A Word of Encouragement to the International DBSK Fandom

Disclaimer: I am in no way accusing fans who’ve made their “big decision” or suggesting they are wrong. The sole goal of this article is to uplift those who I judge could use some uplifting.


A Word of Encouragement to the International DBSK Fandom

Submitted by: Jimmie

“The compass needle that wavers is never wrong.” (Sungkyunkwan Scandal/Islamic proverb)

By now everyone and their nanny has read some version of the AkaDong fan café’s public announcement and has heard that three other Korean fan cafés have made the same decision.

According to the AkaDong public announcement, the majority of Korean fan clubs went through an identity crisis around the time SM announced that Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin would be making a comeback carrying the name Dong Bang Shin Ki. That crisis has been largely resolved. What we are witnessing right now in Korea—the online bashing, the hacking of pro-JYJ fan sites, the irrational tantrum thrown by the DJ of MBC’s Radio Star—is simply the consequences of those decisions. The dust has settled, more or less. People are simply showing their true colours in the aftermath.

But, in announcing the resolution to that crisis, the unfortunate side effect has been to throw the international fanbase into the very identity crisis that was announced resolved. Of course, there are also many in the international fandom who had already reached their decision long before the announcements made by the Korean fan cafés. They too are now showing their true colours, sometimes rather ugly shades of it by intentionally spreading false or distorted information. The buffet of confirmation bias has officially opened and people are happily pigging out. This post is not interested in such gluttons.

This post is for the international fans that cherish memories of all five as Dong Bang Shin Ki, that can’t allocate more love for one member over another and vowed to support all five, that continue to believe against all odds that DBSK will stand as five again on the same stage. This piece of my mind and heart is for international fans who must be feeling overwhelming pressure right now in light of the decisions made by the Korean fandom to choose one side or the other, who are trying with all their might to refuse to even consider making such a decision or, if brought to the brink, can’t choose which side to go to.  Although you may feel with each passing day pushed and pulled and prodded to go over to one side or the other, I cheer on your indecision.

It’s OK if you don’t think it’s right to pass judgment on Yunho and Changmin before hearing from their own mouths what they think in a setting free of SM’s influence. It’s OK to hang out on both JYJ and Homin blogs. It’s OK to feel conflicted about trending KYHD. And it’s OK to waver on the decision to buy the new TVXQ album or not. If all the hesitation, conflict and indecision are the result of a compassionate respect for each member of the original Dong Bang Shin Ki, then whatever decision you do end up making will be the right one.

Until the day he dies, Jaejoong’s flesh will testify, Accuse no man. JYJ have repeatedly stated in several interviews that they desire a reunion with the other two members, even if it means negotiating with SM. They themselves are finding it hard to let go entirely. So who has the right to belittle your inability to decide as a lack of intelligence or respect? In fact, I earnestly hope that one day history will show that you were the ones who were right all along.


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  1. Well said.

    The choice I made is MY choice. I support, encourage, demand that other fans make their own, which includes the option not to choose. (Although I do have a great deal of difficulty with SME apologists).

    I really, really hope I made the wrong one.

  2. Thank you Jimmie.
    Your words make me tear up.

    I’ve conflicted & battled myself during this time when the drama reaching its peak. I dislike KYHD to be honest. I don’t like the melody, I don’t like Yunho’s (nasally) singing in the song (though Yunho is my bias), and I certainly don’t like the lyrics. I don’t like the fact that HoMin comeback under DBSK’s name. And I don’t like how Junsu tweeted such delicate matter publicly like that.

    But my support for the 5 boys has never wavered once. So the decision of buying their albums, following their activities & trying my best to protect them all, for me, is easy (though my pocket is crying lol~).
    It’s like your parents are having a big fight, or worse, a divorce. You love them both, so why do you have to choose to hate one & love the other? No, you don’t. You can love them & support them all you want, whether they’re together or apart, and no one has the right to tell you that you’re delusional, in denial or whatever.

    These days, I feel like both my sister (who is JaeJoong bias) and I are outsiders of this fandom. We stand still and watch this fandom going crazy, choosing sides, bashing each other, and falling apart… We just refuse to be part of the craziness, and enjoy the boys’ music and activities. And truthfully, we find peace while doing so.

