Calling all JYJ fans: Be the better fandom

Be the better fandom

Submitted by: Cecilia

Disclaimer: I categorize myself as both a JYJ and TVXQ fan but I lean more towards JYJ’s side. Is it because my bias is in JYJ or because I support their lawsuit? I have no idea (I would have supported the lawsuit regardless of whether my bias was in the suit). Despite my best efforts, I cannot call myself neutral but I can honestly say that I mean no harm to JYJ, Homin or their fans. As of late, I have felt very frustrated with fans’ behavior within the JYJ/TVXQ fandoms and want to share my feelings on this topic. If the following sounds like I’m harsher towards JYJ fans, it’s because I am more critical of the fandom with which I identify more. In no way am I suggesting that only JYJ fans engage in bad behavior: both JYJ and Homin fans are equally guilty.

Fandom, why are you like this? D8

These days, whenever I see over 100 comments on a Homin article in Sharing Yoochun, I cringe and prepare myself for some of the worst behavior fandom has to offer. The negative comments started at the end of November 2010 when TVXQ announced their comeback as a two-member group and has continued to this day with no end in sight. January 5th, the official date of TVXQ’s album release, is already here and tensions between those that separate themselves as Homin-only or JYJ-only fans have risen to new levels.

Many fans are voicing their displeasure at either side on Twitter and in fansites and forums such as and Soompi. Please, stop spreading your hurt and anger throughout the internet. The lovely admins of SYC do not deserve to have their positive website, devoted to spreading appreciation for all 5 original members of TVXQ, besmeared by angry “fans” who feel that this website is the perfect dumping ground for whatever dissatisfaction they feel about the current state of fandom. The same goes for all the other TVXQ-related websites and forums, but I am singling out SYC because it is a high-traffic website that allows anonymous comments. Anonymity emboldens people to say things they dare not say otherwise, allowing for greater freedom of expression. However, the downside is that such freedom is often abused by those who feel that just because they have the “right” to say something, it means that they could just espouse any feelings, so-called “facts” or opinions, no matter if their words were based on rumors or if they hurt the feelings of other readers and damage the website’s friendly atmosphere.

On passive aggressiveness

The most prevalent type of negative comments aren’t ones that directly attack Homin or JYJ, it’s the ones that say they’re “disappointed” by a 2-member TVXQ and will withdraw their support. Of course, everyone is entitled to support or not support the artists of their choosing but there’s no need to announce it in a highly-visible website unless there was some subconscious desire to either influence others to feel the same way or incur pain on those who wish to continue supporting TVXQ. Just one person announcing their withdrawal from the current-TVXQ fandom has spurred others to repeat the same sentiment in the same post. All the comments combined were excessive and downright hurtful. If a fan no longer wishes to be supportive, then please leave quietly and allow others to enjoy their fandom and have peace. Put yourself in others’ shoes and imagine how you would feel if, after a long hiatus from the music scene, your bias is faced with cold shoulders and feelings of “disappointment” from some of their long time fans. I can relate to these fans’ feelings because I felt the same way when back in late 2009/early 2010, when many fans have turned against JYJ and would leave similar repetitive remarks about not supporting and being upset at Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong.

Another example of passive aggressive behavior is the childish thumbing up and thumbing down of posts at Soompi forums. The +1/-1 system is in place to reinforce positive behavior and discourage trollish behavior. Unfortunately, these days there are some people who thumb up or thumb down a post based purely on whether the post is reporting news on JYJ or Homin: JYJ fans would thumb down Homin posts and thumb up JYJ posts while Homin fans would do the opposite. This is so juvenile and accomplishes nothing except to generate more animosity between fans.

Passive aggressive behavior sows resentment but the damage it creates pales in comparison to the blatant hate- and rumor-mongering that’s been running wild these past few weeks.

Spreading rumors, hate, and conspiracy theories

Let me start by saying I love Twitter: it’s the fastest way to stay updated on the latest kpop news. I also love that through Twitter, I am able to connect with other fans that share mutual interest in TVXQ and JYJ. What I don’t like about Twitter is that it creates a horde mentality because people only interact with those whose views match their own.

Fans usually select the accounts they wish to follow based on two criteria: (1) if the account is informational and (2) if the user shares similar bias or views on fandom. This is all well and good but it also generates a safe bubble for people within a certain network (or circle of Twitter followers). In that network, the users’ views are echoed and reinforced so often by the people they interact with that it creates a false sense of reality—what was previously just a notion or an idea becomes a fact or truth. But these aren’t “truths,” they’re actually rumors and conspiracy theories. Unless one has concrete facts to support his or her “truth,” wouldn’t it be better not to spread these rumors and conspiracy theories all over the internet? Especially since what is being spread could spell dire consequences for others.

Another downside to social media is that hate multiplies and travels fast. If 2 people within the same network are dissatisfied, they voice their feelings and will eventually influence those within their circle to feel the same anger. Soon, everyone is talking about the subject and even if a few people within that network were initially unconcerned with that subject, they will chime in and become angrier and angrier.

Does the above scenario sound familiar? It should. People who are active in fandom tend to form cliques and within those cliques, they feed off one another’s views. The problem is that when their collective feelings are filled with vengeful anger and hate, their feelings will augment one another’s and snowball to an uncontrollable level. Eventually, their feelings will affect others outside their clique as well as collide with opposing viewpoints and bring about disharmony for everyone.

