[News] Protecting Korean Entertainers

Protecting Korean Entertainers

January 22, 2011

The Korean Wave of cultural exports, which began with popular Korean drama series like “Winter Sonata” (2002) and “Jewel in the Palace” (2003), is now being led by the music industry. Korean pop music is now beginning to catch on in countries beyond Asia.

Thanks to exposure via YouTube and fan pages on Internet communities such as Facebook, there are now K-pop fans in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the United States.

This renewed infatuation with Korean pop culture largely centers on girl groups like Girls’ Generation and Kara.

But amidst the increasing international recognition, three of the five members of Kara announced that they are leaving their management agency and filing a lawsuit to nullify their contract.

The group may be the next TVXQ, which broke up at the height of their popularity when three of the group’s five members filed a lawsuit against their agency over a 13-year contract they said was too long.

Kara recently earned great fame in Japan, selling 260,000 copies of its “Premium Box for Japan” album and winning an award for Best New Artist of 2010. The group’s members are also appearing on the Japanese drama series “URAKARA,” which started last week.

Their activities in Japan will likely have to stop because of the contract dispute.

The Korean Wave is spreading fast beyond Asia to previously unimaginable audiences in many corners of the world largely because of the Internet. However, the entertainment industry that feeds and supports these artists has remained a second-rate mom-and-pop operation. The frequent clashes between artists and their agencies over exploitative contracts suggest that agencies are still oblivious to the rising popularity and global status of Korean artists and performers.

The most important thing for artists and their agencies is mutual trust.

The Fair Trade Commission has set guidelines for entertainment contracts to prevent exploitative and unjust demands by the agencies. But most performers still complain that they are forced to make entertainment appearances against their will. One agency head was recently arrested for sexually assaulting young artists in training to keep them with the company.

The entertainment industry must outgrow its antiquated practices and rebuild itself in order to help sustain and nurture the newfound status of Korean entertainers.

Source: JoongAng Daily

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14 thoughts on “[News] Protecting Korean Entertainers

  1. damn the bolded parts are so true!
    reform your most precious cultural asset Korea..only a fair system will sustain the Hallyu!

  2. It isn’t that i didn’t have any emphaty toward Kamilia’s when i feel somehow relief when i read about Kara’s dispute (i’m a cass! i know hot it feels!) but, i have been realized that this STORMY and CHAOTIC situation is something that we have to go through to SHOOK THE WHOLE KOREA to wake up and straighten their messed up entertainment industry.
    As of now, i couldn’t think another way to raise Korean awareness toward their entertainment system beside the entertainer themselves have to raise their voices against the unfairness. I mean, in a way they are subject of this thing!! >_< i give the Kara's girls props for their bravery to raise their voices when they are in their peek of success *oh. did nicole ask Jae for advise???? lol* and i hope other idols who suffer just as much could have enough bravery to go through their 'comfort zone' and join this revolution.
    I thanked Heaven that it's KARA, who just got this huge success in Japan, not just any random kpop idol. This international image is something that i think will draw more attention from Korean gov.
    Someday, things will turn out to be better for us, cass & kamilia…

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  4. “The entertainment industry must outgrow its antiquated practices and rebuild itself in order to help sustain and nurture the newfound status of Korean entertainers.” – exactly. the petition by KEPA to ‘sway’ judges to favour their sides is pitiful at best. i was so angry when it came out, but now i’ve realized they are worried that the decade-old ethics that they hold dear in their practice is going through some major shockwaves; which could inevitably ruin their seemingly absolute hold over the industry. dispersing controls are not something positive to these companies, as it means they will lose big bucks and the rights to be called the true ambassador of SK. what they don’t realize is most people, internationally, are looking at their practice with disgust, and hoping they will change it for the better.

    the companies are not good ambassadors if they couldn’t show to the international community that they are able to manage their artists in a transparent, just practice. JYJ brought in a huge flood of fans when they had their Korean concerts, and these fans bought lots of stuffs and boosted the sales for all the shops that support JYJ. i hope SK government would take into account their contribution to the country, and the fact that their involvement with internationally famous music producers and artist would positively boost SK’s entertainment industry image.

  5. this was disturbing:
    One agency head was recently arrested for sexually assaulting young artists in training to keep them with the company.

    I do hope change will happen soon to stop the abuse on artists… god…
    JYJ our heroes!

  6. Speaking of “protecting entertainers,” have any of you guys watched this interview clip from Hangeng? I knew SMEnt was overworking its artists but I never thought their violations of their artsists’ human rights led to such an incident. I wonder how many more artists had the same experience? Geez now I understand why this guy had been suicidal. Judging from the translated lyrics of YC and JSnew songs, we can now really understand what demented things went on within SM Town. (youtube.com/watch?v=-y8q2-W3RJY)

  7. Seems like the media/press are looking more and more into this matter
    Hope that this is a good sign and will give pressure to the ones responsible so that these problems can be addressed and solved

    I really just cant believe all the things that have been hidden in the K-ent industry. Its about time that the industry changes their pratice. Its 21st century already

    Pray hard for JYJ to win the lawsuit… and best of luck to KARA girls

  8. Korean Entertainment Industry have to change its way to promote and treat their artists. Other wise, history like to repeat itself. Pray hard for the boys, girls, and fans.

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