    My small humble advice, if you care, for everyone in this fandom:
    All the bashing, hating, insulting, boycotting & harming that fans are doing will just make the situation get worse. The conflicts among DBSK members are not the things that we fans can solve. Only the 5 boys have the rights and ability to handle this.

    In regards to Jimmie’s last line, thank you again, Jimmie. I’m SURE that day will come. Just like how history proved that the White Angles who had faith in H.O.T are the right ones all along.

  3. Thank you for your article
    I’m currently in the middle of school at this moment and have read the recent articles on the responses to Junsu’s twitter. I’m rather frustrated and am currently deciding to take a break from the fandom. At least for a month to focus on other things because reading about it is just depressing. Adding fuel to the fire is not the right way to go about this and staying neutral becomes a hard thing to do, taking a step back and breathing once in a while helps.

    Friendship seems like a rather fragile thing in light of the twitter responses. I’m rather surprised but all is to be expected. For some odd reason I keep on thinking that this will push some of the members on either side to the breaking point. Especially since South Korea has such a high rate of suicide and many people are diagnosed with depression. For me, I think taking a step back out of the situation is the way to go. 🙂


  4. Thank you so much Jimmie!

    I feel so tired, exhausted, drained, depleted, dead because of all the fanwars and my own indecisiveness. I can’t even express my gratitude properly to this article. Every single hesitation you stated on that article , I have been stressing over. I want to cry because someone finally understands.

    This have been so hard on each and everyone of us. I been trying to withdraw myself from fandom too but its haunting me everywhere and everyday. Goodness, I can’t even began to explain the things I seen heard and come across during these time. But thank you. This is everything that I needed to give me strength again… because I honestly feel so very lost.

    Once again thank you for writing such beautiful words and meaning them as well. It have given me hope. ❤

  5. I’m tired of these fanwars and especially now it has involved other fanclubs too. This does no good to any parties at all.

    However, my only words of which I dont hope that TVXQ and Cassies will split up one day but….

    JYJ fans – Love JYJ and spread their beautiful voices and their very own composition to the many out there that are willing to hold JYJ hands to reach the sky higher.

    HM fans – Support HM as duo in their solo activities because it’s a different thing from KYHD album. They are actors in those solo activities.

  6. “JYJ have repeatedly stated in several interviews that they desire a reunion with the other two members, even if it means negotiating with SM.”

    could you please tell me when JYJ said this exactly before YH & CM’s comeback announcement? thanks.

    • I’m looking for it right now (and kicking myself that I didn’t scrap it)…hopefully I’ll have it for you by tonight. ^^

  7. i love this blog because comments here are very smart and mature,, articles are supported with facts and i can feel safe.. though I’m JYJ bias I am not also a fan of bashing and hating..

    @Jimmie, what are your viewpoints on SME artists tweeting against Xiah’s tweet.. I hope that being busy with Tears of Heaven keep his mind away from all this drama but I seriously doubt that with every newspaper or website,, milking a story put of this.. I’m worried about their hearts on how long they can take it..

    • You’ll notice that those who are responding to Junsu on SM’s behalf are either those with material interests in the company (BoA is a shareholder, Shim Jae Won is a hired hand) or those who still need SM because their own fame is not big enough to become independent of this company (Jungmo of Trax, the Suju members). It’s all incentive, incentive, incentive as the economists say…

      With that said, they’re all fast getting themselves labeled by the greater Korean public as butthurt, brainwashed free-riders. It was thanks to JYJ and their fans’ actions that these artists have better working conditions under modified contracts and THIS is how they thank them…=_=;;

      • “Free-rider”…brings me back to my days as an Econ major. I was writing an article about the positive externalities generated by JYJ’s lawsuit but your comment beat me to it. Will have it ready by end of the weekend.

        Are you still feeling sick? Get some rest and we’ll regroup =)

    • Here’s my real reaction with each mediocre SM artist bashing Junsu and JYJ:

      I’m feeling a bit better today…still tired though >.<…it's frustrating since I have so much I still want and need to get done for this blog ㅠㅠ

      • haha i like this…love this blog…i think i’ll be visiting this sire frequently 🙂

        thanks for you hard work to all!