Fans’ latest target of hate is the lyrics of Keep Your Head Down, the title track of TVXQ’s comeback album. The uproar over these lyrics has split the fandom further with few neutral parties. The question is, why? Just because some people believe the song is meant for JYJ doesn’t mean they’re right. All of this hate could be avoided if people allow for the possibility that their interpretation of the lyrics and situation is merely their own and does not constitute as fact. Do not let others influence you to believe that a certain viewpoint is the right one: you must play your own devil’s advocate.

(I am not saying that I agree or disagree with the notion that Why’s lyrics were aimed at JYJ. I simply don’t think the lyrics are applicable to JYJ. Furthermore, no one knows for sure if the song is about JYJ or about an ex-lover so it makes no sense to feel so much hate for something that isn’t even concrete.)

In the end, if you still believe that the lyrics are sending vitriolic messages of anger and betrayal, just remember that hate begets more hate. Even if hate is being directed at JYJ, don’t answer them back with more hate. Instead, show JYJ more love = )

We all feel butthurt sometimes but let’s do something positive about it

Sometimes I wonder if the true culprit for everyone’s anger is the disparity in treatment that Homin and JYJ receive from SM Entertainment, Avex, and broadcasting stations. JYJ fans are rightfully angry that JYJ are being cockblocked in S. Korea and Japan. It’s so frustrating that even after all their hard work, JYJ cannot promote their music to the Korean and Japanese public, their main target fanbase. At the same time, let’s not express our hurt by complaining that Homin supposedly have it easier than JYJ because the former aren’t banned in any country and have the support of two of the biggest Asian entertainment companies. You can feel hurt for your oppas but why must you begrudge others? And I don’t subscribe to the theory that Homin have it easier: both sides are now starting from scratch and have their own set of challenges.

Take note, SME: as long as JYJ appear as the “oppressed” parties, their fans will be resentful and unfortunately, some of fans’ resentment will be irrationally placed onto Homin. If SME were smart, they would focus more on promoting their current artists rather than expending so much energy on hurting the careers of those that left their company. JYJ fans also need to take responsibility and direct their fury at the true culprits—entertainment industry cartels and broadcasting stations with no balls—and channel their negative energy into doing something positive like campaigning for JYJ to appear on televisions. Many JYJ fans have done just that (you go fans!) and as the recent television appearances can attest, fans have the power to fight back and give rise to change.

Be the better fandom: Stop competing over which side could hate more and instead compete over which side loves the most

Let’s face it: competition between JYJ and Homin is inevitable and this leads to competition between their fans—the unhealthy kind of competition. The type of competition where there are no winners and only losers. Fans are constantly trying to outdo the other side by pointing fingers and playing the blame game. It’s an endless cycle that accomplishes nothing.

Always remember that people outside the fandom judge artists based on their fans. Think about how you are representing your idols: Do you want to be a fan that your idol could be proud of or do you believe your idol would be embarrassed and ashamed of your behavior? What does your behavior say about your idol?

Let’s engage in a real competition—a healthy one. We shall compete which is the better fandom by measuring how much we support our idols and that extends to the people they care about: their friends, family and colleagues. We will compete over which fandom has the most poise under pressure, most generous heart when faced with adversity and hate. Please do not disappoint your idols.

56 thoughts on “Calling all JYJ fans: Be the better fandom

  1. you’re rite. I love JYJ that’s why all of my attention is on them. I try to channel all anger to support them 100 %.

    Uhmmm honestly I learnt from JYJ incident that the more you suppress people, the more they will gain more support and sympathy. That’s why, call me selfish or bad or whatever, but frankly, i’m not gonna badmouth the opponent coz i don’t want them to gain attention. Bad publicity is still publicity, so, why waste my time and energy to do free publicity for them??? Instead, spread the JYJ love. That’s what I believe, and I will always do that.

    So if you think badmouthing Homin will help JYJ, then youre wrong. You saw how i-cass roared to protect homin when they heard k-cass wanted to boycott them. I personally feel this is a bad news for JYJ. Now I see i-cass support homin with full force. That’s why, stop all the rumours and hatred. It’s gonna backfire us.

    Spread the JYJ love instead.

    • it’s sad to see JYJ or homin being loved when all 5 thought that all 5 were at least loved even if was a little bit.
      if love JYJ, support them. If love HoMin, support them.
      If love all 5, keep like that.
      But never forget that u know them cuz they are TVXQfamily, so at least try to show love or something positive to the other side.
      SME want to split and is having it + with harsh fights!
      we wanna give it easily?
      why not, so, support ur unit but keep the “W” of cassiopeia in ur heart to all? 🙂

  2. The latest news of note really from Korea right now is that SBS has started erasing the posts of JYJ fans from the message board so the ahjummas are calling on the younger generation with Twitter to bombard them on Twitter instead (@SBSNOW). And the press is reporting on Jaejoong’s tweet, ‘Keep your head up…and open your mind’…I hear he’s getting bashed for that right now. Shame, really…it’s a beautiful tweet and fitting for the situation really: sends a strong message but avoids bashing HoMin outright.

    b my fellow Jimmie
    fightooooooooooo here it is their twitter account (@SBSNOW). if u want to help
    goooooooooooooo guys fight for our boys enough is enough

    • yeah…
      jae want fans to don’t let’s SME crush them and have an open-mind to don’t think just bad stuffs….
      of course nothing is this easy ne? >.<
      poor 5 gods….
      why SME so damn bad ¬¬

