[Trans] JYJ Fans Write a New Chapter in the History of Fandom

JYJ Fans Write a New Chapter in the History of Fandom

Establishing an independent Internet TV station, bus ad project displays [fandom’s] evolution once more

The fans of group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) are gathering attention for the diverse and creative methods they are using to cheer on and promote their idols, who are in the middle of a legal conflict with their ex-management company, SM Entertainment, and being attacked by the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industry (KFPCAI) so that they are unable to appear on media broadcasts.

The fans united together are promoting JYJ’s music through an independent Internet TV station, supporting the musical <Tears of Heaven>, and launching a campaign to reign in false rumours; they are planning other means of support that are equally diverse.

Among all these, the Internet TV station stands out as a creative approach never before attempted by a fandom. Coming this March 3, the Internet station will “show nothing but JYJ music for viewers to get drunk on and is a response to the persecution against JYJ by terrestrial TV stations who still don’t give them a call.” Currently in the process of setting up giant-size servers, the TV station is advertising open positions for a web designer, a DJ, scriptwriter and contents staff. For now, the TV Station is planned to operate like a non-profit organisation.

JYJ fans are also planning joint advertisement projects. As of the 18th, 3 pm, they have raised an incredible 120,000 USD. Japanese and Chinese fans are also showing keen interest in this fundraising activity.

Up to now, fans have laid the groundwork for buses, which will sport on their sides messages cheering on/supporting JYJ in the format of printed ads. The bus advertisement campaign has already started in Kyeonggi province and Seongnam, where city buses displaying the words, ‘[JYJ] we cheer on your youth’ as the main message along with ‘JYJ, three youths, we look forward to seeing you soar higher’ are running. Fans are also manufacturing goods with the logo of JYJ-member Kim Junsu’s musical <Tears of Heaven> printed on. Already one fansite, through funds gathered in this manner, gifted food and various souvenir items and sent them to the rehearsal location of <Tears of Heaven> as expressions of support.

The reason why fans have gotten so directly involved is because JYJ’s media activities are proving to be anything but smooth. It’s already been a while since they released their first worldwide album <The Beginning>, but it is still difficult to see them on TV. They have started to slowly show themselves on the news and in talk shows, but they have yet to make an appearance on a music programme. Until now, we haven’t been able to see them [on a music programme] even once.

Ever since the legal conflict involving SM Entertainment and their unfair contracts began gaining attention, the fans have played a big role in notifying the National Human Rights Commission, the Fair Trade Commission, the Korean Consumers Association and various state and civil society agencies about the abuses of slave contracts; one anticipates how the sincere fandom culture displayed by JYJ fans will develop in the future.

Source: www.todaykorea.ko.kr

Translation: Jimmie@TheJYJFiles

Shared by: TheJYJFiles

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83 thoughts on “[Trans] JYJ Fans Write a New Chapter in the History of Fandom

  1. Thank you for translating and sharing.

    JYJ are greatest artists, so that they also have greatest fans ever.

    JYJ and fans fighting!!! We will fight together till the end!! Cheer up!!!

  2. you can never put good people down. these three guys may have the whole industry turning their backs against them but the fans will never leave their sides. and they will continuously gain more fans because despite being young, they have handled this whole situation with such maturity. fans see this and are truly moved by it.

    god bless you and good luck jyj! don’t worry, the fans will protect your dreams and create you thousands of miracles.

    thanks jyjfiles for sharing! ^^

  3. I really love your article, Jimmie. And I like that you don’t call us Cassie anymore, but JYJ fan, since even though it was hard to admit. Not all JYJ fan are Cassie and not all Cassie are JYJ fan, it’s a reality.
    Lastly, I am proud to be JYJ fan since we support each other and motivated others, I hope this act will open another path for another artistes in the future

