JYJ’s Ahjumma Army

The Auntie Army…or, How the Ahjummas Just Might Save JYJ

Park Yoochun has outdone himself. The handsome youth who had already garnered a reputation in the JYJ/DBSK fandom as a lady-charmer has brought a new kind of girl home.

Since the first teaser, KBS drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal has advertised itself in Korea as “Sageuk (historical drama) for youths.” However, it is clear that the drama’s most vocal fans are not the younger but older women in their mid-30s, 40s, 50s and even 70s. For the majority of them, the cause of their ardent fangirlism is none other than JYJ’s Park Yoochun. With acting skills that belied his rookie status, the sensitivity in his eyes and subtlety of every movement as well as the nobility of his character (Lee Seon Joon), Park Yoochun has won over a population that just might prove to be his biggest ally.

With a devotion that more than easily rivals that of the younger generation for their idols, these women have organised themselves into an “auntie army” and are mobilising support for Yoochun and JYJ both on and offline. They were an undeniable presence at JYJ’s first Worldwide Concert in Seoul. Several of them with money (or rich husbands) formed the Blessing Yoochun fanclub for the purpose of doing charity work in Yoochun’s name. Whenever a Korean TV station hesitates to broadcast JYJ, the auntie army invades their homepage, message boards, phone lines and, once in a while, even Twitter accounts. An ahjumma poet by the name of Yoomyeongeuni (유명은이) even published a poem, Thank You Park Yoochun, attesting to the inspiration that much of the ahjumma population have found in JYJ through Yoochun.

What is more fortuitous for the careers of Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong is that Korean ahjummas have the reputation of being picky, opinionated, overly critical and don’t give full support to anything outside of their children easily; but, in the off-chance that they do decide to support something they are fiercely loyal to the end. There’s a popular story told in Korea: the world’s top-selling brands in kitchenware and home appliances are all basing their R&D (research and development) headquarters in Korea. They know that if they can get the Korean ahjummas to like a new product of theirs, it will sell anywhere in the world. In winning over such a substantial noona and ahjumma fanbase, JYJ have just ensured that they will never become irrelevant in Korea and can succeed anywhere in the world.

In addition, these older women belong to the generation that currently has the greatest say in society. They all vote. Those who work pay taxes, and those who don’t represent the greatest determinant of viewer ratings. This is a section of the population that Korean media can’t afford to ignore and whose opinions it can’t afford to dismiss.

And their opinion on JYJ, the lawsuit and SM is becoming clearer and clearer by the day. A great number of them have even educated themselves on the history of Dong Bang Shin Ki, though they generally care little for idol groups. With a mix of pride, admiration and respect, the ahjummas are also voicing regret and apologies. The majority of them are in the same generation as Lee Soo Man (the founder of SM) and Kim Young Min (the current CEO of SM). They take one look at the slave contracts that bound the DBSK boys, recognise the spectres of Korea’s authoritarian regimes that should have disappeared by now and can’t help but feel responsible. One fan on the JYJ Daum message board put it this way: “As I saw Yoochun and JYJ’s performance of Found You at the KBS Drama Awards…the way our boys trembled and the emotion in their voices…I thought to myself, there is no greater sin in this world than to stifle the dreams of the young.” More and more are finding the behaviour of their donggap (동갑; people of the same age/in the same generation) unacceptable.

This is the “7080 (chil gong pal gong) generation.” This is the generation with members in executive positions of every sector. This is the generation who are raising children to occupy executive positions in every sector. This is the generation that remembers the time when one had to do anything and everything to secure a meal; when the government would beat people for having long hair or wearing short skirts (the government literally went around college campuses with a ruler); some have even had their relatives conveniently “disappeared.” Therefore, unlike the teens and early twenty-somethings that make up the fanbase of other SM idol groups, these women are not intimidated by SM’s tactics nor as easily manipulated. SM can attack JYJ all they want, the ahjummas know they have better things to worry about.

Even in the midst of the needless fanwars, the noonas/aunties/ahjummas are preoccupied with the important things in life: career, home and children. However, SM should note, the auntie army is fully including the three boys of JYJ into their definition of “children”; reference to JYJ as “our children” has become common vocabulary for the auntie fans in the JYJ fan cafés. And SM should remember what Korean ahjummas are capable of when they feel that the health and wellbeing of their children are threatened:

It will make the Storming of the Bastille look like a picnic in the park.

