Petition for the Recognition and Protection of JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights

Petition for the Recognition and Protection of

JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights

Not too long ago, the Korean Entertainment Producers Association (KEPA) revealed that it would write and circulate a petition to be submitted to the Korean court in order to influence the outcome of the JYJ v. SM Entertainment (SM) litigation in SM’s favor and against JYJ. KEPA also claimed that JYJ was lying to the public on the issue of their unfair contract with SM. The original article on KEPA’s petition can be viewed here. When this news became public, many international fans of JYJ and the original Dong Bang Shin Ki urged us to launch a petition on behalf of international fans to counter KEPA’s and to voice support for Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. In answer to your requests, the Petition for the Recognition and Protection of JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights is finally here and on the cusp of being launched. THE PETITION WILL OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR SIGNATURES ON FEB. 3, 2011, 1:00pm (KST) AND WILL CLOSE ON FEB. 25. The petition is also available in Japanese, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Thai and Indonesian.

Those of you who want to express your support for JYJ and opposition to KEPA in a way that will be heard and recognized by the Korean court, the Korean government and the general Korean public, click on “Sign Petition” below. You will be taken to the petition website. The website is completely secure and your privacy is completely protected. As this petition will reach the Korean court and government agencies, please follow all instructions carefully.





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Thanks and appreciation to Momomo, 3rebelangels, Bea, Danielle, Lena, Marta, Starfield, Esra, Lily, LotusTVXQ, Vivien, Teddy, Wibowo and for your help in translating.

Special thanks to JYJ DOTS International for its role in promoting and translating the Petition.



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(2) ความเป็นส่วนตัวและข้อมูลที่ท่านได้กรอกไว้จะถูกเก็บโดยปลอดภัยทั้งหมด เราจะไม่เปิดเผยข้อมูลใดๆนอกจากในการลงนามครั้งนี้ ฟอร์มการเซ็นชื่อของเว็บไซต์นี้ได้เข้ารหัส SSL โดยบุคคลที่สามจะไม่สามารถเห็นข้อมูลที่กรอกไว้ได้ กรุณาใส่ที่อยู่เต็มของท่าน มิฉะนั้นการลงนามของท่านจะไม่นับ
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(5) ถ้าภาษาของท่านไม่มีอยู่ในรายการภาษาในหน้าเซ็นชื่อ กรุณาใช้ฟอร์มภาษาอังกฤษ
(6) ท่านไม่สามารถลงนามโดยใช้ iPhone เพราะเหตุผลความปลอดภัย ท่านสามารถลงนามได้เฉพาะกับคอมพิวเตอร์หรือกับโทรศัพท์แอนดรอยด์เท่านั้น However, you can email in your signature.

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A: 請確認您有在表示您理解並且贊同請願書內容的方框內打勾,再點擊Submit。

(2) 我是不是只要填部分地址,比如我居住的城市就好?
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A: 在點擊Submit之後,您應該會看見一個小視窗說”Thank you for signing…”,如果您沒有看見這個小視窗,請稍後再試一次。有時候伺服器太忙。

A: 可以,系統辨認的是姓名以及電郵地址,如果家裡有別人也想參加署名,用同一個IP沒問題!

(5) 中文版的請願書不能用怎麼辦?
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(7) 為什麼沒有韓文版的?
A: 韓飯已經有自己的聯名活動,此次的請願書目的是在於突顯國際歌迷對JYJ的支持。

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2,390 thoughts on “Petition for the Recognition and Protection of JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights

  1. I just signed the petition.
    I really like the way it was worded and the way it specifically named the org. and companies that were infringing on JYJ’s rights to work freely.^^

      • Ok Just signed it! 🙂 thank you, Im always alittle worried about putting down very personal information lol.

      • The system is SSL-encrypted, which disallows any third party from seeing your information and ensures your personal information is safe. You will not be receiving anything in the mail or email connected to this petition.

      • This is a document being presented to the Korean court and other official agencies. I suggest you not purger yourself.

        If you are uncomfortable with providing the information, then don’t sign.

  2. Hi, for some reason when I click submit, it does not go anywhere. I have tried to use Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, I am downloading firefox right now to check if it works there. Does anyone know why it might not be working?