  3. Hello my ceci! Ok, First comment here and I have to say, I like your post and points of view. I agree as a JYJ biased fan that I’m embarrassed at some behavior but I have also notice a patron. Why do we see more “hater comments” of JYJ fans now? Well is for 2 reasons: because HoMin is now active and not everyone is whiling to accept that TVXQ is now 2 members. But is also because HoMin fans have their own fansites where they hang out and share their hatred. They don’t go to Sharing Yoochun or any place of TVXQ as 5. Just look at YunHo thread at soompi. So for those people who are OT5/JYJ biased, they don’t know this situation. But you can see the hatred is just as equal when you go to Youtube to see HoMin videos. And the passive aggressive “I love JYJ, but HoMin kick their asses” ON JYJ VIDEO.
    I agree with you much of this get worse by the fact HoMin and JYJ fans hang in different places, so JYJ hatred and HoMin hatred escalate when its feed by other people around you.
    I do disagree HoMin or JYJ are starting form a scratch: both start with the history of being part of TVXQ. But you can’t say JYJ has it as equally as HoMin. Is not only the fact HoMin can appear on TV and Radio, is that SM has the money for better videos, have the staff to made songs for their bands, have the stylist, the choreographers, the marketing, the position an recognition on Korea.
    But , it doesn’t mean HoMin don’t have to work hard. Or that the situation is better for them, as many fans turn their backs to them. I just say they have a huge advantage.
    The good thing is JYJ know their company have flaws, and are working on it. And I, as fan, will not focus on the flaws and complain; in the end I also wish to use the energy in a positive way, as I always try to, not always succeed on.

    I agree there is no enemy, but is true JYJ is been punished by international fans because of Kcassies behavior.

    • btw:
      About being a fan they can be proud of-
      That includes the horrible behaviour towards Telisha
      I was talking to her and… And she say JJ and Jun know about the hate twitters she gets…. nice way to show how nice JYJ fans are… even if they don’t know, s you say: people will judge JYJ for their fans….
      Don’t like her? is ok, just leave her alone

  4. Judging from what people have been emailing me, it looks like international fans of DBSK5 are in a flurry of chaotic confusion over how to take the news of the majority of Korean DBSK5 fandoms turning their backs on Homin and SM. And in their confusion and general state of flabbergast, they have come to the conclusion that Korean fans must have made a shortsighted decision in a state of mind as hectic as the current one of international fans. While I do not agree entirely with their (Korean fans’) decision, this assessment couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve read the announcement made by the first café. Already its 10-page length indicates a similarly long and arduous process of deliberation…and now that the decisions have been made (well, the majority of them), the dust has more or less settled and everyone knows now where they want to go, where they want to hang out, who to trust, who to support and how. What the international fans are going through now on Twitter–the hesitation, arguing, bashing, gossiping, dumping of information (much of which I hear is contradictory) and trying to make sense of it all enough to figure out your real position–Korean fans, according to AkaDong, went through that already more than a month ago. For them, their path is clear. I’m sure it will be no different for international fans. The dust WILL settle. And when it does, I personally would like to see JYJ fans/supporters putting all their energy into protecting “our children” (as the ahjumma/ppajumma fans are calling JYJ) from SM and the Invisible Hand rather than starting needless fan wars.

    • Hi Jimmie, BitterLemon aka spamming junsu here.

      That’s very insightful indeed. It will take some time for international fans to settle their positions too, I also find this an inevitable negotiating period for fans to understand what is going on and to decide on what position they would want to take in the future.

      I find the fandom is really still torn because of the split. All the five of them are afterall, generally speaking, are people we all love and like and respect.

      Come to the blog more often, please. We miss you.

    • Jimmie! I miss seeing you around! You always have very good opinions about the situation, so I am happy I can still read your comments here^^

    • Jimmie! We all miss you so much on SYC!

      But honestly I would rather you post here then on SYC currently since you get bashed so much just because of your truth telling which isn’t even biased TT_TT

      Please always take care of your health and be happy!

  5. Oh, and btw, JYJ appeared on the SBS 8pm news…or rather, a clip from the SKKS drama and JYJ’s song in the background ^^. Bloody hell, SBS! Put them on your morning show already!!!! *goes back to bombing their message board*

  6. You probably haven’t been visiting Youtube and other sites. Otherwise you will know that HoMin fans pour out the hate just as much or even more than JYJ fans. And visit other HoMin fansites too instead of just SYC, it will open your eyes and mind.
    I don’t leave horible/hateful comments on their vids or anything like that. But when and if I continue to see HoMin’s fans hateful ways towards JYJ, I will totally turn my back on HoMin. It’s not worth it. Now SM is claiming “Cassiopeia” for HoMin. The split is inevitable.

  7. Finally, a calm place to talk.. I think it’s time to say that tvxq is a legend now.. tvxq has stopped the activity. this is the new tvxq with old tvxq members in it.. homin fans and JYJ fans better stop attacking each other and think about your own idols.. these 2 are seperated already since the lawsuit has started. people who support 5 will be JYJ fans and homin fans.. never think that they will become 5 again in short times, never have big wish that they will reunite as tvxq again. Just move on, and think positive that maybe this is for the best, JYJ get the freedom they want, homin got a lot part to sing now.. to me JYJ and tvxq are rookie groups.. cassiopea was the name of old tvxq fandom and it had ended now there’s new cassiopea for new tvxq.. everything is new.. so people please move on and stop bashing each other.. thank you

    • i don’t agree this much here XD
      i think that we can believe that one day they can be back.
      in 2010 everybody thought that 2PM simply ended, but they cameback.
      different situation, of course, but how many stuffs in live happens and we think that never will be better and become?
      can be fast or slow, but still happens.
      Cassiopeia fanclub by SME can’t be called to HoMin cuz no one will ask if u just like them.
      of course, more probably that HoMin fans will be there, but just because of that i will not stop the Cassiopeia fandom!
      Cassiopeia have 5 stars, so like 5!
      HoMin fans will be just called by that from me, same to JYJ fans.
      JYJ said that Cassiopeia is theire only fandom, so do i will believe, even if is a CassiopeiaHoMin and a CassiopeiaJaeSuChun, will be only 1 to me for people that like 5 and can’t change that.