    • Not call you Cassie? I really dont like to call JYJ fans, like if Cassies are just for HoMin. That’s not true. The reason why koreans are supporting JYJ more it’s not because they only love JYJ but because JYJ is the one that need us the most coz they dont have anyone unless their fans.
      Of course, Cassies are unhappy with SM and HoMin (because of their hard words) and they can even stop supporting them but still… do you think now there is Cassies for HoMin and JYJ fans for JYJ? Do you think who’ll be the happiest one knowing that JYJ fans are not cassies anymore? SM, of course. SM even wanted to change the name of the fanclub and is doing everything they can to erase the cassies that love both HoMin and JYJ.
      And why do you think people are supporting JYJ? It can have some exceptions, but a “JYJ fan”, first of all, was/is a cassie. And cassies do everything for their idols, even from the start Cassiopeia proved to be the best fandom ever.
      Ok, maybe the faith is lower than ever now, but dividing us in JYJ fans and HoMin fans and have a proper name for which one is definitly breaking them appart, giving them up.
      And the ones that are doing it are cassies, first of all. Then they can be JYJ fans.

      • Some Cassies might be for JYJ but not all, just as not all JYJ fans are Cassies. There is overlap in the groups but they are no longer the same group. Some people supporting these initiatives are Cassies, but all are JYJ fans so that is the proper name to use.

      • Actually, I am not a Korean, I know about Kcassie’s feeling a little from info from there and here, but I also knew that JYJ had a lot of fan who is not Cassie. Example me…
        In two years of the TVXQ long hiatus, JYJ had a new activities, and this had gained them a lot of fans, which is I think not Cassie, since they knew JYJ first, think about YC ahjumma fans.
        I know OT5 fan would hate me for this, but please realized the reality, as long as HM still in SM, we should gave up about TVXQ reunion. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I let JYJ back to SM
        Of course, I am glad if TVXQ reunited again, but I am not sad if they were separated, I just wish JYJ could produced a good music and be happy.
        And I hate when people said there’s no JYJ fan or Cassie without TVXQ and SM. It’s like you ask there’s no egg without chicken =.=;
        Every people had its past whether it was good or bad, it was the past who created we in the present, but should we walk into the future with our past?
        I don’t want JYJ to be burden with their past, it was like saying that Cassie wouldn’t support them for their music, their bravery and their own personality, rather because they are exTVXQ, please see JYJ as they are, not as exTVXQ.
        Forgive me for my rambling it is not my intention to offend you, this is simply my opinion, if you don’t like it, then please just think that as two different individual we have a different opinion, is it necessary to bash the other with different opinion?

      • @tezzone I think you have it right. Cassiopeia is a fanclub for 5 shining stars. JYJ are 3 of those stars but they are not in that formation anymore — they are something new. They have gained new admirers because of that and they have renewed the affection of old ones, but they have moved on. The 5 may shine bright together again, but it will be in a different part of the sky. Their fans need to move with them or be left behind with just memories.

    • Im not bashing anyone, im just saying what i think. Sorry if you felt offended, but i couldnt just let it pass.
      I respect your opinions and just dont quite agree with it, i think Im on my own right to do so.

      • Don’t worry dear…in the beginning the whole fandom things perplexed me as well.It doesn’t matter how we want to name us or how we want to be addressed….. as long as we love our JYJ….all i know and decide to do is to enjoy their musics and talents and be supportive in everything they do!!!

        Awesome fandom!

      • jijo@dcindysue yeah, you’re right. And i think in this news it should be “jyj fans” and not “cassies write ….” because the ones doing it are the ones that support JYJ now. The only thing i didnt agree is that people have their own right to call theirselves a cassie or a JYJ fan, we can’t be decided for the other’s opinion.

  4. This just further emphasizes that JYJ has no one but us, their fans.

    I really hope that they know how much their fans love them and support them! They need to be strong.

  5. Proud!
    Hi jimmie,I was wondering whether or not to write an email to any korea english newspaper/channel to draw attention to this whole cockblocked thing. Will it help? Do u have any suggestion?

  6. I swear I was tearing up because I’m so touched with JYJ fans. I myself have tried to do what little I can by telling friends and family about JYJ. I buy multiple copies of their albums (hehe I can’t wait for my copy of the music essay) and even donated to the bus advertisement! What other fans do that for them?! Love all of you guys who make it possible to do things for JYJ!