    • The traffic is very heavy at the moment. Please try again. The system roots out double entries so you can sign as many times as you want and it’ll only count once. As such, please try until you get a pop up message that says “Thank you for signing.”

    • Did you put a check mark in the box below? It shouldn’t work it you don’t. Can happen to the best of us. 🙂

  3. I just signed the petition and proudly so. The purpose and evidence are very well presented and I can tell a lot of work was put into researching all of those rights, laws, court statements, and etc etc. More than anything, I hope this petition will be taken for all its worth and severely considered for the sake of protecting JYJ’s rights. And I just want to say that I truly appreciate all the work and efforts TheJYJFiles’ staff has put into providing us international fans the most in depth information regarding JYJ’s current legal standings♥

  4. How would I know if I already submitted it?Does it have any confirmation?coz I haven’t seen any confirmation after clicking submit..

    • If you did not see a pop up box saying “thank you for signing”, please try again. It’s okay to double-sign because we have a system to not allow more than one signature to be counted. If you are not sure, you can always sign again until this message appears: “You have already participated…”

    • I think you will be directed to the main page of this site. Try signing in again and you will get a message saying you have already participated. If that happens, it means your first submission already got through 🙂

    • If you did not see a pop up box saying “thank you for signing”, please try again. It’s okay to double-sign because we have a system to not allow more than one signature to be counted. If you are not sure, you can always sign again until this message appears: “You have already participated…”

    • Make sure to click on the little box first. Also, when you click to submit, make sure you see a little hand sign, then click submit(it sounds silly but I did not see the hand sign at first so I had to move the mouse around circling the word submit)

      • Please remember to check the little box. After you click “Submit” a pop-up window should appear with a Thank You message. If not, it’s all right to try again. The system will only count your signature once. Cheers!

  5. DONE. Beautifully and Factually written ! It’s time that Korean government officals got solid WORD from Hallyu Wave consumers that we’re tired of the Entertainment Companies BS. I stopped buying anything from SM Ent. about 5 months ago …Cube Entertainment is now on my sh*tlist…and I’ve always been a solid *purchaser*
    of products. It’s extrememly rare that I get my Hallyu illegally and if something isn’t done about the abuses in this system – the ONLY group that I will be watching & buying for will be JYJ. I may be only one person…but my dollars count. THANK YOU for presenting this opportunity to speak collectively! Your hard work is VERY much appreciated. All Success to you (us). ❤

  6. Ya firme es hermoso saber que algo al menos podemos hacer desde tan lejos, ojala todos los fans de JYJ de este lado del mundo la firmen.

  7. Done, it is shameful what is happening in Korean entertainment industry. It is also shameful that only defence JYJ has is us, fans, in Korea and outside of Korea. Many Korean fans are trying very hard to protect but I am glad that we can also add some support who are outside of Korea. It will be a true crime if we let these talented young men destroyed by corrupted system. FLYHIGH JYJ!

  8. C’mon guys let make this mission, and spread this petition around – yt, facebook, akp, twitter, whatever. Lets make sure alot of people sign it to show how many international fans love and support JYJ.

  9. BIG thanks U guys who helped for distribute the petition:)
    HUG U a million times~♥

    JYJfamily..please stay strong & keep on going together!~
    Let’s show our fighting spirit^_<

  10. im kinda scared to sign cause of the mailing address thing :/ i wanna, but my mum would kill me if she found out, which she most likely would ><" ill spread the word tho

    • O.O You know… You can just ”create” a new mailing address… They need it to ensure that you don’t sign the petition twice so all you have to do is make up an address… I doubt they would use it. 😀

      • I would not recommend this. This is a formal statement to be presented to the Korean court and other agencies. Addresses are used to check that you are actual people. Making up an address that doesn’t exist puts the credibility of the petition into question. If you can’t use a real address (it could be a sympathetic friend or a relative), then it’s better not to sign.

    • GUYS THE PETITION IS COMPLETELY PROTECTED! That means your personal information, including your mailing address, will not be shared with anyone. No one from the petition will ever mail you anything either. PLEASE don’t let this mistaken assumption deter you from signing this important petition– that would just be too sad.