Whatever the outcome of the court case, SM is now under the scrutiny of the auntie army, a fact the company should remember well before attempting to lay a finger on even a single hair of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu’s head in the future.

writer: Jimmie@TheJYJFiles

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103 thoughts on “JYJ’s Ahjumma Army

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  2. I’m glad some people are looking at this in a different light. I find myself falling into the trap of caring too much and then taking a step back to realize that there are more important things to life than sparking ongoing wars within the fandom. Instead of generating hate, these older woman take responsibility in creating a more positive image for the boys through other means besides fighting. Changing the opinion of others require more than words alone. Through the actions that fans themselves show the public the fans control the image that their favorite stars have. If the fans are responsible and caring it is a reflection upon those they support.

    It’s great that JYJ has an older fanbase that cares to give a little more than the hurtful words that are being thrown around nowadays. Whether or not JYJ is under a slave contract and whether or not they betrayed their company is of no matter to me. The recent article about the PD who argued for both sides is a great example that where there is a fight, there isn’t a wrong side and a right side. There had to have been a problem on both sides for something to happen and its wrong to assume otherwise. Cyberbully has become an increasingly huge issue and even if the victim may have said something wrong, it is wrong for the opposing team to gang up and chew their head off.

    Thanks for this informative article. 🙂 You just made my day

  3. Speaking as an American and Caucasian Ahjumma, I am grateful for my “sister aunties” in Korea. Just letting you know you have kindred spirits here in the US and the rest of the world who feel very protective and proud of JYJ. Bless you and keep up the good work.


    You have no idea how much your post made my day and the uplighting effect it provides for my soul. Admist all the chaos and confusion, your words truly struck a chord in my body that revived the strength for me to persist through the wartime of this fandom.

    I’m starting to really love thejyjfiles ❤

  5. Ah, I forgot to add….

    Do you think thejyjfiles can also have its own twitter account? Updates will be noticed quicker and the RT will definitely promote the site and help bring in other fans who are in dire need to read these encouragements and infos.


    Thank you so much ahjumma fans! Although JYJ are all older then me, I find myself watching and wanting to protect these guys as my children more then ever. These ahjumm fans who have been doing so much to protect and spread the love of jyj fandom…. I want to sincerely thank you.

  6. Again, what does this say about the current artist under SM now.
    JYJ is fighting for better treatment of an artist and these artist under
    this company (and others similar) go on with the status quo. It’s all they know, and they go about it as if it’s the only choice for them when it’s not. This reform of the music industry needs to happen world wide. Most don’t think like the aunties in terms of ‘our children’ very beautiful way of thinking. Everyone needs that mentality. ESPECIALLY CEO’s and presidents of companies. Their mentality is ‘money money money’ by any means. Nothing wrong with making money but it’s the lack of integrity and honor of obtaining money in corrupt business which saddens me.

    I know this side that is trying to prove that the contracts aren’t ‘slave’ like. The site is here: http://truetvxq.blogspot.com/

    I looked at the contracts on that site and I understand how they can be fair to the status quo of things but overall it’s not fair to the human right aspect of earning what you worked for. To put work into something and to not receive no profit no means of something out of it because your work didn’t ‘sell enough’ didn’t ‘surpass 500k sales’ may be fair to the status quo of the for profit business but to human rights that’s unfair. It’s the whole music business itself that needs to change, not just their contract and SM. The whole thing needs to reform. and the aunties with their ‘our children’ mentality while being in the same generation with the owner of SM who’s being unfair to ‘our children’ will only show how the status quo needs to change. Go aunties.

    Thanks for this article and Wow that riot O_O.

    • WOW, that website link you posted really is a bunch of BS. The person claims to be only trying to get the truth out,but I’ve been all over the contract issue since day one and what they’re saying doesn’t pan out to me.
      Not to mention all of those points have been refuted months and months ago, LOL.

      • That link has been making the rounds at soompi

        one look at that and a lot of “fans” are “convinced” they made the “right” decision

    • truthfully we fans shouldn’t care what that blog says == it’s full of crap and if sme contracts are that fair why did the FTC warn them? == this blog is just to reassure homin fans that homin did the right choice in staying sme while jyj did the bad choice >< whatever~~~SME has full of histories about their so called "fair" contracts == HOT SHINHWA FTTS SES now dbsk and hangeng! the fact hangeng won his lawsuit i think it definitely proves sme contracts is a slave contract == we fans should have spread more info about FTC on SME contracts! so fans wouldn't be so blindly believing it ==

      • Exactly I read somewhere that he had kidney disease and some other thing from the whole ordeal with SM. SAD.