  8. I decided to fight together with JYJ and move forward since they’re my first three bias. I feel so moved by the way they worked so hard and passionately to overcome the hurdles that i think many of us would be crumbled at no time.

    After Duobangshinki launched their album with very colourful and meaningful lyrics, now I think SM launched their spoken “the 2nd act attack” to create more damage on JYJ reputation among their peers.

    In my opinion, JYJ may got positive result in this lawsuit but SM will never left JYJ alone at all cost and they would do anything to kill JYJ glory. JYJ has nothing except us as their strength and I am gladly gonna do that for them because in my believe they’re the real hero in this mess.

    • yeap….i have the same sentiments regarding the lawsuit…SM will never let our boys go….However they r stronger than we thought of them….these boys are indeed an inspiration to me…sometimes i forget…they are hardly 25 yrs old and they already went thro hell….despite being slayed by their circumstances…they continue to SOAR!!….let just have faith in them at least!

  9. like what Yoochun said in his Cyworld..
    ” Truth is always on the side of the righteous person.”
    heroes experience suffering but gains vindication and respect at the end of the day,,.,

    I truly believe that some day,., when we scan the pages Korean Pop Entertainment History.. we will get to read that..

    JYJ were the three brave people who came out of their safe zone to pave way for future artists to have a safer and better working conditions.. They dared what most artist will just kept to themselves..

    I admire that they walk through the path of change than stayed in the side and think of all the what if’s of life.. my respect goes 110% to them..

    As the Bible says..
    Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

    Let’s love JYJ and Homin…. and keep the support..
    Choose love.. never hate…

  10. I see it as this, I’m 25 no Korean fan or International fan is going to tell me what I can or cannot do. I’ve gotten strange Cassies telling me how wrong I am. I look at a profile and see that they are way younger then me. The only thing I can do as an adult is just laugh. Majority of these people who claim they are fans aren’t. Its obvious to that. Its not my business to care about these fans obsessive problems. At the moment I am focusing on my own life that needs fixing, such as getting a job (in this hard economy) so I can finally pay bills that need to be paid. And supporting the music I love.

    I urge people who can’t stay out of others business to take care of themselves first. I suggest getting a hobby, walking outside that entitles you to step away from the computer, go out and get a book to read, start a stamp collection, go to the movies, chat with your family etc.

    I honestly don’t understand why these certain individuals need to bash everyone and each men in this band. As far as I see it its still DBSK until death comes for one of them. (In the far off future of course.)

    Until that time I will spend my time writing, getting an agent, meeting fantastic no-drama fans of Korean music and working to better myself as a human being, living in the United States.

    If fans want to harass each other or harass me in particular go right ahead but there’s a fee. I need my water bill paid!

    Amazing article.

    • Amen! I’m two years younger than you, but a few years older (it seems) than most of the fandom. I’m thinking all this hate is coming from fans who have nothing more to stress over than some test at school or Facebook drama.

      While I love DBSK, at the end of the day, it’s a corporate-created boyband. IT’s at a point now where I’m just concerned for the well-being of the individual members. (As evidenced from his tweets, Jaejoong is not the most happy bunny right now.) There’s no need for all this drama. Wasn’t there fear of a REAL war (as in the Korean War, Part II) a while back? What happened with that?

    • I’m 22 and for the most part I agree and know how you feel. I admit I’m a big fan of JYJ and while I have nothing against Homin I haven’t heard much of their music to really establish myself as a fan, but I just really wanted to say that I know the feel watching these irrational fanatics go at each other’s throats about the group. I hope they can all stand on a stage again together some day but until then I think we should all just celebrate music just existing a relaxing.

  11. If we are make different path with common, some people will againts us that’s reality, not just in K-entertainment but in another sector like economic or politic, but history proved that in the end another people will thankfull with that brave person because of their revolution,
    so we/fans just can support them and please dont bash another people cauze it will make their position more difficult,

  12. I was never a Cassie to begin with but I agree with your sentiments/thought 100%
    In all the chaos that is the Cassiopiea fandom lately when OT5 fans come out of no where and say things like “I am keeping the faith” or “don’t blame any of them because you don’t know the whole story” without seeming to have a bias…….I feel so happy and proud.