  11. Signed ^^ thank you to everyone at TheJYJFiles for giving me this opportunity to contribute my share of support for JYJ in a way…

  12. My family already singned the petition.
    thank you thejyjfiles site for leading us & organizing this project. I truly wish we can do something for the boys.
    thanks admin for infos that we can join the petition base on the names not ID , or else how can we find enough computes to sign 😀
    Happy Lunar New Year ^^

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  14. Ummm, my mother will kill me if I get things in the mail from other countries and such, because she’s really touchy on giving out addresses. Will they ever mail me? I don’t want her to find out xD

  15. I’m sorry, I wanna clear up some things before signing:

    a) “KMP Holdings contacted and threatened the major distributors of downloadable digital music to pull all KMP Holdings products from any distributor that distributed recordings by JYJ.”
    –> can someone provide me the solid evidences about this? the official letter from KMP Holdings that was used to ‘contact and threaten’ perhaps? since the word ‘threat’ is kinda harsh and leaning towards violation of human rights, I need to really see the evidences before signing the petition.

    b) “The petition (by KEPA) constitutes public slander and misrepresentation of JYJ and their action.”
    –> again, please provide me the evidences.

    c) In the section B.1 about “Moral Rights to Intellectual Property”, the line “It also claims the authority to distribute, broadcast, and change JYJ’s work ‘in any way into any form’ it chooses, without JYJ’s consent.”
    –> I’m sorry, but I have read the contract TVXQ members signed with SME. This point was stated there and the members (including JYJ) had signed and agreed to it, so I’m not sure about the words ‘without JYJ’s consent’.

    d) All points in section B.2 about “Labor Rights”
    –> The points about the amount a management’s artists should pay if they walked away from contract has been agreed upon in the contract itself, which TVXQ members had signed. About the artists’ share of profit in DVD sales etc, 0.44%-2.22% isn’t as low as the quantitatively seems. My brother is a producer and in my country, an artist is supposed to get approx. 5-10% of their album sales etc. The amount seems bigger than the one in Korea but then again, the rate of piracy in my country is also higher so the percentage of artists’ share need to be higher as well. In Korea, the sales is managed well so such amount in SME-TVXQ’s contract doesn’t look as bad as it seems. You may check the percentage in other entertainment agency’s contract, it won’t be much different.

    This post is not an objection. I will gladly sign the petition after all my confusions have been cleared up. I don ‘t want to sign something I don’t completely understand about and regret it later.

    Sincerely a Cassiopeia.

    • I am not the JYJ files admin, but I try to answer some of these question:

      1. Personally, I haven’t find a solid proof about KMP blocked a distribution of SKKS CD , but here’s an article about it: . Perhaps the member here can help you.
      About the KPFCAI blocking, here’s the article with the insert of the letter that was distributed to the tv station:

      2. This is the petition held by KEPA with translation:
      It’s up to personal opinion on how to deducted this, so it’s up to you on how you will interpret this statement.

      3. We have to be cleared that not all contract are lawful or in accordance with law and regulation. That’s why they bring it to the court. Because that clausal is no longer lawful and had to be changed. You can changes it if you found your contract is unlawful. Law will never stand against human right.

      4. I don’t have an answer about the profit distribution, because I am not familiar with the entertainment business myself, but I have something to say about the amount of compensation that the artist had to pay if she breach the contract. With the current clausal on TVXQ one, there’s no tangible value that they can use to calculated it. It based on the future. Fair Trade Commision has amend a new rules about the amount of money that an artist had to paid to their company if they breach out of contract:

      specifically about the compensation that the artist had to pay, it’s now : “paying an average monthly sales of two years before the contract termination, multiplied by the number of months in the remaining period” –> This is the common practice.

      Again, it’s based on your deduction on how this petition goes. If it goes with your believe as small as it is, it is your right to not do that too.

    • a. this thing was reported before.. actually a representative from a specific online distributor said, they are ready to distribute but was stopped and was threatened.

      b. KEPA’s official petition:

      c. contract was signed when they are minors.. is it even valid? and talking about your brother being a producer he should know that artist/composers who wrote the songs has the right to their property, and about distributing about consent? the copyright should be given to them but the company has all the power over their composition, would u still think that it’s still fair? and if you still insist about the contract, then what about the international law that KOREA should be promulgating since they are member of the International Labor Organization? there are many points in that contract that doesn’t follow the international law.

      d. even if it was explained wouldn’t they(members) be interested in debuting? and even if it was signed already, knowing (i.e this “DBSK members had to sell at least 500,000 albums in order to receive 50,000,000 won (a little less than 50,000 USD) ON THE ALBUM AFTER; they had to sell at least 1,000,000 units in order to receive 100,000,000 won (a little less than 100,000 USD), once again, ON THE ALBUM AFTER the one that sold 1,000,000 units.”) do you think it’s fair? and there should be a specific quota of album sales, but how come it constantly changes? what if they don’t reach this number of album sales ? then what? they got nothing?; do you think this thing follow international law? do they think of artist as human or machine?