      Realism is good to be prepared, but positivism is good cuz words have power, so thinking good bring good energy and help more~

  8. You’d better visit Homin’s site to see how they bash JYJ before, not just SYC, after that you can see JYJ’s reaction ! i forgot to say hello JIMMIE, we miss you!

  9. nice peace i became a fan of TVXQ about six months ago then i learned of their situation. i was supporting all 5 cuz i mean everything was going ok there werent any wars but then avex dropped JYJ then when they released their first album as the JYJ unit SM tried to stop that then they were being prevented to appear on any music and varitety shows or anything then i started to get confused i started to feel anger not only towards SM but towards homin i know its stupid but those were my stupid feeling. and now im like 80%JYJ and 20%homin cuz i cant really call myself 100% a JYJ fan when im spazzing over Homin’s album♥
    but its really is sad to see casseiopia spllitting cuz i knew there still was a HUGE fanbase that supported both but that seems to be diminishing as well. DBSK was the first korean group that i ever listened to and they were the first to introduce me to kpop. all 5 had amazing bond with each other and from what i had read cassies also had an amazing bond. cassies would be there for each other one cried alot would cry along, like one of the DBSK boys said casseiopia is a big family and i really admired that but i dont see that at all. i only see bashing and now im ashamed to be a cassie cuz i dont see the love i looked up to anymore. i dont think any of this mess would have even started if SM and that stupid KPCAI or whatever its called had just butted out and if stupid TV stations just had the damn guts to go against that supid whatever its called and let JYJ on. im sure all of japan and korean would have gone crazy if JYJ and Homin appeared at least on the same show!

  10. i started to know dbsk from jyj. i like ’empty’…
    from there i know the boys from 5 group member
    without hesitation i’ll support jyj…but i’m sad if cassie that support homin bash jyj…
    live in peace please

  11. I want to be a good fan too, trying to be good. though I’m jj bias, so far never say a bad things abt the other party, but beeing too nice made the evil take this chance to create a chaos situation, only the mature and rational people will not take the bait, but most of them really under the spell, the evil is getting stronger, i don’t know what to do to protect my idols. *sad*

  12. wow…i miss all of u in SYC..glad to find everybody here…All of us need to calm down.. let us hope for the best to come but prepare for the worst as well..let not repay our haters w more poisons but renew their mind with loves….our boys are going thro hell right now…dont waste our energy on ANTIS….let just shower our boys with loves in twitter and any useful projects for them….Personally…… JYJ or DBSK or HOMIN….those are just names…all i care at present are Micky,JJ and JS….and by God ‘s grace i will grow to love our boys’ closest buddies.. Yunho and Changmin in future!

    cheers!!!i hope this blog will remain as positive as possible!

  13. A+ article. I hope all fans read the last point, and I hope I manage to keep that in mind for ALL my different fandoms. Being a fan is supposed to be about love and support in a positive sense, it shouldn’t be about bringing others down.

  14. Since we are all sharing our stories I guess I’ll share mine too. I have been a Jaejoong fan for more than a year now. I have known DBSK for the same amount of time I have known Jaejoong. What I fell in love with was his voice. His looks were a special bonus. I remember going through everything with everyone. And I actually went through every single post about JJ on SYC since they started their blog……(I know I am crazy)

    Please note when I say Homin fans I don’t mean ALL Homin fans just what I feel the majority is doing

    1. I remember how sad everyone was that JYJ came out of SME. How everyone was so confused about what rumours were true. I was really happy at the time that SYC didn’t post all the rumours that were circulating. I remember defending BOTH sides using my POV even though Homin were my least favourite members. Because Jaejoong treasured them.

    2. I remember when we were SO SO happy that Avex was taking care of JYJ. And we sent them like “I love you and thank you” messages every day. I was really happy for my JJ then. But at the time I remember OT5 fans and Homin fans being like “WTH how can they start on their own they are leaving Homin behind?” and that fed their belief that the three were greedy and only cared about themselves plus all the rumours the evil side was spreading around. Also, JYJ fans were giving out different answers and in different tones at the time to answer these questions. I remember Max tweeting about Changmin and everyone regardless of bias defending Changmin and saying Max must have misunderstood it surely couldn’t have been right? I remember even at these times relentlessly trying to stay neutral and defend both sides whereever I felt I needed to. Beacuase Jaejoong treasured them.

