Time Asia articles on Korean Pop Industry

Editor’s note: These articles were written almost a decade ago but are, sadly, still applicable to JYJ’s situation today.

Show Me the Money

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July 29, 2002

by David Macintyre


Flying Too High?

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July 29, 2002

by David Macintyre


Thanks to our reader, NingK, for posting these two articles in the comments section.

27 thoughts on “Time Asia articles on Korean Pop Industry

  1. I just have nothing left to say to SME, they are just disgusting
    This companys reputation is as dirty as the wrong end of a dog (sorry but I have to say this).
    Im glad JYJ were strong and brave enough to leave, reaally proud of them.
    SME you can try and meddle with JYJ but remember us fans arent going to sit still and watch you do it.

  2. Ten years later and the industry still sounds like this. If Korea wants to make their music global, how can they command any respect from the rest of the world with such a tainted system?

    The article talked about this huge investigation, what was the end result of that investigation?

  3. i wonder with fans who left jyj,have they heard unnamed song?there’s the truth,jyj want speak with us true their song,im speechless,my heart die in pain.they are truly,how could i say?HERO?they?need us and korean people and whole world to support them!they need us?????please spread jyj spirit to the world?????please show them the true kpop??????IS LIKE………?

  4. my all respect to jyj.im proud to be jyj family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ITS NOT 18 CENTURY?I DONT BELIEVE ITS HAPPEN IN THE COUNTRY THATS REALLY WELLKNOWN ALLTHE WORLD?till now my head still shaking in disbelieve….omg??????????????

  5. This article sounds like it could be JYJ. And nothing has changed from the time this article was written. Who is getting paid off? The group J.T.L. broke off from a 5 member group and SM stopped them from being able get their music on tv or radio. That’s why SM is not going to end this with JYJ. They feel they won the last time, the group is gone, SM is still around doing the same things, why would they stop and change their ways. Nothing has changed.

    • i agree that names can be easily changed from JTL –> JYJ without the situation and context of the article changing drastically. It’s sad that despite all these articles coming out, nothing has changed. The industry is just as corrupt and the fact the people KNOW about this corruption and flawed managing and yet, these companies continue to thrive is depressing AND disturbing. I pray JYJ will be able to find their own peace. Will support them no matter what 🙂

  6. same story, same villain, different victim…
    if SME (and all other big time money-mongers are…) is not stopped, then this will just continue…
    if JYJ’s efforts will still not be a strong enough KICK to wake the backward thinkers of their society, then all the boys’ sacrifices will just be laid to waste.

    i still pray for the best!

  7. I am a fan of both H.O.T and TVXQ, and it is really upset to go through 2 similar cases every 10 years. I have to say, SME has NEVER learn their lesson and continue doing their so-called “entertainment biz” in their usual way. Guess one of the reason is because they are able to introduce never-ending “supplies” (potential trainees) into the market, of which they think they are able to “manufacture” them into another group of “stars of tomorrow”, even if the price is to “kill off” the existing successful ones…

  8. we won’t let him to destroy our JYJ like them…. TT_TT
    We should win JYJ….
    It’s really hurt to see them in pain… TT_TT

  9. 一切都会好起来的,TVXQ永远是最棒的!!!没有人能代替!!

  10. 정 윤 호 생일 축하합니다, 빨리 에서 받 은 집 이 집 에 갑 시다 를 불 러 줄 테 니 꼭 잘 모시 충동적 으로 범죄 를 저지 할 꺼 에요!절 괴 롭 히 지 않 는 수 에요!

    선 후의 들 은 영원히 지지 동방 신기 입 니 다!JYJ, 힘 내 라!

    모든 반대 5 명 合体 반동 동방 신기 는 모두 종이호랑이 에 연 연 하지 않 는 통합 을 전 제로 한 수호 이 耍流氓, 신 건 아직 合体 고 선후 여전히 노력 외피 를 신 건 주의, 윤 재 사상, 미 쇼 이론 을 창 민 대표 의 위 대한 깃발 을 전파 하 고 신 건 임 천하 큰길 까지 의 행복!

  11. The Flying Too High article talks about a police investigation into TV producers receiving bribes to put make stars out of certain entertainers. I guess that explains why JYJ aren’t on TV. I thought it was some more normal business reason. Looks like it is more simple. Just buy the right person with influence. I hope that type of buying power doesn’t exist in the judicial system. I wonder if the judge in their case can be fair.

    The part that upset me the most was the mention that the Fair Trade Commission was conducting an investigation. After 10 years, they never did anything. I had the feeling with the recent meeting of all the big leaders to discuss the problems in the entertainment business that it was just for show to make it look like they were doing something but with no actual results. I hope all the ahjumma fans who are helping will hold the leaders responsible and keep the public focus up enough that they can’t just let it slide.

  12. 加油,我们相信你们,坚持走下去一切都会好的,tvxq永远都是五个人

  13. JYJ加油 ,JYJ一定会成功的 。所有人都加油!!! 我相信正義是永遠存在的 …… Jaegoong / Yoochun / Junsu 継續努力走自己的路,终於会成功的!!!我們会継續支持JYJ ……..>>> !!!

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