    • I WAS TEARING UP TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’m so glad that i joined this JYJ fandom.

      The battle is still tough, but we’ll fight together, rite 🙂 🙂

      LOVE CONQUERS ALL !!!!!!!!!!!

    • same here! i’m on a mission to ‘convert’ my mother into a fan. she’s already quite smitten by the boys, especially Yoochun! (one more ajumma fan = check! :p)


      • same here! i’m on a mission to ‘convert’ my mother into a fan.
        So do I…
        One more ahjumma fan = more money to buy their products! XDD

  7. Thanks for your translation
    And I am so proud of JYJ and fans ^_^ proud to be part of a great fandom ~Let actions speak louder than words ~
    This shows the maturity and dedication of this fandom. Why bother with petty fanwars and unnescessary arguments when the time and effort can be put into projects such as these. I feel all warm inside now … this is truly wonderful
    I will also do all that I can to spread the JYJ love

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  9. We are awesome! LOL XD
    It´s because of them , because of JYJ 🙂

    Thanks so much for the trans ^^

    PD: 120 000 dollars is A LOT of money O.O … it´s REALLY A LOT! :O

  10. it’s so heartwarming to see fans coming together and showing support for the boys. this is definitely an example of what fans ought to do in tough time like now – spread messages of love instead of negativity and try to find solutions instead of just blaming others. we’ll create opportunities for them, and help them realise their dreams as well as ours. because at the end of the day, we share the same goal. they want their music to be heard, and we want their music to be heard.

    i’m proud to be in this fandom. cheers to JYJ and all fans! we can do this!^^9

  11. I am a Cassie, and I support JYJ whole-heartedly.

    Reading some of the comments (see above comments between Tezzone and Eliza) here makes me not so hot about some of the JYJfans though…..and quite frankly I’ve EVER felt the need to say out loud that I am NOT a JYJfan only until I read those words, and I probably would’ve been okay with people calling me a JYJfan before I see how it’s interpreted here.

    I don’t think it helps anyone, especially JYJ, to tell cassies to move on: that’s a very personal thing, and many cassies have had A LOT OF PAIN (pain that JYJ feels/felt as well), and a little compassion and respect would probably go a long way. Something JYJ themselves demonstrate quite well.

    Just saying.

  12. Oops, I meant to say that “I’ve NEVER felt the need to say out loud that I am NOT a JYJfan only until I read those words.” Guess it hurts more than I realize to use these lines of division…..sigh. I truly do love JYJ so much, and Homin as well. I’ve always felt comforted that JYJ’s never attacked Homin or ask Cassies to choose: that will just KILL me.

    And yes, want to make sure that I honor the true message of this article. It’s beautiful what’s coming together right now for JYJ. It shows that what they stand for is truly inspiring people to wake up and heed the call of self-determination and greater freedom……I love JYJ, no questions about it. I love JYJ from DBSK. Then. Now.

    And I love the fans, too. I only get pissed off when someone tells me to move on, especially if it’s someone who knows what Cassies’ve been through. Because it hurts. Still. Like crazy. T___T

    • I agree with you. We spent so many years with them, forget it all is hard. And it is even harder when you see HoMin and JYJ fans fighting (Homin’s specially).

    • I am JYJ fan only few month, because i love jyj so much that why i understand how cassies feel it is realy hurt ( more than 7 years it not short time) and i think alot of new fans understand about that too, only i can say we hope can share with you guys paint,sad, and happyness, hope we can togerther suport our love JYJ… one more time again with all my heart , I proud with JYJ fans and all Cassies in this fandom!!!!! ( sorry with my poor English)

    • I will apologize for saying that Cassies need to move on. It’s not my place to set anyone’s timeline, you are correct in that.

      However, I’m disturbed by the need for people to make one label “better” than the other. I like being called a JYJ fan because it is more inclusive — all fans of JYJ, not just the old guard. If you want to be called a Cassie, wonderful, but insisting that is what I should be as well is not welcoming. That’s the feeling I got from Sara’s comment and I was stung by it. It came out in an impatient manner, and again, I apologize.