    3. I remember Max then kicking them out of Avex and everyone became confused. And those who had the seed of dislike were like “See they are greedy they got what they deserved and they were stupid for signing with the mafia”. I remember hearing that BigEast had turned their backs on JYJ. And all I thought was my poor JJ, Korea doesn’t love him as an artist as much as they should but BigEast ALWAYS poured him with overflowing love and devotion. Still I did not bash Avex or any other party when I could help it and I had my emotions under control. But, I really really really disliked Avex! Not because they dropped JYJ (that was a corporate business decision I agree) but because they ruined JYJ’s hard earned reputation in Japan. And that wasn’t necessary. I hope karma bites them in the butt for this point one day. I was stll thankful to Avex for giving them a foothold at least after being chucked from SME like trash. I remember people saying things like “Changmin knew all along. See we must always trust Voldamin because he is so smart”

    4. Then their was a LONG LONG LONG period of quietness. The calm before the storm. Junsu has his Musical. Yoochun had SKKS. JJ completely disappeared off the map. Fans were so worried about him all the time. And when he finally showed his face in the SKKS members twitter it seemed as though he had lost half his weight! I was so sad that day but so happy that we finally got to see JJ! (But yes he did have his movie and drama before that and I am very thankful for that). And Homin were silently restrained. But the only things we heard from the Homin/SME side was “official letters” (we are not sure if they are true) and continuous negative remarks on JYJ that put I think already biased JYJ fans into a defensive position especially after what Max had done. But I still defended Homin when some fans made stupid remarks against them. Because JJ treasures them.

    5. The Beginning album was released in Korea. And I didn’t like Ayyy girl or the MV that much either. But, (and I apologize to some of you) is hearing I second person saying this album sucks or in the more polite way they really need the two they don’t sound the same! And I thought “Of course they don’t sound the same they are only three voices…….but just enjoy the music” and people at that time were making excuses like they are not officially debuting, etc. I apologize but this is around the time when Homin fans drove me away from defending or supporting Homin at all. Every comment that was not even offensive BUT THEY thought it was was bashed so badly in every single Homin post. I just ran away. I have learned since a long time ago that in Homin posts if you have nothing good to say and even if you actually love them but want to critique them in one thing or another (eg. pictures etc.) then you will get majorly bashed. It was sad. I could have joined those many people in bashing but because JJ treasured those two members I chose to ignore all Homin posts. (I’m sorry now but I sometimes find it amusing now when people make comments on some Homin pages like ‘why are their so few comments here and so many on JYJ pages?’ or ‘this site is JYJ baised’ (Just because more people comment on JYJ posts). Homin fans are the ones who drove the majority of the commenter’s away. On the other hand even when the Beginning was critiqued all over the place JYJ fans sucked it up.)

    6. Then the hurricane begins. Many tickets bought and cancelled on the last day of the showcase. All over the place where they had tours everyone saying to the media and indirectly to the three’s face “you are not good enough for us….you are good with 5 members only……….go back to SME!” when they were actually at that time also having a really difficult time. On the youtube channel where fans got to talk about how much they loved JYJ many veered off of JYJ and spoke about DBSK the whole entire time. Fans started bashing individual people on SYC too. The anti-yunjae and anti-ayujae pairing wars began. It was so sad to see pairing fans bashed for no reason. The fandom became “serious business” and no one could have fun anymore unless everyone else agreed with your version of ‘fun’. I don’t like Yunjae either and even if those fans went to every single thread and spazzed about Yunjae other fans had NO right to tell them off. They could have ignored those posts then.

    I am sorry to say this but when Homin came back I saw so so so many double standards in the Cassiopeia fandom. Throughout the year when JYJ were hurt and bashed because of the smallest things when it came time to Homin they were not bashed for the biggest things. I am sorry I am not a cassie but I even recognize that DBSK and Cassiopia are names SME should NOT have touched. Homin were given free passes to so many things and that is part of the reason why people dislike them so much now (because of this double standard).

    Then came the name problems. DBSK?—->it is okay it is only a name (but more people turned into JYJ fans)
    JYJ anti’s who were once OT5 fans and are now Homin fans?—>totally not fine. How can you bash this person we will hate Homin more (this sucked too). Homin fans are not only spreading rumours all over the internet still especially in the current twitter articles that were released in Korea but after the KBS news thing the sent letter of hatred to KBS stating ‘why did you broadcast JYJ?’ (Fans who hear of this are getting angry) It is sad but many of the people who say bad things about Homin now result from what Homin’s fans have done to this fandom.
    And after Cassiopeia was claimed by SME and I am sure this name might be copyrighted by SME soon…………………the sides had to be chosen…..

    For now it is the only way for a fan to stay sane.

    But, even though I don’t like Homin fans (the majority of them because of their rude attitude….the ones who are are awesome I apologize to you) I am still going to give Homin the benefit of the doubt. This LONG period of quietness from Homin probably existed because they were arguing with their company about these things. But, then the musical ended and the drama’s ended and they needed to get paid so they eventually had to give in to make a living. I think they agreed to be made puppets so that SME would pay them…………….SME otherwise I am sure wouldn’t pay them a penny……I feel sorry for Homin and hope they can somehow leave the company soon but I am also confused and Yunho’s words of thanks to SME? He could have just stated we thank all the staff who helped us with this project in a friendly manner instead.

    But then again JJ’s ‘Accuse no man’ comes to mind.
    Until JYJ reveal the truth I will never give up Homin and their quality of being good human beings.

    I also agree with the fact that I feel JYJ fans need to calm down. But, I am assuming they will eventually calm down when the lawsuit is over and JYJ have won OR if the media stop cockblocking them because FTC sides with them again OR if they are successful in the US OR if they can return to Japan.

    The current problem is the fans who love JYJ so so much have this animal maternal instinct awakened up inside of them that says if you attack us to defend ourselves we will attack and kill you. Actually both sides are like that. It is very sad TT__TT

    Sorry for my long lond comment I have just been annoyed with the SYC comment system lately so I needed to rant out my feelings. I apologize if I offended anyone.