    It is really really hard not to bash sometimes. But, when I myself feel negative sentiments to one side I keep quiet…….I just read the fanwars and am amused. How come people have so much time to waste? It is different if you spend your time defending your bias but when people are just spreading rumours and negativity it is sometimes very sad.

    On the other hand. I respect the decision of the fan cafes….or fansites whatever you want to call them. I feel sorry for Homin who is getting hurt through this (and I am sure the Cassies feel sad about it too) but sometimes enough is just enough. Now it is not about what Homin did or did not do. Now it is Cassies vs. SME. Cassies are sick of SME and won’t stand the poop anymore. And I am glad they are taking this stand. And Cassies are sick of the fact that Homin won’t say anything or act like puppets. I am sure if Homin say something to hint defending JYJ or even caring about their past with JYJ or anything fans may reconsider. But right now it seems as though Homin are just content with playing ‘puppet’. At the same time I realise that Homin have no choice in the matter. They are just protecting their careers (however much is left under SME)……and until they are out of SME we won’t hear any truth from them.

    I am more scared for this fandom…….when Avex announces that BigEast is also accepting new members for the reformed THSK. That is going to be HUGE fanwars all over again. Especially since the majority of BigEast is Jaejoong and Yoochun biased.

    Who do I feel sorry for the most? The five members. JYJ is being hurt right and left but Homin is being hurt by fans. On the other hand JYJ only has fans left on their side but Homin have all the resources they once had but they lost the support of JYJ fans…)

    But besides that I feel sorry for site admins the most regardless of whether its a Korean blog, an English blog, a Japanese blog, or any other. They work SO HARD for the boys and love them all so much but the fanwars break there hearts the most. I feel that the largest reason Korean blogs may have sided with JYJ is because of these fanwars. They don’t want fanwars on their sites as this will only drive more of the original fans away and right now they are the ones who have to protect what is left of the fandom so some hard decisions have to be made.
    I feel too that it would be healthier for English fansites to do this as well. I am not saying the admin have to stop supporting any one side. Maybe they could create two separate websites for both and post in both or something for the time being. OT5 could go to both. JYJ fans could avoid Homin news and Homin fans could avoid JYJ news. And thus retain the international fan base that is remaining.

    • I think it is not just because of fanwars that made Korean blogs pro JYJ. They have more than enough insightful reasons and justifications to make that decision. For me, the original Kcassies decision to pro JYJ has significant persuasive buying decision especially for loyal TVXQ5 fans beside JYJ new fans and new potential buyers in general because TVXQ fandoms are really huge there (correct me if i am wrong…that was years ago but i do not know now).

      • I agree. I meant to say that fanwars were a big part of the reason but not THE reason. I have read their opinions on this issue and I agree even though I was never really 100% a Cassie.
        I think the fandom is humongous but it is diminishing. Just last year about 100,000 left the official fancafe. Also many pro-SME fans even after this issue have left the OT5 fandom…..they are the “real fans” now.
        But I believe that Cassiopeia loves all 5 a lot. If I had a child and the child wasn’t listening to my opinion and kept doing things his/her own way I may punish them as well if they were doing something negative. That doesn’t mean I love the child. I hope that Homin come out of SME fast! And don’t do somethingstupid like attempt suicide…..
        That is my scariest thought right now.

  13. “When Avex announces that BigEast is also accepting new members for the reformed THSK”


    • I thought the majority of bigeasts had turned pro homin?????
      atleast jae seems to have a good relationship with their avex colleagues like ayu.

      • really >< good for homin or whatever! bigeast may b jae or yoochun biased but right now they care more about the name dbsk than the members in it == that's why many bigeast are ANTI JYJ fans cause they believe jyj is a treat to reuniting dbsk…i don't care i shall spread more love and info about their situation to my peeps! spread the jyj love babe

      • No the majority of BigEast are not pro-Homin.
        The majority of the BigEast are individual fans. Jaejoong and Yoochun are the most loved by the fandom. But Jaejoong is the most loved by the general Japanese public who are not in the fandom.
        I think what happened was that for a while due to Avex manipulation they believed that JYJ did not want to be 5THSK anymore. That they were being greedy and leaving their brothers. But after Avex signed with SME artists I think the ‘truth’ became very clear to them as well.