      PS: this PETITION is not to attack anyone, but to support ones right based on factual evidences not just mere rumors or here says.. if you still can’t comprehend then, i guess you are the one who make your decision. i guess it helps even a little

    • c) Moral rights is different from a copyright
      Though you signed a consent to your copyright that doesn’t mean you give up you moral rights.

      d) “The points about the amount a management’s artists should pay if they walked away from contract has been agreed upon in the contract itself, which TVXQ members had signed. ”
      – The court gives the reason that at the time of signing contract both parties didn’t have an equal negotiating power. (Please read the previous court ruling number 2. b. 1)
      – This petition is not about whether the income distribution is fair or not but it concerns about labor right. And yes, most labors have signed their working contract with company but that doesn’t mean they (or we) are not entitled to deserve a basic right to receive a “fair treatment” from your employer.
      Here’s a good read about one of the ILO’s four fundamental principles and rights at work – “Elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labour”–en/index.htm
      To me the reasoning in this petition is precise and creditable, especially in this section, because they are mostly referring to the preliminary court ruling last year.

      Feel free to raise question and thoroughly read it. So you won’t regret not signing it ^^

      • Well-said. I just hope more people understand what an unconscionable contract means and why it is invalid. TVXQ contract is a typical unconscionable contract both procedurally and substantively due to its disparity in bargaining power, adhesion contract terms and excessive liquidation damages. Anybody who knows Contract Law across the world would agree with the Seoul District Court’s preliminary injunction for JYJ.

    • OMG~!!!! I can’t believe that all that happend against JYJ.
      Thanks so much for people spread that news so quickly and we can take
      an part of it. My pleasure as Bigeast i am.
      I signed a Petition already.
      JYJ/DBSK Fighting please!!!!

    • @vhii1217:
      Hey! I think I recognized you. You are a former JaeMin fan who’s now a HoMin fan right. You have an lj account with the same name as your id here. I think I read your comment in this one fic, saying that once you write HoMin story then you will never write JaeMin story again. You even ask this one author to write HoMin story cause you say you’re a new HoMin fan.

      About this DBSK’s contract you read before, let me guess, you probably read it in truetvxq blog. Let me tell you something, it’s very easy dear, if you hesitate then don’t bother to sign anyway. No one is forcing you to do it.

      • know he/she???? wrong place…it ok!!
        I done ,thank you Admins, happy because I can help our JYJ!!!!

      • eeeeppp if she’s a homin fan than i doubt she is going to sign so why bother to ask all those questions oh well

      • @xxjenjaexx:
        She/he probably do it (asking evidences and all) to make others having doubts about this petition. I should have known what a HoMin fan or JYJ anti could do to ruin the peacefulness of this fandom.

      • Please don’t assume that just because someone is a HoMin fan who wants to be sure of what they’re signing that they are somehow an anti. That may be the case here, I don’t know either way, but I support HoMin and I would sign this petition a million times if I could.

      • Haha it was pretty clear that from the very beginning @vhii1217 had no intention of “signing” the petition but was rather trying to distract and create controversy. Seriously, that’s just really low and devious. Nice catch @Clare.

      • @kaitan:
        From the way @vhii1217 asked for evidences and how she argued about the artists’ profit percentage makes her look insincere to me about this whole project in the first place. I don’t mean to generalize all HoMin fans as antis but from the way she behaves here whether she realizes it or not, she’s just implying herself as one of those antis. If she’s not one of them, she can come here and say it herself (as if she cares about it).

        Thanks. I just don’t like it when someone pretends like a genuine Cassie in heart but don’t like one.