    • I agree, we shouldn’t care about what the blog said. Like ceci said before, don’t give the blog free publicity. We should spread THIS BLOG instead !!!!! people need to be INFORMED about the real situation !!!! not that BS one 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. ahjumma.. they are older but they are stronger..

    btw… im curious about the video embedded in this article.. what happened ? it looks like protest over something…

    • It’s a clip of the 2008 Beef Protests in Seoul. Korea stopped importing US beef because there were fears of mad cow disease. The Korean government decided to start US beef imports again even when there were still doubts in the public’s minds that the beef would be completely disease-free. The protest was actually initiated by left-wing anti-American groups but the most fervent participants by far were average Korean ahjumma housewives who were scared shitless for the health of their children and angry as hell that the Korean government would endanger the lives of their families for the sake of political interests. At their most violent, these usually demure women literally tore down a building in downtown Seoul and gutted the Koreana Hotel O_O. The Korean government got the message…and is only now starting to renegotiate US beef imports.

  8. i always love ahjumma fans ^^ their non wavering support just fills my heart with pride and love that i too am a JYJ fan! so guys SPREAD THE LOVE~~not the hate =) we got better things to do like er buy more JYJ music essay LOL XD

  9. AND they have more money than a bunch of teenagers (*ME* hehe) who usually follow these SM artists (not me)
    So whilst all of the SM “family fans” are whining away korea ajhummas will be buying their rooms ……………….
    en masse’

  10. GREAT article! And I want to dispel misconceptions fans may have about what ajummas are like. Of course like any other demographic group they are diverse, but I think maybe fans are picturing a hoard of craggy old ladies running around the Seoul concerts, all sporting the well-known ajumma perm and sterotypical mismatched-pattern clothes, yelling nonsense and smacking young people with any blunt object within reach. This is often the way ajummas are pictured in popular media.

    First of all, the general ajumma and ajusshi uniform has evolved (this winter’s fashion seems to be tidy hiking gear with colorful jackets – rather nice-looking in my humble opinion). There is a definite eye to trendiness. (I have a real soft spot for these ajummas, to be honest. There are a lot in my neighborhood and I find them extremely warm and lively.)

    But second, get on the subway sometime and scan for ajummas. It’ll take you a minute to realize there are more there than you think. Because all those pretty women you at first glance thought were about 30 are actually older. These ladies are fashionable, modern women – nothing like the eccentric grandmas you may have pictured. From having interacted with these women socially and professionally, I feel most of them are sharp and sensible (for that matter, so are the “classic” perm-wearing ajummas), and are miles from being pathetic old hags who pine for their youth while wasting time on the internet all day. They don’t need to “get a life”; they HAVE full lives and JYJ are but one part of it. ^_^

  11. Will you make an article about FTC rulling because I’m afraid that many fans will believe “that blog”. We have to promote about FTC more. It will help people understand about the boys condition. PLEASE

  12. Just waken up, read this article –> Jimmie, you make my day.
    *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・

  13. I love Ahjumma fans! We need more of these kinds of fans in the international fanbase too so every time an immature fan says something stupid online or attempts to create a fanwar they can be silenced and can be taught to respect people in general.

    I feel that as the age increases in this fandom it will mature as well and I am happy with a mature and kind fandom.

    Also, did you hear that JYJ became KLL ambassadors? I am so happy. Now they are also targeting the youth but instead of going after the general ‘immature’ population who gets hooked onto anything easily they are going after the over-achievers (the hard-working part of society)

    I am SO proud of these three boys like a mother would be……even though JJ is 3 years older than me O___O

  14. Oh and I forgot to say that another reason I am happy with many Ahjumma fans entering this fandom is when JYJ members finally one day announce that they are getting married (and I want to see their kids soon too ^^) the immature fans butts will be kicked by the mature older generation so hopefully the boys don’t get bashed too much.

    Also, since it always happens that way that when a celebrity gets married many people in their fandom leave them I am happy that the Ahjumma fans will always remain 😀

    • ooh, i agree with you ! immature fans who would like their idols to be single for the rest of their life, just for the sake of their selfish wish, are just weird. seeing the boys to have someone they love and to spend their life with are just one of the thing i really look forward to. let those childish fans go if that day would happen, cause i’m sure ahjummas would stay. yeah ahjumma !

    • So true.
      I see it happen all the time.
      Mature fans stay.
      immature ones bash and stop supporting
      because of their twisted fantasy.