        This is shown as FACT by their current album sales in Japan. Where ever JYJ is concerned they are beating Homin in album sales………….and the sad thing is that the JYJ album is twice the cost of the Homin album. I seriously wish JYJ would start reducing their prices soon…..

      • @phoenixia “the JYJ album is twice the cost of the Homin album. I seriously wish JYJ would start reducing their prices soon”

        If you mean the one that Avex just put out, that one has its price set by Avex.

        If you mean “The Beginning” or “Their Rooms” (or “Intermodulation”), you have to remember that these really are fund-raising ventures. They had a lot of financial setbacks in the past year and little capital to fall back on. All those fans who were screaming to donate money in November, buy their stuff!

        And a comment on the HoMin album — the Japan release is only two songs. It it’s only half the price of any of the JYJ releases, then it is still more expensive in my eyes.

        If you mean KYHD, then that’s an SME release and I’m not raising my blood-pressure….

  14. Thank you Jimmie.

    To be honest, sometimes I do feel irritate with comments that try to excuse some behaviour of members that they didn’t point toward each other. Like HM are in SM so they have to stay silent and just sing any song + Junsu didn’t tweet talking about YH.

    But I do respect fans who are trying to support all of them with their realistic eyes and love. Something happened but their lives move on. Be cherish that all 5 of them still sing. Although I have already made a decision, I still respect this kind of fans.

    I see what happened in Korean fandom as frustration of consumers. When people got angry with the company, of course, they would do that even they like some products of that company. Moreover, Cassies have never liked SM. SM artists maybe enjoyable but not SM company.

    But with Junsu twitter incident…so we might not be able to differentiate between company and artists anymore. I don’t get why they throw oil into a fire. Suddenly, SM artists seem to get more and more freedom of speech. lol

  15. Thank you for this! You have managed to voice the feeling I believe those who still fight for supporting the 5 are battling with.
    I admit I would have wanted for us to stand together through all this and show the music industry that we know of unconditional love and loyalty more than they assume we do. I still hope we could find the wisdom and be the ones who would act as a constant reminder of DBSK as 5; the power we would have would be the power of example and true love.
    Still, even when this will not be possible, I wish we can be mature enough not to make things harder for them.
    I know in my heart all you said was true because I am feeling it; the confusion. I am struggling to find a way to support all 5, a way I would feel comfortable with and a way that I wouldn’t think hurts any of them. I think this is the biggest problem for the ones refusing to make ‘the decision’.
    I hope we will all remember who we are and remind them as well!
    Thank you!

  16. When I join into this fandom and see everyone is siding, eventhough I knew where is my stance, I’m curious the reason behind everybody’s choice. I go through every comments and every argument from both side. I must say, that both side give sensible reason (if it is delivered in well manner). So, my conclusion is everyone has their personal believe. Just as we believe that our belief is the right and sensible one, so does the other side. So, it is useless to force somebody else to change their beliefs.
    Just respect others’ decision and leave bashing and hating. It seems kinda utopias, though.

    Reading post in this site, make me feel the urge to improve my critical and writing skills to catch up with all of you here ^^.

  17. You read my mind Jimmie.
    I’m now feeling exact the same with all you mentioned here.
    I’m just so happy to hear that I’m not the only one who think like this.
    Now I love fans even more and more.
    Thank you so much.

  18. Hey! read this ! [omitted]
    this is really sad. but i really wonder if its true about the contracts..
    it somehow seems to be too much SM-biased.
    im worried that cassiopeia will fall apart ):

  19. wow you spoke out what i think too.
    even though my fave in DBSK has always been JaeJoong,but when it comes to JYJ or HoMin,i love them as TVXQ.
    i hate seeing people taking sides and bashing the other.
    its not the taking sides that annoys me,but the ridiculous un-needed bashings.
    And all the blamings,when JYJ formed their group,they bashes,when HoMin returned as DBSK,they pushes all the blames.

    its a shame that JYJ’s antis are mostly HoMin’s biased fans and HoMin’s antis are mostly JYJ’s biased fans.those people who used to be called “Cassiopeia”,who swore they love and support all 5,those people who once shared a common interest has turned the tables.