      • @Clare i say ignore her its just weird that she didnt know this already. i mean i keep up with all the things the guys do not only entertainment wise but stuff that deals with the lawsuit. we shouldnt get bothered by it either. if you are true fan then you wont hesitate well thats how i see it

      • @xxjenjaexx:
        I can tell that she is aware about everything that happened to JYJ but when this person compare what he/she reads here or in any other JYJ fansites with the one who has different stance, it’s just won’t match because we do have our own arguments.

        If she has doubt then she shouldn’t be here or sign the petition. Faith is what we need to be on JYJ side and he/she is lacking that aspect for sure.

      • @clare she should also know that some site might not translate it right. some may leaves some stuff off and others add more. what i do is see what parts match up and if they are real important info then i just go from there. either like you said i dont think she has faith in the guys so she shouldnt be here AND i dont think she has even replied to ANY of the info that was provided to her. yep she wont sign but it’s ok as long as us fans keep spreading the word that one signature wont matter. im just wondering how many fans have signed this already.

      • @xxjenjaexx:
        Yes, we will always spread the words so that more and more people would sign this petition.
        I think the team here will announce the accumulation of people who sighed the petition later. I’m so excited.

        JYJ fighting!!!

    • keep an open mind… the comment above me already proven enough…. don’t bother to sign if you don’t want to… feel free to do what you wanna do…. thank you…

    • Okay, I’ve seen that quite a discussion happened concerning my questions above. To those who want me to show up and declare that I’m not an anti-JYJ, here I come.

      I’m not an anti-JYJ.

      At least we’ve settled that first.

      Thank you to summer_rain, JYJfanboy, and Just*Yummy*Jam for providing the answers and articles to answer my questions. I will learn through it thoroughly before making decision. Thanks also to Kaitan who decided not to judge me as an anti because I raised questions. I appreciate it very much.

      Now I hope we can discuss this with open mind (or if you can’t keep your mind open, kindly ignore this reply of mine). Someone said that I am insincere and I lack faith because I ask questions about several points in this petition. I have this belief that before doing or participating in everything, we have to have a clear idea of what we are doing. I can keep my faith in INDIVIDUALS, believing that they are sincere, without asking. But I can’t agree to just every ACTION that someone takes, even if the person is someone I have faith in. The reason? Not because I doubt their personality, but because I appreciate them as HUMANS. Humans can make mistakes, like we all do, and even the most perfect idols also do. While I’m thoroughly AGAINST BASHING people as individuals, I do things called ASKING QUESTIONS, GIVING ADVICES and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS. When someone refuses to be questioned or criticized, it means he/she refuses to introspect and improve. I, as a proud fan of one of the biggest vocal groups in Asia, do not have the heart to stop my idols from improving. As an international fan who live so far away from them, I can only support them by buying their original products and giving my objective opinions about their works and maneuvers.

      It’s fortunate that I AM a Cassie who more or less know about the environment. Imagine if the one who asked these questions were a non-fans who was concerned with TVXQ’s case. If he/she got replies like these to his/her questions, what do you think he/she will do?

      I don’t even want to start about the fanfiction OTP thing, but well. Let us think about this quick question: If you are a YooSu shipper, does it mean you are an anti-HoMin? What does it make YunJae shipper then?

      You may agree or disagree about my reply. I believe that we all have the right to share our thoughts. I’m also human, that means I also can make mistakes, therefore I’m open to questions, advices, and criticisms. I only hope it reaches you that I’m never an anti to either side, be it JYJ or HoMin, and I’m never an anti to anyone because it is simply against my principle.

      Thank you.

      • Surely you have your own principle about doing things, which is that someone can’t agree everything of anyone else he trusts. It’s true, in our life. Yet I have not judged you as an anti, but I still think that you have no belief strong enough so that you can be hesitative, when you face something you care about but you don’t clearly know.

        What is to “regret”? I hate the word. Since TVXQ maybe couldn’t be together later on, I know what regret is. I regret I have not loved them more with doing something in the past. I regret I even haven’t bought an album of them or pay attention to what they are suffering. I just know love,I think I love them and it’s enough. But it proved that I was wrong. What I regard as the most beautiful thing in the world can’t be exist again, may be. So from that on my heart is broken, and the regret appeared because I won’t be able to experience the stage of five lovers.