  15. wow, so touch…all this while we had real sensible people locked in JYJ stan. Now its up to JYJ to move this kind luxury at their own discretion. But i can see that JYJ already made good maneuver by being Ambassadors of FLL. This is really a sensible start to win community in general point of view.

  16. thank you for this site.it’s nice to visit and read positive posts here about JYJ…. so thankful with my co ahjummas in Korea who keeps on supporting them… tho’ i’m ahjumma ,i’m proud to tell that i’ve been a fan of DBSK for 4+yrs…. they are my other children whom i dearly loved although, i must admit ,i’m more protective of JYJ…@ janet , nice to know you…i’m asian living in North America and was lucky enough to watch JYJ show in New York…to everyone , let’s continue to support JYJ and be positive to others….

    • yeah..good to know we have a really great communities that JYJ gathered in their fanbase…..Music truly has no boundaries.

  17. thanks Jimmie^^ Ahjummas pls protect our boys! although i’m really really very very very grateful that they have come to love JYJ, i do hope they will love Homin too. Maybe it’s too greedy but I really wish anyone who loves any one of the five boys will love the other four too. At least dun hate or bash them. No more fanwars pls…

    On a side note, Jimmie, do u know the 625 sound recordings? or the FOREVER issue? I heard koreans Cassies are deeply hurt by those two issues and gave up on keeping the faith.. anyways, if it’s too sensitive or inappropriate then just ignore me k^^

    • what the heck? i know 625 meeting saying homin fans change the recording and blah blah blah but now what FOREVER issue? gawd == too much drama~

    • I agree that there should be an article here addressing the issue on the 625 gathering as it resurfaces to confuse newbies or those who are not keeping up with the updates…

      Real has a blog talking about that but it’s kinda long, somehow ppl may lost track of thoughts during a long reading… I have a link to the short version but not sure if I should put it here….(gajiknight)

      • @chocogurl: forever is kinda like a fanwar btw junsu and yunho’s personal fans who learnt about the lawsuit before 31/7.
        both sides have their argument so i really dun who’s right or who’s wrong.
        @Coffee2note: i’m a new Cassie. i learnt bot them post-mirotic period. but i was too busy with my studies back then so i didnt pay much attention to their lawsuit. i heard bot the 625 thingy 2 days ago. there are so many diff version to it. i dun understand korean so listening to the audio doesnt really help and trans out there are either biased towards JYJ or Homin. Can u kindly post the link?

      • @aktf? ok WTF? == and this FOREVER came out right after the drama and not before of it…WTF ==

  18. “auntie army is fully including the three boys of JYJ into their definition of “children”. Jimmie you are definitely right. I’m an ahjummas fan and I always say they are “my boys”. Ahjummas are simple, we just want to see our children to be happy & healty, therefore it is okay for them to get married or even stop singing (if this is what they want). But ahjummas can be tough as well, especially when it comes to the welfare our children. Proud to be JYJ’s (international) ahjummas fan.

  19. great article ^^
    I am one of ajumma (with high determination and purchasing power) ~~
    I will spoil my children with all my love and prosperity.
    I will protect them with my secret weapons…
    People will see the power of JYJ umma ~~hahaha
    We will fight for JYJ…TOGETHER with nuna and dongseang~~

  20. I’m a noona and I so love the three boys.. doing some research and learned about how Junsu is being attacked lately and being accused as liar and a betrayer by no other than its fellow artist from SM..
    At least I got to read a message from someone they call John Egg and defended him.. I hope this article gets to be posted on all fancafes were they are being bashed heavily.. my heart breaks when I know people step down on them who just wanted to dream and make their dreams come true.. let’s protect JYJ..


  21. Just call me nuna ^^; I’m here to join force to protect our baby boys…
    I was supposed to be just a casual fan who enjoy music and not getting involved in all this, but hey it’s JYJ, nobody could resist their charms…
    Their stories were so intriguing, the more I found the more I wanna know about them..hence I am here worried about them with you guys …glad to know there are fellow ahjummas out there inside & outside Korea to watch over them…

  22. Thank you Jimmie, for the lovely article ❤
    I really respect and appreciate ahjjumma fans a lot. They are undoubtedly 1 of the main forces that help the boys' career in Korea.
    It's so heart-warming to know how ahjumma fans call the boys. "Our children"… ❤

    Btw, how did ahjumma fans react the past few days when SM artists ganged up to attacked Junsu?
    I felt as if SM artists were having a "let's attack Junsu day" or something. So crazty @__@

    • It all just made them more determined to buy up extra copies of the music essay and follow through with plans to mass-buy. That incident made them all the more determined to “go All-In” for JYJ. Most of them turned anti-BoA, Super Junior and Trax….when an ahjumma turns anti-something, she makes sure her entire family, country club and gossip circle also turn into antis of that something.

