[Trans] The reason for SM’s all-out attack on JYJ

Editor’s note: This is a translation of an opinion piece written by a Korean fan.

Spanish translation of this article by our reader Bea is available (traducción en español aquí) HERE

The reason for SM’s all-out attack on JYJ is in essence due to it being gripped by a sense of crisis.

Watching the way SM’s contracted singers are coming out one by one to bash JYJ has only confirmed for me that [SM] is feeling cornered.

First of all, SM has been shaken by the success of JYJ’s solo activities in musicals and dramas after the filing of the lawsuit.

Secondly, through the showcases in Asia and 3 American cities held in the latter half of last year as well as the Seoul concert of November 27-28, SM was able to confirm JYJ’s hidden potential and star quality, and this has put them into a greater sense of crisis.

Thirdly, it is impossible to ignore the influence of JYJ’s growing fandom, which, in increasing the group’s selling power, threatens to interfere with SM’s market share and profits.

Fourthly, and this is perhaps the most fundamental of all the reasons, [SM’s] moral standing and justification is crumbling. After the decision of the Fair Trade Commission, SM doesn’t see any possibility of winning the court case. Like this, because they have lost their moral standing, their image will be tarnished and they face losing not only money but also their position in the market; hence the continuous and unending attacks [on JYJ].

Their strategic response stands on a single logic, that of ungratefulness and betrayal [on the part of JYJ], because this is the best that SM, which claims to be a company like a family, can come up with. But this is not logic but a ploy to stir people’s emotions and divert attention away from questions of human and labour rights by getting JYJ labelled as depraved and immoral. It appears that SM is determined to fight back with every dirty trick they know, knowing full well that they too will be splotched with dung at the end of it.

It looks like that’s how frightened [SM] is of JYJ and their fandom. While it is true that so far [SM] is pushing its contracted singers that can sway the public mood to the foreground and in the background mobilising the resources of the KFPCAI, TV stations and other organisations, it could reach a point where the managers of SM get directly involved…

However, what is the real face of it all?

Anyone who’s had even a modicum of experience in society or the workplace knows that ‘the logic of the company as family’ is nothing more than a smokescreen logic to suppress and exploit workers. Naturally, there are admirable businessmen who do all they can to create a family-like atmosphere in their companies. Yet, there isn’t a single worker who can’t tell the difference between a genuine family-like company and a fake one.

This fight, eventually JYJ will win.

Because they have moral legitimacy, courage and dreams, as well as a fandom that believes and supports them. Loving someone is no different from protecting that person, as the saying goes. What it means for us to protect the courageous and still dreaming JYJ is for us all to cheer them on and give them our full, most enthusiastic support. I too am planning to cheer them on and give them strength with all that I have. It’s true this could be a long-term commitment in a long fight. So, everyone, let’s go strong!

written by: 물병자리(ji7**) 님

translation: Jimmie@TheJYJFiles

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  1. damn right! sme is jealous of JYJ who they are able to be SUCCESSFUL without sme help == dear sme i’m waiting for more bashing from your idols for JYJ! when will snsd come out? hm o yeah what about fx? so that i can laugh at u guys even more ^^ btw heard from other korean fans sme will do anything to hurt JYJ reputations even if it means using HOMIN to bash JYJ so girls be prepare! i’m waiting for it ><

      • keke your cute emoticons are back ^^ unnie let’s be strong i expect the worst of the worst from sme strategy…on the side note i got permission from me parents to pre order JYJ music essay ^^ YAY now only wait for reply from the ppl in charge TT

      • ლ( ╹ ◡ ╹ლ) congrats. I also ordered mine already. Now I am restlessly waiting for my copies. Nice to meet you here. With your positive attitudes, you make fandom brighter. I❤U (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)

      • awww HUGS and kisses ^^ >333< LOL XD let's look forward with our boys with a positive head =) even there are many waves trying to crush them during the storm, but after the strom the waves will be peaceful again then we all together will enjoy the beautiful sunrise together for a new beginning =D hwaiting to JYJ for being strong and hwaiting for us to stay being lovable and not to spread hate XD i don't like spreading any hate or dislike right now~ it's easier to spread love ^^

      • ^^ we should stay positive! if we don’t who else will for JYJ =) they need us more than ever now~~no use feeling upset or what >< our boys need us and i'll stick with them to the end! so JAN 18 WILL U HURRY UP!


    Love this site and Jimmie..give it all!!!Of course thank to Ceci for this wonderful new home of JYJ..
    Finally i feel at home with all the positive vibes…with my boys!!!

      • YOU ARE HERE TOO !!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


      • Yes dear..i dont want to miss this party too…feel so bad for ur Junsu…Love my Chunnie but JJ and JS never fail to bewitch me..

        Let the love march in ..after all we share the same love..JYJ!!