      • I agreed with you. I don’t understand how my simple comment could be another fire in the fandom… Pardon my bluntness, I am not a kind person, but I try to be polite…
        JYJ fan could be not only JYJ fan but also Cassie and HoMin fan, and not all Cassie are JYJ fan, so isn’t it fair to say this act was done by JYJ fan? This is the thing I said, why you don’t understand?
        When you said it was Cassie who did the act it seemed to mean the old Cassie or HoMin Cassie
        JYJ fan was consisted of Cassie and the purely JYJ only fan, it was union of both, so it’s unfair to call them Cassie when not all of them are Cassie.
        What made me hurt was when you only said Cassie when not all of us are Cassie, it mean you don’t admit that we “JYJ only fan” exist

      • very true…LOL…they call us jyj fans betrayers to dbsk and so on….sorry but to u all who think homin fans and dbsk supporters support JYJ you’re wrong….== not all homin fans support jyj and i can definitely say korean homin fans don’t…to dbsk5 supporters…please at least acknowledge us JYJ fans….it really frustrate me that when i see comments saying cassies are amazing doing this for jyj while in reality is only JYJ fans doing it…haha even korean jyj fans are surprised by international fans comments…right now this whole project is solely done for JYJ and by JYJ fans. sorry if i had offended anyone here~ going to send my email to ministry of Justice again~~^^

      • I think everyone should realise that, especially in Korea, there are many MANY JYJ fans who were never DBSK fans at any point in their lives (ie, me and the other aunties/noonas who fell in love with Sungkyunkwan Scandal). So, we came into the fandom unaware that JYJ were once in DBSK and therefore indifferent to Homin. We don’t bash them, we’re just…indifferent.

        But, you know, as JYJ fans, we follow JYJ’s interviews and do our research and all of us realise at some point that JYJ still cherish the DBSK days, they still love the other two members and call their fans ‘Cassiopeia’. So JYJ fans respect the old-guard DBSK5 fans, and out of that respect have not imposed a new fanclub name or demand that they “move on” and refrain from bashing Homin. Not all of us consider ourselves “Cassies” but we’re more than happy to work with them and stand by them as long as they’re supporting ChunJaeSu ^^.

      • LOOOL
        As I said, i didnt mean that my opinion was the one being right or wrong, you can have yours and I respect it. I was just saying mine.
        I think people have their own point of views and differents way of seeing it. Sorry if you think i was bashing you, it was really not my intention.

      • I think this new is right because these are JYJ fans that are doing it. The thing i dont agree is that for it we cant call ourselves cassies anymore? I think everyone should be what they want, you can be a Casssie, a JYJ fan or a HoMin’s fan, but you just cant say to the others “oh we’re not cassies anymore, we’re JYJ fans now” when there are people who still wants to be considered a Cassie.
        But yes, JYJ fans is a better way of saying it, it’d be misunderstood if we just said “cassies did…”. no doubt about that ^^

    • I actually want to call myself as cassie simply because Jaejoong love cassie very much U_U

      But i realize, as many cassie said, if u don’t support homin then u are not cassie, if u just support JYJ then u are not cassie, if u are not love all 5 u are not cassie, and taking side is LAME and so on and so forth *shrug* honorable mention HM fan also rubbed salt in my wound said how HM fan can called themselves cassie because they bring TVXQ legacy *sigh* then i guess i am not cassie anymore. Because i can’t support Homin anymore… i simply not agree with what they are doing since November 2009. Hurt may be, i still hurt by now that sometimes i labelled as betrayal by OT5. I still love “cassie” name so much. Moving on is hard but when i already overcome it, is lighter and less emotional breakdown. at least my heart wouldn’t break into two.^^ And when I called myself as JYJ fan i’m feel proud, JYJ is not a group created by a company but the compromise between three young brave man. And i am proud to called myself as JYJ fan^^

      It’s okay for genuine OT5 to feel hard let tvxq5 go and so on. I understand that, not easy to just let it go, especially with dbsk.^^ But I hope OT5 not look down to the one who move on, taking side is hard, painful process, lot crying and lack of sleep (for me), that is why please don’t easily said our faith is low… It really hurt me, for me i still have faith on 5 of them is a good man, with great talent, their friendship is genuine, but now i just focus on my bias. And i focus my faith on JYJ now^^. Of course i am not intended to offend anyone. peace.

