Confession of a JYJ fangirl for 2010

This is my confession…

Submitted by: Reallaerreal

Before I became a JYJ fangirl, I was a TVXQ fan. Even though I have never called myself a Cassiopeia, I was proud of TVXQ and proud of Cassiopeia and Bigeast. Although I thought and still think that the Guinness world record as the biggest fanclub is kind of a lame record when fans post it on webboards,  I loved knowing that those boys have lots of support.


…2010 was a year filled with mixed news + feelings… it felt like it’s been longer than a year.

Let me be honest.

This is what I’ve got from 2010.

This is my confession.

January 2010: “Don’t forget…baby, we keep the faith eternally”

I began this year with the rumor about TVXQ disbanding. That news started on 1st of January! Brilliant! What a good New Year’s Day! I was panicked, angry, and upset. However, I realized that it was fake news and I could still have Tohoshinki at any time…so I thought my days as a TVXQ fangirl wouldn’t stop easily.

And this month, we were cheering on a new musical star who portrayed his Mozart role in a heartfelt and beautiful manner. I wish I could have had enough money to fly to Seoul.

February 2010: “Find me and I’ll be there for you”

We got a compilation album of Tohoshinki…but you notice the last recorded song With All My Heart that they recorded together under difficult situation. The harmony is just not right. *sigh*

March 2010: “Toki wo tomete”

Toki wo Tomete…I really wish I could stop the time…

April 2010: “…”

That month, I realized many things I tried to deny in the past.

April 8th: AVEX announce Tohoshinki suspension, it’s the time that I realized…that hope seemed so far away. It was the only time that I really cried for TVXQ.

April 13th: Max Matsuura drunk-tweeted, telling everyone that there was a big problem between 3 vs 2.

April 14th: AVEX announced “Thanksgiving Live at Dome” for JEJUNG/JUNSU/YUCHUN…why should they do this? But I would like to be there anyway…

April 23rd: Harsh letters toward JYJ was translated into English… less and less hope.

I don’t know what happened, but then I decided to fly to Japan…Why not? Because it might be the last time I could be there, at Tokyo Dome, watch any of them perform there. Who knows?

May 2010: “Stroke you like an arpeggio”

More and more frustration in the fandom. Things kept on like that until June…

(And at the time, we got adorable super failed “Doctor” from Sunao Ni Narenakute)


Then…Bamm! We got…Intoxication with sexy duck butt >.<

June 2010: “Keep in mind that I love you”

Thanksgiving Live …it was the most emotional concert ever…We got a new cry baby who cried from the 1st song in the 1st round of the concert in Osaka and cried till the end of the last round.

From that moment…I was full of love in my heart…at least JJ, YC, JS are still in love. So why can’t we?

July 2010: “Hey everybody get ready tonight alright”

JYJ flew to the US at the end of June…stayed there for 2 weeks…recorded new album…

(RIP to Park Yongha, one of JJ’s best friends and a great hyung to the other members)

August 2010: “I promise not to forget…always I believe myself”

Such a beautiful perfect orange ocean scene at A-Nation…Who knew that it could be the last time we see JYJ on Japanese soil? Even news already spread among Bigeast…it’s still hard to believe.

September 2010: “사랑해 사랑해

Again many things happened this month.

– “The…” mini-album that contains the precious song W (Even though it’s not written by them, but the lyricist said that it’s from JYJ’s opinion.)

– Just a week after “The…”, AVEX announced that CEO of JYJ agency has criminal record and might be associated with the mafia, which is unacceptable so they have to halt JYJ activities in Japan until further notice.  And with a rebuttal from JYJ, a bunch of fans just left them because of their harsh words and rumor spread faster.

(And now, only some fans realized that it’s not the real reason…it’s because AVEX and SM decided to do business together again, after all.)

– On a happy note for this month…In Korea, we got Mr. Perfect, Lee Sun Joon… a Korean song sung by JYJ…Chajatta… (Even the OST of SKKS was blocked at the beginning…a sign of more blocking.)

October 2010: Why can’t you let it go (Let it go, let it go, let it go)

So, this month, we got The Beginning, an English album with Worldwide Showcase in Asia. I can’t say it’s a bad move or a good move but at least they were still sing and got to meet some fans.

SM filed another lawsuit, claimed that JYJ signed double contract with C-JeS and claimed that JYJ don’t have any right to release an album. Later, SM dropped the 2nd claim, but still pursue the 1st claim in the court. But C-JeS and JYJ clearly stated that JYJ are the ones who hire C-JeS and not the other way around.

Also, KFCPAI aka KFC become such a joke and lame organization when they sent “official letters” asking all broadcasting stations to NOT promote JYJ in any way.

And yes, the trio started their twitter accounts ><. The beginning of twitter addiction!

November 2010: “Cause I’m right here standing, that’s how I know I can withstand…I can soar”

Rocky showcase in the US, for which JYJ have to pay all cost because of their should-have-been-avoidable visas problem, turned out to be great and fun showcases.

Then, they got hail storm for Concert in Seoul which destroyed the roof, but still, each round they got around 35,000 fans who stood there freezing but still enjoyed the show.