  3. Spot on….all angles been addressed…the author has a very sightful informations to talk about among fans…

    TQ jimmie for a nice translation.

  4. Thank you Jimmie
    it was so shocking to see the people who were so close to them even called bestfriends come out and attack them like that. (minus eunhyuk)
    I trust that their fanbase is growing beyond typical kpop listeners
    Hopefully they will re enter japan too in time!!!
    jyj hwaiting

  5. HUGS AND KISSES TO THIS BLOG ADMIN AND WRITERS~~and to us fans of course LOL XD keep being lovable and support JYJ full head! btw i love telisha damn awesome woman =DDDDD

      • yes unnie i did ^^ it was difficult but i won’t regret it now! after what sme did to junsu did to jyj and what yunho said…i’m sorry but i fully support JYJ now…i lost respect for sme long time ago but now i lost respect for their artist == junsu was so hurt by KYHD lyrics and thus leads to his emotional twitter but ppl called his ungrateful read this http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=155088027875147&id=100001890918479&ref=mf
        and read mr egg comment too…junsu is a pure soul but ppl called him ungrateful liar and betrayer….who are u guys to judge him? this just wanna make me support JYJ even more ^^

  6. Seriously SM looks childish as always.. i mean.. well since in Shenzhen Concert case .. or when SM said JYJ’s law suit is a fraud…i am not even surprise anymore… gezzz =.=

    And there is still a people out there who defend this company with all their might say it’s all business.. i even tired to argue back to those people… -__-;;

    I just hope the best for JYJ.. i will support them trough the dark and long tunnel…

      • i knew this blog…..seriously gave me a headache hahahahahha. and yeah, i haven’t finished reading either 🙂 🙂

        “truetvxq” huh…….

      • LOL jaejoong fans always have the most competitions ^^;;; between males or females~~~~

    • lol haha i saw that blog not gonna comment~ from what i know homin fans are using this to justify sme actions? == whatever~~~Unnie it’s tiring to even reason with those sm pro fans >< they never know what type of dim shit company they are, they should really check their history == HOT, SES, SHINHWA, FTTS now dbsk and they can still support sme~so put your energy to spread the jyj love ^^
      trying to influence my parents and bro to like JYJ so far i got my mum who's a SKKS fan ^^

      • you are so sweet^^

        yes let’s spread JYJ’s love.. i also already made my three friends become their fans and make them buy The beginning album lol (but they super love it)

        all my friends is male and they are Jaejoong’s fan.. oh no.. though competition LOL

    • Quite honestly, what that blog writes is nothing new. I wish people would stop spamming us with links to that site and giving it free publicity.

      I have no idea why that website frames itself as contributing anything new to the dialogue because what it says has already been said before by fans of one side of the debate and the counters to the points made have also already been hashed out over 1 year ago.

      (Do people honestly think that what is written there is so original that other motivated fans have not came up with the same arguments and JYJ fans have not also nipped those arguments in the bud? The only reason it’s resurfacing is to cause confusion among newer fans who are now seeking information and playing catch-up to over a year’s worth of drama.)

      If we have time, we will write something that presents a clearer picture but really, there’s no need. If that writer (with apparent bias) has such great proofs, then I ask her to send her research and analysis to SME’s lawyers and win the case against JYJ. Simple right? We’re just fans, not legal experts and we’ll let the courts decide who is in the right and who is in the wrong.

      I have already spoken to the writers on staff about this. We’re very busy people and the only Korean-literate person on staff is a newer JYJ fan who has not followed the lawsuit since inception when all the arguments were made and closed. Additionally, she is in the midst of an exciting career relocation to Switzerland. We’ll try to be quick with our response but please understand that this won’t be a speedy process. Thank you,


      • Love ur comment.. that is exactly my comment to those who tell me this site… ^_~ (coz so many JYJ’s fan intriguing by this site and begin to worried *sigh*)

        And I am so sorry to post the link.. i will be careful in the future >.<

      • thanks so much ceci and all the writers for your hardwork 🙂 🙂 This place is a really precious and peaceful place for all JYJ fans where we can share our opinions on JYJ matters 🙂 I really appreciate it 🙂 🙂

        And hooray for Jimmie 🙂 🙂 That sounds so exciting !!!!! best of luck Jimmie 🙂 🙂

      • I’m a little too late cause I posted the link to the site in the other thread without knowing you were aready aware LOL.
        But I agree with what you’re saying.

        When I first read that site I was like ‘wow actual proof’ then I got to thinking about it and I was like I still feel more the need to support JYJ because even if the contract is ‘fair’ in the status quo of thing it still is unfair over all in it’s practices on human and labor rights like you said. So disregard my comment in that other post.

        Thank you for this article.