    But for me,i still refused to believe in anybody’s words other than the 5.
    For me,nothing is true,unless they say a word.
    no one knows it better than the 5 themselves,so i refused to take sides and will continue supporting all 5.
    No stand is gonna made until the 5 give an official statement 🙂

    • I’m JYJ biased bt not Homin anti so I think many fans do the as I do
      There’s 1 thing I have noticed many JYJ’s fans don’t bash Homin, but choose to let them go and give their full support to JYJ.
      While Homin’s fans bash JYJ a lot (I’m not saying all)
      And even the fan cafes choose to support JYJ and do the same without basing. So I believe we true fans of JYJ will never bash Homin.

  20. Thank you for this! I am so happy to have read a very mature and open-minded article about the recent issues. I think I’ll also follow your blog. *bookmarked! ;D*

  21. thank you, really.

    this made me tear up because i’ve been strugggling so hard the past two days,with all decisions you mentioned,which i don’t want to have to make.
    you helped put in words what i could never explain to those around me.
    as to why i couldn’t decide whether to buy KYHD
    as to why i felt more pain than excitement when i hear KYHD over the local radio.
    as to why i’m being a ‘deluded fangirl’ and not accepting that its ‘all over’.

    all that matters to me, is that i’m not ready to pass judgement on either side, i’m not ready to look at their interactions with each other for the 6 years and start doubting how much of it was real. even if that means being labelled as deluded and being in denial, this is the only way i think i can live with myself. and most of all, i want to believe in them.

    ‘I earnestly hope that one day history will show that you were the ones who were right all along.’ I hope so too, cos there are so many people I hope get this slap in the face.

  22. i’m speechless.but happy to read your articles,comments as usual jimmie
    toooo much drama…and bigeast become.JYJ anties ….wow…what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sigh………

  23. You know, this is indeed encouraging note to the international fans – feels good to know I’m the only one so conflicted and that it’s ok to be so. ^^

  24. thank you, T-T

    it’s always hard to see those war among d artists themselves and the fans
    i love n only love dbsk since i know them on their debut day
    so when thing get chaos, i choose not to choose. even my bias is yuchun, i still choose not choose.
    they make me fall in love with their harmony voices (japan debut seriously make me know no one except DBSK) so i end up crying to know that i cant hear those beautiful voices humming again for the unknown time.

    so when fanwar occur, i just look and thinking positively, maybe just maybe we all are fighting coz we love them so much, that we cant letgo.
    so when JYJ comeback, n they use JYJ name i am relieve coz DBSK name always meant 5 to me.
    and when HM make comeback, no m8r how ppl sayin them DBSK, i still call them HM.
    just because i love them too much, and i know DBSK is made of 5..
    even ppl near me ask me to move on, as in choose, pick a side.
    but i just can.
    coz i dont even want to think, compare which side i love the most, who has d most talent..coz for me, all 5 have each speciality…n i love all 5 as performers.
    so this article, ease my heart,mind and soul.