      • Lets just spread love, and give one another the freedom to love in the way that we do naturally. I am so tired of all this myself. It’s an open wound for many. I really get the sense that people just want to love and be given the freedom to do so without being judged, and I am all for that. I respect everyone who loves any of the five from DBSK, in whatever ways. No better, no worse, just all different. That’s where I stand. I am more than fine with each person deciding for themselves, and want to have the same for myself as well.

      • i’m happy being a JYJ fan ^^ at least we’re only focusing on JYJ and spreading the love~~~i still love dbsk but i’ve moved on…things aren’t going back to it is and i don’t regret my decision in being a jyj fan~ =) i admire jyj ahjumma fans so much! XD i love jyj fans~~ lovable and positives unnies everyone~i love u all ^^

      • I think people shouldnt say “taking sides is wrong” and “oh, you gave them up, you’re weak”, stuff like that.
        People have their own right to do what they want, to be what they want.
        I understand what u said. Im also really sad about HoMin and i understand when people stop supporting them. Coz it hurts, it hurts like crazy. And when I read sth about them saying bad stuff to JYJ im really upset.
        Maybe we should focus ourselves more in JYJ now, that’s right. They only have us and I really want to see their smiles. I want that they can have a secure background and after it I can rest and support both on the same way.

      • this got to me and i agree wholeheartedly…..

        .”And when I called myself as JYJ fan i’m feel proud, JYJ is not a group created by a company but the compromise between three young brave man. And i am proud to called myself as JYJ fan^^”…

  13. since JYJ is making history themselves, fans must do so too of course :’)
    I really hope I’ll be able to donate some money for the radio station if Kfans ask for it. since I have some issues with my paypal account and Im unable to do it 😐

  14. These days I am surprised by fans more than JYJ themselves. hehe.. but then, what of JYJ makes fans so committed.. In the past I thought they were just handome idol made by SM. but after they left SM, they have surpassed everything I anticipated. Maybe this pleasantly surprising realization of their real talents drive us more committed. 🙂

    • I never thought about it that way, i always thought they were way talented, too talented. but a lot of people might have thought that. I mean, when they were with SM people would probably thought “oh, they’re handsome but they only succeed because of this great entertainment agency they have (that launched so many sucessful stars)”. Their talents were still a lot hidden on the shadows. Now we can see their shining and it’s great.
      I really want to see this going on. After we see it suceeds, i want to know their feelings about it.

  15. Their fans are amazing.
    Pouring their support with all their might, doing everything they need to do to make these three guys SHINNING even brighter to letting the world know that JYJ and fans will never give up. “If JYJ need a miracle, we will create it for them” – I really like this quoute because it’s true and we’re making it!!!!!
    Thank you so much for such a supportive article, Jimmie. I really wanna know how JYJ feel right now about this whole fan’s activities ei ei

  16. i have just sent an email to korean ministry of justice & ministry of culture, sport and tourism stating in a polite and mature way how disappointed i am as an international fan with how JYJ are being treated. I hope you guys do same, so they know that we are supporting the boys.

    • Do have a link that you can send me as I would like to send an email to them as well? I, too am an international fan and want my voice to be heard and would like to send an email to them. Right now the entertainment industry (be it KEPA/KFPCAI, and the like) need to learn that we live in a 21st democratic society and that no one, no matter how big of a company they are, should dictate terms and conditions of artists that go against basic human rights and decency just because it may hurt their traditonal infrastructure. Since they can’t do it themselves, all of us must do our part by bombarding the government about this so that this issue can no longer be ignored and be swept under the rug. The lawsuit by JYJ is an embarrassment against SM, but also, Korea, the government, the legal system, and the entire music industry in Korea. The Korean government needs to hear how detrimental this case is and that they better act soon to remedy this intolerable situation against JYJ. How can this “blackballing” be allowed to continue in this day and age??? How can you explain why JYJ has not been allowed on any music programs for so long and say you have a democratic society??? I think the Korean government has a lot of optics to clean and clear up. For my part, I will do my part for sure by exercising my civic duty and let my voice be heard!