    • i couldn’t agree more with you…to argue with people like that made us feel exhausted at no time.

      talking about arguments, i couldn’t forget one of commenters in YT Mirotic MV from sme channel. The way he/she argued make me wonder whether he/she working for SME or not because the arguments are always made JYJ the guilty party and SME is like a heaven company without fail, and it’s hurt me many people believed that. She told me one info about JYJ that made me stop argue with her, about JYJ submitted formal request to release as member of TVXQ before year end 2009. She said not many people know about that and i could not argue more because that the first time i heard about it. How did she know about it, i have no idea.
      For me, I already put my trust and believe in JYJ as a great personality and awesome musician.

      • i think i know who is ur pointing out.. lol.. i’ve seen several arguments on dbsk’s mv or even in homin’s MV (i don’t even want to back to those lion den)

        well i will not even try to argue with that kind of people.. instead using rational or logical comment, i think we should touch his/her humanism side lol…

        that kind of people wouldn’t even accept other opinion =.=;;

      • Oh, some people insist on what they think is right, and no matter how much we try to reason, argue with them, they will find ways to change the direction of the arguments !!!! those people are the reason why SM still have support hahhahah 🙂 🙂 🙂 I tried to argue with them before but now i’m not gonna do that anymore 🙂 luckily they are not the majority or else the world is seriously doomed 🙂

        for the new info that the person told you, well all i can say is haven’t we been so used to all kinds of rumours ever since this whole thing started. People throw different kinds of rumours to sway our stand on this matter, but we’ve already chosen our path together rite 🙂 🙂

        We trust JYJ We love JYJ till the end 🙂 🙂

      • somehow i don’t understand the part release as a dbsk member? O.O does that mean jyj wanna come out as dbsk member or what? LOL i don’t care about rumors or what the crap right now! right now it’s more important to stay bright and sent tweets to jyj full of love and buy buy buy their album ^^

  7. Thanks Jimmie for all the translation 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Yes, SM is in panic, that’s why they’re doing all this. But I’ve already been hurt so much that it’s not gonna hurt anymore. So, I’m more ready to fight along with JYJ 🙂 🙂 Sm, show us what you’ve got !!!!!! come on !!!!!!!!

    JYJ and fans fighting !!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope SM/media can also read this as well and really see what JYJ is fighting for. Thank you.

    The only way I can show my support is buying their music. That is all sadly. It is the least but that is all I can do. Thank you JYJ for always comforting me when I was down.

  9. seriously i hope to see no more bashing from sme artist to jyj == even though i find it amusing XD but now they’re only making fans like super junior to feel confused == my besties are elfs and they can’t believe sungmin and shindong wrote that…and they just feel hopeless and emotional cause hangeng case is similar to jyj and sungmin and shindong didn’t say anything about it but they bash jyj for it….haiz == i hate to see my besties down in the dumps TT so SME think of what you’re doing, don’t hurt fans feelings anymore ==

    • hahaha…we are in the same situation here…since my friends love like crazy elf but also at the same time starting to love JYJ due to my selling power^^ and Hangeng case also very similar to JYJ case, made them in confusional state. What an irresponsible idol to do that….

      • yes == but my besties are positives~i told them anyway just continue to love and support them =) don’t care about this madness even as a jyj fan i don’t care about those tweets or bashing ^^ spread the love

  10. I guessed when Yuchun won his award that SME would be furious with JYJ winning awards [edited]

    But then again we can’t really blame those artists for defending SME since SME does pay them.

    This statement is sooooo true! JYJ will definitely win! Lets hope none of SME’s loyal little puppies post any mean comments! I’m really sick of all that fighting and SME loving. SME is a good management company and all but I don’t like the way they treat their artists and their arrogant way of looking at things.

  11. i love jyj so much.. so much. my bf always said i love them more than him XD. i hope everything went well.. no more tears… no more pain..

    regarding junsu issue, i think sm artists should not do that.. who are they to judge junsu? this is the very first time junsu acting like that.. he had enough.. he couldnt keep his feeling anymore.. he loves his hyung and dongsaeng too much… i know.. if you watch aadbsk3 yoosu couple, you’ll know. when yoochun sent him message that changmin involved in fight and hospitalized.. he was so worried.. he even said that he already in his car to go to hospital and keep asking yoochun who hurt his changmin. even that just April fool joke from changmin and yoochun to junsu, you can see that he really love his dongsaeng. if it’s not love, tell me what it is..

    when yunho wrote “thanks to” , junsu, of course… feel sad. the person, you love too much, thanking the person who make your life like hell. he must be so shocked and wants to know the reason why.. why… why.. why his hyung do this.. but as they said before, they couldnt reach homin phone. they called, but maybe the number changed. he couldnt meet homin either… the only channel he has is twitter.. he just asking why.. but the reaction he received was too harsh and too big.. as if he just murdered someone..

    sorry for the long comment.. but i just feel sad.. and feel useless because there is nothingi can do to make them feel better T.T

    • your comments make me wanna cry….