    • okay how do you know homin hasnt been paid or they are just being held up against their will that’s why they are still at sm because from what ive seen they sounded pretty much thankful that they are still at SM.

      And stop making SM as the shield for hm i mean i always read blaming sm for hm actions or saying SM made them do this and that against their will..oh please they are not kids anymore who cant make their own decision. the last time i check they are still with sm so stop making excuses.

      • Please don’t bring a negative attitude here. I have clearly stated that I am a Jaejoong biased fan, but throughout my life I have learned to respect others even if they are my enemies.

    • Thanks for a long comments and voicing out the same sentiments as mine.

      I also went through a deep thinking process about the whole scenario with DBSK influence in my life. And decide to move on and support JYJ since I love their music more than HOMIN.

    • Thanks for sharing your story with us 🙂 🙂 🙂

      i SUPER DUPER AGREE with this ” JYJ FANS will eventually calm down when the lawsuit is over and JYJ have won OR if the media stop cockblocking them because FTC sides with them again OR if they are successful in the US OR if they can return to Japan. “.

      yes, the reason why we are so hot blooded and defensive sometimes is because it’s frustrating to know that this isn’t a fair game to begin with !!!!!!!!!

    • wow….you and I share alot of similar sentiments and thoughts. I am a 5-member TVXQ fan, and also a JJ’s bias
      what you said, I 100% agree. esp this “The current problem is the fans who love JYJ so so much have this animal maternal instinct awakened up inside of them that says if you attack us to defend ourselves we will attack and kill you”
      I have been restraining myself from commenting about HoMin and SM…cause I am only human, and it goes w/ loving JYJ so much, I know I might not be able to control myself and say bad thing … and I dont intend to force my preference on others. My theory: support who you want to…thats every person’s right. But sometimes, I really do see such hateful and harsh comments on the JYJ’s posts that it pains me so much. And also all the anti-JYJ twitter accounts that claimed to be HM fans [could be anti in disguise]… sending such vulgar cruel tweets to JYJ, it angered me
      about the comments on SYC regarding HM’s posts…it really make me dumbfounded. Though I did not comment, I read through, and seeing ppl who love all 5 and stay neutral and just made neutral comments got bashed so much…its really too much
      I just hope the situation gets better soon

      • I really hope the situation gets better soon too ^^ Until then we will always have our JJ to cheer us up and he has us to cheer him up! Bonzai!!!!

    • know what? this is exactly what i went through..the same exact way i feel! a part of me is so angry at the sme-homin tandem that i want to lash out, BUT the fact that JYJ hasn’t said anything against HoMin makes me hold back and at least give the 2 the benefit of the doubt. A fan’s actions ultimately reflect on the people they support after all, and I definitely don’t want to do anything that may or will hurt JYJ..They’ve been hurt and still are hurting enough as it is 😦

  15. I think jyj fans have the right to feel butthurt after all the things jyj has gone through in the last couple of months..

    everyone has the right to be angry and express their feelings whenever they want to, just like what you did when you posted this’s kind of the same thing..

    i feel like you have singled out jyj fans here as the only culprit, although they have been pretty expressive and you can see them everywhere now but they are not the only one..ive kinda seen a lot of jyj bashing way more hurtful than the ones jyj fans least they have only been saying they will not support hm anymore but what hm fans are saying is more hurtful as they’ve been bashing jyj characters it’s like personal vendetta agianst jyj it’s a whole new level of bashing right there that hm fans are doing..

    And i disagree on your opinion i think it’s better to form a friendship with someone who share the same opinion as you may it be twitter or forums..just take a look at soompi forum it’s hard to coexist with fans who dont share opinion as you..all they do is fight’s all negativity it just drives the fans apart’s better if you just stay in touch with people who share teh same opinion as you at least they will all be happy and not spread negativity.

    • Please read the disclaimer. I’m addressing this to JYJ fans (since this is a JYJ site) and not to Homin fans. If I were addressing HM fans, the same words would apply.

      And I never said you can’t make friends with people of same interests. I am only observing how being within a circle filled with people of similar mindsets creates the perfect atmosphere for escalation of feelings and ideas. As such, don’t always go with the pack and think independently from time to time. Allow oneself to step back and reflect on everyone’s opinions or, better yet, try listening to contrasting opinions to gain a better understanding of the entire picture.

  16. Yes, I’m back again. I adore this post and the comments here. It’s helping me keep perspective and giving me lots to think about.

  17. Wow I really like this site. I like reading comments and posts that offer different opinions to shed some light on the situation, or echo some of the thoughts that have been going through my head but never voiced out anywhere. Most of all, I think I like the rationality of people here, the respect readers and commenters alike give to each other although I don’t know how long this will last (I hope it lasts forever though).

    Now I shall finally speak 🙂 Apologies if it’s too long, you can just skip this haha.

    Firstly, throughout all the action and drama of this whole saga since 2008, I’ve always maintained my 3rd party mindset. Or rather, it’s the “I will not believe anything unless it’s directly said by the people involved, with the people involved being the 5 Dong Bang boys, the courts, and the management of SM.”. Even when the related people have spoken, more deliberation is needed because what is said is not necessarily what has happened. Even if everyone involved have experienced the same thing, how they view it, how they think about it, and how they construe the situation is different, so one must ponder even more the different angles of the situation. With this, I really appreciate everything that I’ve learned through Psychology and Sociology thus far.