      • WOW that’s really extreme O.O ahjumma….^^;;;; hehe~i don’t know what to comment actually about the anti thing, well ALL THE WAY JYJ!

      • wow, jimmie…so that’s why JYJ music essay on top most of the charts…and they’re not even release the album yet.

      • I’m so glad to hear that ahjumma are gonna mass-buy the album <3. But it's not really a surprise, after all, the ahjumma have GREAT purchasing power on their hands. (though I heard a rumor that "The music essay" is not gonna be charted on any music chart???)

        Seems that The Trax, SuJu & BoA digged their own graves there… I'm not gonna want to become the enemy of Korean ahjumma *shivers*…

      • HAHAH, AHJUMMAS FANS FTW !!!!!!!!!!! i’m not complaining at all !!!!!!!! thanks Jimmie for always giving us such information ❤ ❤

      • …“go All-In” for JYJ…
        I like this ALOT ^_^
        i dont care what others say or do…whatever they want. I will focus on supporting JYJ only
        Go Ahjumma fans!!!!! you’re awesome

    • same reaction == i was tweeting then suddenly BAM what who bash junsu? then the whole sm artist list came ==;;;; i was like what day is it? did i forget what special day is it? is it bash junsu day? ==

    • @Lee

      Because the music essay is released in a literary format, it will chart on the bestseller lists–the chart for published print material–not music charts, I believe. But it was always intended to be like this from the start. So don’t worry…it’s not because of cockblocking.

      • But the music essay still has a CD consists of 6 tracks though?
        It’s a pity that it can’t chart on Hanteo 😦 It’ll be harder to know the total sales number…

    • @Lee so true tsk tsk tsk they dug their own grave…they should have know better to mess with ahjumma fans == no scratch that LEE SOO MAN AND KIM YOUNG MIN SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!!

  23. I’ve seen many noona fans chiming in so I also want to add my name to the noona fanbase. I feel that JYJ are my younger brothers I need to protect, and will support them always. Noona (purchase) power, represent! Hehehe^^

  24. very well written.
    I’m always looking for your piece, Jimmie.

    and I’m glad, we have ahjumma fans. Welcome everyone 🙂
    This site and fans here are something I can proud of in front of my friends who think k-pop all around is lame (I’m in mission to change them into JYJ’s fans ^^)

  25. Another noona fan is here ! ^^
    I love my babyboys so much and I will always be here to support them! I really don’t care about the rumors, I don’t care if it’s true or not… they didn’t kill anybody or rob a bank, right? so whatever the others say, I will keep loving them. If they did something wrong , or if they do something wrong I can forgive them. Maybe even using the forgive word is wrong …because there are somethings in the world that somone can beileve it is right but the other one thinks it is not right so…maybe even there is nothing to forgive 🙂 I mean accuse no one and I should not judge any of them.
    Did you watch their new year greetings video? Did you look into their eyes one more time? It is impossible not to love them. Hating them? It would be a waste! They are the joy of my life. I am sure of one thing, they make me happy.
    Yes they have haters but the lovers are more. There will always have antis but it doesn’t change the fact thet they are talented artists.
    These days are temporary, people will forget but the love we have for them will always remain so don’t to worry so much just love them and enjoy their works.
    Who is excited about the Empty MV?? ^^
    Thank you Jimmie ♥

      • i heard that yuchuniii gonna go too the US to disscus abt their album and empty mv…ANY INFOS GUYS….damme it i just can’t any longer i want them to kick sum ######
        SO ANY1 KNOW ANYTHING let us know….
        DONGBANG boys

      • I really wait a great MV for Empty from them…I hope they work with a US director. This song deserves a really good promotion…

  26. Hi jimmie…meet u here finally,I’m looking for u at SYC,nice to see ur comment and article now,I like it,keep up ur good work bb 🙂
    I like Yoochun’s aunties army,they really devoted to him, I want to ask is there aunty army fanbase for international JYJ’s or Yoochun’s fans? My sis really want to join,she like Yoochun of course after she watched SkkS drama, if there is please let me know okay, that will be a good news for her. And it’s really good for Yoochun who can captured all nunas n ajummas heart with his sincere smile n charm, yeah, they are there to protect Yoochun,I’m so relieve for that. Thanks jimmie, I love u all…..