      I wonder who comes up with idea to use “YUNJAE” name for U-know character in Poseidon? That name becomes stopping point for arguments of who has right and wrong to have that character.

    • What you said is soooo true.

      “the person, you love too much, thanking the person who make your life like hell. he must be so shocked and wants to know the reason why.. why… why.. why his hyung do this.. but as they said before, they couldnt reach homin phone. they called, but maybe the number changed. he couldnt meet homin either… the only channel he has is twitter..”

      i agree with you,i don’t blame him for speaking out his feelings on twitter.
      he’s been keeping quiet for so long and he prob reached a breaking point where he needs to speak out to convey his message to them,even if the message would hurt the party involved,he just wanted an explanation to all the confusion.

      And yet he gets all the bashings for speaking out on his frustration.
      but sometimes,i guess thats how you realized who truly cherishes their friendship more and who chooses career over friends.
      i hope one day,the 5 can sit down and have a talk over their confusion.
      they seriously need to have a man to man talk and sort out their feelings and problems.i really hoped HoMin could find a way to contact JYJ and talk to them before more hearts get broken..T.T

    • your comment is exactly the same as what i feel about junsu’s tweets.. i wish everyone will realize that.. you cant express your feeling?? that’s so not fair.. celebrities are also human too, they’re not robot and do other people tell to do.. junsu only expresses his feeling and asks the answer for his confusion, n what the hell is wrong with that?? geez.. and those SM’s gangsters speak out their opinion just to think that they’re on the right side which creates wrong public opinion.. and stating your opinion is different with expressing your personal feeling..
      anyway, girls nice to meet you all.. i’ve been a SYC silent reader for a long time, rarely give comment there either since i dont have much time to post it.. but, i always spend my little time to read news about TVXQ HOMIN+JYJ.. just like chocogurl, i still love the 5, i still keep the faith of the 5 but my money only goes to JYJ, i’m sorry HOMIN, i still love them and wont bash them either.. and Jimmie becomes one of my favorite writers.. hope she can post again SYC.. miss her there..

      • exactly what I think and do. So I won’t repeat what you have already said. My money will also go to only JYJ or DBSK_5. There’s no reason for me to bash Homin either. Yes, they have had reason to stay so I won’t even go there again and fans have reasons to choose 1 person over some one else, but it doesn’t mean we will bash the others.
        I was never a fan of any artist for my whole life until I met a group called DBSK few months ago and have fallen so deeply in love with them. However, the 1st, the only and the last group I chose to become a fan to is facing so many problems. And by protecting them, I got called asshole, shut my mouth…the words I never got told off before. But because it is so, my love for them won’t fade away easily and will be stronger and stronger each day.

  12. oh wow! A heaven for JYJ fans…I finally found it,lol, a place where people seem civilized and they put forward their stance intellectually!! and I really REALLY like the blog’s name, “The JYJ files”…thank you Ceci and Jimmie…please keep us updated about situations in Korea.

    • hehe, i also have only found it not long ago 🙂 🙂 🙂 nice to see all SYC friends here 🙂 🙂 this is like our little secret hahahah ❤ ❤

  13. My personal opinion about the SM artistes comments: (DISCLAIMER: it’s only MY speculation and thoughts, may or may not be true).

    I don’t think the whole of SM is evil or bad. I think it’s just a few in there, obviously with power though. Plus SM is a really big company so communication can tend to be…difficult. Anyway, since JYJ left SM, I’m pretty inclined to think that communication to the trio by any of the artistes is forbidden, which leaves a huge room for misunderstandings to happen. And even within SM and their artistes, I’m would think that there is confusion too. Other artistes might wonder what is going on with DBSK since they are busy with their own promotions. MAYBE, along comes some internal official announcement, and rumors of their own circulating within SM to explain the actions of the trio (which would of course favor SM), that the SM family would think they know what is happening. Well then it wouldn’t be surprising that when their version of the story and Junsu’s tweet don’t match, in which they would just think that Junsu is an ungrateful brat who tells lies etc, and then cause outbursts from the artistes, in an effort to defend their own “family”.

    With the possibility of this happening, I won’t get mad at them. Those artistes are just acting from their points of view, I don’t think and would not like to think that they are paid by SM to do such things -.-” But it doesn’t mean that I approve of them tweeting such things either. Ultimately they are outsiders and should just focus on their promotions.

    Just another perspective I would like to share….