    Secondly, as much as my emotions whirl and whirl, I don’t believe in letting it out on a public place for people to deliberate because misunderstandings can easily happen, even if I’m just ranting for fun. Besides, as much as it hurts, I still maintain that I have to respect others. Hence, no bashing. I don’t believe any human is so bad to the point that they need to get bashed. Every one has value and worth. Plus if I respect them, based on the norms of reciprocity I hope to receive the same kind of respect back.

    I really, sincerely, hope that as this blog grows, it can maintain what it is standing for. With more diversity, there’s bound to be the “anomalies” who are unable to think rationally and respect others and just shoot their mouths off. T.T

    Btw just another personal opinion, I love Jaejoong and Junsu’s vocals!!! Ahh but when 5 of them sing acapella together, it’s magic.. ❤

    A huge thank you for creating this safe haven for me!

  18. “Love is like a mirror. When you love another you become his mirror and he becomes yours…And reflecting each other’s love you see infinity.”

    this is to summarize my thought about the fandom…
    Fans are of the idol/artist them self
    Ignore those we receieve by showing more love~<3

      • this is to summarize my thought about the fandom…
        Fans are [The-Reflection] of the idol/artist-self
        Ignore those [hates/criticism] we receieve by showing more love~<3

        ps; im sorry for hving this re-post again & again ^^;;

  19. I need some information. This blog of yours is so informative about JYJ so I was wondering if you knew another blog that writes about Homin but has the same stance as you guys to be objective. If this is not the right place to ask then I apologize I just wanted to know if you people could recommend a blog like yours that gives editorial stance and also information about Homin’s activities. Sorry in advance if anyone does not like my comment being here but I feel the need to read the other side for my own reasons.

    Thank you and have a good day!

    • Lol dear it’s okay.
      Just because this site is pro-JYJ doesn’t mean we are anti-Homin or don’t want Homin fans to come here. Homin fans who can respect and treat all sides nicely are always welcome everywhere.
      I don’t think currently there is a site like this provided for Homin fans, the reason being the majority of sites created for Homin are pro-SM therefore anti JYJ. I may be wrong and if I am I hope someone can help you soon.


  20. Cecilia, how do you define “conspiracy theory?” As long as the blogger clearly states that his contention is a theory, not fact, I don’t see any wrongdoing in posting up his thoughts and analysis. The real culprits are those who twists these theories to their own liking or foolishly accepts them as truth, creating “a false sense of reality.”

  21. Firstly I just want to say: I love this place

    About your post, its really something to think about, and I had a chance to reflect upon myself
    Like I have stated, I am a fan of 5-member TVXQ, but I am also a JJ’s bias … so naturally I leaned toward JYJ’s side … but I mostly dont disclose this [only here that Im expressing myself freely since its a blog for JYJ] and try to keep my comments neutral, and not comment at all if I have nothing good to say. But sometimes, I really couldnt help it but involved in the other party in my comments only if the other side really provoked me too much.
    I agree with you about the aggressive behaviour of some fans that is getting out of hands [it goes for both sides]. But the root of the problem, many have posted before me … we’re behaving like this because we and the ones we love so much have been pushed to a corner.
    I have stayed neutral at the beginning of the lawsuit. My friends who are not cass had criticized HoMin, esp Yunho since hes the leader … they think he should have kept the group intact -thats the leader’s job. She’s a Shinhwa fan – so you know the situation was different – Eric bought out all Shinhwa’s right to their songs and even their fanclub from SM . But I defended Yunho till the end. I told her HoMin must have their own reasons, and I respect that. I have never have any ill-feeling toward them as I understand they are human just like me , they have their right to think and choose for themselves.
    The lawsuit carried out, and I see how much JYJ were bashed … I tried to defend them but I NEVER brought HoMin into the argument. If anything, the only one I dislike was SM . In this case, no force on earth can ever convince me to think okay of SM. I still tried to stay in neutral stance, and still purchased SM’s goods cause I think I still have to support the boys. Then SM started all the bad rumours about JYJ with regard to the contracts and cosmetic business , and I see more JYJ’s antis. What did JYJ did back then? They kept silence. For what, for ppl close to HoMin, esp Yunho’s dad to say such bad things about them. I was flabergasted. Was it necessary? He’s an adult, and no matter how much he wanted to defend his son, no need to be so harsh toward others’ children. Look at the other members’ family… whenever given comments, they never say anything about HoMin, and kept saying over and over “please support all 5 ” . Then come the document w/ HoMin signature … though later on, SM admitted that they forged the signature but the content was generally the thought of HoMin, what should I think? Starting here that I realized my stance was not neutral anymore. It couldnt stay neutral anymore.
    And the recent fiasco w/ SMTown didnt help at all. That was something that truly made me angry.
    I have so much more to say, but suddenly Im choked up w/ my feelings. The image of a crying JJ forever burnt in my mind. To see the person you love so much in such pain and came to such a broken state, my feelings…… So it came the urge to protect him no matter what. I have already made up my mind on whom to support, and I will do so dilligently and loyally, and while doing so, I will respect the decision of my fellow fans, be it the same or different from mine… thats all I have to say. But if ppl insist on making me make the same choice as them, or condemn me for my choice, I will not hesistate to let them know my disposition.
    I also want to become fan that JYJ can be proud of. Let really try to become a better fandom by spreading love and not hate. I will not hate anyone. If I dont like someone, I will just walk away and not paying them any attention. I will only pay attention to my beloved boys and one one else.