        Of course people will make mistakes, but you can judge things from history that any other artists of SM have sufferer what the same as TVXQ.TVXQ can’t lie to us. So I don’t think trusting them is as blind as a bat, I have my own judgment too. However, those happened taught me to trust them, and without hesitating. If I don’t support them, then I will be really regretful.

        That’s why I can tell I will trust them without thinking, moreover, without hesitating.

  16. Signed! Thank you very much for your hardwork and dedication.
    Is it alright for the other members of our family/househod to also sign using the same computer? (because in some instance they only count once per IP# just like in some poll)

  17. I signed, told my BFF to sign.

    Idk what the future holds, but if this helps protect our beloved JYJ i’ll be glad for that ❤

  18. Thank you for starting this project. It was killing me not being able to do a thing to help the boys but now projects are coming out that we can be a part of such as the Bus Ad project and now this. Next month will be the launching of the internet station and once its launched, they will accept donation to help run it so we all can help that way too. It is so insanely unfair with how the boys are treated in the Korean Entertainment Industry. Anything that we can do to help them is a good thing. JYJ family lets stay strong behind our boys! JYJ HWATING!!

  19. WOW, THIS IS WONDERFUL!!! i was thrilled when i heard that someone has provided a petition so we fans have a way to help our beloved JYJ!!! ^_~ thank U to the composer, i read the whole petition verbatim and was very impressed!!

    i’m happy the I-fans r finally getting chances to participate in different ways that show how much we wanna support our wonderful JYJ!! ^_~


  20. hi, is there supposed to be a submit button below? i don’t see any but i think my internet connection is just acting up.

    thanks for the help!

  21. LOL there are some stupid anti-fans pretending to be ‘Sane’ JYJ fans and demanding for proofs and evident first before signing this petition! lmao!

    • Ya, she sounds familiar to me and I’ve read somewhere before claiming that her brother is the producer and bla…bla..bal…she is so ignorant.

      • LOL she’s hiring herself to be SM’s slaves!

        I guess she’s squeezed all her brain to wrote that comment! LOL

    • I also notice that… (anyway if you are in doubt no one is forcing you to sign), this petition is only for those who strongly believe in JYJ’s fight!

    • so we give them what they need.. Which is proof, and we have a lot of it.

      Nothing pleased me more than to show those people about the reason of our fight. I think JYJ fans need to be cool headed and not shoot anybody because they are asking.
      If you answer them, there;s high chance that people who look for it will find their answer. And that will make us a lovely community to joint in.. ^^

  22. BTW, I signed it and put my real name and address on it.

    This is something that I can do for human right, and I am gladly to do so ^^

  23. The JYJ files, I’m wondering is there anyone who will translate the petition into Chinese? If not, I can do that, because I’m going to spread this petition out to the Chinese fans as well. Just let me know^^ I’ll check back tomorrow morning^^ (it’s 10:32pm here @ Canada)

  24. I will always support people who fight for what it right and what they believe in.
    I just signed and I had no idea that SM took copyright of even self-composed music.
    I agree with the other points the JYJfiles made but SM taking copyright of self-composed music is just wrong~ I’m a musician! I would go into depression if people took credit for my work. I can’t image how they delt with that. JYJ Fighting

  25. So I just signed the petition. But theirs no enter button. I agreed to the terms but theirs nothing that notifies me that the petition has been sent, or something?

    • Please try again. There should be a red SUBMIT button on the bottom of the form. After you voted, you should receive a message that says “thank you for signing…” If not, try again. Thanks!

  26. JYJ fighting!
    I was just curious about the age thing (17,17,13) when they signed. Is that really true? I’m just surprised because I didn’t know that.

    • Erm. I don’t think that’s entirely correct o-o. I mean the three of them were all born in the same year… I think they were all around 17 when the contract was signed? (still minors, though) And it was signed by their parents too. I think it’s just a mistranslation or typo or something o-o.

  27. correct me if i am wrong..
    i don’t remember jyj says to terminate the contract..
    but they said to change the contract of 13 year

  28. My fiancee and I just signed it. I’m going to spread the word. To me, this is not just about JYJ, but about human rights. Thank you Jimmie for letting us fans have a way of helping out, you truly are an angel.