  14. Hello ^^
    I’m new here and this is my first time visiting (Haven’t had much time)
    But I’m happy to be here so far, such a peaceful and lovely place to make friends with no bashing.. I’m getting tired of all of this, I am sorry for everything thats happening to JYJ right now, my great grandmother used to say “Once you get in, you can never get out, at least not without one wound or two”. I had my hopes high for them to be together as 5 again, I saw them as a rookie group and never crossed my mind that they could disband but it happened and we have to move on and only hope that at least somehow they go back to being friends, till then the only thing we can do is stand by their side (I really love Homin, as much as I love JYJ, and its painful to see this situation, as I’m sure they’re heartbroken too, and I’m sure even heartbroken they mustn’t be happy with SM’s plan)
    As for Junsu, he’s such a nice guy and I hate that hes receiving nasty responses, everybody has the right to express their feelings and as for the artists standing by SM’s side I don’t know what to think, maybe they’re just blind, being naive as hell or they are being threatened or else..

    Btw, SM is such a weird acronym for a talent agency, it makes you wonder, no? #.#

  15. Its so nice to see familiar readers at syc at this new blog. thejyjfiles is so much more peaceful but wow the readers multiplied fast. Anyways, thank you so much for the translation jimmie! Your efforts along with the other staff and writers of this blog is appreciated.

  16. I’m staying away from AKP for the time being, that place is full of hatreds and I won’t be able to resist from arguing with them.

    • Yea I agree. Everyone is coming up with similar bashings all the time, and with addition of non-fans coming in to add more fuel onto the fire, AKP has definitely became a breeding ground for more hatred and disputes.

  17. God, i’m so glad i found this place ! i’ve been lurking often on syc just to find you, jimmie. i know i hardly make any comments there but i found that reading your comments excited me. thank you for translating this article and thank you everyone for creating this place where we can talk about jyj freely. from the moment they announced there will be a new tvxq with just 2 members left there, i couldn’t take it anymore. it’s hard to choose side, but i had to. i can’t stand to see those guys i love who just looking for justice, being cockblocked everywhere, couldn’t even do any promotion in their own country, and now bashed by some people from that side who has no business here. but now i’m happy to find you guys. let’s spread love of jyj everywhere in the world !

  18. After reading, Mr. Egg explanation about Junsu’s tweet, I realize that I have good taste in choosing artist ^^. I fall in love with JYJ because they are musically talented, great singer, composer and finally I know they have great personality, too.

    Maybe Junsu tweeted in wrong time, but I believe he never meant anything bad. And this twitter incident prove that JYJ can handle it well, esp Jaejoong who come out to be a true leader for them (his funny tweet and latest tweet of “I love u, I love u” is a smart move to tell the fans to take a break for the drama and keep being positive). *I know I’m biased, but that was the first thought come across my mind while reading JJ’s tweet.

    • i know right ^^ i’m glad our boys got Mr Egg and his wife and their good dancer friend Telisha~that woman is awesome =) went to get a manicure to paint her nails red to show JYJ support! and yes Jaejoong is indeed a hero LOL he comes in tweeting cute pics~ just to cheer us up when we’re the one who are suppose to cheer jyj up XD i love u guys~~~will continue to love u guys~

  19. thanks for the trans Jimmie^^ i really do hope JYJ will win the lawsuit and some chinese fans have been saying there is a great chance for them to win. Similarly, before Hankyung won the lawsuit, SM ppl have been talking smack about him as well. Some said this is SM’s final struggle since they know JYJ is probably going to win, they wanna tarnish their name with all means possible. Anyways, i’m gonna pray hard for a favourable news on Jan 18th. AKTF^^

  20. Thanks for the translation. I agree since SM is just grabbing at air right now. They are behaving like 5 year olds who are in a need of a nap. And to use the word ‘Family’ is a disgrace. My family through the rough times and good have never acted in this sort of fashion even those I do consider family and aren’t blood related I would never treat in this sort of betrayal. I would never harm someone if I was in the wrong. SM needs to stop, take a nap and grow up. This is getting pathetic on SM’s part. JYJ/TVXQ/Homin FIGHTING!!!

  21. wow…..I am so happy to find this place…my perfect kind of place

    Firstly, thank you for translating this article. I totally agree w/ the writer’s point of view. I was quite upset when I found out the whole fiasco w/ ppl responded to junsu’s tweet. I mean, he didnt even mention any specific name or anything, it was his personal space for him to express his own feeling/thought; so even if it seemed obvious that he targeted a certain person, ppl who are not involved shouldnt butt in…thats how I see it
    I mean a year ago, JYJ was badmouthed by the head of their supposedly “family”… calling them fraud on national news, bullied them to a point that they have no chance to appear/perform in their own country…. where were those “family members” ??? why no one defended them??? and now in response to a vague tweet, they’re coming out one by one to bash … really unbelievable!!!
    and also, enough w/ the whole “ungrateful” thing. SM is a company, not a philanthropist … they didnt pick up the 5 dong bang boys cause they felt pity for them or just wanted to do a nice act. They picked them cause they had potential/talents . and SM’s investment in DBSK was almost risk free…. the boys wouldnt get anything if they didnt exceed a certain sale figure, their manager’s fee came out from their own money, even airfares for any of their activities out of the country [all these comes from the translated version of the contract] so you tell me, did SM really give them alot? did SM made DBSK famous, or was it their own talent and their fans’ support that made it happen?!?!? and they paid it back fairly to SM with all the money they earned for them. So just b/c JYJ felt unfair and wanted to get out to seek a better environment, no one has the right to condem them.