  17. Like artist like fans. Both are great people.
    This is amazing and heartwarming.
    Working on my letter to ministry of justice and culture and waiting for organized petition against KEPA petition.

  18. I am really touched, and what make it more wonderfull that this article post on newspapper, so not just fans who read it, but all generation, maybe some businessman, so they will know how powerfull JYJ’s fandom, so maybe they can think for invest on JYJ or make JYJ to their brand ambassador,
    if JYJ need miracle, so we’ll create it,
    I love this line

  19. If JYJ did not go through such difficulties, the fans will not in this close-knit and grip together to create miracles. So everything likes blessing in disguise. I am proud of JYJ for being source of this inspirations. JYJ FANS are the BEST!

  20. i will stay as cassiess who support JYJ
    i growup with tvxq its been 4 years since i love them
    and jaejoong always be my FV
    its not easy for me to just support JYJ since i,ve loved TVXQ for so long
    anyway…i,m so happy and so proud to JYJ fans…..thank,s for support them
    JYJ i do love them very much too ofcause because they are same person that i used
    to love dearly.

  21. ^^ proud of JYJ ahjumma fans,noona fans, teenager fans, international fans, japanese fans, korean fans and everyone who supported them =DDDD i love u all~~~HUGS AND KISSES TO U ALL! keep being strong~spreadJYJLOVE!

  22. Thank you for the translation.
    I’ll be looking forward to more updates about fan projects (in relation to this comment). I hope international fans can also help out in this independent internet TV station and other projects, not only in terms of donations.

  23. Didn’t know Facebook have such power in Korea… O_O (don’t mind me…)

    I have to say i’m NOT Cassie. And i never will be. I don’t hate cassies, i just don’t feel like being one. I love the 5 DBSK as 5, but NOT IN SM! I want them to be free from the stupid chain call SM ent! JYJ got out but HoMin still stuck in, so what do you say, we go rescue them? (in a way, rescue, yeah… =”=’)

    I hate the name TVXQ but i love the name DBSK. It’s the time that they’re most happy right? Fellow DBSK fans, shall we support and protect DBSK and make them comeback together? As DBSK? Let’s show the world our love for our idols! Let them see what DBSK’s fans are made of! Let the world know the power of us!!! ❤

    DBSK's Guardians ROCKS! XD

    • Let’s go rescue them, it’s a great idea! Big coat and sunglasses? muahahahah But it would be really suspicious. xD Maybe we should lie to them and lock the 5 of them in just a room, what do you say?

  24. wow great job everyone im a proud JYJ too but why didnt i hear about this i wanted to make donations does anyone know where we can make donations and help out with this i really want to be a part of this — i love the boys my 3 bias im glad they are together and supporting each other through this

  25. i am obsessed about them..i am so glad they have such a powerful and strong fanbase, making such attempts to keep their existance alive so that we all can enjoy a piece of it.

  26. wahahha!! my MISSION MAKE IT completed!! my brother now JYJ fans!! XD he fell in love with jaejoong?? my ultimate love -.- hahahaha… even i explained to him JYJ are from DBSK(5), but he still considering himself as JYJ fans,hehehe… i think he dont want to be bother so much about past… you know how fanboy is,lol…

  27. “If JYJ need miracle, we will create it”.

    I like this quotes because miracle DO happen as long as you act, pray, and believe.

    Whether it is Cassie, JYJ fans, HM fans, KPOP fans, or anyone else; let’s fight together to spread the love and create the better world for humanity.

    “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love”.

    – Sophocles –

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