  25. I am not a new fan, I love JYJ since their TVXQ days. I am also a fan of TVXQ5. I always said this “If one day they reunite, I will keep support them If they can’t reunite, I will support each of them.” I love them no matter what, they are the same people. Nothing changed. They can’t work with the other two becauase they are in a legal battle with their company. This is the situation but because of the other people there are now rumors, fights….
    I can understand the fans that chose the protest TVXQ2. Because supporting this means you accept that TVXQ is now 2 members. I also want to support homin but how now?Both fans and the members, always stated that TVXQ means 5 members. Their fan club, Cassiopeia even represents 5 stars so… TVXQ2 is ridiculous.At first I thought that nothing is wrong, it is just name isn’t it? Homin is just protecting the name so JYJ can return one day, JYJ is also the ones who left SM etc. I tried to think like this but then I thought more deep about this issue. First JYJ’s words came. They still want to work as 5. Then some of Homin’s statements hurt me, they were taking like the other 3 have never existed. So I understood that we were not thinking the same about the TVXQ name. Then finally some fancafes made this announcement so I understood that I am not the only one who thinks like that so there is really something wrong here… There are people who kept saying “JYJ is the one who left..There are lots of examples, Nick left the band but they still using the name of BSB etc.” but this situation is not the same! First, 3 of 5 left. It is not like 1 person left. Second, like I said before, both TVXQ and Cassiopeia name always represents “5” so… with two people there is no TVXQ. Think about it. think all the interwievs from their TVXQ days. All 5 of them said that “TVXQ can only exist with 5 people”. JYJ kept their promise but Homin not soo…the fans deserve at least an explanation from Homin. Fans are right to be angry. SM has just made the decision and expect everybody to accept this. It is not right. If they have a right reason to do that then explain it to us! hommin never talk about this issue, they always act like nothing happened, the other 3 never existed. Why? If there is something we should know say it!
    About the KYHD song…I really don’t know if it is written for JYJ. Until fans mention that the song for JYJ, I never realised but now I have doubts, I am sorry. I can not listen this song with a comfort heart. I am not bushing any of them, I won’t becuase I always have a hope for TVXQ5 but since I have doubts, I can not support Homin for now but I don’t hate them or I will never bash them.
    The only thing I am angry with why the fancafes did this now. They should have done this before! even before the TVXQ announcement. All of the fans should have always sticked the idea of TVXQ5 and showed SM what they want from them. Cassiopeia is one of the largest fansite. We should have showed them our power but we waited till now and even without realise we put homin in bad situation. Homin became the victoms here and I hate that… I know they are hurting too. They couldn’t be on stage about a year. Can you imagine how hard it is both for them and their fans? But it is not JYJ’s fault. SM took them away from the stage. I was really excited about them, I waited for their comeback but after TVXQ2 thing and this song, everything has ruined. I am offended now. If they didn’t use the name, everything would be different. Eveytime I heard the TVXQ name, I just feel a pain in my heart.
    I don’t care about what conflict they have between each other or which company they work with…It is their problem! I only know one thing, I always want to see them on stage singing.
    All of them made TVXQ name this popular and important. If Homin have right to use this, so do JYJ. You can’t draw “W” with only 2 starts. Cassiopeia is constellation contains 5 stars. You can’t rip the other 3 from the sky so… SM did it wrong. there are only 2 options: make them 5 again of erase the name of TVXQ so we can live our TVXQ5 memories with a happy and comfort heart.
    I also love the other 3 who left the company so SM, how can you expect me to bury other 3 under the ground and keep loving this new TVXQ like nothing happened?

    • Hey, I uds what u’re getting at, and what’s with all the anger u’re feeling, and I do agree, really, that unity is our strength. We have the numbers. Or maybe rather, we had. Rmb how we could make SME alter all slave contracts and make them more reasonable, just because one girl, gathered her fellow Cassies and petitioned to the FTC regarding SME’s slave contracts? Yes, if we stick tgt, we can, we will be able to do anything we want. And at this time, even though it’s hard for us to support TVXQ as 2 like they want us to, there’s not really much of a choice we have, since they are still under SME, and by boycotting SME or boycotting TVXQ 2 we would just be hurting the boys, and I’m sure that’s definitely not what u, or any Cassie would want, since Cassies exist for TVXQ, and we exist only because TVXQ exists. Besides, it’s what HoMin wanted as well, for us to listen to their music and enjoy it as it is, regardless of how many members there are right now. I’m sure they suffered a lot, if not Yunho wouldn’t be depressed for a period. And they all have their reasons for all the decisions they made, and I guess we just have to respect their decisions, because they are adults now, and it is really, their life, so they have the rights over their own life and decisions. Perhaps now, we could just support TVXQ as they are now, and wait till there are further updates on the lawsuit and stuff, and wait and see if they ever do make any form of announcement regarding this TVXQ thing. Always Keep The Faith, dear.

  26. THANK YOU SO MUCH. i hope the truth will be revealed soon, and regardless of whatever happens and whatever each of the member chooses, people respect them and their decisions, and continue to support them for their talents, humility and great attitude.

  27. jimmie sshi ;__________;
    this was effing beautiful.
    i have been going thru quite some identity crisis’ & i felt confused until the moment i finished reading this post.
    im very grateful and thankful that you posted this.
    this really does help some of us find ourselves, me for instance.

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