    ahhh, its good to get it out of my system ^_^
    Just want to say again how happy I am to find this place, where I can express my love for JYJ freely. I first felt in love with their music, but I continue to love them more and more cause of the ppl that they are
    Reading through some comments, I feel the same: I will never bash HoMin. Its their right to choose to stay. So I will respect that and I will respect them and wish them all the luck … but my money will only go to JYJ. Theres no way in h*ll I would give even a penny to SM – the evil house that cause my beloved boys so much pain

    on a side note, I am almost beyond myself waiting for Music Essay to be released ~~ >_<

  22. as much as i want jyj to win, i want people to stop speculating. i’m getting tired of all these dramas you know. i think it’d be better for me to only focus on their musics and entertainment activities and i really hope all cassies would do the same. yes, everyone is curious. everyone wants to know what’s happening, what’s REALLY happening but does it really matter? does knowing everything would make it possible for homin & jyj to get together? do you think sm care about what we wrote thus they’ll pity us and bring dbsk back again? hell no. sm is running business and business isn’t something pure when i involves huge sum of money and profit. how can we blame sm for trying damn hard to survive in the highly competitive entertainment industry? think of the workers working for sme as much as you think of our boys. if sme lost it’d be a big blow to hundreds or even thousands of workers in sme. tho i really want jyj to win, i can’t help from thinking what would happen to the company? what if their sales plummeted because of the trial? how will it survive? both jyj and sme are fighting for their rights. sme played it dirty but it’s merely because they don’t think they can afford to lose and they know it’s very highly possible for them to lose to jyj. whatever issues they are having, only they know bout it. why can’t we just keep our head down and just watch without trying to give out opinions as if we know everything? voicing out your personal thought is cool but when you bash one party in your opinion, that doesn’t sound right. I will still keep myself updated with this stuff but I swear I won’t be the so-called know-it-all fans because it’s just so… wrong.

    • i can get where you’re coming from but i think SME has to changed their ways. They can still earn money and treat their artist fairly at the same time. And i’m sure losing JYJ won’t really make a big impact for SME == as they got so many groups to help them earn money. But i want JYJ to win this lawsuit, this will benefit future generations of korean idols, they’ll get treated better by the company and will be paid fairly. i mean YG and JYP are doing good though their groups aren’t the most popular groups in korea but their artist there and get treated well by their bosses and they are happy and aren’t over working. And about their sales plummet i won’t worry about that, they have SNSD now making most of their money in Japan and in Korea. They’ll survive after all they are the best company in Korea, they have more money than anyone. i’m pretty sure they won’t get bankrupt after the lawsuit whether jyj win or lose…after all their bank have more than 60 billion won…. sorry if i offended u =) but this is just my opinion on how i see things. peace~

    • When I studied business, i came a cross with a subject called BUSINESS ETHICS…and many of us thought that SM so lacking on this part…and that made up more for arguments whose right and whose wrong among us and why SME so hell bent to fight JYJ instead of give away early on…

      I understand your sentiments but business always being about a burden of responsibility and profit making. In this case SM already made their choice . Since i’ve been through everything and made my choice, i don’t give a damn to other matters.

    • “sme played it dirty but it’s merely because they don’t think they can afford to lose and they know it’s very highly possible for them to lose to jyj”
      No reason can legitimate the act of violation.

      “how can we blame sm for trying damn hard to survive in the highly competitive entertainment industry? think of the workers working for sme as much as you think of our boys”
      I’m not sure when the executives of SM decide to play dirty, they think about the workers first. In old economics theory, the main purpose of management is to provide the biggest fortune to shareholder. Unfortunately, it seems that this is what SM’s management believe (considering Lee So Man position in SM’s hierarchy as shareholder and godfather).
      The prosperity of workers is management’s responsibility. If a company really care about their workers, they shouldn’t risk their sustainability by involvement in fraud or unlawful act in any matters.

      Nowadays, you can see many companies invest more in corporate social responsibility area. It’s not merely a form of their gratitude to society, but also a smart move to form public image for the company itself in purpose to support company’s sustainability in advance competition. So, if SM want to survive, they should reform their business conduct (conforming FTC warning is a good initial step, actually).