  27. Thank you Jimmie for your article. I felt like you were speaking about us. My mother (granny) and I (auntie) are also part of Yuchun’s and JYJ’s fanbase. Our support is unwavering for the boys and make no mistake, we are solid. “Slave” contracts need to be changed, and moreover, SM and their artists need to stop their attacks and ban on JYJ as it only makes them look more guilty and our resolve to help and protect Chunnie and JYJ even stronger. Aja, aja, Chunnie and JYJ!

    • This post by chunnie’s “grandma” and “auntie”
      next to a post by “MRS.chunnie” made me LOL so bad!!!
      mrs chunnie your inlaws are stalking the same blog as you!!!

  28. Dear Jimmie,
    Thank you for the article. It actually brings JYJ’s ajuma fans more strength and faith in what they are doing for their children JYJ. The boys always need such enthusiastic and thoughtful and considerate and loyal fans like the “ajuma army”.
    Btw, I really like your objective point of view much and long for more articles like this from you.
    From Cannie with ❤

  29. I was unsure whether I would make myself known, but I, like Janet, am an American/Caucasian Ahjumma. It’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one who thinks of JYJ as “my boys/children!” And yes, I do have 3 girls of my own, the oldest being 2 yrs. younger than JYJ. Once a mom, always a mom!

    I thought I was a little crazy to buy a ticket to their L.A. showcase, only to find when I was arrived that there were many ahjumma’s just like me attending. I felt sick when I found out they were refunding the ticket monies due to work permit issues. So I waited until the time seemed right to go forward with my purchasing power. The day before the latest tweet mess hit, I purchased from Korea, JYJ’s newest release (aigoo, the shipping costs!) so that it would reflect on the charts there. In some small way I want to support them and thank them for what they did in the U.S. for their fans. Besides, I love their music and will continue to support them.

    Anyway, thank you for a wonderful site expressing a voice of reason and a hello to all the ahjumma’s out there who are supporting JYJ.

  30. Cheers to Korean ahjummas!!!
    Have to admit..i n near 40s who has metabolic rate that has slowed down to an excruciating snail’s pace but PASSION for JYJ putting younger girls to shame!!LOL
    Micky-SKKS-JYJ..my life changing ..Juggling a super boring job,family life and other commitments…Kdrama is always my place of refugee…and now JYJ my first taste of Kpop…
    Blessed w great supportive hubby(yep..my personal banker w purchasing power)who never fail to surprise me with Micky’ mug+T’shirt,limited edition of JYJ The Beginning CD…and mass purchasing of The beginning CD to all my cousins and friends!! as our Christmas gifts…
    The highlight was of course when he accompanied me to JYJ’s showcases..Imagine..seeing his crazy wife screaming and jumping to JYJ songs…mind boggling experience!!!!(for him as well).
    JYJ is a blessing to me and of course..adding somes spice to my marriage’s life as well..after all,lifes tosses us curse balls that throw us off balance most of times..
    Can’t wait for our 2nd honeymoon when JYJ goes worldwide concerts soon!!!
    JYJ….MY best investment for my happiness!!!!

    • Hey!
      I too started with kdramas a few years back and still watch to this day. Kpop was just a natural progression! You’re lucky with your hubby’s support, mine doesn’t say anything! lol
      But as for jumping and singing (screaming, not sure about but highly likely) along at the showcase… gee that sounds so familiar!!

    • Omg LOL ^^. I’m glad that your husband is being so supportive.
      Seems like a happy family as well ^^ and have a great 2nd honeymoon!

  31. JYJ is strong, They dare to dream and so brave to fight for it in the face of huge ANIMOSITY.. without wavering n is achieving sucess bit by bit… We should look up to them when facing our own life curve balls 🙂 Yes, I totally believe in them – U CAN SOAR! Waiting patiently for my copy of their Music Essay.

  32. This is why I love ahjummas! They don’t stand for bullsh*t like that and they will do everything to protect the people they love! To all the older women taking care of JYJ and Dong Bang Shin Ki, NEOMU KAMSA HAMNIDA! ^^ keep fighting to help our boys get a better future! ^^

  33. I know this posting is juuuust a ~few~ months old, but I just recently ran across this site and this article inspired me to leave a comment, being as how I’m likely to be considered one of those ahjumma. Not that the rest of the articles on this site aren’t utterly and completely worth of commentary, but this one I’ve come back to several times already. Personally, I think this site is fabulous. You guys give your all and try to be as objective and professional as possible, and for that I salute you and am grateful. Keep up the good work!

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