  22. – Like everyone else, I also want to share my feelings. To be honest, I know about DBSK incidentally (since their “sky” song). My stand here is I support JYJ much more than Homin because JYJ only has fans, meanwhile Homin has fans + SM, AVEX, media, TV Station, etc.
    – I’m JJ bias because I like his voice rather than his face. It’s been forever since I hear a very soothing and powerful voice.
    – Being DBSK fan, I too feel frustrated with this kind of things. Moreover since JYJ was cock blocked at Korea and Japan. Not to mention, many bad things also happened to them (disaster at concert, denied visa, injunction, etc). At one time, I hate Homin very much because I feel they are also “traitor” in a way, but “act” like an innocent one. Meanwhile JYJ is “traitor” but acknowledge it. But, I never bashed or attacked Homin. And I don’t dare to say that I know their feelings because I’m just an outsider and what they show us only a very little percentage of their true feelings and situations. But, I keep wondering whether JYJ hate Homin or Homin hate JYJ, whether JYJ regret sue SM or Homin regret not being part of JYJ, etc. You can say that I’m very emotional and sad at that time.
    – Since then I try to find another activity to distant myself a little from this tiring drama. After that, I try to see things from both sides and try to understand their feelings. And now, I have come to conclusion that both of them don’t deserve to be bashed. Both of them are just a humans and humans make mistakes. Both of them only fight for what they think is “right” and important for them. So, in a way, both of them are “right” and “wrong” to an extent. Both of them deserved to be successful in their own path.
    – Thinking like that, I can have a little peace in my heart. Now, I only hope that JYJ can win this lawsuit and perform like other artists without being cock blocked. I will support JYJ with all my heart. And for Homin, I would be lie if I said that I will support them with all my heart, because I cannot (you can say that I accept them as a human, but not as someone I can admire), but I truly wish for them to be success.
    – For all JYJ fans, let’s become fans that JYJ can be proud of and spread the love. The same as we are very proud of JYJ ^^

    Sorry for my long rant ^^

    • AGREE! i feel the same way…i actually didn’t like JJ because of how he looks because before, he’s not as good looking as he is now.

      You know what i hate the most? When people are telling me not to call myself a cassie just because i can’t support HoMin as much as I support JYJ…it pisses me of, and i don’t know how to respond.

  23. JYJ is my bias, but i refrain from saying something bad about HoMin although sometimes I want to but i’ve always been understanding and sometimes I defend HoMin from JYJ fans from saying that Uknow is a liar, etc etc, but HoMin fans are just too much. They don’t even care if they’re already hurting other people. I made a choice, and I will support JYJ but that doesn’t mean that i’ll stop defending HoMin.

  24. Hi, first off..i’d like to say i’m loving this page so much, kudos! and this article here really hits home.

    And i wanna share my version of this story too. I actually have never been a fangirl, also i lean more towards rock music (Metallica, Nirvana, Silverchair, Jeff Buckley, get the drift). That’s why when i first saw Mirotic about a year ago or so, what i noticed was the music and how there is something intriguing about it..but also how intriguing Changmin and Jaejoong was. But i was ready to shrug them off as just another pretty face when i started checking them out on YT. I have always thought that Kpop artists are almost always the bubblegum type (sorry if you find this offensive, its just that at the time i have not heard any Kpop artist singing live really good..well maybe because i was not that much interested as well)..but when i checked the acapella/live performances of TVXQ, i was blown away! That’s how i learned how talented they are and then i found out about their personalities. And the rest as they say is history..So i became Changmin-biased..That’s why when i heard that they are on hiatus and that they have issues with SME at first i was in denial. But then when it hit me that it is indeed true, i was sad but kept hope that everything will be ok real soon. But now, there’s so many things happening. And as i am Changmin biased some may find it weird but i find myself supporting JYJ more. I truly admire their courage to stand up for what they believe is right and not to just keep being bullied like everyone else. And even I get emotional as to what so many people (fans and the like) are saying from both sides, but not once have i posted any thing negative, not just because i want to for both sides but more than being a fan, i am a person who believes so much in the word RESPECT. and that’s what so many people are forgetting..i know we all have something to say and we all wanna say it, i just hope people do so with RESPECT. And i am just glad that we are troopers and we are sharing so much love as opposed to sharing the hate. I want to say i really love all 5 of them and my stand is i will always love all 5 of them and support all 5 of them. And yes, i’m still hoping to see the 5 of them as one, some day soon, one day soon.

    Keep an open mind. Accuse no one. Keep the faith. Believe. Respect.

  25. I love this place and thanks for sharing this post.

    As TVXQ5 fans, I’ve gone through many hurtful, even angry moments towards all those controversies and situations between JYJ vs SME and HoMin, sometimes my feelings reflect on my comments.

    I used to come to soompi often in TVXQ5 days, but since the lawsuits that place transformed into a hurtful fandom for TVXQ5 and JYJ, I then love to coming to sharingyoochun site, but lately there were so many chaos there and my fault is I let myself twisting in this chaos and ended up being sad and hurt reading the hateful and unmatured comments from both sides of the fans. I declared myself to be a JYJ fans only to begin this new year 2011. let TVXQ5 a good memory, to start new with JYJ, love and support them only.

    Thanks to this place, where the founders are JYJ fans, but not only as fans, but people with big hearts, understandings and matureness.

  26. gopetition(DOT)com/petitions/g­­ive-jyj-fandom-a-name.html
    PLEASE JYJ STANS SIGNED THIS PETITION (if you agree with it)

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