      “why can’t we just keep our head down and just watch without trying to give out opinions as if we know everything?”
      As part of society we have responsibility to make sure that business conduct and business ethics are applied. As a company’s outsider, impossible we know everything about the company, indeed. But, we are able to do some research to get hints about what really happened in a company. If we just follow everything and use ignorance as an excuse, as a human being we will go nowhere.
      And in this case, we get hints through lawsuits, confessions of their artist, and the latest is FTC warning.

      But you got the point, I agree as fans we shouldn’t act as we know everything and talk loudly without argument. So, we should educate our self by doing some research ^^.

  23. I don’t think only SME feel the crisis about how JYJ still can become big even no entertainment company back them up & still cockblock in any Korean Medias (I know KBS allowed JYJ to sing in Drama Award, but I still questioning whether KBS will allow JYJ to promote their Korean Album in Music Bank). I believe that lots of entertainment companies feel the same way.

    If someday JYJ can comeback with their Korean Albums & success, it will become a nightmare for entertainment companies. JYJ can become the role model, you can success even without entertainment company to back you up as long as you have talents & you can maintain your fansbase & gain new fans.

    • I agreed with you on part about JYJ role. I think not only SM but also the giant associate companies felt threaten with JYJ. They would be afraid of JYJ influences to their contract artistes and subsequently a loss for them. So I guess they would think that it is necessary to suppress JYJ as much as they can from appear in any media broadcasting.

  24. Yup! I am glad that I found this website too (which I actually gotten hold of the link from someone’s post when scheming through the whole list of comments on syc hehehe)! The posts on this website are unbias and mature. At last I’ve found a fansite that posts about logical and realistic stuffs. So great to see so many mature fans here, and I agree that jyj will continue to attain greater success not only because of their talents, but also a large fandom which is building up slowly by older age group fans (financially and power abled), giving them endless support. Let us all unite and fight this battle with and FOR jyj! + homin too ^^

  25. Finally I found u here jimmie…I looking for u in SYC, coz I think we need u as native Korean who really understand what is the truth situation in korea,coz I’m just overseas fan,I just depending from translation,and I don’t know it’s true or not,so as I read all your comment everything still logic n neutral,that’s why I like u jimmie,thank u for ceci too for this blog,and nice to see u all from SYC here. Not saying that SYC is bad,no…they are great,I love them and their news are so fast,but lately I have a problem with the comment things and it’s so hard for me to read about how someone or somebody fans bashing JYJ so badly or how SME or Homin seems try to defend them self and make JYJ more bad. I’m so sad if I have to read about that. I’m just Yoochun’s fan and I always will,I’m not cassies so I don’t understand about the cassies things and fandom things. I follow him since Dating on Earth until now,lots of hiatus and so hard to find his news in my country make me lost his tracks, until somebody told me abt SYC,than I’m so happy coz I can knew abt his news almost everyday (happy as a stalker (_._) ). But also feel very bad,coz I have to read the bad news and all that useless bashed things. The things that really make sad is how I’m thinking abt Yoochun’s personal feeling? And JJ and Junsu too. How they feeling? How much they hurt because all of this? Even Junsu who has brighten personality can be so broken hearted like that. Can they keep strong in this situation? I’m so worried abt their feeling. I can see how all JYJ became thinner and thinner,just like they have a big burden in their mind and heart (and yes they are). I’m just a fan, I just want to enjoy their masterpiece,through songs,dramas,film or whatever. I just want they know that I’m happy because of them,and than they happy to know that. It’s so simple,and I know every fans must have the same feeling. But Why now everything become complicated and hard? Even become a fans so hurtful have to face the idol we love being bashed and sad almost everyday?I cried when I read Yoochun’s comment in his cyworld, seems that he’s so broken hearted but nobody can comfort him (T.T).
    Idols also a human,they have rights to be free and do what they like to do. Just like common ppl,if we don’t like one job environment than we get out and move to another new one which have better environment and make us happy. It’s that wrong? No,that’s good so we can still be sane,not be insane coz the bad pressure environment can crush our body and soul. Same thing with JYJ here, they just want to find new environment which good for them so they can still be sane and make a greater masterpiece. It’s just common things that happen in this world. Why things became so complicated? I really don’t understand. SME make this complicated, okay I understand coz this JYJ things can ruin their ego,their image and their money flow of course. But why fandom which they called cassies make things difficult too? Well,just poor my Chunnie n JJ n Junsu too. I can’t do anything,all I can do just buying all JYJ’s things coz I’m just far far away from them. I always jealous to u,korean,u have such a great n talented artists why don’t u just love them and enjoy their work? But I’m proud as JYJ’s fan coz they never said anything negative abt Homin or even SME,they just showed up their feeling through their songs n lyrics,it’s just good,coz they are singers it’s good for them to show their feeling through their songs,not bashing here or there around medias,that’s really useless. I don’t know and I don’t care abt Homin things coz they not my bias, like or dislike idols are subjective,not objective,nobody can push other to like some idols. I just want my JYJ be happy and I can enjoy their works for long long time. So really thanks for this blogs, I can express my feeling to JYJ more freely. Sorry for my long posts n bad english. Love u all,keep fighting n supporting JYJ….. JYJ keep strong, Hwaiting….^^

  26. No matter how long it would be. We would always stand by JYJ, support their dream and smiles. It will be long and torturous battle, so be prepared.