(And 5 more self-composed songs from JYJ…seriously…how far and how fast they could grow! Just when I thought they don’t have enough songs to sing for a concert lol.)

December 2010: “I’m not a pierrot”

Various news media decided to interview  JYJ. I love how JYJ declared their stand very clearly, spread purely love, not hatred. At first, I’m worried that people are going to hate what they said but then, I realized…haters are going to hate, no matter what they say. I, as a JYJ fan, become more neutral towards everyone because of their interview. No more hatred 🙂



And year end just perfectly fine because JYJ performance on KBS Drama Awards…it might not be perfect in terms of singing but it is emotionally fulfilling…<3

I don’t know when I became a JYJ fan, I don’t even care about that anymore. Now I just want to be a fan that JYJ can be proud of. (Just like one of my friend said.) A fan that spreads love. A fan that supports them through thick and thin. A JYJ fan that would fight for them but not bash their friends, their families, or the others that they still care with all their heart. Let them face the hardship with our full positive support. Let’s begin this New Year with love 🙂


24 thoughts on “Confession of a JYJ fangirl for 2010

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  2. beautifulllllllllll word comes from reallllllllllll fan …….keep on supporting guys they nees us more than ever

  3. I like how this was put together… makes me think how much of a roller coaster ride it was in the fandom in 2010. Also really like reading something with positive tone these days.

  4. u know what?previously i really like tvxq..but after all these bad things happened,somehow i didn’t realized that i support jyj more than homin….i still like them, but unconsciously i i lean more toward jyj n homin become so-so..mixed feelings

  5. aaahh… reall… i’ve always been lurker for your site.. really like your well written personal thoughts
    wonder why you stopped to write these days.. =(

    • I just got engage with my own personal job and I got sick during new years. That’s why I couldn’t be so productive. Sorry! I would try to write more. Thank you for read my post. 🙂


  6. I like your posting. your condition same with me. Previously I liked DBSK, but now I loved JYJ more.
    Junsu, Jaejoong, yoochun be strong…
    Fans please keep support JYJ, give our boys much love….

  7. I just realized how eventful 2010 was. Well I’ve always known how eventful it was, but listing it all made me realize JYJ really had done a lot in 2010..

    2011 is gonna be a better year 🙂 JYJ fighting !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. im scared.. im scared.. im scared

    i dont know where can i share my fear… i hope no one will bash me..

    i read a research article about suicidal rate in korea.. it’s really high rate

    major cause is depression…

    im scared.. if we didnt show a great support to them.. they might end up their life …

    they have done everything they could to make us happy..

    im scared.. im scared.. im scared…


    • One of the major triggers of depression is the feeling that you have no control over your life. (I know this from my own experience and research.) With the rigid social and family structures in Korea and Japan, it’s more likely that people will feel like they have no choice in what they can do. Depression isn’t about sadness, it’s about hopelessness.

      I am not worried about JYJ. They have taken control of their lives. I believe Yoochun when he says he’s very happy, and I think Jaejoong and Junsu are far more satisfied with their situation even with the troubles that come with it. When I worry, I worry about the other two.

      • “One of the major triggers of depression is the feeling that you have no control over your life.”

        I’m sure JYJ have prepared for this. They are mentally prepared. They themselves have told us so. In fact, now they have much more control over what they are doing than when they were in SM. They are stronger than we think. I believe that.

        JYJ, be strong 🙂 🙂 keep your head up 🙂 🙂

    • I used to be scared like you because JJ did show all kind of depression with his insomnia, swing mood, loneliness and as I used to be like that…it only takes a few silly minutes to do so.

      But I think all of them knows that they still have support from fans all around the world. I’m glad they open their twitter account. We can send them love message to encourage them. Even a little one would do.

      So be strong just like JYJ are getting stronger day by day. *hug*

  9. i don’ tknow…
    i trully like all!
    and support both cuz i’m a YunJae fan, so it’s natural to me ^^

    i like to see so much fans loving JYJ
    at least they are more strong against SME
    i’m still sad with it all.
    i know that many end up seeing that liked more JYJ or HoMin, but i can’t take out of my mind that 5 made me love them.

    i wish HoMin to have the same freedom as JYJ….
    and together as 1 would be wonderful
    not even much cuz i’m a fan, but cuz i don’t think that if they end the group this end would be what they deserve.
    if was to end, should be cuz they all want.

    so far, just wanna cassies to keep believing and JYJ/HoMin fans to support and don’t fight with each other and compare both units ^^

  10. I really like how you summarised the JYJ events in 2010. Totally agree with you on how JYJ declare their stand with love, not hatred. They were the people who have influenced me so much with their humble attitude. 😀

    I’m glad to have become a fan of them.
    Thanks you for this entry ^^

  11. Such great post ^_^
    Bravo!!! You sum up everything nicely
    Lets welcome 2011 with a lighter heart that filled with warm love…for our beloved JYJ and for all the fans, and for everyone else

  12. i declared im JYJ fans!!! it just that i dont hv courage to tell my cassie friends that im more supportive towards JYJ than Homin… im sure they dont want me to take side… its not about taking side, i dont know how to describe it… perhaps bcoz im jaejoong’s biased?? i will follow him everywhere he decided to go…. perhaps….

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