreading Rumours (like how this article stated). I feel so sad now for not realized at that time that it could be the sign of something malicious by the anti in the form of fans.

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  25. Thank u so much for the translation, I really appreciate it!
    Now I can understand a bit more about the situation and clarify my thoughts… I hope all Cassies around the world realize that the enemy is not JYJ or HoMin, but SM.
    Thank u once again!! 🙂

  26. you can’t “misquote” the DA office and its investigations — your ass would be swiftly brought to trial. SME’s legal team would not risk alleging something that the Korean public attorney’s office did not find and submit evidence for, itself. has no one thought of this while reading this latest article, or does everyone take the author’s words and interpretation at face value?

    not to mention, if Wishop Plus (and subsequently CreBeau) were daring enough to file suit against SME for defamation when the investigation’s results proved they were falsely covering for themselves, and that said suit was promptly dropped, what makes anyone think that they would say anything to incriminate themselves to a random fan, a stranger, who walks off the street and into one of their stores? someone who has no affiliation with the law and cannot hold them liable for their words in court? Wishop Plus and its entities have shown themselves to have a much higher sense of self-preservation than that, as clearly evidenced by their readiness to file suit on internet bloggers this past summer, as well. and most businesses need that strong sense of self-preservation in order to survive, whether or not their claims are truthful.

    relevancy to the jyj/sme court battle aside (of which i actually think there is very little when it comes to the inner workings of crebeau, itself), sometimes discrepancies like this need to be pointed out in fan-posted articles. and the bit about the Korean public attorney from this one is blatant misrepresentation of published information.

    i don’t think it’s too much to ask for translators to translate the original content and let us draw our own conclusions from it, rather than be told what to think. the content from the press/media in its native language does plenty of telling us what to think on its own. i get that the goal is to support jyj, i support them myself, and i get that this blog is built for that purpose, but people who spread misinformation are only doing them a disservice in the long run by making i-fans feel less and less inclined to believe what you print. 😐

    • We are not entirely sure whom you’re accusing of misquoting the public attorney here, our translator or SM’s attorney? Considering that the section you have a problem with is from a news article perhaps you should take your issues up with the journalist who reported SM’s attorney as saying x about the public attorney as opposed to citing the public attorney himself. Whether or not SM’s attorney misquoted the public attorney, the article presents his views as aligning with that of the public attorney, who is neither cited nor represented throughout the article. If you would like to spar words on misrepresentation or mis-citation, we advise you to talk to those who present the words of SM’s attorney as those directly from the public attorney himself and the official position of his office. There are also many who would like fans to believe that these words of SM’s attorney prove that the public attorney’s office dropped the charges against SM because of the 62.5% in shares owned by JYJ and their family members, when it is impossible to extrapolate such conclusion from his words or this article alone. So clearly you have many happy debates in the future with such people.

      Our translator is simply reporting into English the key content of this article. She has not purported to anything below or above that. She must have considered the other parts either redundant or common knowledge. But perhaps if you are at least civil in your request, she will translate the remainder of the article for you.

      • no no, i’m challenging the jyjfiles author’s attempt to assert that the SME lawyer’s statement is not something we need to believe because it is by SME’S lawyer and not a direct quote from the DA. my use of “you” in that remark was a “general you”, as in “one cannot” do such and such without incurring dramatic and unthinkable legal consequences. i thought i made that clear in my comment, but my apologies for it coming across vaguely, maybe i should have been more explicit.

        regardless of how much relevancy these findings or anything re: crebeau and wishop plus have in the case, this kind of unnecessary authorial input creates more problems than it solves. then follows the immediate and equally unnecessary wank between sides to debunk one another, creating even more tension. this is typical of words from both perspectives, not just jyj’s naturally, but i feel like bringing some of this to your attention would help the overall credence of your blog in the eyes of skeptical fans who already lack an abundance of unbiased material. it’s presumptuous of me to assume those opinions are important to you, of course, but all the same and just in case.

      • Thank you for your concern, although it is unnecessary. Our translator was not trying to make the assertion you accuse her of but simply pointing out that the translated statement was said by SM’s lawyer and not by anyone else, as we have noticed that other translations of this article, selective or otherwise, manipulate the citation by either not attributing it to SM’s lawyer or hinting heavily that it came directly from the public attorney himself. So it seems our translator felt the need to emphasize the origin of the statement in the context of the Chosun Ilbo article, whose it is as well as whose it isn’t. This is not an “unnecessary authorial input” but stating the obvious. Or do you not agree that the article attributes that statement to SM’s lawyer? As we have misconstrued your use of “you” in your comment, you have misconstrued our translator’s point and intention. Also, we advise you to read the preface before accusing us of “unnecessary wank”. We also advise you to read our mission statement in the “About” section before holding up our staff writers and translator to unilateral and unrealistic standards of absolute knowledge.

    • @maraebwah

      Please stop.

      It is not about the ‘damn cosmetics business’. It is about SME systematically screwing over its young artists. I know it, SME knows it, and just about everyone else with a functioning brain knows it. That is why the Court found on the temporary suspension of the contract. If the Court gets this, why is it so hard for people such as yourself to see the ‘game’ SME is trying to run?

      How much do you want to bet when the Court hands down its final decision, they don’t even mention the name ‘Crebeau’?


  27. Different people different comment, end up i dunno which one should i listen.
    at the end of the day, no one knows the truth better than SM, and 5 of them.
    hopefully they will reveal the truth someday.

  28. I love them just as myself.They are so hard, but they did not get to those who not only recognized, but those who have been blocking the development of their.Whether I am not their fan, as long as there is a little justice would think it unfair to them, is extremely unfair!

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  32. First tnx for your effort…
    but sorry I had a question, I came to read this article because of Sammie’s comment on 6/25’s voice in truetvxq, but it has nothing to do with that article!!!
    I don’t want to take side and I don’t care for what reason JYJ left, since I belive they were wise enough to decide for their own life, and I think DB5K has no meaning when its members where in pain so I rather 3:2 TVXQ but happy members instead of TV5Q with hard life…
    but I think for clarifing rumers, you need to give a relevant answer to gain trust!!
    I know Sammie is not the writer of this article, but base on comment she is a active member, so in fact it’s to her…

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