  27. finally found a place where i could get some civil convo with like minded ppl i too agree with every1 and have been a fan of DBSK for 2 yrs now YAY i love all 5 but am leaning more to JYJ since it contains my 3 top biases yay 😀 and i finally found a place (since i live in a country where kpop is not known except if your korean, where i can get good update and abe able to reply without being bashed ot the ground for my more inclined stence twards JYJ, i im getting my cd soon double YAY hehe i love their 3 voices always have anyways hwaiting JYJ

    p.s and to be honest and please dont bash me for this but all those sm artist that had replyd to junsu in a negative manner also stating being family and loyal sticking it out and so forth what about them did they think of their comradeship before attacking their “brother” of things they may or maynot have experienced that cause junsu/JYJ to pursue this path?? maybe im stepping the line here but if their friendship is as strong as they stated in their tweets then why are they attacking junsu/JYJ?? shouldnt they keep out of it and just support from the background/audience and remain just that an audience as this is between JYJ/DBSK and SME Anyways peace out and JYJ hwaiting

  28. 한때 이든 동방 신 기의 김 재 중 에서 도 이제 는 JYJ 김, 부인 할 수 없 는 한 그 는 은인 자중 한 남 자다.괴롭다 슬픔 에 남 을 웃 는 즐 거 운 과 그 를 사랑 하는 팬 에게 남 이다.하지만 JYJ 축하연 자리 를 준수 할 때 ” 재 중 축하연 때 침통 했 다.넌 도대체 어디 까지 숨 겼 을 얼마나 슬 퍼 요?당신 은 연예인 으로서 절대 넘버 원 은 웃음 과 즐거움 은 살 아 남 았 다.하지만 신 차 와 JYJ 의 일원 으로 실직 했 다. 너 명백히사실 로서 ‘ 선 후의 ‘ 원 치 않 고 당신 과 기쁨 을 함께 나 기 보다 당신 과 함께 고통 이다.’ 선 후의 를 진짜로 당신 을 사랑 한 다.

  29. Whether the gold in once TVXQ, or JYJ gold in now, it is undeniable that he is a trial of a man. Sad sadness to yourself, to happiness and laughter to love his fans. But in JYJ celebration dinner time, xiah said: “in celebration dinner time wail.” What on earth are you hiding many sad? As an artiste you absolutely is NO. 1, leaving only the laughter and joy. But as god up and JYJ a molecule, obviously you dereliction of duty. In fact as “fairy after” is not just to share with you happiness, more willing to bear pain with you together. Because “fairy after” really love you.

  30. いずれにしてもかつて东方神起の金には、やはり今jyjという金であったことは否定できない彼は我慢できない男なのである。切ない悲しみを自分に残しておきに、楽しいと笑いを残しておいて彼を爱しのファンだ。打ち上げパーティーだが、jyjの时に、ジュンス書記官は、「で祝賀パーティーの时に泣き崩れている。」あなたいったいいくらの悲しみか。アーティストとしては絶対にはno . 1で、笑いと楽しみだけを残す。神起とjyjとしての一人として、あなたヤキモキあった。実は「カシオペヤ」というだけでなくやりたくないとあなたの喜びを分かち合う喋るよりあなたと一绪にその苦痛だ。「カシオペヤ」は、本当にあなたを爱します

  31. I really appreaciate your site.
    I am a new fan and I really don’t know much about what’s going on between JYJ,
    Homin, SM. I was just concerned with all the bashing comments on Japanese websites so I am trying to verify between rumor and truth or myself.
    One thing that seems to keep coming up is that JYJ is dragging out the trial because SM is in a more favorable position to win the case because of the cosmetics business thing. I really don’t believe that for one minute but I also don’t know what’s going on.
    A summary of what happened/is happening legally would be appreciated.

  32. SM, FIGHT, 9 brick structure JYJ cd-rom at.this WIN..
    SM, don’t waste energy! You know, you will lose, so you just do anything to hurt JYJ? I think so! Accept hand! Let them come back! But anyway, I will not give up five people! Five people are my motive power!
    Pray JYJ gutes gelingen!
    Wait for five people back!

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