    • Thank you for lending your voice (as well as that of your fiancé)! ^^ But really…I can’t take all the credit. This was in all manner a joint effort of the global JYJ and original DBSK fandom. ^^


  29. Signed! Pestered my boyfriend and his sister as well, so there’s three signature for you =) Thank you! This is truly such a wonderful project, feeling extremely proud to be in this fandom right now…

  30. From JYJ I know what is so inprotent, I love them ,so I hope they can happy very mach ,for love them,U-Know and Max just happy,It is just know.

    • “I don’t want another Park Yong Ha, another Choi Ji Sil or another “TVXQ””

      you make me scared lor..
      don’t worry..our boys are strong to handle all the obstacles
      i believe they never think to commit suicide…never

  31. I signed it for myself at home and for my sister here (hope it worked, because I tried thrice for my sister and it didnt say I already signed..).
    Anyway, I am very happy to take part to this petition.. I have hopes we’ll be listened, as our battle is right..

  32. Done..i’ve already join with this petition…
    hope this will be help, support, being contribute for this human right project..
    love JYJ..

  33. 一切都会好转的!!
    Always keep the faith!!
    Nothing is impossible!!
    JYJ fighting !!
    TVXQ! Dong Bang Shin QI fighting!!!!!

  34. I’m really glad to be helping JYJ in some way even if it’s not much ^^
    JYJ stay strong, you’ll get through this!
    FIGHTING !!!

  35. Well!Done!
    I support JYJ!JYJ and many other artists should have their rights.
    金在中,朴有天,金俊秀!ZAZA Frighting!

  36. 不要管别人说什么,只要认为是对的,那么我们都会支持你们的,加油!jyj fighting!仙后 fighting!东方神起 fighting!

  37. Though we haven’t known about the truth,
    we can believe
    one who is always missing his fans”Cassiopeia”
    will not cheat us, just like”ALWAYS KEEP THE FAith ” in his heart.

  38. 不管是JYJ 还是东方神起
    都会支持 ·······
    但是 希望 JYJ能胜诉
    我们会一直等到最后的 ··
    加油 各位·····················
    仙后们 挺住·····
    JYJ 加油·····

  39. Pingback: Tweets that mention Petition for the Recognition and Protection of JYJ’s Legal and Human Rights | The JYJ Files --

  40. 相信一切都会好转的 哥哥们加油 东方神起 fighting JYJ fighting 任何艰难的事情都阻挡不了我们前进的脚步·~~

  41. Signed. My big hug to JYJ Files and translators for inviting us to join this petition campaign. Very meaningful. So touched. Proud of the JYJ family! JYJ fighting!

  42. Everyone need respection,so did JYJ.
    SME want to set up a company called”sm family”,funny.Are there one family want to punish their children go to despair because their require respection?

  43. I signed this petition for Protection JYJ’s Human Rights!!!
    They was discriminated with non reasonable reason!!
    Wish Korean Music Industry will be more concern on Human Right of their staffs coz K-Pop is very famous around the world.
    It is a face of your country!

  44. 这场本来就应该胜利的仗打的很辛苦。在秀天相信你们。一直支持你们。希望你们可以得到公正的待遇!!!亲爱的,加油

  45. 希望法院可以更公平的对待双方!
    但是不管怎么样 只要是东方神起 我都无条件支持!

    哥哥们! 加油!!

  46. All We Love
    We love our families, love our friends. At the same time,we love TVXQ.Maybe you’ll say that we love TVXQ is not true. They are not irrelevant for us, they are not strangers for us,and they are the part of our lives. When we have conflicts with friends or parents , in this time ,we feel vey upset,their music always can keep us clam down. We are not squander everything of us, we just use a part of our feelings to love 5 persons and to support them. This is very normal for everybody.
    Know them, we started to become hard, we know that only to pay our own efforts,then we can get the things what we want,and in the future,we can make our dreams comes ture!
    You can’t imagine how hard they are before becoming famous, they receive the success today that all get from their sweat. It reasonable that they are not only the entertainment idol, but also become a model of our struggle.
    There is a total love,that is your willing to pay everything without asking for anything,for your families,friends.So we do like that included TVXQ.

  47. Finally, a collective counter petition I’ve been patiently waiting for weeks. My hearfelt appreciation to all who ran with faith and justice to make this possible. Personal thanks to Jimmie, huggies.

    It is time to make it mission, make it go… (song blasting in the background).

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